BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 8.108A VENDORS Part II

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Chapter 8.108A 


8.108A.120 Sidewalk and vehicle vendor's license--Application.
8.108A.130 Sidewalk or vehicle vendor's license--Term.
8.108A.140 Additional permit requirements.
8.108A.150 Rules and regulations.
8.108A.160 License transferral prohibited.
8.108A.170 Licensed vendor's vehicles.

8.108A.120 Sidewalk and vehicle vendor's license--Application.

Every individual who desires a license as a sidewalk or vehicle vendor shall make application therefor in conformity with the provisions of this chapter relating to applications for licenses. The fee for a sidewalk or vehicle vendor's license shall be $200.00 per year. A non-refundable application processing fee of $25.00 shall be collected at the time of application; provided, however, that upon the granting of a license, the amount of the application fee shall be credited to the fee for said license.
(Ord. 65061 12, 2000.)

8.108A.130 Sidewalk or vehicle vendor's license--Term.

Any sidewalk or vehicle vendor's license issued according to the provisions of this chapter shall be valid until December 31 of the year in which the ordinance codified in this chapter is enacted. Thereafter all licenses shall be valid for one (1) year beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. Renewal of licenses shall be permitted beginning on December 1.

No license shall be issued under this chapter except for the full license period and the full license fee.
(Ord. 65061 13, 2000.)

8.108A.140 Additional permit requirements.

The license collector shall issue the license to the applicant upon his meeting the following conditions:

A. Present proof of compliance with all requirements deemed necessary by the Department of Health, the Department of Streets, the Department of Public Safety or the Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry; and

B. Present proof of insurance in the amount of twenty-five thousand dollars/fifty thousand dollars bodily injury coverage and property damage in the amount of ten thousand dollars with an insurance company of good standing on each vehicle used in the operation of the vending business.
(Ord. 65061 14, 2000.)

8.108A.150 Rules and regulations.

A. The business of sidewalk or vehicle vending shall only be permitted between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

B. No pushcart or other vehicle related to the operation of a vending business shall be located on any City sidewalk or other public way during non-vending hours, nor shall any such pushcart or other item be parked, stored or left overnight;

C. A licensed vendor may not block the passage of the public through a public area or interfere with access to ramps, curb cuts or other conveniences for individuals with disabilities. If a sufficient crowd gathers to transact business with a licensed vendor such that the passage of the public through a public area is blocked or that access to ramps, curb cuts or other conveniences for individuals with disabilities is blocked a police officer may disperse that portion of the crowd that is blocking the passage of the public.

D. A licensed vendor may not conduct a vending business in a public area so as to obstruct access to private property, except with the prior written consent of the owner or manager of the property.

E. The conduct and behavior of all licensed vendors shall comply in all respects with existing noise ordinances.

F. No licensed vendor shall conduct a vending business within 150 feet from another licensed vendor or an existing business which sells or offers for sale comparable goods or merchandise.

G. No licensed vendor shall conduct a vending business within 300 feet of a fair or festival unless such vendor has first obtained the written permission of the permit holder of the fair or festival and has been issued a festival vendor's license under the provisions of this chapter.

H. Licensed vendors shall keep the sidewalks, street and other spaces adjacent to their vending sites or locations clean and free of paper, peelings and refuse of any kind. All trash or debris accumulating within fifteen (15) feet of any vending stand shall be collected and disposed of by the vendor each day of operation.

I. Persons engaged in food or beverage vending shall affix to their pushcart a receptacle for litter that shall be maintained and emptied regularly and marked as being for litter.

J. Licensed vendors may not put refuse from the operation of their pushcart in or beside any public trash container or in any drain along or in the streets or sidewalks.

K. Licensed vendors may not leave their pushcart unattended at any time.

L. A pushcart shall not be motor powered. Nothing in this paragraph shall prohibit the transportation of a licensed vendor's pushcart to and from the licensed vendor's authorized location by a motor powered vehicle.

M. The Director of Streets shall formulate any additional rules and regulations necessary for the proper administration of this ordinance. Rules and regulations shall be maintained in the office of the Director of Streets and shall be available for public inspection during ordinary business hours.
(Ord. 65061 15, 2000.)

8.108A.160 License transferral prohibited.

No transfer of ownership shall be allowed on any license issued hereunder.
(Ord. 65061 16, 2000.)

8.108A.170 Licensed vendor's vehicles.

A. Every wagon, cart or other vehicle used by a licensed vendor in or about his business shall have the name of the owner and his address plainly, distinctly, and legibly painted in letters and figures at least two inches in height in a conspicuous place on the outside of each side of every such wagon, cart or other vehicle, and such name and address shall be kept so painted plainly and distinctly at all times while such wagon, cart or other vehicle is in use during the continuance of the license covering the use of such wagon, cart or other vehicle.

B. No vehicle used for vending, selling or peddling within the City shall interfere with or impede the flow of traffic on any City street. No vending vehicle shall violate any traffic or parking laws, including the prohibition of double parking of the City.

C. Whenever the vehicle is stopped for the purpose of making a sale, it shall be stopped at the right hand curb of the street at the extreme right hand edge of the pavement and shall be legally parked. No sale shall be made from any such vehicle from other than the curb side when said vehicle is legally parked or to any person who is standing in the normally traveled portion of a City street or alley. At such stops the vehicle's motor shall be turned off unless its operation is essential to producing the product sold.

D. No vehicle may be parked or stored in a restricted parking area.

E. Each vending vehicle subject to the provisions of this chapter shall be equipped with:

1. A mechanical and electrical signaling device which while the vehicle is stopped to make sales, will display flashing signals plainly visible from the front and rear, during the day or night, indicating that sales therefrom are being made;

2. A receptacle for the disposal of wrappers, papers, containers and other trash.

F. All vehicles used in the sale of the products described in this chapter must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and when containing loads or parts of loads of such products, they must be kept only in sanitary places that meet with the rules and regulations of the City Health Department.
(Ord. 65061 17, 2000.)

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