St. Louis City Revised Code (annotated) has been converted to electronic format by the staff of the St. Louis Public Library. This electronic version has been done for the interest and convenience of the user. These are unofficial versions and should be used as unofficial copies.

Official printed copies of St. Louis City Revised Code may be obtained from the Register's Office at the St. Louis City Hall.

Part IV
62571 Provides for improvements to municipal water works system (Special)
62572 Provides for improvements to chemical laboratory (Special)
62573 Provides for improvements to city water division building (Special)
62574 Provides for repairs to city water treatment plant (Special)
62575 Provides for repairs to city water treatment plant (Special)
62576 Provides for repairs to city water division property (Special)
62577 Provides for repairs to city water division reservoir (Special)
62578 Repeals and replaces 8 of Ord. 60643, graduated business license tax (8.07.040)
62579 Regulations for licensing mechanical contractors and pipefitters (25.10)
62580 Development of blighted property (Special)
62581 Development of blighted property (Special)
62582 Development of blighted property (Special)
62583 Development of blighted property (Special)
62584 Development of blighted property (Special)
62585 Development of blighted property (Special)
62586 Development of blighted property (Special)
62587 Development of blighted property (Special)
62588 Repeals and replaces Chs. 26.08, 26.20, 26.28 and 26.40, zoning (26.08, 26,20, 26.28, 26.40)
62589 Allows for establishment of bed and breakfast districts (26.66)
62590 Development of blighted property (Special)
62591 Development of blighted property (Special)
62592 Development of blighted property (Special)
62593 Development of blighted property (Special)
62594 Development of blighted property (Special)
62595 Development of blighted property (Special)
62596 Development of blighted property (Special)
62597 Development of blighted property (Special)
62598 Development of blighted property (Special)
62599 Development of blighted property (Special)
62600 Development of blighted property (Special)
62601 Development of blighted property (Special)
62602 Development of blighted property (Special)
62603 Assigns use of Kennedy Room to board of aldermen of city (Special)
62604 Amends lease agreement between city and McDonnell Douglas Corporation (Special)
62605 Authorizes execution of space permit document (Special)
62606 Authorizes contract for airport concession (Special)
62607 Authorizes contract for airport public parking facilities (Special)
62608 Repeals and replaces 20.30.140(A), inspection fee for excavation (20.30.140(A))
62609 Amends Ord. 60664, application for occupancy permit fee schedule (Repealed by 63610)
62610 Amends Ord. 60826, annual fee inspections (Not codified)
62611 Repeals and replaces Ord. 61055, mechanical permits and inspection fees (Repealed by 63621)
62612 Amends Ord. 61751, electrical inspection fees (Repealed by 63150)
62613 Amends Ord. 61981, fire prevention code (25.06)
62614 Development of blighted property (Special)
62615 Development of blighted property (Special)
62616 Development of blighted property (Special)
62617 Home occupation registration fee (8.07)
62618 Amends lease agreement between city and American Golf Corporation (Special)
62619 Revocation and refusal to issue licenses (8.02.071—8.02.075)
62620 Appropriation (Special)
62621 Amends lease of Kiel Auditorium (Special)
62622 Establishes central west end north special business district (Not codified)
62623 Tax levy proposal (Special)
62624 Issuance and sale of bonds by St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation (Special)
62625 Prohibited parking (Special)
62626 Amends airport noise mitigation lease/purchase agreement (Special)
62627 Agreement for airport office space rental (Special)
62628 Street closure (Special)
62629 Street closure (Special)
62630 Appropriation (Special)
62631 Provides for borrowing of funds (Special)
62632 Repeals Ord. 62466, street closure (Special)
62633 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62634 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62635 Amends Ord. 57316, lease of mooring rights (Repealed by 64532)
62636 Amends Ord. 59347, lease of mooring rights (Special)
62637 Amends Ord. 60893, lease of mooring rights (Special)
62638 Amends Ord. 58940, lease of mooring rights (Special)
62639 Appropriation (Special)
62640 Amends Ord. 59787, lease of mooring rights (Special)
62641 Amends Ord. 60890, lease of mooring rights (Special)
62642 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62643 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62644 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62645 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62646 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62647 Enterprise zone designation (Special)
62648 Street closure (Special)
62649 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62650 Appropriation (Special)
62651 Grant agreement (Special)
62652 Public work and improvement program at airport (Special)
62653 Appropriation (Special)
62654 Repeals Ord. 62316, sale of real estate (Special)
62655 Appropriation (Special)
62656 Repeals and replaces 14.01.280, 14.06.100, 14.06.120, 14.06.210, 14.06.250, 14.08.010, 14.08.040, 14.08.050, 14.08.060, 14.08.090 and 14.08.190, liquor control laws (14.01.280, 14.06.100, 14.06.120, 14.06.210, 14.06.250, 14.08.010, 14.08.040, 14.08.050, 14.08.060, 14.08.090, 14.08.190)
62657 Repeals and replaces Ord. 61999, city civil service (Ch. 4.10)
62658 Contract amendment with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62659 Contract amendment with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62660 Contract amendment with Washington University (Special)
62661 Contract with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62662 Repeals and replaces Ord. 62332, treasurer's office salaries (4.26)
62663 Repeals and replaces Ord. 62333, Parking Division salaries (4.30)
62664 Repeals and replaces Ord. 62341, Collector of Revenue's employees salaries (4.44)
62665 Repeals and replaces Ord. 62344, Sheriff's Office employees salaries (4.36)
62666 Repeals and replaces Ord. 62345, License Collector's office employees salaries (4.28)
62667 Amends Ord. 62334, grades and salaries for Circuit Attorney employees (4.48)
62668 Repeals and replaces 4.34.010, Recorder of Deeds employees salaries (4.34.010)
62669 Contract with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62670 Contract with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62671 Contract amendment with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62672 Proposition to allow licensing of excursion gambling boats (Special)
62673 Agreement with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62674 Approves redevelopment plan (Special)
62675 Agreement with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62676 Agreement with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62677 Appropriation (Special)
62678 Appropriation (Special)
62679 Contract for airport concession (Special)
62680 Amends Ord. 61364; repeals Ord. 62147, lateral sewer service lines (23.40.020, 23.40.050, 23.40.060, 23.40.120)
62681 Repeals and replaces 3 of Ord. 62613, fire prevention code (25.06)
62682 Amends 3 of Ord. 60826, board and committee fees (Not codified)
62683 Repeals and replaces 11.62.350, fees charged by Bureau of Vital Statistics (11.62.350)
62684 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62685 Development of blighted property (Special)
62686 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62687 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62688 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62689 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62690 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62691 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62692 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62693 Establishes telephone informational service (Not codified)
62694 Nonbinding proposition on establishment of a Conservation district (Special)
62695 Development of blighted property (Special)
62696 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62697 Agreement with Washington University (Special)
62698 Development of blighted property (Special)
62699 Development of blighted property (Special)
62700 Development of blighted property (Special)
62701 Permits outdoor advertising on Kiel Center Arena (24.44.045)
62702 Rezone (Special)
62703 Development of blighted property (Special)
62704 Development of blighted property (Special)
62705 Development of blighted property (Special)
62706 Development of blighted property (Special)
62707 Development of blighted property (Special)
62708 Agreement with St. Louis County Water Company (Special)
62709 Appropriation (Special)
62710 Repeals and replaces Ch. 3.44; repeals Ords. 45184, 50553, 51512, 51635, 52328, 57173 and 58701, civil rights enforcement agency (3.44)
62711 Amends 6 of Ord. 60956, development plan (Special)
62712 Repeals and replaces 11 and 12 of Ord. 62579, licensing of mechanical contractors and pipefitters (Not codified)
62713 Lease of mooring rights (Special)
62714 Appropriation (Special)
62715 Grant agreement (Special)
62716 Grant agreement (Special)
62717 Contract with Southwestern Bell Telephone (Special)
62718 Lease of mooring rights (Repealed by 64474)
62719 Repeals and replaces 4.16.200, 4.16.205 and 4.16.210, calculation of pensions (Repealed by 64833)
62720 Development of blighted property (Special)
62721 Development of blighted property (Special)
62722 Development of blighted property (Special)
62723 Lease-purchase agreement for Kennedy Skill Center (Special)
62724 Development of blighted property (Special)
62725 Development of blighted property (Special)
62726 Development of blighted property (Special)
62727 Development of blighted property (Special)
62728 Development of blighted property (Special)
62729 Development of blighted property (Special)
62730 Development of blighted property (Special)
62731 Development of blighted property (Special)
62732 Development of blighted property (Special)
62733 Development of blighted property (Special)
62734 Development of blighted property (Special)
62735 Contract amendment with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62736 Development of blighted property (Special)
62737 Development of blighted property (Special)
62738 Amends development plan (Special)
62739 Development of blighted property (Special)
62740 Contract amendment with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62741 Persons convicted of alcohol or drug related traffic offenses to reimburse police department (17.40.030)
62742 Issuance of bonds to finance improvement of city airports (Special)
62743 Street closure (Repealed by 63211)
62744 Street closure (Special)
62745 Development of blighted property (Special)
62746 Development of blighted property (Special)
62747 Development of blighted property (Special)
62748 Development of blighted property (Special)
62749 Vacation of public rights-of-way (Special)
62750 Street closure (Special)
62751 Provides for additional court cost (3.08.385)
62752 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62753 Street closure (Special)
62754 Vacation of public rights-of-way (Special)
62755 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62756 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62757 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62758 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62759 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62760 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62761 Airport concession agreement (Special)
62762 Appropriation (Special)
62763 Public works and improvement program at airport (Special)
62764 Appropriation (Special)
62765 Nuisances maintained by owners of real property or their tenants (11.59)
62766 Development of blighted property (Special)
62767 Development of blighted property (Special)
62768 Development of blighted property (Special)
62769 Development of blighted property (Special)
62770 Development of blighted property (Special)
62771 Development of blighted property (Special)
62772 Development of blighted property (Special)
62773 Development of blighted property (Special)
62774 Development of blighted property (Special)
62775 Development of blighted property (Special)
62776 Repeals and replaces 8 and 16 of Ord. 60935, abandoned vehicles (17.56.070, 17.56.150)
62777 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62778 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62779 Prohibits operation of motor vehicles on City streets without maintaining financial responsi-bility for such use (17.53.010--17.53.070)
62780 Designation of Housing Conservation District (Repealed by 67914)
62781 Development of blighted property (Special)
62782 Development of blighted property (Special)
62783 Authorizes construction of Natural Bridge Avenue Viaduct (Special)
62784 Appropriation (Special)
62785 Establishes fee for checks returned to City and county offices because of insufficient funds (3.02.060)
62786 Sale of certain city real estate (Special)
62787 Street closure (Special)
62788 Street name change (Special)
62789 Development of blighted property (Special)
62790 Development of blighted property (Special)
62791 Development of blighted property (Special)
62792 Repeals and replaces 1, 2 and subsection 8 of 4 of Ord. 61249; repeals and replaces 59.060 of Ord. 57354; repeals paragraph 3 of 1 of Ord. 58694, retirement conditions (Re-pealed by 64833)
62793 Contract with National Park Service (Special)
62794 Development of blighted property (Special)
62795 Development of blighted property (Special)
62796 Rezone (Special)
62797 Development of blighted property (Special)
62798 Development of blighted property (Special)
