BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 3.02 General Provisions

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Chapter 3.04


3.04.010 Installation.
3.04.020 Authority to remit fines, grant stay of execution.
3.04.030 Authority to summons and examine witnesses, issue warrants.
3.04.040 Powers in case of riot.
3.04.050 Duty when served with process.
3.04.060 Appointments--Ward representation.
3.04.070 Appointments--Vacancies to conform.
3.04.080 Appointments--Purpose of Sections 3.04.060 and 3.04.070.

Appointments to be made to:

Advisory council on the disabled, see 3.36.745

Agency on training and employment director, see 3.78.022

Arts and humanities commission, see 3.57.010

Arts and humanities commission executive director, see 3.57.030

Athletic commission, see 3.58.020

Board of children's services, see 3.36.100

Charity solicitations commission, see 3.60.010

Citizens consumer advisory committee, see 3.36.685

Civil rights director, see 3.44.070

Civil rights enforcement agency, see 3.44.030

Commission on crime and law enforcement, see 3.66.040

Community development agency director, see 3.48.020

Community development commission, see 3.48.100

Convention and exhibition center commission, see 3.62.020

Disaster operations director, see 3.40.030

Economic advisory board, see 3.48.050

Model city agency 

director, see 3.46.030

executive board, see 3.46.050, 3.46.060

Mullanphy board, see 3.36.400

Municipal auditorium commission, see 3.56.150

Municipal auditorium manager, see 3.56.160

Planetarium commission, see 3.74.010

Planned industrial expansion authority, see 3.84.020

Public defender legal aid advisory board, see 3.16.050

REJIS commission, see 3.80.040

Soldiers' memorial building commission, see 3.56.290

Youth commission, see 3.76.010

Youth services board, see 3.36.590

Assigning offices in city hall and municipal courts building, see 3.56.040

Call meetings of:

Advisory council on the disabled, see 3.36.750

Convention and exhibition center commission, see 3.62.030

Municipal auditorium commission, see 3.56.160

Soldiers' memorial building commission, see 3.56.300

Call special election for vacancy on board of aldermen, see 3.06.080

Call special sessions of board of aldermen, see 3.06.030

Emergency powers, see 3.40.080, 3.40.090

Mayor's contingent fund, 5.42.010

Member of:

Convention and exhibition center commission, see 3.62.020

Convention and tourism bureau, see 3.64.010

Municipal auditorium commission, see 3.56.150

Municipal bridge commission, see 3.70.010

Soldiers' memorial building commission, see 3.56.290

Office in city hall, see 3.56.030

Reports to be filed with, see 3.02.010

Submitting or execution of documents to Office of Economic Opportunity, see 3.42.020


Art. VII Mayor

Art. II 2 Election of mayor

Art. IV 17 Approval or disapproval of ordinances by mayor

Art. VIII 6 Filling of vacancies by appointment by mayor

Art. VIII 11 Duty of mayor to determine questions as to division of officers' powers

Art. XXX 10 Certain records to be available for inspection by mayor


Charter provisions empowering the mayor to remove officers were not unconstitutional. State v. Wells, 109 S.W. 758 (1908).

Mayor could not be required to appoint a firemen's arbitration board and statutes requiring him to do so were void. State v. Cervantes, 423 S.W. 2d 791 (1968).


12.41 Mayor or chief executive

3.04.010 Installation.

On the third Tuesday in April after a Mayoralty election, or on some other date designated by the Board of Aldermen, at twelve o'clock noon, in the chamber of the Board of Aldermen at the City Hall, in the presence of the Board of Aldermen, the Mayor-elect shall be installed Mayor of the City.
(1948 C. Ch. 2 6: 1960 C. 10.010.)

City Counselor Ops.: 8178, 9837

3.04.020 Authority to remit fines, grant stay of execution.

In exercising the power to remit fines, costs, forfeitures and penalties imposed for violation of any ordinance or charter provision, the Mayor is authorized to remit the same conditionally, when in his judgment such action shall be deemed expedient. Authority is also conferred on the Mayor to control all executions issued by the City courts and recall the same and grant a stay of execution in any case on such terms and conditions as the public welfare shall demand.
(1948 C. Ch. 2 7: 1960 C. 10.020.)

City Counselor Ops.: 8178

3.04.030 Authority to summons and examine witnesses, issue warrants.

The Mayor, when he has good cause to believe that an offense has been or is about to be committed against law or ordinance, may summon and examine witnesses in relation thereto, and upon proper affidavits may issue a warrant for the apprehension of any offender against law or ordinance, which warrant shall be returnable before one of the City courts, and shall be tried as other cases in such courts.
(1948 C. Ch. 2 8: 1960 C. 10.030.)

City Counselor Ops.: 8178

3.04.040 Powers in case of riot.

The Mayor shall have power to call on his assistance the City police, the military of the City and citizens to assist him in preventing or quelling any riot, rout, unlawful assembly or breach of the peace, and all persons so called out by him shall be subject to his orders, while on the duty to which they are called.
(1948 C. Ch. 2 9: 1960 C. 10.040.)

See. Ch. 3.40

City Counselor Ops.: 8178

3.04.050 Duty when served with process.

Whenever any process or notice shall be served on the Mayor in any legal or other proceeding against the City, or in which the City is a party, he shall immediately deliver the process or notice, or a sufficient notice thereof, to the City Counselor, in order that the process or notice may be attended to.
(1948 C. Ch. 2 10: 1960 C. 10.050.)

City Counselor Ops.: 8178

3.04.060 Appointments--Ward representation.

All appointments to be made by the Mayor, after April 25, 1971, to any Board, commission, council, agency or other public, or quasi-public body having three or more appointed members, shall be made so as to provide for a total representation of the residents of this City by wards, except where otherwise provided by law.
(Ord. 55771 1, 1971.)

3.04.070 Appointments--Vacancies to conform.

All appointments to fill vacancies as they occur in the membership of the bodies set forth in Section 3.04.060 shall be made in such a manner as to bring the membership of such bodies into conformance with the provisions of Section 3.04.060 when the ward residency of the remaining membership is taken into consideration.
(Ord. 55771 2, 1971.)

3.04.080 Appointments--Purpose of Sections 3.04. 060 and 3.04.070.

The provisions of Sections 3.04.060 and 3.04.070, when the powers, duties and qualifications of the members of such body as provided by law have been considered, shall be construed in such a manner as to implement the intent of Sections 3.04.060 through 3.04.080; that the City as a whole have equal representation in the management of the affairs of this City.
(Ord. 55771 3, 1971.)

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