BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 8.58 Miniature Pony Tracks

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Chapter 8.58
Miniature Pony Tracks


8.58.010 Definitions.
8.58.020 Permit--Required.
8.58.030 Permit--Revocation.
8.58.040 Permit--Application--Fee.
8.58.050 Premises.

8.58.010 Definitions.

For the purpose of this chapter:

A. "Miniature pony track" is a track upon which children are permitted, for gain, to ride ponies;

B. "Track for driving miniature power vehicles" is a track upon which children are permitted, for gain, to ride upon miniature power vehicles; and

C. "Person" shall be taken to mean and include a firm, corporation, association of persons and an individual.
(Ord. 45290 1, 1950: 1960 C. 723.010.)

8.58.020 Permit--Required.

No person shall operate a track as defined in Section 8.58.010 without first having obtained a permit from the building commissioner who shall cause the premises on which the tracks are to be located, to be inspected and shall not issue a permit therefor unless the premises conform to the requirements of Section 8.58.050.
(Ord. 45290 2, 1950: 1960 C. 723.020.)

8.58.030 Permit--Revocation.

The building commissioner is authorized, after a hearing upon notice, to revoke a permit for failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 45290 5, 1950: 1960 C. 723.060.)

8.58.040 Permit--Application--Fee.

The applicant for a permit shall file his application to the building commissioner together with a petition signed by a majority of the residents on both sides of the streets surrounding the city block in which it is proposed to operate the track. Upon the receipt of the application the building commissioner shall cause a notice thereof to be posted on the premises ten days before the permit is issued. The applicant shall deposit ten dollars with the building commissioner which shall be the first annual permit fee if the permit is issued, and shall be retained to cover the cost of inspection if no permit is issued. All permits shall expire on the thirty-first day of December of each year, and the annual permit fee shall be ten dollars, payable in advance to the building commissioner.
(Ord. 45290 3, 1950: 1960 C. 723.030, 723.040.)

8.58.050 Premises.

The premises on which tracks are located shall be equipped with clean and sanitary quarters for ponies while thereon, and shall be kept free from filth, and no track shall be operated between the hours of eleven p.m. and nine a.m. Each track shall be guarded with railings for the protection of the public, and all ponies used during the operation of the tracks shall be removed from the premises when the tracks are not in operation.
(Ord. 45290 4, 1950: 1960 C. 723.050.)

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