62799 Development of blighted property (Special)
62800 Development of blighted property (Special)
62801 Funeral expenses for fire fighters (4.18)
62802 Proposition to repeal present hotel license fee (Special)
62803 Agreement with U.S. Department of Justice (Special)
62804 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62805 Development of blighted property (Special)
62806 Development of blighted property (Special)
62807 Development of blighted property (Special)
62808 Development of blighted property (Special)
62809 Development of blighted property (Special)
62810 Development of blighted property (Special)
62811 Development of blighted property (Special)
62812 Development of blighted property (Special)
62813 Development of blighted property (Special)
62814 Development of blighted property (Special)
62815 Development of blighted property (Special)
62816 Development of blighted property (Special)
62817 Development of blighted property (Special)
62818 Development of blighted property (Special)
62819 Development of blighted property (Special)
62820 Development of blighted property (Special)
62821 Development of blighted property (Special)
62822 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62823 Street closure (Special)
62824 Authorizes construction on the Eads Bridge (Special)
62825 Development of blighted property (Special)
62826 Vacation of public rights-of-way (Special)
62827 Contract with the Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62828 Rezone (Special)
62829 Authorizes improvement of the Municipal Water Works System (Special)
62830 Charge on building permits issued (Special)
62831 Proposal authorizing issuance of bonds for improvement of municipal waterworks system (Special)
62832 Street closure (Special)
62833 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62834 Establishes bed and breakfast district (Special)
62835 Establishes bed and breakfast district (Special)
62836 Accessibility of stop boxes (23.04.185)
62837 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62838 Street closure (Special)
62839 Rededication of land for public surface rights (Special)
62840 Vacation of public rights-of-way (Special)
62841 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62842 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62843 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62844 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62845 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62846 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62847 Street closure (Special)
62848 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62849 Dedication of land for the improvement of Interstate Highway 70 (Special)
62850 Adopts grant agreement (Special)
62851 Transfer of funds (Special)
62852 Authorizes contracts for design of Multimodal Station (Special)
62853 Raising and keeping of certain animals; repeals Ord. 48797; repeals 10.20.010 and 10.20.020 (10.20.010, 10.20.020)
62854 Development of blighted property (Special)
62855 Development of blighted property (Special)
62856 Development of blighted property (Special)
62857 Designates church stop sign (Special)
62858 Rezone (Special)
62859 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62860 Development of blighted property (Special)
62861 Development of blighted property (Special)
62862 Development of blighted property (Special)
62863 Development of blighted property (Special)
62864 Development of blighted property (Special)
62865 Development of blighted property (Special)
62866 Development of blighted property (Special)
62867 Development of blighted property (Special)
62868 Development of blighted property (Special)
62869 Development of blighted property (Special)
62870 Development of blighted property (Special)
62871 Street name change (Special)
62872 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62873 Repeals Ord. 61814, street opened (Special)
62874 Contract with Missouri Division of Family Services (Special)
62875 Relocation of entrance barricades (Special)
62876 Designation of Housing Conservation District (Repealed by 67914)
62877 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62878 Provides for public work (Special)
62879 Designates Housing Conservation District (Repealed by 67914)
62880 Vacation of air rights (Special)
62881 Street closure (Special)
62882 Development of blighted property (Special)
62883 Budget for fiscal year 1993/94 (Special)
62884 Submission to voters (Special)
62885 Submission to voters (Special)
62886 Repeals in part and restates in part Ord. 62647, enterprise zone designation (Special)
62887 Housing conservation districts; repeals Ord. 61540 (25.56.010--25.56.140)
62888 Appropriation (Special)
62889 Contract with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62890 Contract with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62891 Bond issuance (Special)
62892 Easement agreement (Special)
62893 Lease agreement (Special)
62894 Repeals and replaces 16.16.030(E), city workhouse (16.16.030)
62895 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62896 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62897 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62898 Establishes stop intersection (Special)
62899 Establishes stop intersection (Special)
62900 Establishes stop intersection (Special)
62901 Vacation of all public rights (Special)
62902 Appropriation (Special)
62903 Appropriation (Special)
62904 Amendment to grant agreement (Special)
62905 Appropriation (Special)
62906 Public work and improvement project (Special)
62907 Public work and improvement project (Special)
62908 Appropriation (Special)
62909 Appropriation (Special)
62910 Appropriation (Special)
62911 Appropriation (Special)
62912 Appropriation (Special)
62913 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62914 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62915 Option to purchase real estate (Special)
62914 Appropriation (Special)
62917 Borrowing of funds (Special)
62918 Bond issuance (Special)
62919 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62920 Establishes four-way stop intersection (Special)
62921 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62922 Installation of stop signs (Special)
62923 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62924 Installation of stop signs (Special)
62925 Designates housing conservation district (Repealed by 67914)
62926 Repeals and replaces 17.30.010, trucks (17.30.010)
62927 Designates housing conservation district (Repealed by 67914)
62928 Parking prohibition (Special)
62929 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
62930 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
62931 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
62932 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
62933 Appropriation (Special)
62934 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62935 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62936 Installation of stop signs (Special)
62937 Vacation of portion of air rights (Special)
62938 Appropriation (Special)
62939 Private security personnel (8.75A)
62940 Repeals and replaces 14.01.170, 14.01.330, 14.01.360, 14.01.380, 14.03.040 and 14.07.060, alcoholic beverages (14.01.170, 14.01.330, 14.01.360, 14.01.380, 14.03.040, 14.01.060)
62941 Repeals and replaces 10.20.010 and 10.20.011, raising and keeping of certain animals (10.20.010, 10.20.011)
62942 Street closure (Special)
62943 Appropriation (Special)
62944 Amends Ord. 62878, public work (Special)
62945 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62946 Excludes certain property from the Compton Hill Historic District (Special)
62947 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62948 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62949 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62950 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62951 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62952 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62953 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62954 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62955 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62956 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62957 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62958 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62959 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62960 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62961 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62962 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62963 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62964 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62965 Contract amendment with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62966 Excludes certain property from the Compton Hill Historic District (Special)
62967 Rezone (Special)
62968 Grant agreement with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62969 Collection of sales tax imposed by Ord. 62802 (Special)
62970 Contract amendment with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62971 Conduct on public transportation; repeals 11.33.010 (11.33)
62972 Amends Ord. 59200, lease agreement (Special)
62973 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62974 Aggressive begging; repeals Ord. 31323 (15.44)
62975 Agreement with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
62976 Adopts and approves memorandum of understanding (Special)
62977 Street closure (Special)
62978 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62979 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62980 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62981 Amends Ord. 58155, redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62982 Application for Police Supplement Program grant funds (Special)
62983 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62984 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
62985 Appropriation (Special)
62986 Adds subsection L to 7 of Ord. 62657, city civil service (Ch. 4.10)
62987 Adds subsection 3 to 3 of Ord. 62667, grades and salaries for Circuit Attorney employees (Not codified)
62988 Adds subsection c to 3 of Ord. 62668, salaries for Recorder of Deeds employees (Not codi-fied)
62989 Adds subsection (2)(b) to 3 of Ord. 62665, salaries for Sheriff's Office employees (Not codified)
62990 Adds subsection (2)(b) to 3 of Ord. 62664, salaries for Collector of Revenue employees (Not codified)
62991 Position grades and salaries for Circuit Attorneys Office employees (4.48)
62992 Adds subsection c to 2 of Ord. 62666, salaries for License Collector's employees (Not codi-fied)
62993 Redevelopment of obsolete area (Special)
62994 Adds 4.18.131 and repeals and replaces 4.18.010 and 4.18.260, Firemen's Retirement System (4.18.010, 4.18.131, 4.18.260)
62995 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62996 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62997 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
62998 Designates stop intersection (Special)
62999 Designates one-way streets (Special)
63000 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63001 Appropriation (Special)
63002 Bond issuance (Special)
63003 Inclusion of two additional areas to an existing housing conservation district (Repealed by 67914)
63004 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63005 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63006 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63007 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63008 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63009 Rezone (Special)
63010 Rezone (Special)
63011 Contract with Board of Police Commissioners for the Metropolitan Police Department (Spe-cial)
63012 Community Development Block grant funding (Special)
63013 Application for funds (Special)
63014 Appropriation (Special)
63015 Quitclaim deed (Special)
63016 Amends Ord. 62883, budget for fiscal year 1993/94 (Special)
63017 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63018 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63019 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63020 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63021 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63022 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63023 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63024 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63025 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63026 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63027 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63028 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63029 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63030 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63031 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63032 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63033 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63034 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63035 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63036 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63037 Street closure (Special)
63038 Temporary street closure (Special)
63039 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63040 Establishes church stop sign (Special)
63041 Appropriation (Special)
63042 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63043 Temporary street closure (Special)
63044 Easement agreement (Special)
63045 Easement agreement (Special)
63046 Appropriation (Special)
63047 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63048 Appropriation (Special)
63049 Grant fund for dropoff recycling demonstration program (Special)
63050 Grant fund for blue bag recycling demonstration program (Special)
63051 Grant fund for waste reduction demonstration program (Special)
63052 Concession agreement (Special)
63053 Concession agreement (Special)
