BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 8.98 Taxicabs and Service Cars Part I

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Chapter 8.98
Taxicabs and Service Cars


8.98.001 Definitions.
8.98.003 Certain types of vehicles exempt.

8.98.001 Definitions.

The following words and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section:

A. "Certificate holder" means any person holding one or more certificates of convenience and necessity issued by the board of public service for the operation to taxicabs.

B. "Director" means the director of streets, his deputies, inspectors or agents.

C. "Meter taxicab" means any taxicab which employs a taximeter as the sole means of determining fares.

D. "Person" means any person, firm, corporation, partnership or association of persons of any kind.

E. "Shared ride" means the nonexclusive use of a taxicab by two or more unrelated passengers having either a common point of origin or a common destination point, but traveling in the same general direction.

F. "Street" means any street, alley, avenue, boulevard, court, lane or public place in the city.

G. "Taxicab" means any motor vehicle engaged in the business of carrying persons for hire on the streets of the city, including limousines or similar vehicles rented by the hour, day, or other period of time, with a driver supplied.

H. "Taximeter" means any mechanical instrument or device by which the charge for hire of a taxicab is mechanically calculated, either for distance traveled, or for waiting time, or for both and upon which the charge is plainly registered by means of figures indicating dollars and cents, and which shall be approved by the board of public service as to design.

I. "Zone taxicab" means any taxicab which employs the zone fare system as the sole means of determining fares.
(Ord. 58795 2 (part), 1983.)

City Counselor Ops.: 9342

8.98.003 Certain types of vehicles exempt.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to:

A. Motor vehicles used as a sightseeing bus. "Sightseeing bus" means a motor vehicle having a seating capacity in excess of ten persons and used for the purpose of conveying passengers on a sightseeing tour, as that term is generally understood, where the basis for the charges or fees is the time of the trip or the route travelled by such buses on regular trips;

B. Motor vehicles used as service cars. "Service car" means a motor vehicle which is offered for or engaged in carrying passengers, with or without baggage, for hire within the city, without regard to the time consumed or the distance travelled, and the passenger has no control of the route travelled.

C. Motor vehicles run on rails or tracks.

D. Motor vehicles used or maintained by any person, group, firm, corporation, association, city, county, or state agency, or any member thereof, for the primary purpose of transporting employees with their own fleet certified by the board of public service.
(Ord. 58795 2 (part), 1983.)

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