BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 15.10 Division I Resisting Arrest

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Division I. Offenses Against Public Officers and Government

Chapter 15.10
Resisting Arrest


15.10.010 Impersonating or interfering with officer--Misdemeanor declared.

15.10.010 Impersonating or interfering with officer--Misdemeanor declared.

Whoever shall, in this City, falsely represent himself to be an officer of this City, or shall, without being duly authorized by the City, exercise or attempt to exercise, any of the duties, functions, or powers of a City officer or member of the Metropolitan Police Force; or shall hinder, obstruct, resist or otherwise interfere with any City officer in the discharge of his official duties; or attempt to prevent any such officer from arresting any person, or attempt to rescue from such officer any person in his custody, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
(Ord. 7,221, app. March 22, 1870, Art. VIII, pg. 7103.)

Editor's Note:

Section 15.10.010 has been corrected to restore original language. The previous Section 15.10.010 was derived from 1948 C. Ch. 46 36 (part) and 1960 C. 768.010.

City Counselor Ops.: 8419A, 9681, 9710, 10155


Defendant had no right to prevent or interfere with arrest of defendant's wife and son even if arrest had been illegal. City of St. Louis v. Treece, 502 S.W. 2d 432 (1973).

Guard of excursion boat who denied license collector access to the boat was not interfering with official duties of collector. City of St. Louis v. Carroll, 494 S.W. 2d 2 (1973).

There can be no offense of resisting arrest when the arrest of defendant is unlawful. City of St. Louis v. Penrod, 332 S.W. 2d 34 (1960).

City Ordinance No. 41386 which prohibited interference with police officer in exercise of his duties was not void on ground that it was unintelligible. City of St. Louis v. Langeneckert, 210 S.W. 2d 736 (1948).

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