BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 3.74 Planetarium Commission

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Chapter. 3.74
Planetarium Commission


3.74.010 Established--Members--Removal.
3.74.020 Duties.

3.74.010 Established--Members--Removal.

There is established the planetarium commission in the city. The commission shall consist of the following fifteen members:

A. The director of parks, recreation and forestry shall be a member and chairman of the planetarium commission;

B. Fourteen members shall be appointed by the Mayor. These members shall be persons who have knowledge or experience in the fields of planetaria, astronomy and/or related science or have developed a high degree of interest in civic affairs of this city. The terms of each appointed member shall be four years or until his successor is appointed. The terms of the ten additional members first appointed shall be as follows: three members for one year, three members for two years, two members for three years and two members for four years;

C. The members of the planetarium commission as of April 1, 1971, will continue to serve until the expiration of their appointments;

D. Any member appointed by the Mayor may be removed for cause by the Mayor after written charges have been presented after a public hearing with represented counsel. The member shall have the right to be heard in person or by the counsel at the hearing.
(Ord. 55899 1, 1971: prior: Ord. 49777 1, 1960: 1960 C. 30.010.)

City Counselor Ops.: 10142

3.74.020 Duties.

The planetarium commission shall study and investigate the various facets of the planning, management and operation of the city planetarium and advise the Mayor and make recommendations to him relative to the planning, management and operation of the city planetarium.
(Ord. 49777 2, 1960: 1960 C. 30.010.)

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