BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 11.62 Births, Deaths and Burial Part V

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Chapter 11.62
Births, Deaths and Burial


11.62.340 Established.
11.62.350 Fees.
11.62.360 Late birth registrations.
11.62.370 Depositing fees.


58.215 Coroner to file death certificates with registrar of vital statistics

58.700--58.765 Medical examiner

City Counselor Ops.: 8769


Medical examiner appointed by Mayor of City of St. Louis replaces office or coroner. State ex rel. McClellan v. Godfrey, 519 S.W. 2d 4 (1975)

11.62.340 Established.

The health commissioner shall establish in the division of health a bureau of vital statistics to provide the citizens of the City of St. Louis with the vital statistics services as provided for in the state statutes. The bureau of vital statistics shall be open for business during the normal business hours of the City offices as provided by law. The vital statistics bureau shall be governed by the statutes of Missouri and ordinances of the City of St. Louis.
(Ord. 55000 1 (part), 1968: 1948 C. Ch. 10 32: 1960 C. 425.010.)


193.010--193.380 Uniform vital statistics law


32.04, 32.37 Vital statistics regulation is within police power

24.226 Power to make regulations on vital statistics

11.62.350 Fees.

1. For each certified copy of a birth record . . . . . $10.00

2. For each certified copy of a wallet-sized birth record . . . . . 10.00

3. A lamination fee for a wallet-sized birth record . . . . . 2.00

4. For each certified copy of a death record . . . . . 10.00

5. A nonrefundable fee for each 5-year period searched when the document is not found within the 5-year period searched. This fee is for requests submitted by mail as well as requests submitted in person over the counter . . . . . 10.00
(Ord. 62683 2, 1992: prior Ord. 57978 1, 1980: prior Ord. 55000 1 (part), 1968: Ord. 49564 1, 1959: Ord. 48139 1, 1956: 1948 C. Ch. 10 33: 1960 C. 425.020.)

11.62.360 Late birth registrations.

Whenever a person was born in the City and on record of the registration of his birth exists, such birth may be registered in the manner provided for such registration in the Missouri statutes, by filling out blank registration papers secured from the bureau of vital statistics of the division of health and filing same, together with a registration fee of two dollars. Such papers shall contain the affidavits, sworn to before a notary, of at least two persons, knowing the facts. The registrar may require further affidavits to establish the truth of the facts endeavored to be made of record and may withhold the filing of the registration papers until his requirements are complied with. The registrar may make and enforce appropriate rules and regulations to carry out this section and to prevent fraud and deception. The bureau of vital statistics may charge a fee of two dollars for a certified copy of a birth certificate where a birth has been registered in accordance with the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 55845 (part), 1971: 1948 C. Ch. 10 34: 1960 C. 425.030.)


193.320 Local registrars

11.62.370 Depositing fees.

All fees collected by the bureau of vital statistics shall be deposited with the treasurer of the City of St. Louis to be credited to the general revenue fund.
(Ord. 55000 1 (part), 1968: 1948 C. Ch. 10 35: 1960 C. 425.040.)

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