63054 Concession agreement (Special)
63055 Concession agreement (Special)
63056 Concession agreement (Special)
63057 Concession agreement (Special)
63058 Appropriation (Special)
63059 Ratifies and adopts the actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing amended grant agreement (Special)
63060 Ratifies and adopts the actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing amended grant agreement (Special)
63061 Appropriation (Special)
63062 Ratifies and adopts the actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing amended grant agreement (Special)
63063 Ratifies and adopts the actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing amended grant agreement (Special)
63064 Agreement with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
63065 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63066 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63067 Establishes four-way stop intersection (Special)
63068 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63069 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63070 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63071 Temporary street closure (Special)
63072 Parking restriction (Special)
63073 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63074 Renames park (22.44.360)
63075 Appropriation (Special)
63076 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63077 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63078 Contract with Bi-State Development Agency (Special)
63079 Redemption of bonds (Special)
63080 Repeals and replaces 1 of Ord. 60196, special business district (Repealed by 64240)
63081 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63082 Repeals and replaces 2 of Ord. 62578, graduated business license tax (8.07.040)
63083 Appropriation (Special)
63084 Appropriation (Special)
63085 Appropriation (Special)
63086 Concession agreement (Special)
63087 Concession agreement (Special)
63088 Federal Aviation Regulation Part 150 Study Update at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (Special)
63089 Ratifies and adopts the actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing grant agreement (Special)
63090 Ratifies and adopts the actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing grant agreement (Special)
63091 Ratifies and adopts the actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing grant agreement (Special)
63092 Ratifies and adopts the actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing grant agreement (Special)
63093 Sublease agreement (Special)
63094 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63095 Approves community plan application No. 6 (Special)
63096 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63097 Easement agreements (Special)
63098 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
63099 Appropriation (Special)
63100 Submission to voters (Special)
63101 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63102 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63103 Permit parking at a personal residence for persons who are handicapped (17.76)
63104 Vacation of portion of air rights (Special)
63105 Agreement with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
63106 Street closure (Special)
63107 Lease agreement (Special)
63108 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63109 Approves Addendum No. 4 to development plan (Special)
63110 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63111 Installation of school stop signs (Special)
63112 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63113 Designates housing conservation district (Repealed by 67914)
63114 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63115 Adds 8.110.235, wreckers (8.110.235)
63116 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63117 Contract service agreement (Special)
63118 Repeals and replaces Ord. 62657, classified service plan (4.10)
63119 Submission to voters (Special)
63120 Discharge of certain restrictive covenants and conditions pertaining to property transferred by quitclaim deed (Repealed by 63920)
63121 Expands housing conservation district (Repealed by 67914)
63122 Improvement of existing traffic signals (Special)
63123 Rezone (Special)
63124 Rezone (Special)
63125 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63126 Appropriation (Special)
63127 Easement agreement (Special)
63128 Appropriation (Special)
63129 Repeals and replaces 14.03.100, alcoholic beverages (14.03.100)
63130 Designates four-way stop (Special)
63131 Repeals and replaces 17.56.070 and 17.56.150, vehicle towing code (17.56.070, 17.56.150)
63132 1994 St. Louis Works and the 50/50 Sidewalk Program (Special)
63133 Capital improvements (Special)
63134 Appropriation (Special)
63135 Bond issuance (Special)
63136 Water rates; repeals 23.16.040, 23.16.050, 23.16.070, 23.16.080, 23.18.070, 23.20.020, 23.20.030 and 23.20.040 (23.16.040, 23.18.070, 23.20.015, 23.20.020, 23.20.030, 23.20.040)
63137 Reimbursement of expenditures made with respect to waterworks system (Special)
63138 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
63139 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
63140 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
63141 Improvement of Municipal Water Works System (Special)
63142 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63143 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63144 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63145 Appropriation (Special)
63146 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63147 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63148 Street closure (Special)
63149 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63150 Adopts National Electrical Code, 1993 Edition; repeals Ords. 61751 and 62612 (25.02)
63151 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63152 Budget (Special)
63153 Six-month moratorium on the erection of new off-site billboards or general outdoor advertis-ing devices (Special)
63154 Establishes the Soulard Special Business District (Special)
63155 Distribution and sale of the Revised Code of the City of St. Louis; repeals Ord. 58275
63156 Establishes the Downtown Parks Business District (Special)
63157 Repeals 4.16.515(A)(1) and (2), (B) and (C), city employee retirement system (Repealed by 64833)
63158 Repeals and replaces 4.34.010, recorder of deeds employees (4.34.010)
63159 Position grades and salaries for Circuit Attorneys Office employees (4.48)
63160 Repeals and replaces Ch. 4.44, collection division employees (4.44)
63161 Borrowing of funds (Special)
63162 Ratifies and approves Lambert-St. Louis International Airport Concession agreement (Spe-cial)
63163 Public work and improvement program (Special)
63164 Amends 1 of Ord. 63087, airport concession agreement (Special)
63165 Proposition submitted to voters (Special)
63166 Repair, equipping, modification and improvement of the Civil Courts Building (Special)
63167 Proposition submitted to voters (Special)
63168 Proposition submitted to voters (Special)
63169 Easement agreement (Special)
63170 Easement agreement (Special)
63171 Ratifies and adopts actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing an amendment to a grant agreement (Special)
63172 Agreement with Missouri Department of Health, Bureau of Special Health Care Needs (Spe-cial)
63173 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63174 Appropriation (Special)
63175 Establishes a housing conservation district for all of Ward 27 (Repealed by 67914)
63176 Street closure (Special)
63177 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63178 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63179 License Collectors employees salaries; repeals Ord. 62666 (4.28)
63180 Appropriation (Special)
63181 Parking Division Office employees salaries; repeals Ord. 62663 (4.30.010, 4.30.012, 4.30.015, 4.30.020, 4.30.021, 4.30.022, 4.30.023, 4.30.024)
63182 Treasurer's Office employee salaries; repeals Ord. 62662 (4.26.015, 4.26.020, 4.26.021, 4.26.022, 4.26.023, 4.26.030, 4.26.040, 4.26.050, 4.26.060)
63183 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63184 Development of blighted area (Special)
63185 Rezone (Special)
63186 Street closure (Special)
63187 Stop sign (Special)
63188 Stop intersection (Special)
63189 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63190 Rezone (Special)
63191 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63192 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63193 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63194 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63195 Appropriation from the Airport Development Fund (Special)
63196 Public works and improvement program at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (Special)
63197 Appropriation from the Airport Development Fund (Special)
63198 Appropriation from the Airport Development Fund (Special)
63199 Appropriation of 1994 CDBG program year funds (Special)
63200 Appropriation of UDAG repayment funds (Special)
63201 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63202 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63203 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63204 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63205 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63206 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63207 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63208 Four-way stop intersection (Special)
63209 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63210 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63211 Repeals Ord. 62743 (Repealer)
63212 Rezone (Special)
63213 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63214 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63215 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63216 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63217 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63218 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63219 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63220 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63221 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63222 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63223 Rezone (Special)
63224 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63225 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63226 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63227 Repeals and replaces 24.18.040, outdoor general advertising devices (24.44.040)
63228 Sheriff's Office employees salaries; repeals Ord. 62665 (4.28)
63229 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63230 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63231 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63232 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63233 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63234 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63235 Repeals and replaces Ch. 1.01, code adoption (1.01)
63236 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63237 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63238 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63239 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63240 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63241 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63242 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63243 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63244 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63245 Tampering with fire hydrants; amends 24.10.040, abuse of water privileges (24.10.040, 24.11)
63246 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63247 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63248 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63249 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63250 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63251 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63252 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63253 Amends 6 of Ord. 60793, development plan (Special)
63254 Amends the preamble and 14 of Ord. 63036, redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63255 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63256 Approves Community Unit Plan application No. 7 (Special)
63257 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63258 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63259 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63260 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63261 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63262 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63263 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63264 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63265 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63266 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63267 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63268 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63269 Repeals Ord. 32967 (Repealer)
63270 Ward specific capital improvements (Special)
63271 Lease agreement (Special)
63272 Agreement with Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (Special)
63273 Amendment to agreement with Missouri Department of Health (Special)
63274 Rezone (Special)
63275 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63276 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63277 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63278 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63279 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63280 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63281 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63282 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63283 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63284 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63285 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63286 Amends 4.18.120 and 4.18.130, Firemen's Retirement System (4.18.120, 4.18.130)
