BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 12.48 Payment By Patients At City Hospitals

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Chapter 12.48
Payment By Patients At City Hospitals


12.48.010 Collection of charges.
12.48.020 Personnel--Bond.
12.48.030 Sick claim blanks.

City Counselor Ops.: 8769

12.48.010 Collection of charges.

The hospital commissioner is authorized to collect all charges for maintaining and treating patients and inmates in hospitals and institutions operated under the supervision of the hospital division. All money so collected shall be deposited daily with the treasurer, and a duplicate deposit slip filed with the comptroller. A complete report of all collections made during the preceding month shall be filed with the comptroller on or before the fifth day of each month.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 66: 1960 C. 446.160.)


430.230--430.250 Hospital liens

12.48.020 Personnel--Bond.

The hospital commissioner is authorized, with the approval of the director of personnel and the board of estimate and apportionment, to appoint in accordance with the charter and ordinances of the city employees necessary to collect such charges and to keep the proper records thereof.

Each of such employees whose duties include the handling of funds of the city shall give a bond in the sum of five thousand dollars.

The director of health and hospitals is hereby authorized, with the approval of the board of estimate and apportionment to enter into contracts with private persons, corporations or other legal entities, for the collection of bills and other changes incurred by parties using the services of the department of health and hospitals under terms and conditions as determined by said board of estimate and apportionment.
(Ord. 58727 1, 1982: 1948 C. Ch. 31 67: 1960 C. 446.170.)

12.48.030 Sick claim blanks.

No patient in the city hospitals nor resident in the city infirmary shall be charged any fee by such institutions nor any of their officials or employees for filling out sick claim blanks.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 68: 1960 C. 446.180.)

City Counselor Ops.: 8074

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