BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 15.18 Division II Discrimination Practices Part IV

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Division II. Discrimination

Chapter 15.18
Discrimination Practices


15.18.200 Prohibited.
15.18.205 Administration.
15.18.210 Prosecution.
15.18.215 Permit.
15.18.220 Filing fee.
15.18.225 Hearing.
15.18.230 Appeal.
15.18.235 Penalty for violation of Section 15.18.200.
15.18.240 Applicability.

For civil rights enforcement agency, see Ch. 3.44.


213.010--213.030 Human rights

For other regulations, see Ch. 15.90

Prior ordinance history:

Ch. 742, 1960 Code.

15.18.200 Prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to go in or upon any private or multiple family residence, located in zoning districts "A," "B," "C" or "D," to solicit or encourage the owner or owners, or occupant or occupants thereof, to sell, offer for sale, or list the property, or to move therefrom, or to solicit or encourage such action by the use of "flyers," "circulars," letters, or similar material delivered to the residence either by an agent of such person or by the use of the mails, or by making telephone calls to the residence, without having been requested to do so by the owner or owners or occupant or occupants of the residence.
(Ord. 55381 1, 1969.)


Antiblockbusting ordinances were not unconstitutionally vague and did not deny realtors freedom of speech, equal protection, or deprive them of property without due process of law. Howe v. City of St. Louis, 512 S.W. 2d 127 (1974).

15.18.205 Administration.

The administration of this part shall be the responsibility of the Council on Human Relations. The Anti-discrimination Division shall have full operating responsibility under the supervision of the Council for carrying out the provisions of this part. In addition to any powers or duties heretofore conferred on the Council it shall have the power and duty to:

A. Initiate on its own or receive, investigate and seek to adjust all complaints or discriminatory practices prohibited by this part;

B. By itself or through its Anti-discrimination Division, to hold public or private hearings, subpoena witnesses and compel their attendance, administer oaths, take the testimony of any person under oath relating to any matter under investigation or in question. The Council may make rules as to the procedure for the issuance of subpoenas by the Anti-discrimination Division. Contumacy or refusal to obey a subpoena issued pursuant to this section may be certified to a City Court for appropriate action.
(Ord. 55381 2 (part), 1969.)

15.18.210 Prosecution.

Upon certification by the division the City Counselor may, if in his judgment the violation appears clear and the proof thereof available, institute a charge in the City courts against the alleged violator and prosecute the same to final conclusion.
(Ord. 55381 2 (b), 1969.)

15.18.215 Permit.

Notwithstanding Section 15.18.200, the Council shall on the application of any person, firm or corporation, grant such person, firm or corporation, a permit to solicit sales or listings within the area specified in the application for the permit, if it shall find that the solicitation within the requested area will not result in, or cause a representation that any block, neighborhood or area has undergone, will or might undergo, a change with respect to the religious, racial, or nationality composition of the block, neighborhood, or area which would discourage the purchase or encourage the sale of any property in a particular area because of real or possible change.
(Ord. 55605 1 (part), 1970: prior Ord. 55381 2 (c, i), 1969.)

15.18.220 Filing fee.

A filing fee of one dollar per City block contained in the area covered in the application shall be assessed and paid prior to the issuance of the permit described in Section 15.18.215. The permit shall be for the period not to exceed six months.
(Ord. 55605 1 (part), 1970: prior Ord. 55381 2 (c, ii), 1969.)

15.18.225 Hearing.

In accordance with this part, the Council may on proper hearing following thirty days public notice thereof, find that such signs will not within a certain specified area, result in the discriminatory representations specified in Section 15.18.215. After a finding and until the finding is altered, amended, or reversed by the Council after proper hearing following thirty days public notice thereof, the permit shall be issued to all applicants for the area, upon payment of the filing fee required in Section 15.18.220.
(Ord. 55605 1 (part), 1970: prior Ord. 55381 2 (c, iii), 1969.)

15.18.230 Appeal.

Any person or persons jointly or severally aggrieved by any decision of the Council may present to the Circuit Court of the City a petition, duly verified, setting forth that the decision is illegal, in whole or in part, and specifying the grounds of the illegality. The petition shall be presented to the Court within thirty days after the filing of the Council's decision in the office of the Council with a copy forwarded by mail to the address of the applicant the same day. Upon the presentation of the petition the Court may review such decision of the Council, as provided by law for the review of administrative decisions.
(Ord. 55605 1 (part), 1970: prior Ord. 55381 2 (c, iv), 1969.)

15.18.235 Penalty for violation of Section 15.18.200.

Any person who shall be convicted of a violation of Section 15.18.200, shall be assessed a fine of not less than one hundred dollars, nor more than two hundred fifty dollars and shall be imprisoned for ten days, for each and every violation.
(Ord. 55381 3, 1969.)

15.18.240 Applicability.

Nothing in this part shall prohibit any person from advertising or soliciting properties or listings in any newspaper, or radio, or television, or magazine, or from advertising through such means properties available for purchase or rental or lease.
(Ord. 55381 4, 1969.)

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