63287 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63288 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63289 Ratifies and adopts actions of the Mayor and the Comptroller in accepting and executing a grant agreement (Special)
63290 Ratifies and adopts actions of the Mayor and the Comptroller in accepting and executing a grant agreement (Special)
63291 Ratifies and adopts actions of the Mayor and the Comptroller in accepting and executing a grant agreement (Special)
63292 Fourth amendment to the indenture of lease with Lambert Field Fueling Corporation (Special)
63293 First amendment to a concession agreement (Special)
63294 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63295 Establishes two-way stop (Special)
63296 Agreement with the Missouri Department of Health (Special)
63297 Amends Exhibit A of Ord. 63132, St. Louis Works and 50/50 Sidewalk Program (Special)
63298 Agreement with United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (Special)
63299 Amends 26.80.070, zoning (26.80.070)
63300 Rezone (Special)
63301 Rezone (Special)
63302 Rezone (Special)
63303 Rezone (Special)
63304 Rezone (Special)
63305 Rezone (Special)
63306 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63307 Unconditional vacation and abolition of public right-of-way (Special)
63308 Unconditional vacation and abolition of public right-of-way (Special)
63309 Temporary street closure (Special)
63310 Establishes three-way stop intersection (Special)
63311 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63312 Curfew for Mt. Pleasant Park (22.18.025)
63313 Authorizes mayor to submit a consolidated plan to HUD to make application for entitlement programs (Special)
63314 Appropriation of funds (Special)
63315 Submission to voters to repeal and replace Charter Art. IV, Section 24, fines and punishment (Charter, Art. IV)
63316 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63317 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63318 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63319 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63320 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63321 Rezone (Special)
63322 Rezone (Special)
63323 Rezone (Special)
63324 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63325 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63326 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63327 Designation of Lafayette Square Historic District; repeals Ords. 56248 and 63327 (Special)
63328 Supplemental appropriation from the Airport Development Fund (Special)
63329 Supplemental appropriation from the Airport Development Fund (Special)
63330 First Southwest Airlines Co. amendatory agreement for East Terminal expansion (Special)
63331 Ratifies and approves actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing a grant agreement (Special)
63332 Ratifies and approves actions of the Mayor and Comptroller in accepting and executing a grant agreement (Special)
63333 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63334 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63335 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63336 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63337 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63338 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63339 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63340 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63341 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63342 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63343 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63344 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63345 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63346 Repeals and replaces 23.06.020 and 23.06.030, water bills (23.06.020, 23.06.030)
63347 Repeals and replaces 4.16.270, city employee retirement system (Repealed by 64833)
63349 Stop sign and crosswalk designation (Special)
63350 Reserve parking for circuit attorney's office (17.71)
63351 Four-way stop intersection designated (Special)
63352 Street closure (Special)
63353 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63354 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63355 Alley closure (Special)
63356 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63357 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63358 Vacation and abolition of a public right-of-way (Special)
63359 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63360 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63361 Easement (Special)
63362 Redevelopment of blighted area (Repealed by 63886)
63363 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63364 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63365 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63366 Second supplemental indenture of trust between St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation and Mark Twain Bank (Special)
63367 Appropriation of funds and authorization to provide for engineering design and construction work (Special)
63368 Appropriation of funds and authorization to provide for improvements (Special)
63369 Appropriation of funds and authorization to provide for engineering design and construction work (Special)
63370 Appropriation from the Airport Development Fund (Special)
63371 Recommendation to initiate a Public Work and Improvement Program at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (Special)
63372 First supplemental appropriation from the Airport Development Fund (Special)
63373 Authorizes Mayor to apply for and execute a grant from the United States Environmental Pro-tection Agency (Special)
63374 Appropriation of 1994 Emergency Supplemental Community Development Block Grant Funds (Special)
63375 Repeals and replaces 3.77.030, capital needs committees (5.35.020, 5.35.030, 5.35.040)
63376 Street closure (Repealed by 64359 and 67521)
63377 Submission to voters (Special)
63378 St. Louis NFL/Los Angeles Rams agreements (Special)
63379 City Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund (Special)
63380 Appropriation from Transportation Trust Fund (Special)
63381 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63382 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63383 Agreement between the city and the West End Community Center (Special)
63384 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63385 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63386 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63387 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63388 Notification and removal of stolen vehicle (17.56.055)
63389 Naming of bridge (Special)
63390 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63391 Alley closure (Special)
63392 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63393 Street closure (Special)
63394 Street closure (Special)
63395 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63396 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63397 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63398 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63399 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63400 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63401 Establishes a Housing Conservation District in Ward 17 and Ward 8 (Repealed by 67914)
63402 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63403 Redevelopment of blighted area (Repealed by 64117)
63404 Agreement with Missouri Department of Health for a grant to fund a coordination services for lead exposure program (Special)
63405 Street closure (Special)
63406 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63407 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63408 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63409 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63410 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63411 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63412 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63413 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63414 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63415 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63416 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63417 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63418 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63419 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63420 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63421 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63422 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63423 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63424 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63425 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63426 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63427 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63428 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63429 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63430 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63431 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63432 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63433 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63434 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63435 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63436 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63437 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63438 Agreement between Refuse Commissioner and St. Louis Solid Waste District for a grant to fund a "Don't Bag It" yard waste project (Special)
63439 Agreement between Refuse Commissioner and St. Louis Solid Waste District for a grant to fund a drop-off recycling expansion project (Special)
63440 Agreement between Refuse Commissioner and St. Louis Solid Waste District for a grant to fund a household hazardous waste recycling and disposal project (Special)
63441 Agreement amendment No. 2 with the Missouri Department of Health for a grant to fund a tuberculosis outreach program/HIV related demonstration project (Special)
63442 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63443 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63444 Agreement with the Missouri Department of Public Health and Safety and the Missouri Juve-nile Justice Advisory Group for a grant to fund a delinquency and youth violence prevention program (Special)
63445 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63446 Land lease with U.S. Department of Transportation (Special)
63447 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63448 Appropriation of funds and authorization to provide for construction (Special)
63449 Easement (Special)
63450 Easement (Special)
63451 Easement (Special)
63452 Reporting of annual expenditures of city alderman participating in the accountable plan (Spe-cial)
63453 Agreement between Director of Public Safety and Sheriff prohibiting Sheriff from issuing gun permits to any person who fails to show proof that they have a lock or locked container for the gun (Special)
63454 Repeals and replaces 8.02.010(A), business licenses (8.02.010)
63455 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63456 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63457 Repeals and replaces 10.04.020 and repeals 10.04.030, dogs and cats (10.04.020)
63458 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63459 Rezone (Special)
63460 Redevelopment of blighted area (Special)
63461 Repeals and replaces 8.72.160, pawnbrokers (8.72.160)
63462 Temporary construction easement (Special)
63463 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63464 Vacation of public surface rights (Special)
63465 1995-1996 budget (Special)
63466 Street vacation--11th and Chestnut (Special)
63467 Restricted parking at federal courthouse (Special)
63468 Urban Development Action Grant appropriations (Special)
63469 Urban Development Action Grant consolidated plan (Special)
63470 Alley vacation--City Block 3479 (Special)
63471 Alley vacation--City Block 1709-B (Special)
63472 Street vacation--Douglas/Broadway (Special)
63473 Street vacation--Ewing Avenue between Chouteau Avenue and LaSalle Street (Special)
63474 Renames Pontiac Central Park to Fremont Park (Special)
63475 Repeals 4 and 5 of Ord. 59822, firemen's retirement system (4.18.225)
63476 Amends Ord. 63152, bonus for policemen and firemen (Special)
63477 Easement--Maryland Heights water works road (Special)
63478 Repeals and replaces 8.82.010--8.82.050, 8.82.051 and 8.82.060 and repeals 8.82.070 and 8.82.080, secondhand dealers (8.82.010, 8.82.020, 8.82.030, 8.82.040, 8.82.050, 8.82.051, 8.82.060)
63479 Establishes Waterman/Lake special business district (Special)
63480 Submission of tax proposition to qualified voters residing in the Waterman/Lake special busi-ness district (Special)
63481 Establishes Waterman/Lake special business district (Special)
63482 Submission of tax proposition to qualified voters residing in the Waterman/Lake special busi-ness district (Special)
63483 Establishes Washington Place special business district (Special)
63484 Submission of tax proposition to qualified voters residing in the Washington Place special business district (Special)
63485 Contract with Missouri-American Water Company (Special)
63486 Establishes four-way stop intersection at Cherokee and Illinois (Special)
63487 Street vacation--Theresa Avenue/Scott Railroad (Special)
63488 Alley vacation--City Block 1780 (Special)
63489 Borrowing of funds (Special)
63490 Repeals and replaces 1 of 62046, extension and improvement of municipal water works (Special)
63491 Redevelopment of blighted area--2001-09 Olive Street Area (Special)
63492 Redevelopment of blighted area--515 Olive Street Area (Special)
63493 Grants an easement and right of access to Drury Displays, Inc. at airport (Special)
