BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 11.20 Insane Persons

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Chapter 11.20
Insane Persons


11.20.010 Examination.
11.20.020 Report.

For regulations about bringing insane persons into city, see Ch. 15.142

City Counselor Ops.: 7828

11.20.010 Examination.

Whenever any person of suspected unsound mind is found unprotected by guardian or friend and endangering others' lives or property, the police shall take such person in charge, call a City ambulance, and accompany such person to the receiving department of the City Hospital. The officer shall furnish the receiving physician with such information as he may possess concerning the suspected insane person. If necessary the resident alienist shall be called to pass upon the question of holding such person for observation and if, in the opinion of the resident alienist and receiving physician, such person is not of unsound mind he shall be given over to the police for such action as they may find necessary. The Chief of Police is hereby authorized and directed to deliver all persons taken into custody by the police on suspicion of unsound mind direct to the City Hospital, and an ambulance from the division of hospitals shall be used for the purpose.
(1948 C. Ch. 51 4 (part): 1960 C. 495.010.)

11.20.020 Report.

The Chief of Police shall furnish the hospital commissioner with a full report on every person of suspected unsound mind taken into custody by the police. He shall, also, upon the request of the hospital commissioner, obtain and furnish all further possible information concerning any patient in the psychopathic department of the City Hospital.
(1948 C. Ch. 51 4 (part): 1960 C. 495.020.)

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