BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 8.100 Theaters, Shows and Other Public Amusements Part IV

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Chapter 8.100
Theaters, Shows and Other Public Amusements


8.100.330 Definitions.
8.100.340 License--Required.
8.100.360 License--Application.
8.100.370 Bond.
8.100.380 Part to be posted.

8.100.330 Definitions.

"Theatrical employment exchange," when used in this part, shall mean the business of conducting an exchange, bureau, office, or any other place for the purpose of procuring, offering, promising or attempting to provide engagements for circus, vaudeville, theatrical and other entertainments, exhibitions or performances, or of giving information as to where the engagements may be procured or provided, whether the business is conducted in a building, on the street, or elsewhere.

"Theatrical engagement," when used in this part, shall mean any engagement or employment of a person as an actor, performer or entertainer in a circus, vaudeville, theatrical and other entertainment, exhibition or performance.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 44: 1960 C. 719.010.)

8.100.340 License--Required.

Any person desiring to conduct a theatrical employment exchange shall be required to obtain a license from the License Collector before engaging in such an enterprise.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 45: 1960 C. 719.020.)

8.100.360 License--Application.

The application for a license shall be in writing and shall state where the proposed theatrical employment exchange will be located. This application shall be endorsed on the back by the Police Commissioners to the effect that, in their opinion, the applicant is a person of good moral character.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 47: 1960 C. 719.040.)

8.100.370 Bond.

The License Collector shall require a bond with each application for a license. This bond shall be in the sum of five hundred dollars and payable to the city, as obligee, executed by the applicant and one or more sureties to be approved by the License Collector and conditioned that the obligors shall not violate any of the duties, terms, conditions, provisions or requirements of this part. The License Collector is authorized to commence and prosecute actions on any such bond in the City for any violation of the conditions of this bond.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 48: 1960 C. 719.050, 719.060.)

8.100.380 Part to be posted.

Every person holding a license under the provisions of this part shall keep a copy of this part conspicuously posted in the office thereby licensed.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 49: 1960 C. 719.070.)

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