63494 Airport expansion improvement program (Special)
63495 Grants license for use of real property at airport to U.S. Department of Commerce (Special)
63496 Sixth supplemental appropriation from the airport development fund into Bridgeton land ac-quisition (Special)
63497 Grant from U.S. Department of Transportation (Special)
63498 Agreement with ALD Services for right to operate a concession at the airport (Special)
63499 Lease agreement with Trans Air Credit Union at airport (Special)
63500 Redevelopment of blighted area--Mark Twain Hotel Area (Special)
63501 Redevelopment of blighted area--2312-2414 South Jefferson Area (Special)
63502 Redevelopment of blighted area--303 North Broadway Area (Special)
63503 Sale of merchandise from motor vehicles (Ch. 15.59)
63504 Financial contributions from gaming interests (Ch. 4.08)
63505 Amends Ord. 58493, airport improvement (Special)
63506 Appropriation from parking fund (Special)
63507 Community policing services grant (Special)
63508 Supplemental appropriation from the Forest Park subaccount (Special)
63509 Street name change--Mayfair Plaza to St. Charles Street (Special)
63510 Establishes three-way stop intersection at Penrose and Newstead Avenues (Special)
63511 Street vacation--Piedmont Avenue (Special)
63512 Establishes Waterman/DeGiverville residential parking district (17.92)
63513 Sale of real estate--4024 Delmar Boulevard (Special)
63514 Sale of real estate--4300 Washington Boulevard (Special)
63515 Supplemental appropriation from the airport development fund (Special)
63516 Repeals and replaces 3.87.060, neighborhood improvement districts (3.87.060)
63517 Appropriation from revenues in the police department capital improvements account of the capital improvements sales tax trust fund No. 1220 (Special)
63518 Sale of real estate to board of education for the consideration of receiving other property from the board of education (Special)
63519 Repeals and replaces 8.109.010 and 8.109.020, vendors at fairs and festivals (8.109.010, 8.109.020)
63520 Appropriation for improvements in Forest Park (Special)
63521 Appropriation from ward capital improvements account (Special)
63522 Creates city public transit sales tax trust fund (Special)
63523 Appropriation from the transportation trust fund (Special)
63524 Adopts passenger facility charge program to preserve and enhance the safety, capacity and security of the transportation facilities and mitigate noise impacts at the airport (Special)
63525 Rezone (Special)
63526 Sale of real estate in DeSoto Park (Special)
63527 Repeals and replaces 11.56.640--11.56.660, disease prevention (11.56.640, 11.56.650, 11.56.660)
63528 HUD loan request (Special)
63529 Lease of public wharf/S.I. Warehousing/Slay Industries (Repealed by 64474)
63530 Amends lease agreement authorized by Ord. 62718 (Repealed by 64474)
63531 Airport refunding bonds (Special)
63532 Demolition of Children's Building (Special)
63533 Renames ball field area in River Des Peres Park to Paul Fultz Field (Special)
63534 Redevelopment of blighted area--Madison Acres Area (Special)
63535 Redevelopment of blighted area--11th/Clark/8th/Poplar Area (Special)
63536 Alley vacation--City Block 516 (Special)
63537 Establishes and creates planned development in City Block 6486 (Special)
63538 Authorizes Director of Health and Hospitals to enter into contracts with private health care providers for the City to provide health care services for the clients or enrollees of that pro-vider (Special)
63539 Contract with Board of Education for a grant to fund support work related to CAFA forfeiture proceedings (Special)
63540 Contract with St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District for a grant to fund a Re-cycles Education Campaign (Special)
63541 Contract with St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District for a grant to fund a Curbside Recycling Pilot Project (Special)
63542 Contract with St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District for a grant to fund a Compost Bin Giveaway Project (Special)
63543 Redevelopment of blighted area--1909-15 Oregon Area (Special)
63544 Redevelopment of blighted area--McNair/Wisconsin Area (Special)
63545 Redevelopment of blighted area--2619-21 South 12th Street Area (Special)
63546 Redevelopment of blighted area--4562-70 Newberry Terrace Area (Special)
63547 Redevelopment of blighted area--4933 Fountain Avenue Area (Special)
63548 Redevelopment of blighted area--5157 Cates Avenue Area (Special)
63549 Redevelopment of blighted area--4501-15 Washington Boulevard Area (Special)
63550 Redevelopment of blighted area--4346-48 Natural Bridge Avenue Area (Special)
63551 Redevelopment of blighted area--4457-59 Athlone Avenue Area (Special)
63552 Redevelopment of blighted area--2625 Dalton Avenue Area (Special)
63553 Redevelopment of blighted area--4945-47 McPerson Avenue Area (Special)
63554 Redevelopment of blighted area--South Jefferson/Miami Street Area (Special)
63555 Redevelopment of blighted area--Baden Scattered Sites III Area (Special)
63556 Redevelopment of blighted area--California/Victor Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63557 Redevelopment of blighted area--Soulard Scattered Sites IV Area (Special)
63558 Redevelopment of blighted area--3815-25 Westminister Place Area (Special)
63559 Redevelopment of blighted area--2750 Russell Boulevard Area (Special)
63560 Convention and sports facilities cooperation agreement (Special)
63561 Temporary street closure--North 22nd Street at Newhouse (Special)
63562 Temporary street closure--Bremen Avenue at 20th Street (Special)
63563 Parking restrictions--Lucas Avenue (Special)
63564 Establishes two-way stop at 5050 Oakland Avenue (Special)
63565 Designates four-way stop intersection at Halls Ferry Road/Hornsby Road (Special)
63566 Temporary street closure--Knapp Avenue/Branch Avenue (Special)
63567 Redevelopment of blighted area--Southwest Garden Scattered Sites II Area (Special)
63568 Redevelopment of blighted area--3439 Halliday Avenue Area (Special)
63569 Redevelopment of blighted area--Tower Grove South Scattered Sites IV Area (Special)
63570 Redevelopment of blighted area--4504-10 Carter Avenue Area (Special)
63571 Redevelopment of blighted area--4219 Harris Avenue Area (Special)
63572 Redevelopment of blighted area--McKinley-Fox Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63573 Redevelopment of blighted area--4129 Cleveland Avenue Area (Special)
63574 Redevelopment of blighted area--3006 Salena Street Area (Special)
63575 Redevelopment of blighted area--3918-20 Lexington Avenue Area (Special)
63576 Redevelopment of blighted area--5929 Mimika Avenue Area (Special)
63577 Redevelopment of blighted area--Chippewa/Jamieson Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63578 Redevelopment of blighted area--Vaughn Apartments Area (Special)
63579 Street vacation--Scott/Taylor (Special)
63580 Redevelopment of blighted area--8960 Riverview Boulevard Area (Special)
63581 Street vacation--Sidney/city limit (Special)
63582 Street vacation--Short/Desoto-Talcott (Special)
63583 Alley vacation--city block 1810 bounded by Caroline, Jefferson, Park and Ohio (Special)
63584 Alley vacation--city block 1811 bounded by Rutger, Jefferson, Caroline and Ohio (Special)
63585 Alley vacation--city block 1900 bounded by Montgomery, Elliot, Benton and Leffingwell (Special)
63586 Rezone--city block 1349 to J (Special)
63587 Dedicates public park to honor memory of Alderman Samuel M. Kennedy (Special)
63588 Annual plan for application to HUD for 1996 CDBG, HOME, ESG and HOPWA entitlement programs (Special)
63589 Supplemental appropriation to annual budget ordinance 63465 (Special)
63590 Repeals and replaces Ch. 17.77 and 17.76.010--17.76.040 and amends 17.76.050--17.76.070, handicapped parking (17.76.010, 17.76.020, 17.76.025, 17.76.030, 17.76.035, 17.76.040, 17.76.050, 17.76.060, 17.76.060, 17.77.010, 17.77.020, 17.77.030)
63591 Adds 4.18.132, 4.18.351 and 4.18.386 and repeals and replaces 4.18.120, 4.18.130 and 4.18.131, firemen's retirement system (4.18.120, 4.18.130, 4.18.131, 4.18.132, 4.18.351, 4.18.386)
63592 Lease and development agreement with Port Authority and St. Louis Entertainment Ventures, L.L.C.; development of riverfront area (Special)
63593 Appropriation for airport expansion (Special)
63594 Street closure--Allen Avenue/alley west of Jefferson (Special)
63595 Four-way stop--Veronica Avenue and Tara Lane (Special)
63596 Redevelopment of blighted area--2504-06, 2518-20 Belle Glade Avenue and 4617 St. Ferdi-nand Avenue Area (Special)
63597 Redevelopment of blighted area--4109-11 and 4112-20 North Newstead Avenue Area (Spe-cial)
63598 Redevelopment of blighted area--1716-30 South Vandeventer Avenue Area (Special)
63599 Redevelopment of blighted area--3218-20 South Jefferson Area (Special)
63600 Street vacation--McCullagh Place (Special)
63601 Redevelopment of blighted area--Mullanphy Place Area (Special)
63602 Street vacation--Kemper/Hereford (Special)
63603 Street vacation--city block 5197, east/west alley (Special)
63604 Redevelopment of blighted area--6816-18 Michigan Avenue Area (Special)
63605 Sublease agreement between Lambert Airport and Sabreliner Corporation (Special)
63606 Street vacation--alley in city block 5234 (Special)
63607 Street vacation--South Court/Buckingham (Special)
63608 Redevelopment of blighted area--4637 and 4650 Shenandoah Avenue and 2286 South King-shighway Boulevard Area (Special)
63609 Easement--MSD for River Des Peres Park (Special)
63610 Adopts 1993 BOCA National Building Code; repeals Ords. 62609, 62492, 61173, 61053 and 60664 (25.01)
63611 Street vacation--Desoto Avenue from McKissock to West 2nd Street (Special)
63612 Rezone city block 1279 to G (Special)
63613 Redevelopment of blighted area--6435 Chippewa Street Area (Special)
63614 Redevelopment of blighted area--North Broadway Industrial Park Area (Special)
63615 Redevelopment of blighted area--7901-03 South Broadway Area (Special)
63616 Redevelopment of blighted area--2107-17 Gratiot Street Area (Special)
63617 Easement--MSD for Wilmore and River Des Peres Parks (Special)
63618 Prohibits issuance of any package or drink liquor licenses within the boundaries of the Nine-teenth Ward (Special)
63619 Prohibits parking on Accomac Street except by police vehicles (17.72.020)
63620 Adopts 1996 National Electrical Code; repeals Ord. 63150 (25.02)
63621 Adopts 1993 BOCA Mechanical Code; repeals Ords. 60513 and 62611 (25.03)
63622 Lease with Chain of Rocks Joint Venture--riverboat gaming (Special)
63623 Redevelopment of blighted area--3608 North Grand Boulevard Area (Special)
63624 Redevelopment of blighted area--Dayton/Dr. Martin Luther King/North Garrison/Glasgow Area (Special)
63625 Redevelopment of blighted area--6180 Lucille Avenue Area (Special)
63626 Redevelopment of blighted area--Kingsway Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63627 Redevelopment of blighted area--2211 Menard Street Area (Special)
63628 Redevelopment of blighted area--1808-14 and 1820-24 Kennett Place Area (Special)
63629 Redevelopment of blighted area--3960 McDonald Avenue Area (Special)
63630 Redevelopment of blighted area--3808 Juniata Street Area (Special)
63631 Contract amendment with Missouri Department of Health for maternal and child health ser-vices (Special)
63632 Contract with Missouri Department of Health for birth and death records (Missouri Local Re-cords Program) (Special)
63633 Repeals and replaces Ch. 11.56, disease and disease prevention; repeals Ord. 41474 (11.56)
63634 Establishes East Loop/Parkview Special Business District (Special)
63635 Proposition submitted to voters--East Loop/Parkview Special Business District tax levy (Spe-cial)
63636 Street closure--Beck Avenue at Ridgewood (Special)
63637 Redevelopment of blighted area--4112-14 Manchester Avenue Area (Special)
63638 Street closure for six months--Hickory Avenue at west curb line of north/south alley at city blocks 482E and 483E (Special)
63639 Redevelopment of blighted area--1706 Edwards Street Area (Special)
63640 Redevelopment of blighted area--2001 Park Avenue Area (Special)
63641 Repeals and replaces 8.88.050, steam (8.88.050)
63642 Street vacation--Beck Avenue at Ridgewood (Special)
63643 Repeals and replaces Ord. 58737, disabled parking spaces in the Washington Square Area (17.62.170)
63644 Street vacation--Beaumont Avenue and city blocks 926 and 987 (Special)
63645 Street vacation--Marion Street from 8th Street to 9th Street (Special)
63646 Ninth supplemental appropriation from airport development fund into Southeast Berkeley Land Acquisition Ordinance 60542 (Special)
63647 Third supplemental appropriation from airport development fund into Ord. 61273 (Special)
63648 Street vacation--Chippewa at Kosciusko and city block 1766 (Special)
63649 Street vacation--city block 3314, Gano, Bulwer, East Prairie and McKissock (Special)
63650 Sale of property in Kinloch (Special)
63651 Sale and possession of diphenhydramine (11.74)
63652 Extension of waterworks--Wilson Avenue (Special)
63653 Amends 23.04.070, water service line repairs (23.04.070)
63654 Extension and improvement of waterworks system throughout city (Special)
63655 Waterworks system sale to county (Repealed by 63882)
63656 Street vacation--north/south alley in city block 1214 (Special)
63657 Designates a portion of Ward 12 as a housing conservation district (Repealed by 67914)
63658 Street vacation--alley in city block 4906-B (Special)
63659 Street vacation--alley in city block 425 (Special)
63660 Street vacation--alley in city block 435 (Special)
63661 Rezone--city blocks 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1106, 1107, 1108 and 1109 to A (Special)
63662 Rezone--city blocks 951, 952, 953, 954, 957, 958, 959 and 960 to J (Special)
63663 Rezone--city blocks 2342, 2331, 1877, 2330, 2345, 2346, 2347, 1081, 1082, 1095, 2344, 2146, 2343, 1099, 1178, 1096, 1094, 1083, 1080, 1079, 1084, 1093, 1103, 1092, 1085, 1078, 1077, 1086, 1091, 1097, 1177, 1098, 1104, 1134W, 1090S, 1087S, 1076, 1075, 1087N, 1090N, 1135W, 1089, 1088, 1074, 2376E, 2379 and 2380 to A (Special)
