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Chapter 3.36
Department of Welfare


3.36.550 Created--Objective--Responsibilities.
3.36.555 Agreements and contracts.
3.36.560 Commissioner.
3.36.565 Board.

3.36.550 Created--Objective--Responsibilities.

There is created in the department of welfare a division of relocation services, the general objective being to assist in the relocation of persons and businesses displaced by federally funded programs. The division will be responsible for coordinating the relocation needs of all agencies operating within the City, but not limited to, the land clearance authority, state highway department, City inspection department, and the board of education.
(Ord. 56824 1 (part), 1974.)

3.36.555 Agreements and contracts.

The division is empowered to enter into agreements and contracts for the distribution of federal funds provided for the relocation of persons and businesses in conformance with the Uniform Relocation and Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act of 1970, as amended, 42 U.S.C. 4601, et seq., and assurances required thereunder. All agreements and contracts hereunder shall be approved by the director of welfare and the comptroller, approved as to form by the City counselor and filed with the City register.

In the event that compliance with the provisions of the act would be accomplished by cooperative agreements between the city and the state, municipal corporations of this state or the United States government, its agencies and instrumentalities, authorization of ordinance is given the division to enter contracts and agreements to facilitate compliance subject to approval of the Mayor and comptroller.
(Ord. 56824 1 (a, b), 1974.)

3.36.560 Commissioner.

The division of relocation services shall be in charge of a commissioner of relocation services appointed by the director of welfare. The commissioner shall be responsible for executing the purposes of the division of relocation services and shall appoint employees as necessary in compliance with the civil service provision of the charter and ordinances.
(Ord. 56824 2, 1974.)

3.36.565 Board.

There shall be a board of relocation services consisting of nine members appointed by the Mayor. The members shall serve for terms of four years and until their successors qualify, except that of the members first appointed two shall be appointed for a term of one year, two for terms of two years, and two for terms of three years. All appointed members shall be chosen on the basis of demonstrated interest in the purposes of the division of relocation services. The board shall advise the director of welfare on matters pertaining to the division. The members shall be residents of the City and shall serve without compensation.
(Ord. 56824 3, 1974.)

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