BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 8.100 Theaters, Shows and Other Public Amusements Part III

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Chapter 8.100
Theaters, Shows and Other Public Amusements


8.100.230 Defined.
8.100.250 Fees--Exemptions.
8.100.260 Firearms in theaters.
8.100.270 Age of picture machine operator.
8.100.280 Rules and regulations for operation of picture machines.
8.100.310 Other taxes.
8.100.320 Penalty for failure to pay tax.


24.199 et seq. Theaters, movies and shows

8.100.230 Defined.

For the purposes of this part a "theater" shall be deemed to be any building or place employed for dramatics, operatic, musical, theatrical or moving picture performances or exhibitions.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 17: 1960 C. 716.010.)

City Counselor Ops.: 9112, 9888


26.151 Licensing theatres and shows

8.100.250 Fees--Exemptions.

No license shall be required when exhibitions, shows or amusements are conducted wholly for religious, educational, benevolent or charitable purposes, and not for private gain, and licensee, or any agent, officer or employee thereof, receives no compensation or profit of any kind therefrom.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 19: 1960 C. 716.030.)

8.100.260 Firearms in theaters.

It shall be unlawful to discharge, use or employ any firearms loaded with powder and ball in any exhibition, theater or place of amusement in the city. The violation of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor.

The proprietor, conductor, manager, agent or any other person having charge or direction of the exhibition, theater or place of amusement shall be held responsible and liable for any violation of this section happening at the places under his charge to the same extent and effect as if he had personally done the things herein prohibited.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 20: 1960 C. 716.040.)

8.100.270 Age of picture machine operator.

No person under twenty-one years of age shall operate, or be permitted to operate, any picture machine within the City.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 21: 1960 C. 716.050.)

8.100.280 Rules and regulations for operation of picture machines.

The following rules and regulations have been approved by the Director and are made a part of the general rules and regulations and are to be printed on cards furnished to each projection room, to read as follows:

A. While projecting pictures, an operator shall devote his entire time and attention to operating the machine or machines in his custody or control.

B. Within twenty-four hours after the occurrence of a fire or accident within the booth, the operator and manager of the exhibition shall separately send a written notice of the fire or accident to the department of public safety.

C. Projectors shall be kept clean, in good mechanical condition, and free from waste oil.

D. Magazine doors on projectors shall be kept closed while machines are in operation.

E. No change or alteration in any of the projection equipment or any part thereof shall be made until the department of public safety has been notified and approval obtained.

F. No films shall be exposed except those in the process of being transferred to or from the projector or of being rewound.

G. Each reel of film shall be kept in a separate metal case or in approved metal cases with separate compartments made without solder and with tightly fitted covers.

H. Not more than two thousand feet of film shall be wound on any one-fifteenth inch reel, equipped with a hub of not less four and one-quarter inches in diameter. The overloading of reels is strictly prohibited.

I. Entrance doors to the booth shall be kept closed but not locked while the auditorium is occupied by the public.

J. The booth shall be kept clean and free from combustible material at all times. A metal can or receptacle made without solder and with a self-closing cover shall be provided as a receptacle for waste film and other materials.

K. The exhaust fans shall be kept running and the intake duct open while the projectors are in operation.

L. All stereoopticons, spotlights and effect machine openings shall be kept closed when not in use.

M. No person shall be allowed within the booth except the owner, manager, business manager of the local union, operators or apprentices as authorized by the local union and agreeable to the management.

N. No change or alteration in the booth or enclosure shall be made until the department of public safety has been notified and approval obtained.

O. An inspection certificate from the Department of Public Safety of the booth or enclosure and these rules and regulations shall be conspicuously posted therein under glass.

P. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the projection booth or enclosure at any time.

Q. No person or persons shall be permitted within the booth or enclosure in the state of intoxication.
(Ord. 47403 1, 1955; 1948 C. Ch. 67 22: 1960 C. 716.060.)

8.100.310 Other taxes.

There shall be due to the License Collector from every person coming within the provisions of this part every duty now due to the License Collector with respect to other license taxes by statute or ordinance or due to the collector of the revenue with respect to the assessment, levy, issue, transfer or payment of taxes, license taxes or license fees or the revoking of licenses, and the License Collector shall have the same powers and duties with respect to the license tax provided by this part as he has with respect to any and all other license taxes now imposed by law.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 25: 1960 C. 717.030.)

8.100.320 Penalty for failure to pay tax.

Any person who, under this part is required to pay a license tax, or whose license has expired and has been notified by the License Collector, shall, if the license tax is not paid within ten days after the notice has been given, pay a penalty of fifty dollars, and for every ten days or fractional part thereof thereafter an additional fifty dollars shall be added until compliance with this part, and such penalty shall be collected with the license fee by the License Collector and both be paid into the City Treasury.
(1948 C. Ch. 67 26: 1960 C. 717.040.)

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