63664 Street vacation--Virginia/Espenschied/Michigan (Special)
63665 Rezone--city block 1780 to J (Special)
63666 Disclosure of gifts to employees (4.03)
63667 Street closure--Wells/Kingshighway (Special)
63668 Harboring of minors (15.121)
63669 Amends 1 of Ord. 63196, public works and improvement at airport (Special)
63670 Fifth amendment to indenture of lease with Lambert Field fueling facilities (Special)
63671 Four-way stop--Taylor Avenue and Duncan Avenue (Special)
63672 Establishes Cemetery Project at the airport (Repealed by 63825)
63673 Carbon monoxide detectors (25.60)
63674 Establishes public work and improvement program at Lambert-St. Louis Airport (Special)
63675 Establishes public work and improvement program at Lambert-St. Louis Airport (Special)
63676 Voter submission--tax for sheltered workshops (Repealed by 63722)
63677 Redevelopment of blighted area--Riverview/Lillian/Wren/Bircher Area (Special)
63678 Redevelopment of blighted area--7927-29 Pennsylvania Avenue Area (Special)
63679 Rezone--city blocks 1313, 1314, 1316 and 1318 to C (Special)
63680 Four-way stop--Virginia Avenue and Blow Avenue (Special)
63681 Amends Ord. 63409, redevelopment of blighted area--North Broadway/Douglas Area (Spe-cial)
63682 Rezone--city blocks 5743 and 5744 to B (Special)
63683 Rezone--city block 5197 to G (Special)
63684 Redevelopment of blighted area--Parkview Gardens Area (Special)
63685 Street vacation--city blocks 427 and 434 bounded by Spruce, 9th, Poplar and 11th (Special)
63686 Adds 26.68.180, comprehensive sign control regulations (26.68.180)
63687 Prohibits the assignment, or other transfer of any interest or obligation contained in any con-tracts, lease and other agreement to which the city is a part (3.94)
63688 Street vacation--east/west alley in city block 1082 (Special)
63689 Air rights vacation--Busch Place (7th Street) (Special)
63690 Amends Ord. 63464, street vacation--Berthold Avenue (Special)
63691 Street vacation--city block 2016, Commercial Avenue (Special)
63692 Sale of city real estate to Royal Vagabonds, Inc. (Special)
63693 Church stop sign--4229 West Page (Special)
63694 Adds 19(d) to Ord. 63118, compensation for employees for duty in Bosnia (Special)
63695 Adopts 1996 BOCA National Property Maintenance Code; repeals Ord. 52132 and 60828 (25.32)
63696 Repeals and replaces 4 of Ord. 61250, capital needs committees (5.35.020, 5.35.030, 5.35.040)
63697 Adds 17.16.440, shortcutting traffic (17.16.440)
63698 Contract with Missouri Department of Health for a grant to fund an expanded family program (Special)
63699 Repeals and replaces Chs. 11.42 and 11.43, restaurants (11.42, 11.43)
63700 Construction of Arsenal Street Bridge (Special)
63701 Repeals and replaces Ch. 4.34, recorder of deed employees (4.34)
63702 1996 St. Louis Works and 50/50 Sidewalk Programs (Special)
63703 Adopts 1996 BOCA National Building Code; repeals Ords. 54748, 60948, 61053, 61173 and 62609 (Ch. 25.01)
63704 Sale of city real estate to LRA in city block 2336 (Special)
63705 Classified service plan (4.10)
63706 Sheriff's office employees' compensation (4.36)
63707 Renames Gamble Park as Norman R. Seay Expansion Park (22.44.370)
63708 Temporary street closure--Enright/Taylor (Special)
63709 Circuit attorney's employees' compensation (4.48)
63710 Collector of revenue's employees' compensation (4.44)
63711 License collectors' employees' compensation (4.28)
63712 Redevelopment of blighted area--5740-54 West Florissant Area (Special)
63713 Redevelopment of blighted area--McCausland Court Area (Special)
63714 Parking of health department employees without payment of fees (17.96.010, 17.96.020)
63715 Redevelopment of blighted area--O'Fallon Scattered Sites III Area (Special)
63716 Redevelopment of blighted area--3237 Barrett Street Area (Special)
63717 Redevelopment of blighted area--Shaw Scattered Sites V Area (Special)
63718 Redevelopment of blighted area--1958 Senate Street Area (Special)
63719 Redevelopment of blighted area--2816 Missouri Avenue Area (Special)
63720 Redevelopment of blighted area--4924 Berthold Avenue Area (Special)
63721 Redevelopment of blighted area--5243 Enright Avenue Area (Special)
63722 Redevelopment of blighted area--4945 Fountain Avenue Area (Special)
63723 Redevelopment of blighted area--5168-72 Raymond Avenue Area (Special)
63724 Redevelopment of blighted area--4641 Washington Avenue Area (Special)
63725 Redevelopment of blighted area--5014 Cates Avenue Area (Special)
63726 Redevelopment of blighted area--2205-07 Sublette Avenue Area (Special)
63727 Redevelopment of blighted area--2601-03 Brannon Avenue Area (Special)
63728 Redevelopment of blighted area--6716-22 Clayton Avenue Area (Special)
63729 Redevelopment of blighted area--5053 Washington Avenue Area (Special)
63730 Redevelopment of blighted area--4319 McPherson Avenue Area (Special)
63731 Redevelopment of blighted area--4312 McPherson Avenue Area (Special)
63732 Street vacation--Dakota/Nebraska (Special)
63733 Redevelopment of blighted area--Fox Grove II and Fox Grove III Apartments Area (Special)
63734 Redevelopment of blighted area--South Broadway/Spruce/South Third/Poplar Area (Special)
63735 Redevelopment of blighted area--2010 South 11th Street Area (Special)
63736 Redevelopment of blighted area--2821-27 Wyoming Street Area (Special)
63737 Redevelopment of blighted area--Benton Park Scattered Sites V Area (Special)
63738 Redevelopment of blighted area--2900 Virginia Avenue Area (Special)
63739 Redevelopment of blighted area--3440-42 Miami Street Area (Special)
63740 Redevelopment of blighted area--3900-32 Illinois Avenue Area (Special)
63741 Redevelopment of blighted area--Bevo Mill Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63742 Redevelopment of blighted area--Virginia Avenue Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63743 Redevelopment of blighted area--5614-18 Summit Avenue Area (Special)
63744 Redevelopment of blighted area--4747 Penrose Street Area (Special)
63745 Redevelopment of blighted area--4800 Hammett Place Area (Special)
63746 Lease to Dunraine U.S. Corporation for mooring rights for ten years (Special)
63747 Distribution of free tobacco products (11.76)
63748 Redevelopment of blighted area--Grand/Dr. Martin Luther King/Francis Area (Special)
63749 Redevelopment of blighted area--Scattered Site Flood Replacement Housing Area (Special)
63750 Street vacation--Elliot/Montgomery (Special)
63751 Redevelopment of blighted area--6226 Northwood Avenue Area (Special)
63752 Redevelopment of blighted area--5099 Waterman Boulevard Area (Special)
63753 Redevelopment of blighted area--4041 Forest Park Boulevard Area (Special)
63754 Redevelopment of blighted area--Garfield Avenue Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63755 Redevelopment of blighted area--6426 Lloyd Avenue Area (Special)
63756 Redevelopment of blighted area--4401 McPherson Avenue Area (Special)
63757 Street vacation--Cole/Carr (Special)
63758 Street vacation--north/south alley bounded by Robert, Vermont, Koeln and Alabama in city block 3064-A (Special)
63759 Street vacation--Idaho/German to city limits (Special)
63760 Street vacation--Ivory/Germania/Alabama/Da-vis/Idaho/Poepping (Special)
63761 Park maintenance agreement with respect to Lemay Park (Special)
63762 Amends Ord. 63456--legal description of north/south alley in city block 3752, Delmar, Van-deventer, Washington and Sarah (Special)
63763 Temporary street closure--2900 block of University Street at west end curb of Glasgow Ave-nue (Special)
63764 Appropriation of prevention funds for expanded recreational programming (Special)
63765 Twenty-second appropriation from airport development fund into Kinloch Land Acquisition Ordinance 58493 (Special)
63766 Redevelopment of blighted area--2122 Salisbury Area (Special)
63767 Airport contract service agreement for employees shuttle bus services with Huntleigh Trans-portation Services, Inc. (Special)
63768 Airport shoeshine concession agreement (Special)
63769 Forest park advisory board (3.96)
63770 Supplemental appropriation to the annual budget (Special)
63771 Budget for fiscal year 1996-1997 (Special)
63772 Repeals Ord. 63676 (Repealer)
63773 Contract with Missouri Department of Health for a grant for Teen Leader Training/Postponing Sexual Involvement (Special)
63774 Repeals and replaces 17.10.040, speed regulations (17.10.040)
63775 Contract with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for supportive housing program (Special)
63776 Defacement of buildings by juveniles (15.79)
63777 Establishes Cathedral Square special business district (Special)
63778 Submission to voters of proposed tax levy for Cathedral Square special business district (Spe-cial)
63779 Medical examiners office employees' compensation (4.56)
63780 Establishes central west end southeast business district (Special)
63781 Submission to voters of proposed tax levy for central west end southeast business district (Special)
63782 Appropriation for expenses of the police department (Special)
63783 Submission to voters of use tax of 2.625 percent (Special)
63784 Curfew for minors; repeals Ords. 58264 and 58540 (15.110.010--15.110.070)
63785 Requires parents to pick up juvenile for curfew violation (15.110.080)
63786 Borrowing of funds for general revenue (Special)
63787 Motor vehicles held for evidence (17.94)
63788 Airport contract with United Airlines (Special)
63789 Contract for environmental impact statement (Special)
63790 Amends Bridgeton land acquisition ordinance (Special)
63791 Dedicates softball filed in Francis Park to Bernie B. J. Leonard (Special)
63792 Easement to MSD for sewers in city block 489 (Special)
63793 Contract for sale of water to St. Charles County (Special)
63794 Easement to St. Louis Water Company (Special)
63795 Airport supplemental appropriation (Special)
63796 Repeals and replaces 17.16.180, miscellaneous traffic regulations (17.16.180)
63797 Redevelopment of blighted area--Locust Street/Twenty-third Street Area (Special)
63798 Earnings tax on deferred compensation (5.22.160)
63799 Sale of consumer goods to minors during certain times (15.110.090)
63800 Cost of demolition, repair, board up or clean up of buildings and structures--special tax bill (25.64)
63801 Redevelopment of blighted area--Locust Street/Twenty-third Street Area (Special)
63802 City contracts for services subject to city earnings tax (3.02.070)
63803 Repeals and replaces 15.50.110, noise (15.50.110)
63804 Parking on 2900 block of University Street (Special)
63805 Adopts 1996 BOCA National Fire Prevention Code; repeals Ords. 47304, 61981, 62613 and 62681 (Ch. 25.06)
63806 Adopts 1995 International Mechanical Code; repeals Ord. 63621 (25.03)
63807 Contract for COPS Universal Hiring Program (Special)
63808 Rezone--city block 5642 to F (Special)
63809 Street vacation--north/south alley and eighty-three-foot portion of east/west alley in city block 5642 (Special)
63810 City Justice Center acquisition and financing (Special)
63811 City Justice Center/prisoner detention facility purchase and condemnation (Special)
63812 Street vacation--Indiana Avenue from Miami Street to the south edge of the twenty-foot-wide east/west alley in city block 1562 (Special)
63813 Cashing of personal checks by city employees (4.60)
63814 Temporary street closure--19th, Benton and Warren (Special)
63815 Street closure--Humphrey/Gravois (Special)
63816 Treasurer's Office employees salaries; repeals Ord. 63182 (4.26)
63817 Parking Division Office employees salaries; repeals Ord. 63181 (4.30)
63818 Temporary street closure--16th/O'Fallon (Special)
63819 Creates the City Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund (Special)
63820 Transportation trust fund appropriation (Special)
63821 Street vacation--north/south alley in city block 625 (Special)
63822 Street vacation--alley in city block 1901 (Special)
63823 Street vacation--Tesson Street from Van Buren Street to railroad right-of-way (Special)
63824 Appropriation for Parking Division and Kiel parking facilities (Special)
63825 Washington Park Cemetery project; repeals Ord. 63672 (Special)
63826 Establishes per ward expenditures of the Ward Capital Improvement Account (Special)
63827 Lambert-St.Louis Airport public work and improvement program (Special)
63828 Lambert-St.Louis Airport sixth amendatory agreement to the airport use agreement with TWA (Special)
63829 Lambert-St.Louis Airport concession agreement with Hertz (Special)
63830 Lambert-St.Louis Airport concession agreement with Dollar Rent-A-Car (Special)
63831 Lambert-St.Louis Airport concession agreement with Budget Rent-A-Car (Special)
63832 Lambert-St.Louis Airport concession agreement with Avis Rent-A-Car (Special)
63833 Lambert-St.Louis Airport concession agreement with National Car Rental (Special)
63834 Lambert-St.Louis Airport concession agreement with Alamo Rent-A-Car (Special)
63835 Establishes the Forest Park Program Management Fund (Special)
63836 Nuisance activities--residential and commercial properties (Ch. 15.42)
63837 Anti-Gang Initiative Program (Special)
63838 Costs related to damage of buildings or structures by fire, explosion or other casualty loss (25.66)
63839 Prohibits use of roller skates, in-line skates and skateboards in a certain area (17.20.125)
63840 Repeals and replaces 2, 8 and 11 of Ord. 62622, Central west end north special business district tax rate (Special)
63841 Submission to voters (Special)
63842 Carbon monoxide detectors (25.60)
63843 Easement granted to Trigen-St.Louis Energy Corporation (Special)
63844 Lease agreement with U.S. Corps of Engineers (Special)
63845 Contract for programs for people with AIDS (Special)
63846 Amends Ord. 63771, communications infrastructure plan development (Special)
63847 Prohibits issuance of any package or drink liquor licenses for any currently unlicensed prem-ises within the boundaries of the First Ward (Not codified)
