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Chapter 3.36
Department of Welfare


3.36.580 Created--Duties.
3.36.585 Commissioner.
3.36.590 Board.

3.36.580 Created--Duties.

There is hereby created in the department of welfare a division of youth services, the general objectives being the improvement of employment and the educational and economic potentials of youths. In furtherance of these purposes the division shall study, explore, and examine existing and projected needs, problems, resources, and goals, and employment development, recreation, and learning for youths, developed planning and execution of programs, and assistance designated to aid and abet youth for participation and furtherance of personal and community employment. The division shall:

A. Convene meetings, maintain liaison and encourage cooperation between all agencies, public and private dealing with youths in St. Louis;

B. Provide information on year-round youth needs and youth programs;

C. Serve as referral agency for utilization of voluntary services;

D. Serve as a fund raising catalyst to augment usual resources applied to youth activities;

E. Accept private gifts and federal grants;

F. Promote public awareness of problems of youths and encourage development of possible solutions for their problems;

G. Seek to eliminate duplication of effort and funds in youth service agency through coordination and communication.
(Ord. 56825 1, 1974.)

3.36.585 Commissioner.

The division of youth services shall be in charge of a commissioner of youth services appointed by the director of welfare. The commissioner shall be responsible for executing the purposes of the division of youth services and shall appoint employees as necessary in compliance with the civil service provision of the Charter and ordinances.
(Ord. 56825 2, 1974.)

3.36.590 Board.

There shall be a board of youth services consisting of nine members appointed by the Mayor. The members shall serve for terms of four years and until their successors qualify, except that of the members first appointed two shall be appointed for a term of one year, two for terms of two years, and two for terms of three years. All appointed members shall be chosen on the basis of demonstrated interest in the purposes of the division of youth services. The board shall advise the director of welfare on matters pertaining to the division. The members shall be residents of the City and shall serve without compensation.
(Ord. 56825 3, 1974.)

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