BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 3.64 Convention and Tourism Bureau

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Chapter 3.64
Convention and Tourism Bureau


3.64.010 Established--Members--Quorum--Minutes.
3.64.020 Duties.
3.64.030 Expenditure and contract approval.

Convention, exhibition and community center fund, Ch. 5.36

City Counselor Ops.: 9865, 10063, 10231

3.64.010 Established--Members--Quorum--Minutes.

There is established the Convention and Tourism Bureau of the City, referred to in this chapter as the Bureau, consisting of the Mayor, the Comptroller and the President of the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor shall act as chairman of the Bureau, and the Comptroller as secretary of the Bureau. Two members of the Bureau shall constitute a quorum. The Bureau shall keep minutes of all its proceedings and such minutes shall be subject to public inspection.
(Ord. 54944 1, 1968: 1960 C. 33.010.)


Ordinance establishing convention and tourism bureau was not inconsistent with charter requirements relating to appropriation and use of tax moneys. Ruggeri v. City of St. Louis, 441 S.W. 2d 361 (1969).

3.64.020 Duties.

The Bureau is authorized and directed to:

A. Adopt plans, policies and programs for the City for the fostering and development of the City as a convention and tourist center;

B. Carry out promotional activities setting forth the advantages of St. Louis as a vacation, tourism and convention city;

C. Work with other agencies, bureaus, boards and associations to promote the economic, social, industrial, cultural and commercial growth of the City by encouraging nonresidents and residents to visit and participate in the cultural, educational, historical, athletic, amusement and other activities, facilities, places and establishments within the City;

D. Foster and encourage the use of Kiel Auditorium and other convention facilities within the City for conventions;

E. Promote the City as a convention and tourist center:

F. Contract in the name of and on behalf of the City with any public or private agency, individual, partnership, association or corporation for the furnishing of services or supplies that may assist the Bureau in carrying out its responsibilities;

G. Engage personnel as necessary or advisable to enable the Bureau to perform its obligations.
(Ord. 54944 2, 1968: 1960 C. 33.020.)

3.64.030 Expenditure and contract approval.

On and after July 1, 1990, no expenditure shall be approved or authorized by the Convention and Tourism Bureau except pursuant to a contract, approved by a majority of the members of the Convention and Tourism Bureau. Whenever such a contract shall be approved by a majority of the members of the Convention and Tourism Bureau, the Mayor and the Comptroller are authorized and directed by the Board of Aldermen, pursuant to this ordinance, and without further authorization of the Board of Aldermen, to enter into such contract and make expenditures pursuant thereto, subject, however, to the concurrence of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen under Section 5.36.030 of the Revised Code of the City of St. Louis 1980 Anno., if applicable.
(Ord. 61969 5, 1990.)

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