63848 Hepatitis B immunizations for public employees (Special)
63849 Temporary street closure--3800 block of Sullivan Avenue at Vandeventer Avenue (Special)
63850 Prohibits personal service contract with any city employee who has been terminated, retired or resigned as a result of a violation of Article VIII, Section 2 of the City Charter
63851 Rezone--city block 5716 to J (Special)
63852 Redevelopment of blighted area--2027 South Eleventh Street Area (Special)
63853 Redevelopment of blighted area--4500/4600/4700/Varrelman Avenue Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63854 Redevelopment of blighted area--3647 South Kingshighway Boulevard Area (Repealed by 63893)
63855 Grants permission to Terminal Railroad Association to construct certain railroad tracks (Spe-cial)
63856 Street closure--2100 block of East Adelaide at West Florissant (Special)
63857 Redevelopment of blighted area--4610 Delmar Boulevard Area (Special)
63858 Prohibits board-up signage (26.68.175)
63859 Redevelopment of blighted area--4256-62 West Finney Avenue Area (Special)
63860 Redevelopment of blighted area--4555 Washington Avenue Area (Special)
63861 Redevelopment of blighted area--2008 Rutger Street Area (Special)
63862 Redevelopment of blighted area--Gilmore Avenue Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63863 Redevelopment of blighted area--4517-27 Newberry Terrace Area (Special)
63864 Redevelopment of blighted area--4061-69 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive Area (Special)
63865 Redevelopment of blighted area--Gravois/South Grand/Meramec Area (Special)
63866 Contract for funds to fund a supportive housing program (Special)
63867 Airport capital improvement program (Special)
63868 Airport-Washington Park Cemetery Project (Special)
63869 Tenth supplemental appropriation from airport development fund into Southeast Berkeley Land Acquisition Ordinance 60542 (Special)
63870 Grant agreement to provide for airfield lighting control system (Special)
63871 Grant agreement to provide for land for noise mitigation (Special)
63872 Grant agreement to provide for construction of acute angle taxiways for runway 12L/30R--Phase 1 (Special)
63873 Airport master plan appropriation (Special)
63874 Easement agreement in order to accommodate construction required as part of the new east terminal parking garage (Special)
63875 Airport use agreement with America West Airlines (Special)
63876 First amendment to an airport operating agreement for public parking facilities (Special)
63877 Amends 1 of Ord. 62763, Public works and improvement program at airport (Special)
63878 First amendment to a concessionaire agreement with AT&T (Special)
63879 Federal block grant, home investment partnership and emergency shelter grant and AIDS enti-tlement through HUD (Special)
63880 Alley closure--north-south alley in city block 1319 at Allen (Special)
63881 Supplemental appropriation for Chain of Rocks and Howard Bend Water Treatment Plants (Special)
63882 Sale of property to county water company; repeals Ord. 63655 (Special)
63883 Supplemental appropriation for program management services related to the Forest Park Mas-ter Plan (Special)
63884 Street name change--Barnes Hospital Plaza to Barnes-Jewish Hospital Plaza (Special)
63885 Rezone--city blocks 3390, 3399 and 3400 to B (Special)
63886 Repeals Ord. 63362 (Repealer)
63887 Redevelopment of blighted area--1433 North Union Boulevard Area (Special)
63888 Redevelopment of blighted area--Bates/Thirty-Eighth/Walsh Area (Special)
63889 Street vacation--Thatcher Avenue, city blocks 4221 and 4222W (Special)
63890 Redevelopment of blighted area--4014-18 Grove St. Area (Special)
63891 Redevelopment of blighted area--7807 Hall Street Area (Special)
63892 Redevelopment of blighted area--1411-15 Penrose Avenue (Special)
63893 Repeals Ord. 63854 (Repealer)
63894 Temporary street closure--Clara at Cabanne (Special)
63895 Redevelopment of blighted area--4333 Maryland Avenue Area (Special)
63896 Redevelopment of blighted area--3720 South Utah Place Area (Special)
63897 Redevelopment of blighted area--Camellia/North Taylor Area (Special)
63898 Redevelopment of blighted area--4200 and 4411 East Holly Area (Special)
63899 Redevelopment of blighted area--4639-41 East Pope Area (Special)
63900 Redevelopment of blighted area--4502-06 East Pope Area (Special)
63901 Redevelopment of blighted area--North Newstead Scattered Site II Area (Special)
63902 Redevelopment of blighted area--3605-11 Clarence Area (Special)
63903 Easement to MSD on Riverview (Watkins Creek) (Special)
63904 Redevelopment of blighted area--1911 and 2011 Congress Area (Special)
63905 Redevelopment of blighted area--2201 Arsenal and 2868-70 Missouri Area (Special)
63906 Redevelopment of blighted area--3008 Louisiana Area (Special)
63907 Redevelopment of blighted area--2801 Lemp Area (Special)
63908 Condemnation and occupancy of certain structures (Ch. 25.01)
63909 Contract with Metro East Municipal Joint Action Water Agency for sale of water (Special)
63910 Sale of property--1213-1215 Redd Foxx Lane (Special)
63911 Sale of property--1316-1318 Glasgow (Special)
63912 Contract with state for cardiovascular/diabetes disease control services, Targeted Health Ini-tiative (Special)
63913 Issuance of parking revenue refunding bonds in the amount not to exceed $27,000,000.00 (Special)
63914 Voter submission--increase fines to $1,000.00 (Special)
63915 Temporary street closure--Enright/Newstead (Special)
63916 Sale of property--city blocks 2144, 672E and 669E to Grossman Iron and Steel Co. (Special)
63917 Sale of property--3822 Forest Park to K.S. Partnership (Special)
63918 Resale of tickets (8.102)
63919 Grant for the Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program (Special)
63920 Bellefontaine Neighbors Habilitation Center--discharge of restrictive covenants; repeals Ord. 63120 (Special)
63921 Redevelopment of blighted area--29 Lenox Place Area (Special)
63922 Redevelopment of blighted area--1703-11 and 1717 Annie Malone Drive Area (Special)
63923 Redevelopment of blighted area--Maffitt Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63924 Redevelopment of blighted area--St. Ferdinand Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63925 Redevelopment of blighted area--Bel Glade Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63926 Redevelopment of blighted area--Salisbury/25th/Natural Bridge Area (Special)
63927 Redevelopment of blighted area--715-719 Soulard Area (Special)
63928 Redevelopment of blighted area--6053 Waterman Area (Special)
63929 Redevelopment of blighted area--5037 Washington Area (Special)
63930 Redevelopment of blighted area--4341 and 4536 Westminster Area (Special)
63931 Redevelopment of blighted area--2005-07 Geyer and 2014-18 South 12th Area (Special)
63932 Rezone--city blocks 4918 and 4919 to F Zone (Special)
63933 Redevelopment of blighted area--3817 Shaw Area (Special)
63934 Redevelopment of blighted area--1801-11 Pestalozzi Area (Special)
63935 Agreement with Airport Terminal Services, Inc. (Special)
63936 Airport--8th Supplemental for Bridgeton Land Acquisition (Special)
63937 Airport--increase multi-year expansion (Special)
63938 Airport-increase multi-year expansion (Special)
63939 Airport agreement for food and beverage concession (Special)
63940 Redevelopment of blighted area--N.Grand/I-70 Area (Special)
63941 Contract with State Department of Health for Abstinence Education Program (Special)
63942 Contract with State Department of Health for a grant to fund nursing consultation to child care facilities (Special)
63943 Reconstruction of Columbia Avenue Bridge, Delmar Metrolink, Sixth Street, Broadway/7th Street and road construction (Special)
63944 Redevelopment of blighted area--4361 Olive Street Area (Special)
63945 Redevelopment of blighted area--Edna Street Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63946 Redevelopment of blighted area--804, 810 McLaren Avenue Area (Special)
63947 Redevelopment of blighted area--1919 Utah Street Area (Special)
63948 Redevelopment of blighted area--2907-09 Texas Area (Special)
63949 Rezone--city block 1253 to G (Special)
63950 Redevelopment of blighted area--5322 Oriole Street Area (Special)
63951 Redevelopment of blighted area--1901, 1935 Arsenal Area (Special)
63952 Redevelopment of blighted area--Wyoming Scattered Sites Area (Special)
63953 Redevelopment of blighted area--2906, 2923, and 3123 Lemp Area (Special)
63954 Redevelopment of blighted area--3118, 3145, and 3153 Texas Area (Special)
63955 Court costs for police training; repeals Ord. 61294 (3.08.370, 3.308.375, 3.08.380)
63956 Lease agreement with Municipal Theatre Association of St. Louis (Special)
63957 Establishes Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District (Special)
63958 Voter submission--Cherokee-Lemp Business District tax (Special)
63959 Adds 4.10.420(D)(6), (7) and (8) and amends 4.10.420(D)(2) and (5), classified service plan (4.10.420)
63960 Street closure--University Street and Glasgow (Special)
63961 Redevelopment of blighted area--3738 Meramec Area (Special)
63962 Street closure--Windsor Place and Spring Avenue (Special)
63963 Redevelopment of blighted area--1834-36 and 1842-44 Russell Area (Special)
63964 Redevelopment of blighted area--2316 So. 12th Street Area (Special)
63965 Redevelopment of blighted area--6747-49 Garner Avenue (Special)
63966 Redevelopment of blighted area--5341 Arsenal Street Area (Special)
63967 Redevelopment of blighted area--1010 Hi-Pointe Place Area (Special)
63968 Redevelopment of blighted area--4306 Washington Boulevard Area (Special)
63969 Supplemental appropriation to annual budget (Special)
63970 Easement to Union Electric in city block 2034 (Special)
63971 Appropriation from Forest Park Fund (Special)
63972 Redevelopment of blighted area--3914-18-22 Hereford Avenue Area (Special)
63973 Redevelopment of blighted area--4130-42 DeTonty Avenue Area (Special)
63974 Prohibition of crossing barricade or police line (15.55)
63975 Redevelopment of blighted area--915 Ann Area (Special)
63976 Prohibition of commercial vehicles near Gravois and Sidney (17.30.021)
63977 Milling and resurfacing of alleys (Special)
63978 Alley vacation--city block 2330 (Special)
63979 Easement to MSD in city blocks 2671, 2710 and 2614 (Special)
63980 Street closure--Victor Street and Salena Avenue (Special)
63981 Contract for airport news and gift concession with Paradies-Concession II-Arch Inc. (Special)
63982 Redevelopment of blighted area--4456-58 Oakland Avenue Area (Special)
63983 Easement to Laclede Gas Company in city block 3279 (Special)
63984 Agreement for repairs at Soulard Market (Special)
63985 Fake identification (15.117)
63986 Lease to Art Museum in Forest Park (Special)
63987 Redevelopment of blighted area--8128 Church Road Area (Special)
63988 Adds 4.18.157 and repeals and replaces 4.18.025, 4.18.185 and 4.18.195, Firemen's Re-tirement System (4.18.025, 4.18.157, 4.18.185, 4.18.195)
63989 Temporary street closure--Clara at Cabanne (Special)
63990 Authorizes Board of Public Services to issue permits for the use of land in Forest Park for construction/storage yard purposes (Special)
63991 Contract for solid waste disposal with Waste Management, Inc. (Special)
63992 Sale of real property at 1528N Kingshighway to Choice Leaders of Tomorrow (Special)
63993 Sale of real property at 1355 North Garrison Avenue to Lillie Pearson (Special)
63994 Redevelopment of blighted area--4531 Nebraska and 4305 Minnesota Area (Special)
63995 Enterprise Zone Satellite expansion to include area of Natural Bridge, Kienlen, railroad tracks and Goodfellow (Special)
63996 Temporary street closure--17th/Cass, Mullanphy/Helen, Mullanphy/16th, and 18th/Cass (Spe-cial)
63997 Airport--fourth supplemental appropriation for one million eight hundred thousand dollars (Special)
63998 Airport--Southeast Berkeley Land Acquisition amendment (Special)
63999 Mobile phones (4.63)
64000 Redevelopment of blighted area--2804-06 59th Street and 2128 Forest Avenue Area (Special)
64001 Parking for jurors with disabilities (Special)
64002 Redevelopment of blighted area---4939-41 and 4983 Lindenwood Avenue Area (Special)
64003 Redevelopment of blighted area---4730 Olive Area (Special)
64004 Immunization for hepatitis A for employees of restaurants, day care centers and others deemed necessary by the Health Commissioner (Special)
64005 Redevelopment of blighted area---2623 South 12th and 3322 Halliday Avenue Area (Special)
64006 Redevelopment of blighted area---2830-36 and 2833 McNair Area (Special)
64007 Airport--contract with Smarte Carte (Special)
64008 Airport--first amendment to indenture of lease with Ninety-Fourth of St. Louis, Inc. (Special)
64009 Sale of property in city block 1950 to St. Louis University (Special)
64010 Parking in Third Ward (17.93)
64011 George L. Vaughn Residences at Murphy Park resubdivision (Special)
64012 Contract between Circuit Attorney and State for grant for violence against women program (Special)
64013 Airport--Contract-Project 3-29-0085-43 for land acquisition for noise mitigation (Special)
64014 Airport--grant agreement with U.S. for environmental impact statement (Special)
64015 Airport--public work and construction (Special)
64016 Issuance of bonds for Forest Park improvements (Special)
64017 1997 50/50 Sidewalk Program (Special)
64018 Redevelopment of blighted area--2860 Kingshighway Area (Special)
64019 Redevelopment of blighted area--Arkansas/Chippewa/Marine Area (Special)
64020 Redevelopment of blighted area--5810-12 Michigan Area (Special)
64021 Designates City Hall Room 234 as the "Congressional Room" (Special)
64022 Redevelopment of blighted area--4351 Lafayette Avenue Area (Special)
64023 Redevelopment of blighted area--4228-38 Norfolk and 1339 Ripple Street Area (Special)
