BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 5.42 Mayor's Contingent Fund

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Chapter 5.42
Mayor's Contingent Fund


5.42.010 Appropriation.
5.42.020 Report--Filing required.
5.42.030 Report--Available to public.

5.42.010 Appropriation.

There shall be appropriated and set aside annually out of general municipal revenue the sum of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00) to be used by the Mayor as a contingent fund. The fund shall be used by the Major at his or her discretion. The Mayor shall make a report to the City Register for the use of the fund in the aggregate amounts for each of the following categories:

A. Civic and charitable contributions;

B. Memberships;

C. Mayor's office miscellaneous expenses;

D. Flowers and gifts;

E. Entertainment, lobbying and other business related activities;

F. Personal.
(Ord. 61089 1, 1988: prior Ord. 55652 2, 1970: prior Ord. 45622 1, 1951: 1948 C. Ch. 2 11: 1960 C. 10.060.)


Art. XXV 6 Mayor's contingent fund

5.42.020 Report--Filing required.

The Mayor's obligation to file said report as called for in Section 5.42.010 shall be construed as mandatory, and shall be considered and construed to be a condition precedent to drawing any funds against the following fiscal year's contingency fund, whether said following fiscal year's contingency fund has been approved by the passage of an approved budget for the City, of which said contingency fund shall be a part, or whether the contingency fund is merely proposed and the city is operating under the authority of a continuing resolution.
(Ord. 61089 2, 1988.)

5.42.030 Report--Available to public.

Such report shall be kept by the City Register and shall be available to the public upon request. The City Register shall certify to the Comptroller that the Mayor has complied with the provisions set forth in this chapter. The report shall be filed with the City Register on April 16th of each year or the next business day thereafter.
(Ord. 61089 3, 1988.)

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