BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 8.108 Vault Cleaners

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Chapter 8.108
Vault Cleaners


8.108.010 License--Required.
8.108.020 License--Fee--Terms.
8.108.030 Bond.
8.108.040 Manner of cleaning vaults.

8.108.010 License--Required.

No person shall hereafter do business as a vault or privy cleaner without having first obtained a license therefor.
(1960 C. 502.120 (part): 1948 C. Ch. 53 12:.)

8.108.020 License--Fee--Terms.

Such license shall be issued by the License Collector only on the payment of one hundred dollars and upon the filing of the bond with security provided in this chapter and after obtaining a permit from the Board of Public Service to carry on the business of vault or privy cleaner and when issued shall authorize the person therein designated to carry on the business of vault and privy cleaner for the term of one year from the date of the license in accordance with this Code or any ordinances of the City and the regulations made from time to time by the Health Commissioner or other proper authority.
(1960 C. 502.120 (part): 1948 C. Ch. 53 13:.)

8.108.030 Bond.

Before receiving the license, the applicant shall enter into and file with the City register a good and sufficient bond in the sum of one thousand dollars, with security to be approved by the Comptroller, conditioned for the due observance of all ordinances and regulations by the proper authorities as may be enacted or in force in reference to the cleaning of vaults or privies at any time during the continuance of the license and for the payment of damages caused by the nonobservance of this Code or any ordinance or regulation now existing or which may hereafter be enacted.
(1960 C. 502.130: 1948 C. Ch. 53 14:.)

8.108.040 Manner of cleaning vaults.

The cleaning of all vaults or privies shall be done in such manner and time as is or may be prescribed by this Code or any ordinance or regulation by the Health Commissioner, who for that purpose is vested with full power to make the necessary rules, and who is charged with seeing that this work of cleaning is performed without creating a nuisance and in as inodorous a manner and as free from foul odors and gases as possible. (1960 C. 502.080: 1948 C. Ch. 53 15:.)

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