BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 15.157 Division IX Residential Real Estate Open House Signs

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Chapter 15.157
Residential Real Estate Open House Signs


15.157.010 Definitions.
15.157.020 Residential real estate "open house" signs on public streets.
15.157.030 When displayed.
15.157.040 Identification required.
15.157.050 Violation of chapter.

15.157.010 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter the following definition shall apply:

"Residential real estate open house sign" shall mean a temporary sign that solely indicates that residential property, or portion thereof, is for sale, lease, or rent and provides directions to the property and "open house" information.
(Ord. 66993 1, 2006.)

15.157.020 Residential real estate "open house" signs on public streets.

A. Residential real estate open house signs may be placed on public right-of-way in accordance with the restrictions on signs set forth in this section.

B. All residential real estate open house signs are subject to the following conditions:

1. Size. The total face area of the signs shall not exceed three (3) square feet in size.

2. Height. The vertical distance measured from ground level to the highest point of such sign or sign structure or other support shall not exceed three (3) feet.

3. Local Address. Signs shall only advertise a residence in the City of St. Louis.

4. Limit. No more than six (6) signs per property for sale, lease or rent shall be posted within the public rights-of-way.

5. Type. Signs shall be mounted either on stakes placed in the ground or with an A-frame support of sufficient weight so that the sign remains upright when mounted. Signs and any supporting structures shall be maintained in good condition at all times and shall be constructed out of quality materials normally used in professional signage.

6. Location. No sign shall be placed, used or maintained:

a. On trees, traffic signs or utility poles, nor be placed in such a manner as to obstruct the view of any official public sign;

b. On right-of-way if the location obstructs the safe and convenient use by the public of any street, sidewalk, or curbside parkway area;

c. In any roadway area or center median area;

d. At any location whereby the clear space for the passageway of pedestrians is reduced to a width that violates the American with Disabilities Act;

e. On streets undergoing construction, nor on streets with special events; or

f. Within five (5) feet of any of the following: driveway, traffic signal, traffic sign, designated bus stop sign, bus bench or any other bench on the sidewalk.
(Ord. 66993 2, 2006.)

15.157.030 When displayed.

Residential real estate open house signs shall only be displayed during the "open house" and shall not be displayed earlier than 8 a.m. and must be removed no later than dusk or 6 p.m., whichever is earlier.
(Ord. 66993 3, 2006.)

15.157.040 Identification required.

Every person who places or maintains a residential real estate open house sign on the streets of the City of St. Louis shall have his or her name, address, and telephone number affixed to the sign.
(Ord. 66993 4, 2006.)

15.157.050 Violation of chapter.

Any sign installed, placed or deposited in violation of the provisions of this chapter may be summarily removed by the City.
(Ord. 66993 5, 2006.

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