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Chapter 17.62
Parking Meters


17.62.010 Parking Commission established.
17.62.020 Meetings--Absence.
17.62.030 Quorum.
17.62.040 Records.
17.62.050 Powers and duties.

17.62.010 Parking Commission established.

There is hereby created a Parking Commission composed of a chairman and two members. Such commission shall consist of the Chairman of the Streets, Traffic and Refuse Committee of the Board of Aldermen, the Director of Streets, and the Treasurer who, as Parking Supervisor, shall act as chairman.
(Ord. 62101 1 (part), 1990: prior: Ord. 49997 1, 1960: 1960 C. 885.010.)

17.62.020 Meetings--Absence.

The Commission shall meet at such time as may be designated by the chairman thereof and he shall give reasonable notice to the members of the time and place of such meetings. A member or the chairman may absent himself from attendance of a meeting for good cause, and upon such absence the absent member shall authorize a member of his office to act for all purposes in his stead; said aldermanic member shall delegate another member of his aldermanic committee to act in his absence with full authority; provided further, in case of absence of the chairman, the Treasurer's representative shall act as a member and not as a chairman but such duties and office of the chairman shall be performed by the Director of Streets.
(Ord. 49997 2, 1960: 1960 C. 885.020.)

17.62.030 Quorum.

The chairman and the members of the commission shall constitute a quorum and a majority of the quorum shall be empowered to act as and for the Commission. For purposes of a quorum, duly authorized representatives appointed as required by Section 17.62.020 shall be considered as members.
(Ord. 49997 3, 1960: 1960 C. 885.030.)

17.62.040 Records.

The chairman shall cause to be kept a journal into which minutes of the proceedings of each meeting and acts of the Commission shall be kept, and he shall also cause to be kept a full transcript of said meetings together with such records and documents as are brought before the Commission.
(Ord. 49997 4, 1960: 1960 C. 885.040.)

17.62.050 Powers and duties.

A. The Parking Commission shall have authority to install parking meters, institute parking permit programs and special parking zones along the streets and in other public areas where the parking of motor vehicles is not prohibited, including mixed use, special business, and special use districts, and residential areas as necessary to effectively control public parking. Parking permit programs shall also be subject to the approval of any alderman in whose ward the program is instituted.

B. The Parking Supervisor is directed to conduct periodic studies and surveys to determine any specific actions required to effectively control public parking, including the number and location of parking meters, the scope and boundaries of parking permit programs and special parking zones, the hours of parking meter operation, the structure of parking violations fines and penalties, and other parking related fees. In making this determination, the Parking Supervisor shall consider the following criteria:

1. The physical dimensions of the area where public parking is desired;

2. The availability of public parking spaces in the affected area;

3. The current and projected estimates of public parking demands in the affected area;

4. The parking needs of business and commercial establishments in the affected area;

5. The extent of traffic congestion, illegal parking and related health and safety hazards in the affected area;

6. The proximity of public transportation to the affected area;

7. The desire and need of occupants and/or residents of the affected area for permit parking and their willingness to bear any associated administrative cost;

8. The parking rate, fine and penalty structures employed by comparable jurisdictions; and

9. The efficiency and effectiveness of parking management and enforcement programs.

C. Upon making such studies and determinations consistent with generally accepted parking management principles, the Parking Supervisor shall submit any recommended actions to the Parking Commission for review and approval. The Board of Aldermen shall approve or disapprove any such action approved by the Parking Commission no later than the end of the fiscal year in which the action is approved by the Parking Commission. If the Board of Aldermen fails to take action on said measure by the end of the fiscal year, said measure shall become law.

D. The Treasurer, as Parking Supervisor, shall supervise the installation, maintenance and removal of all parking meters, now and hereinafter installed, and shall equip such meters with timing devices and otherwise modify such meters as deemed necessary to comply with meter classification systems and other parking control systems established by the Parking Supervisor.
(Ord. 62101 1 (part), 1990: prior: Ord. 49997 5, 1960: 1960 C. 885.050.)

City Counselor Ops.: 8888, 8921, 9785, 9787


Ordinance delegating to parking meter commissioner power to determine minimum and specific parking meter charges and the power to determine various time zones for meters was an unlawful delegation of legislative authority. Automobile Club of Missouri v. City of St. Louis, 334 S.W. 2d 355 (1960).


24.640 Parking meters

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