BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 3.91 Professional Sports Facility

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Chapter 3.91
Professional Sports Facility


3.91.010 Definitions.
3.91.020 Procedures.
3.91.030 Voter approval required.

Editor's Note:

Ord. 66509 was derived from an initiative petition filed by the Coalition Against Public Funding for Stadiums.

Voter Approval Date: November 2, 2002.

3.91.010 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter the following definitions shall be used:

"City" means the City of St. Louis and every department, agency, commission, entity or corporation of, belonging to, created by, authorized by, or affiliated with the City of St. Louis. For example, "City" includes the Treasurer, the Comptroller, the Community Development Agency, the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority, and the Convention and Tourism Bureau.

"Development" means any aspect of development, including without limitation design, construction, operation, maintenance, financing, and site preparation.

"Financial assistance" means any City assistance of value, direct or indirect, whether or not channeled through an intermediary entity, including, but not limited to, tax reduction, exemption, credit, or guarantee against or deferral of increase; dedication of tax or other revenues; tax increment financing; issuance, authorization, or guarantee of bonds; purchase or procurement of land or site preparation; loans or loan guarantees; sale or donation or loan of any City resource or service; deferral, payment, assumption or guarantee of obligations, and all other forms of assistance of value.

"Governing body" means the entity which, or official who, proposes to take action to provide financial assistance to the development of a professional sports facility. For example, "governing body" includes the Board of Aldermen, the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, the Treasurer, the Comptroller, the Director of the Community Development Agency, and the Board of Commissioners of the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority.

"Professional sports facility" means any construction, building or improvement to real estate intended to accommodate regularly scheduled games of a professional sports team, provided that the term shall not include any such facility which is in existence and accommodating such games on the date of enactment of the ordinance codified in this chapter.

"Site preparation" means any work of any kind at or related to the site of a professional sports facility, including without limitation infrastructure such as roads, streets, parking, sewer lines, water lines and electric and gas facilities.
(Ord. 66509 1, 2004.)

3.91.020 Procedures.

Before the City can act, by ordinance or otherwise, to provide financial assistance to the development of a professional sports facility, the following procedures must be fully implemented:

A. A fiscal note must be prepared by the Comptroller, received by the governing body, and made available to the public for at least 20 days prior to final action. The fiscal note shall state the total estimated financial cost, together with a detailed estimated cost, to the City, including the value of any services, of the proposed action, and shall be supported with an affidavit by the Comptroller that the Comptroller believes the estimate is reasonably accurate.

B. A public hearing must be held by the governing body allowing reasonable opportunity for both proponents and opponents to be heard. Notice of the hearing shall be published three consecutive times in two newspapers of general circulation, not less than ten days before the hearing.
(Ord. 66509 2, 2004.)

3.91.030 Voter approval required.

No financial assistance may be provided by or on behalf of the City to the development of a professional sports facility without the approval of a majority of the qualified voters of the City voting thereon. Such voter approval shall be a condition precedent to the provisions of such financial assistance.
(Ord. 66509 3, 2004.)

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