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Chapter 3.67
etropolitan Corrections Commission


3.67.010 Authority to enter agreement.
3.67.020 Adoption of bylaws.
3.67.030 Funding of capital improvements.
3.67.040 Validity of agreement.

3.67.010 Authority to enter agreement.

The Mayor, on behalf of the city, is hereby authorized to enter into a cooperative agreement with the county, through its supervisor, upon passage and approval of a like ordinance of the legislative body of the county, to provide for the creation, development and operation of a regional department of corrections system. The cooperative agreement shall contain such terms and conditions as may be approved by the city counselor and shall further include, but not be limited to, the following:

A. The combination of existing city-county correctional facilities under a common administration as well as provide for the expansion and/or construction of new facilities for the care and incarceration of state and municipal offenders.

B. The establishment of a joint regional commission to be known as the metropolitan corrections commission to supervise, manage, administer, operate and have charge of aforesaid regional department of corrections, the members of which are to be selected in the manner hereinafter described and to have the powers and duties hereinafter set forth, and to manage and operate said regional correctional system subject to the following guidelines and procedures:

1. The commission shall consist of seven (7) members who shall be the following: the chairmen of the health and welfare, and the inter-governmental affairs committees of the city's Board of Aldermen, two persons appointed by the legislative body of the county, one person appointed by the Mayor of the city, one person appointed by the supervisor of the county, and one person appointed by the Mayor and supervisor jointly.

2. The appointing authority, in making their respective appointments to the commission, shall be guided so that the membership will reflect a balanced representation of prosecutorial, judicial agencies and citizens.

3. Members of the commission who are appointed shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authorities. The one member appointed by joint action of the appointing authorities shall be appointed for a two-year term.
(Ord. 57407 1, 1977.)

3.67.020 Adoption of bylaws.

A. The cooperative agreement shall provide that the commission shall adopt bylaws which shall be filed with the administration director of the county council and the clerk of the Board of Aldermen for their approval. Such bylaws shall include but not be limited to:

1. Personnel procedures for hiring, promoting, disciplining, and discharging employees;

2. The requirement of an annual audit upon the close of the books of the fiscal year by an independent auditing firm;

3. The authorization to accept, receive, and expend funds, grants and services from instrumentalities of state and local governments as well as the federal government and its agencies;

4. The authorizations to take and let bids, to purchase, lease or otherwise acquire all necessary land, equipment, facilities and materials to operate said department of corrections system.

B. The cooperative agreement shall provide that the commission, prior to the adoption of its annual budget, shall submit said budget to the Board of Aldermen of the city and the legislative body of the county.
(Ord. 57407 2, 1977.)

3.67.030 Funding of capital improvements.

The cooperative agreement shall provide that funding of all capital improvements shall be borne equally by the parties to this cooperative agreement and any other federal, local or state instrumentality which shall choose to participate. Prisoner per diem costs shall be distributed pro rata to the responsible municipality or agency, and shall be reimbursed by that municipality or agency to the commission, but only at such rate which exceeds the per diem paid by any other contributing federal, state or local government instrumentality.
(Ord. 57407 3, 1977.)

3.67.040 Validity of agreement.

The cooperative agreement shall provide that, if any one or more of the provisions thereof be declared unconstitutional or contrary to the law, the validity of the remainder of the agreement shall not be affected thereby, but shall remain in full force and effect.
(Ord. 57407 4, 1977.)

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