BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 3.86 Neighborhood Rehabilitation

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Chapter 3.86
Neighborhood Rehabilitation


3.86.010 Acquisition of houses--Purpose.
3.86.020 Appraisal.
3.86.030 Rehabilitation demonstration house fund.
3.86.040 Sale of property.

3.86.010 Acquisition of houses--Purpose.

The Director of Public Safety with the approval of the Comptroller is authorized to acquire single or two family dwelling houses and the parcels of land on which the dwelling houses are located. Each of the dwelling houses shall be situated in an area designated a neighborhood rehabilitation area by the Community Development Commission and there shall be no more than one of the dwelling houses in each of the areas. Each dwelling house shall be used for the following purposes:

A. Provide a neighborhood office for use by City personnel concerned with the neighborhood rehabilitation project and a meeting place in conjunction therewith; and

B. Renovate, recondition, repair and reconstruct the residence so as to demonstrate the feasibility, ways and means of making a residence in need of rehabilitation attractive and useful at a realistic cost.
(Ord. 51206 1, 1962.)

3.86.020 Appraisal.

Prior to the acquisition of the dwelling house and land as provided for in Section 3.86.010 appraisals shall be made by at least two disinterested appraisers. In the event the two appraisals differ by more than fifteen percent, then a third appraiser shall be retained to make an appraisal. The price paid for the land and dwelling house shall not exceed the average of the total number of appraisals made. The average amount is to be computed by taking the sum of the total appraisals and dividing by the number of appraisals made. Conveyance of the premises shall be taken in the name of the City by a general warranty deed. In the event the grantor deems it necessary the deed may limit the use of the premises to the purposes stated in this chapter.
(Ord. 51206 2, 1962.)

3.86.030 Rehabilitation demonstration house fund.

There is created a revolving fund to be known as the rehabilitation demonstration house fund. The moneys in the fund are to be kept separate and apart from any and all other moneys of the City. The moneys in the fund shall be used to pay the cost of:

A. Acquisition of dwelling houses and land, appraisers' fees, closing costs and other incidental costs related to the acquisition;

B. Carrying out the purposes of the acquisition as expressed in Section 3.86.010;

C. Normal operating and maintenance expenses incurred in the use of the dwelling house.
(Ord. 51206 3, 1962.)

3.86.040 Sale of property.

Upon completion of the usefulness of the dwelling house for the purposes stated in this chapter and no later than at the time the rehabilitation project in the neighborhood is completed, negotiations for the disposal and sale of the dwelling house and land shall commence. The property shall be sold in the manner provided by the Charter. The moneys received from the sale shall be placed in the rehabilitation demonstration house fund or future acquisition and use in the manner provided in this chapter. The provisions of Ordinance 49111 shall not apply to the moneys so received from the sale.
(Ord. 51206 4, 1962.)

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