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Chapter 12.36
Private Hospitals


12.36.010 Permit--Required.
12.36.020 Permit--Application.
12.36.030 Permit--Building inspection.
12.36.040 Permit--Issuance.
12.36.050 Permit--Nontransferable.
12.36.060 Change in staff.
12.36.070 Resident physician required.
12.36.080 Rules and regulations.
12.36.090 Grounds for revocation of permit.
12.36.100 Inspection of premises.

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12.36.010 Permit--Required.

No person shall establish, maintain, operate or conduct a hospital, sanitarium, lying-in establishment, lock hospital, home, retreat or other place or institution intended for the boarding, lodging, nursing or care of the sick or such persons as are suffering from or afflicted with bodily or mental infirmities or ailments of any kind whatsoever, or pregnant women, or any institution for the care of orphan, vagrant or destitute children, a foundling home, a day nursery, a boarding home for children, a clinic or a dispensary, within the City, without first having obtained a permit to do so from the Board of Public Service.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 52: 1960 C. 455.010.)


203.010--203.050 Maternity hospitals

12.36.020 Permit--Application.

Any person who may desire to establish, maintain, operate or conduct any of the establishments set forth in Section 12.36.010 shall first file a written application addressed to the Board of Public Service requesting the Board to grant the applicant therein named permission and authority to establish, maintain, operate and conduct the kind of institution therein described, which application shall contain the following information:

A. The names of all persons who are to control, operate or manage such institution, including the matron, superintendent, resident physician or surgeon, medical staff, including all physicians or surgeons who are in any manner connected or identified with such institution and the names of any midwives attached to or connected with the institution, and if a corporation, then also the names of the officers and board of directors thereof;

B. The location of the proposed institution and the name under which the institution will be operated or conducted;

C. The size and dimensions of the building and the number of rooms in such building;

D. The maximum number of patients that the institution can properly accommodate;

E. Whether any business is or will be conducted or operated in the same building or on the same premises, and, if so, what other business;

F. A written statement from each member of the medical staff, the resident physician or surgeon, superintendent and matron, certifying that he will serve on the staff of the institution as stated by the applicant for the permit.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 53: 1960 C. 455.020.)

12.36.030 Permit--Building inspection.

Upon the filing of the application required by Section 12.36.020 the Health Commissioner shall cause the building and premises to be thoroughly examined and inspected. No building shall be used for any of the purposes herein specified which does not, among other things, conform to the following requirements:

A. Every room, including water closet, compartments and bathrooms, shall have at least one window opening directly upon the street or upon an areaway, a yard or court;

B. The total area of the windows in such room shall be at least one-eighth of the superficial area of the room, and one-half of the sash shall be made to open full width.

If, as a result of such examination, it shall be found that the building and premises conform to the requirements of this section, and the Health Commissioner shall be of the opinion that the building and premises are in all other respects in a sanitary condition, that the statements made in the application for a permit are true and that the applicant is a person of good character, he shall return such application to the Board of Public Service for its action, with his report and endorsement thereon.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 54: 1960 C. 455.030--455.050.)

12.36.040 Permit--Issuance.

In all cases in which the Board of Public Service shall act favorably upon any application, it shall issue a permit authorizing the person named therein to establish, maintain or conduct an institution of the kind described in the application for such permit, under the name and at the place designated in such application for a period of one year from the date thereof, which permit shall be subject to revocation by the Board of Public Service at any time for any of the causes herein specified.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 55 (part): 1960 C. 455.060.)

12.36.050 Permit--Nontransferable.

The permit shall not be transferred by the person to whom it is issued without the consent and approval in writing of the Board of Public Service, and any transfer or attempted transfer thereof, or any change in the name of such institution, or change in the management or managers of such institution, or the location of such institution without the approval of the Board of Public Service in writing, shall render the permit absolutely void and cause the immediate forfeiture of the permit and of all rights thereunder to establish, maintain, operate or conduct any such institution within the limits of the City.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 55 (part): 1960 C. 455.070.)

12.36.060 Change in staff.

Every person who secures a permit from the Board of Public Service to establish, maintain, operate or conduct any institution described herein shall immediately notify the Health Commissioner of any change in the medical staff, resident physicians or surgeons, superintendent, midwives or matrons attached to or connected with such institution.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 55 (part): 1960 C. 455.080.)

12.36.070 Resident physician required.

All hospitals, sanitariums, lying-in establishments, lock hospitals, homes, retreats or other places of like or similar institutions, intended for the boarding, lodging, nursing or care of the sick, or other persons suffering from or afflicted with bodily or mental infirmities or ailments of any kind whatsoever, or pregnant women, within the city, shall keep a physician licensed to practice medicine and surgery in the state, and who is actively engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery resident therein.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 56: 1960 C. 455.090.)

12.36.080 Rules and regulations.

The Division of Health is authorized to make rules and regulations in respect to the management and conduct of institutions of the kind hereinabove described and for the care and treatment of the patients or inmates thereof as the Division of Health may deem wise.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 57: 1960 C. 455.100.)

12.36.090 Grounds for revocation of permit.

For any violation of any of the provisions of this chapter or for any violation of any of the rules and regulations which may be prescribed from time to time by the Division of Health for the conduct or management of any of the institutions herein named the Board of Public Service shall have the right to revoke any permit theretofore granted by it. The Board shall issue a notice to the person named in the permit, informing him of the time and place of the Board's action thereon and the grounds therefor. The notice shall be served at least ten days prior to the hearing thereon, either by delivering a copy thereof to the person therein named or by leaving a copy of such notice at the institution named in the permit and which the Board intends to investigate.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 58: 1960 C. 455.110, 455.120.)

Sections 210.201 to 210.450 R.S.Mo., "Licensing of Certain Child Care Homes"

12.36.100 Inspection of premises.

The Health Commissioner is authorized in person, or by duly authorized representatives, who are officers, assistants or employees, in the Division of Health and licensed physicians to enter into and examine any house, building or premises that is being maintained, operated or conducted as any of the establishments set forth in this chapter.

Each and every person in charge, control, management or possession of any such house, building, or premises, or any part thereof, who shall be requested by the Health Commissioner, or any of his representatives, shall permit the Health Commissioner or his representatives to enter and to examine the house, building or premises and all parts thereof and shall open to the health commissioner, or to his representative, such doors in his charge, control, management or possession as may be necessary or convenient for the thorough examination of such home, building or premises, or parts thereof.
(1948 C. Ch. 31 59: 1960 C. 455.130.)

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