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Chapter 4.09
Commissions of Office


4.09.010 Contents of form.
4.09.020 To whom commissions shall be issued.

4.09.010 Contents of form.

The Register shall provide a blank form of commission to be filled out and signed by the Register and sealed with the seal of the City designating the office or position that any person is entitled to hold under the City by virtue of election or appointment. The commission shall be issued by the Register to persons holding any office now or hereafter made elective under the laws of this City upon receipt by the Register of a certificate of election to such office furnished by the board, person or authority having charge of elections, or upon receipt of notice in writing from the officer or person having the right to make an appointment to a particular office or position of the appointment of a certain person thereto. The commission shall state the date from which the person designated on the commission is entitled to hold the office or position mentioned on the commission. If the term of tenure thereof is known, it shall appear on the commission. The commission of the Register shall be signed by the Mayor.
(1948 C. Ch. 47 42 (part): 1960 C. 42.010.)

4.09.020 To whom commissions shall be issued.

The elective and appointive officers and employees to whom commissions shall be issued are as follows: Mayor, Comptroller, Assessor, Collector, Treasurer, Supply Commissioner, Register, City Counselor, Associate City Counselors, Assistant City Counselors, President of the Board of Aldermen, Vice President of the Board of Aldermen, City Court Judges, Clerk of the City Courts, President of the Board of Public Service, Director of Public Utilities, Director of Streets, Director of Public Welfare, Director of Public Safety, Members and Chairmen of Public Welfare Boards, Surgeons, Physicians, Lawyers, Engineers, Scientists and other experts serving the City without compensation in a consulting or other capacity either as individuals or as members of a committee or commission, Water Commissioner, Head of Street Division, Health Commissioner, Hospital Commissioner, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, City Forester, Commissioner of Correction (Commissioner of Charities and Correction), Head of Free Legal Aid Bureau, Superintendent of the Workhouse, Superintendent of the Municipal Lodginghouse, Head of City Free Employment Services, Police Commissioner (when allowed by law), Excise Commissioner (when allowed by law), Election Commissioner (when allowed by law), Chief of Fire Department, Fire Marshal, Superintendent of Police Telephone and Telegraph System, Commissioner of Weights and Measures, Building Commissioner, Smoke Inspector, Inspector of Boilers and Elevators, Building Inspector, Members of the Board of Examining Engineers, Members of the Board of Examining Plumbers, Chief Plumbing Inspector, Secretary of the Complaint Board, Secretary of the Efficiency Board, Agent and Visitors of the Board of Children's Guardians, City surveyors, members of City Plan Commission, members of the Board of Equalization, members of Merchants and Manufacturers Tax Equalization Board, probation officers of the City Courts, City Chemist, City Bacteriologist and Captain of the Harbor Boat. (1960 C. 42.020: 1948 C. Ch. 47 42 (part).)

Editor's Note:

Section has been editorially amended to reflect the change in the department of streets.

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