BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 15.136 Division VIII Martial Arts Weapons

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Chapter 15.136
Martial Arts Weapons


15.136.010 Nunchaku--Prohibited--Exceptions.
15.136.020 Throwing stars--Prohibited.
15.136.030 Penalty for violation.

15.136.010 Nunchaku--Prohibited--Exceptions.

A. It is hereby prohibited for any person or individual to engage in the sale or purchase, or to have on their person or in their possession an object or item known as a Nunchaku.

B. A Nunchaku is hereby defined as follows: Nunchaku or any other similar flailing instrument consisting of two or more rigid parts connected in such a manner as to allow them to swing freely, which instrument may also be known as a "Nunchuck or Nun Chanka," Shuriken fighting chain or any weapon of like kind.

C. Nothing herein contained shall be constructed or interpreted to prohibit the use of said Nunchaku at a regularly scheduled or regularly held class teaching the martial arts; further to the degree said school must acquire or possess said object for their students, said acquisition or possession shall be legal, for use only upon the school premises.
(Ord. 59566 1, 2, 1985.)

15.136.020 Throwing stars--Prohibited.

A. The sale, purchase or possession of an object or item known as a throwing star as herein defined is prohibited.

B. "Throwing star" is any instrument, without handles consisting of a metal plate having three or more radiating points with one or more sharp edges and designed in the shape of a polygon, trefoil, cross star, diamond or other geometric shape that can be used as a weapon for throwing.
(Ord. 59569 1, 1985.)

15.136.030 Penalty for violation.

Any person found guilty of violating the provisions of this chapter shall be fined not less than fifty ($50.00) dollars nor more than five hundred ($500.00) dollars or imprisonment for not more than ninety (90) days or both such fine and imprisonment.
(Ord. 59569 2, 1985: Ord. 59566 3, 1985.)

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