BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 8.50 Junkyards

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Chapter 8.50


8.50.010 Junk and junkyard defined.
8.50.020 Exclusion.
8.50.030 Fences--Required.
8.50.040 Fences--Maintenance.
8.50.050 Safety requirements.
8.50.060 Enforcement.
8.50.070 Penalty for violation.

For secondhand and junk dealers, see Ch. 8.82


226.650 et seq. Junkyards

8.50.010 Junk and junkyard defined.

The word "junk" means and includes discarded or no longer used iron, brass, copper, aluminum, tin, lead, or other metals, rope, rags, paper, plastic, cloth, rubber, pottery, porcelain, and glass; and empty bottles of different kinds and sizes when the number of each kind or size is less than one gross, and all articles and things discarded or no longer used as manufactured articles composed of, or consisting of, any one or more of the materials or articles herein mentioned, including parts of vehicles or machinery individually or in conglomeration stored or in the process of disassembly or any vehicle or machine with any parts missing or damaged beyond economical repair.

The term "junkyard" means any yard, parcel of ground, or enclosure other than an enclosed building where junk is bought, sold, bartered, or exchanged, or where junk is collected, received, stored, dismantled, assembled, sorted, or held in possession for resale, barter, or exchange, either at wholesale or retail.
(Ord. 53590 1, 1965: 1960 C. 682.010.)

City Counselor Ops.: 9067, 10165


24.353 Fencing of junkyards and other regulations

8.50.020 Exclusion.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any yard, parcel of ground, or enclosure used exclusively for the storage or keeping of usable materials or equipment for the construction of buildings or structures.
(Ord. 53590 2, 1965: 1960 C. 682.020.)

8.50.030 Fences--Required.

A. Every premises now or hereafter used as a junkyard which adjoins any street, alley, highway or thoroughfare shall be surrounded on all sides facing any street, alley, highway or thoroughfare (except for gates and doors for ingress or egress) by a masonry wall, wooden fence, metal or wire fence all of which shall compose an opaque and nontransparent surface at least eight (8) feet in height, so constructed to prohibit entry by children and to prevent removal of articles through apertures in the fence.

B. Apertures shall be regularly distributed and limited to not more than ten percent of the superficial area of the opaque and nontransparent fence except where such apertures would permit entry by children and to prevent removal of articles through apertures in the fence.

C. Such walls or fence in addition, shall be constructed in accordance with all applicable requirements of the building code of the city.

D. Fencing requirement shall apply to all junkyards, as defined in Section 8.50.010 within nine months of the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section, irrespective of when such junkyard was established and irrespective of any existing fencing.

E. All wood, metal or wire fence shall be protected from the elements and against decay or rust by a protective surface coating properly maintained.
(Ord. 57424 1, 1977: prior Ord. 55038 1, 1968: Ord. 53590 3, 1965: 1960 C. 682.030.)

8.50.040 Fences--Maintenance.

Walls or fences shall be maintained in a neat substantial condition. Fences which are not of masonry construction shall be painted or otherwise protected from corrosion or deterioration, or shall be approved noncorrosive or nondeteriorating materials. Fences which are required to be painted and which are located along public highways or streets shall be painted on the exterior at least once every two years.
(Ord. 53590 4, 1965: 1960 C. 682.040.)

8.50.050 Safety requirements.

No junk or other materials or articles shall be permitted to lean on or touch or be attached to or suspended from any wall or fence. No junk shall be stored or kept outside of the required walled or fenced area.
(Ord. 53590 5, 1965: 1960 C. 682.050.)

8.50.060 Enforcement.

It shall be the duty of the Division of Buildings and inspection of the Department of Public Safety to enforce the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 53590 6, 1965: 1960 C. 682.060.)

8.50.070 Penalty for violation.

Any person, tenant, owner, firm, partnership or corporation who shall violate or cause to be violated any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than ten dollars nor more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than ninety days or by both fine or imprisonment and each day's violation shall constitute a separate offense.
(Ord. 53590 7, 1965: 1960 C. 682.070.)

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