BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 9.20 Packages, Unit Price

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Chapter 9.20
Packages, Unit Price


9.20.010 Random packages.
9.20.020 Misleading packages.
9.20.030 Commodity in package form defined.

9.20.010 Random packages.

In addition to the declarations required by Chapter 9.18, any commodity in package form, the package being one of a lot containing random weights, measures, or counts of the same commodity and bearing the total selling price of the package, shall bear on the outside of the package a plain and conspicuous declaration of the price per single unit of weight, measure, or count.
(Ord. 50077 1 (part), 1960: 1948 C. Ch. 72 21: 1960 C. 345.010.)


413.270 Random measured packages, how marked

9.20.020 Misleading packages.

No commodity in package form shall be wrapped, nor shall it be in a container made, formed, or filled, to mislead the purchaser as to the quantity of the contents of the package, and the contents of a container shall not fall below the reasonable standard of fill as may have been prescribed for the commodity in question by state law or regulation.
(Ord. 50066 1 (part), 1960: 1948 C. Ch. 72 22: 1960 C. 345.020.)


413.415 Misleading packages prohibited

9.20.030 Commodity in package form defined.

The term "in package form" as used in this title means commodity put up or packaged in any manner in advance of sale in units suitable for either wholesale or retail sale, exclusive, however, of an auxiliary shipping container enclosing packages that individually conform to the requirements of this title. An individual item or lot of any commodity not in package form as defined in this section, but on which there is marked a selling price based on an established price per unit of weight or of measure, shall be construed to be commodity in package form.
(Ord. 50077 1 (part), 1960: 1948 C. Ch. 72 23: 1960 C. 345.030.)


413.225 Commodity "in package form" defined

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