BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 3.30 Department of Public Utilities

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Chapter 3.30
Department of Public Utilities


3.30.010Assistant to Director.
3.30.020Heating courthouse.
3.30.030Gas bills.

Bond see 3.26.010

Director to serve on municipal bridge commission, see 3.70.010


Art. XIII 10--12 Department of public utilities

Art. XIX 2 Control of public utilities by board of aldermen

3.30.010 Assistant to Director.

The Director of Public Utilities is authorized to appoint one assistant, who shall be an engineer of technical training in active practice in his profession, who has at least ten years experience in responsible charge of engineering work and who has at least five years experience in public utility rate, service and accounting practices. He shall act as Chief Assistant to the Director of Public Utilities in the conduct of the affairs of the Division of Light, Heat and Power of the Department of Public Utilities, and shall be the Division Engineer in charge of that office. He shall perform special duties elsewhere in the Department of Public Utilities as may be assigned to him by the Director. (1948 C. Ch. 78: 1960 C. 5.40.010.)

City Counselor Ops.: 8178

3.30.020 Heating courthouse.

It shall be the duty of the Department of Public Utilities to make all necessary arrangements for, and attend to, the heating of the courthouse. (1948 C. Ch. 55 4: 1960 C. 540.020.)

3.30.030 Gas bills.

All bills of gas corporations against the City shall be submitted by them to the Department of Public Utilities, which shall certify their correctness to the Comptroller, after making all proper deductions under the forms of any contract or ordinance. (1948 C. Ch. 55 75: 1960 C. 540.030.)

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