BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 16.24 Serving Time Intermittently

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Chapter 16.24
Serving Time Intermittently


16.24.010 Good cause.
16.24.020 Setting order aside.
16.24.030 Written request.

16.24.010 Good cause.

The judges of the city courts are authorized and empowered in all cases wherein persons are convicted of the violation of the city ordinances and are sentenced to imprisonment in the city jail to permit such persons, upon application to the court and for good cause shown, to serve the sentence of imprisonment by confinement on an intermittent basis as the ends of justice may require, provided that such persons so convicted shall complete the term of imprisonment within one year of the day of the conviction.
(Ord. 49286 1 (part), 1959: 1960 C. 210.010.)

16.24.020 Setting order aside.

The judges of the city courts may at any time set aside the intermittent sentence of imprisonment and order the person to serve the portion of the term remaining in consecutive days of imprisonment.
(Ord. 49286 1 (part), 1959: 1960 C. 210.020.)

16.24.030 Written request.

The director of welfare is authorized to recommend in writing to the court, from which any person is sentenced for the violation of a city ordinance, at any time after receipt of the person at any place of confinement under his jurisdiction, that the person be permitted to serve the sentence on an intermittent basis, as provided in Section 16.24.010. The written recommendations shall set forth the circumstances on which the request for intermittent service is based.
(Ord. 56030 1, 1971: 1960 C. 210.030.)

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