64024 Street vacation--Park Avenue from Grand to Spring; Folsom from Grand to previously va-cated Folsom; Folsom from Spring to previously vacated Folsom; Cardinal Glennon Way from Folsom to alley (Special)
64025 Redevelopment of blighted area--6204 Crescent Area (Special)
64026 Redevelopment of blighted area--3939-41 Michigan Avenue Area (Special)
64027 Redevelopment of blighted area--Lemp Brewery Area (Special)
64028 Redevelopment of blighted area--4657 Essex and 4601 Pope Area (Special)
64029 Redevelopment of blighted area--4419 Rosalie Street/3918-20 Lexington Avenue/4224 Holly Avenue Area (Special)
64030 Redevelopment of blighted area--274-88 Skinker/6180-92 Pershing Area (Special)
64031 Redevelopment of blighted area--3300 North Florissant Area (Special)
64032 Redevelopment of blighted area--East Adelaide/West Florissant/Warne Area (Special)
64033 Redevelopment of blighted area--1424-26 Mallinckrodt Street and 1411-15 Destrehan Street Area (Special)
64034 Redevelopment of blighted area--Tower Grove South Scattered Sites V Area (Special)
64035 Redevelopment of blighted area--Oregon/McNair/Allen/Victor Area (Special)
64036 Redevelopment of blighted area--3958-64 Washington Area (Special)
64037 Redevelopment of blighted area--Shaw Boulevard Scattered Sites VI Area (Special)
64038 Redevelopment of blighted area--6155 South Grand Boulevard Area (Special)
64039 Street vacation--Texas from St. Vincent to alley in city block 2148 (Special)
64040 Street vacation--Texas from Miami to Potomac (Special)
64041 Street vacation--Wise Avenue and alley in city block 5592, abutting 4938 Wise (Special)
64042 Alley vacation--Sarpy in city block 3955 (Special)
64043 Street vacation--Theodosia from Hodiamont to Bi-State right-of-way, abutting city blocks 5001 and 5002 (Special)
64044 Alley vacation--Locust in city block 180 (Special)
64045 Terminal Railroad crossings in Second, Fifth and Seventh Wards (Special)
64046 Alley vacation--city block 1950 (Special)
64047 Structural and safety assessment report required before protection system or fence erected (25.09)
64048 Pension benefits for members of Employee Retirement System (Repealed by 64833)
64049 Rezone-city blocks 926, 927, 2243, 1949 and 986 to I Central Business District (Special)
64050 Repeals University Heights Corporation Community Unit Plan (Special)
64051 Adds 26.100.030 and 26.100.040, zoning (26.100.030, 26.100.040)
64052 Sale of real estate to Department of Conservation (Special)
64053 Amends landmark design standards and preservation plan for the Cherokee-Lemp Historic District and Lemp Brewery Landmark Site, City Landmark No. 80 (Special)
64054 Repeals and replaces 26.16.080(C) and repeals 26.74.010 and 26.74.020, off-street park-ing (26.16.080)
64055 Rezone--certain property in city block 5419 to A Single Family (Special)
64056 Redevelopment of blighted area--4421-25 Hampton Area (Special)
64057 Street vacation--Finney east of Taylor (Special)
64058 Budget for fiscal year 1997-1998 (Special)
64059 Street vacation--Dolman Street in city block 1253 (Special)
64060 Street vacation--Tracy Avenue from Oriole in C.B. 5415 (Special)
64061 Airport--Agreement amendment for public pay coin telephone concession with SW Bell (Spe-cial)
64062 Airport--Agreement amendment for public pay non-coin telephone concession with AT&T (Special)
64063 Airport--noise management system (Special)
64064 Supplemental appropriation for current expenses (Special)
64065 Airport--Kinloch land acquisition (Special)
64066 Airport--Ferguson land acquisition (Special)
64067 Airport--Washington Park Cemetery costs (Special)
64068 Airport--Southeast Berkeley land acquisition (Special)
64069 Airport--Bridgeton land acquisition (Special)
64070 Airport--Robertson land acquisition (Special)
64071 Borrowing of funds (Special)
64072 Contract--long distance public pay coin telephone with AT&T (Special)
64073 Contract--Washington University for a development and testing for populations at high risk for gonorrhea--Stage 1 program (Special)
64074 Redevelopment of blighted area--4347-55 Page (Special)
64075 Two-way stop--Oakland Ave near Lawn Place (Special)
64076 Repeals and replaces 4.16.340 and 4.16.360, city employee retirement system--board of trustees (Repealed by 64833)
64077 Redevelopment of blighted area--4219-33 Norfolk Avenue (Special)
64078 Redevelopment of blighted area--2001 Arsenal, 1904 and 2036 Sidney (Special)
64079 Redevelopment of blighted area--3701-17 and 3731-3935 North Broadway Area (Special)
64080 Redevelopment of blighted area--5535 and 5702 Era (Special)
64081 Redevelopment of blighted area--2911 Nebraska and 3500 Halliday (Special)
64082 Redevelopment of blighted area--2901-07 Wisconsin, 3239-41 Indiana and 3331 Minnesota (Special)
64083 Redevelopment of blighted area--9100 Riverview Boulevard (Special)
64084 Redevelopment of blighted area--4640 Tennessee, 4638 and 4746 Virginia and 4651 Minne-sota (Special)
64085 Street vacation--east/west alley in city block 3927 (Special)
64086 Street vacation--Theresa from Lindell in city block 1956 (Special)
64087 Redevelopment of blighted area--Maffit/Cupples P1/Northland Terry (Special)
64088 Redevelopment of blighted area--4438 Bitchef and 3748 Shreve (Special)
64089 Street vacation--east/west alley in city block 3959 (Special)
64090 Stop sign--three-way stop at Morganford and Neosho; repeals Ordinance 52450 (Special)
64091 Street closing--temporarily Penrose at Blair (Special)
64092 Street closing--permanently Bremen at Eleventh (Special)
64093 Street closing--permanently Bremen at Fourteenth (Special)
64094 Street closing--permanently Bremen at 20th (Special)
64095 Street closing--temporarily Hyams near Dodier (Special)
64096 Airport--amending Section Two of Master Plan in Ordinance 63873 (Special)
64097 Airport--general environmental planning project (Special)
64098 Parking Commission--payment of operating expenses (Special)
64099 Stop sign--Locust at Leffingwell (Special)
64100 Redevelopment of blighted area--1207-13 Missouri (Special)
64101 Lease agreement extension--mooring of Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer (Special)
64102 Professional service contracts for offices of Mayor, Comptroller, Board of Aldermen and St. Louis Development Agency (3.97)
64103 Professional service contracts for Board of Public Service (3.98)
64104 Repeals and replaces 6.08.010--6.08.040, emergency work (6.08.010, 6.08.020, 6.08.030, 6.08.040)
64105 Street performers; repeals 15.50.130 (20.55)
64106 Redevelopment of blighted area--Sarah/Dr. Martin Luther King/Whittier Area (Special)
64107 Redevelopment of blighted area--3208-22 Arsenal (Special)
64108 Prohibiting package or drink license in 27th Ward for one year, July 98 (Special)
64109 Voter submission--Charter amendment for residence of City employees (Charter Art. VIII)
64110 Prohibiting package or drink license in 2nd Ward for one year, July 98 (Special)
64111 Voter submission--one-fourth of one percent transportation sales tax (Special)
64112 Sale of property--3936 Delmar Boulevard in city block 3752 to Gordons (Special)
64113 Sale of property--property in City Block 6484 to St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church (Special)
64114 Amends 23.29.010, exclusion from taxes (23.29.010)
64115 Sale of property--property in city block 4810 to St. Louis Pet Clinic (Special)
64116 Repeals and replaces 2, 5 and 7 of Ord. 59121, solid waste (11.02.005--11.02.100, 11.02.140--11.02.190, 11.02.200--250)
64117 Blighting-Betty's Walk Area; repeals Ord. 63403 (Special)
64118 Appropriation to Bi-State from Transportation Trust Fund (Special)
64119 Creating City Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund (Special)
64120 Airport revenue bonds issuance (Special)
64121 Sale of real estate--Carr Square Community Center, 1629 Biddle to St. Louis Housing Au-thority (Special)
64122 Forest Park--contract with Forest Park Forever, Inc.(Special)
64123 Kiel Site Lease Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 1997A (Special)
64124 Kiel Site Lease Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 1997B (Special)
64125 Sale of real estate--property in city block 4863 to Blackstone Group (Special)
64126 Redevelopment of blighted area--719 Lami and 2133 Victor (Special)
64127 Redevelopment of blighted area--1128-32 Blendon Place (Special)
64128 Redevelopment of blighted area--5851 DeGiverville (Special)
64129 Redevelopment of blighted area--5861 DeGiverville (Special)
64130 Redevelopment of blighted area--4934-36 McPherson (Special)
64131 Redevelopment of blighted area--North Newstead/Penrose Area (Special)
64132 Redevelopment of blighted area--1534 Gregg (Special)
64133 Redevelopment of blighted area--6448 Nashville (Special)
64134 Redevelopment of blighted area--2719-27 Texas (Special)
64135 Redevelopment of blighted area--2706 and 2711 Lemp (Special)
64136 Redevelopment of blighted area--2723 South 11th Street (Special)
64137 Redevelopment of blighted area--3815 Greer (Special)
64138 Redevelopment of blighted area--Adelaide Scattered Site (Special)
64139 Redevelopment of blighted area--1236 Baden (Special)
64140 Redevelopment of blighted area--2329 South Compton (Special)
64141 Redevelopment of blighted area North Tucker/Olive/Pine (Special)
64142 Redevelopment of blighted area--1916 Hickory (Special)
64143 Redevelopment of blighted area--2131-33 Marconi (Special)
64144 Redevelopment of blighted area--6215 Fyler (Special)
64145 Redevelopment of blighted area--4311 McPherson (Special)
64146 Redevelopment of blighted area--3645 Nebraska (Special)
64147 Redevelopment of blighted area--Lindell/Whittier (Special)
64148 Redevelopment of blighted area--1124 Blendon Place (Special)
64149 Redevelopment of blighted area--807-15 Geyer (Special)
64150 Redevelopment of blighted area--2127 Allen (Special)
64151 Redevelopment of blighted area--2656 Shenandoah (Special)
64152 Redevelopment of blighted area--2020 Menard and 918 Russell (Special)
64153 Redevelopment of blighted area--2213 South 11th Street (Special)
64154 Enterprise Zone redesignation (Special)
64155 Redevelopment of blighted area--3324-44 Ohio (Special)
64156 Redevelopment of blighted area--2901 Macklind (Special)
64157 Redevelopment of blighted area--5543 Hebert (Special)
64158 Redevelopment of blighted area--Grand Oak Village (Special)
64159 Water department--underground storage tanks (Special)
64160 Water department--basin improvements (Special)
64161 Water department--seismic improvements as Stacy Park Reservoir (Special)
64162 Water department--improvements of water works system (Special)
64163 Water department--booster pump stations (Special)
64164 Amends 11.04.090 and 11.04.110, weeds (11.04.090, 11.04.110)
64165 Street vacation--Theresa from Rutger to Caroline (Special)
64166 Street merchants and performers--prohibited areas (20.56.017)
64167 Adds 26.08.432, 26.52.025 and 26.56.025 and repeals and replaces 26.32.025, 26.44.020, 26.44.025, 26.52.020 and 26.60.025, zoning (26.08.432, 26.32.025, 26.44.020, 26.44.025, 26.52.020, 26.52.025, 26.56.025, 26.60.025)
64168 Stop sign--two-way Delor at Adkins (Special)
64169 Stop sign--four-way Garfield and Prairie (Special)
64170 Stop sign--four-way Cote Brilliante and Prairie (Special)
64171 Contract--grant for recycling program (Special)
64172 Street closing--temporary San Francisco/Kingshighway (Special)
64173 Street closing--temporary Lotus/Kingshighway (Repealed by 64629)
64174 Contract--grant for smoke generator used for opacity training (Special)
64175 Contract with Benton Park Neighborhood Association for restoration of bridge (Special)
64176 Street closing--temporary Palm/Kingshighway (Repealed by 64630)
64177 Contract--FY 1997 Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program (Special)
64178 Outdoor pay telephones (Ch. 25.01)
64179 Street closing--temporary Annetta/Halls Ferry Road (Special)
64180 Contract--St. Louis County for REJIS (Special)
64181 Contract--grant for prenatal and early childhood nurse home visitation services (Special)
64182 Street vacation--city block 1057 and 1058 (Special)
64183 Grant for funding under the federal community development block grant, home investment partnership, emergency shelter grant and housing opportunities for persons with AIDS (Spe-cial)
64184 Grant--airport/FAA authorized by Ordinance 64014 (Special)
64185 Appropriation--one fourth of one percent transportation ballot proposition (Special)
64186 Grant--airport/FAA for taxiways and aprons (Special)
64187 Grant--airport/FAA for noise mitigation (Special)
64188 Grant--airport/FAA for land acquisition for noise mitigation (Special)
64189 Grant--airport/FAA for noise mitigation through acoustical treatment (Special)
64190 Quitclaim deed (Special)
64191 Appropriations (Special)
64192 Airport--noise mitigation program (Special)
64193 Memorandum of understanding with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 4 (Special)
64194 Memorandum of understanding with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1 (Special)
64195 Repeals and replaces 26.84.020, board of adjustment (26.84.020)
64196 Rezone--city blocks 4804, 4809, and 4810 to G (Special)
64197 Redevelopment of blighted area--2849 Utah Street (Special)
64198 Redevelopment of blighted area--5183 Cabanne Avenue (Special)
64199 Redevelopment of blighted area--4241-63 Maryland Avenue (Special)
64200 Redevelopment of blighted area--3186-88 Oak Hill (Special)
64201 Redevelopment of blighted area--3668-88 S. Broadway (Special)
64202 Redevelopment of blighted area--Soulard Loft (Special)
64203 Redevelopment of blighted area--4257 Miami (Special)
64204 Redevelopment of blighted area--8300-20 Dickman Park Road (Special)
64205 Redevelopment of blighted area--2733 Ivanhoe (Special)
64206 Redevelopment of blighted area--3314-20 Lemp Avenue (Special)
64207 Redevelopment of blighted area--3530 Missouri and 3537 Nebraska (Special)
64208 Redevelopment of blighted area--3005-07 Osage (Special)
64209 Private street, curb, sidewalk and alley construction regulations (20.18.130, 20.18.140, 20.18.150, 20.18.160)
64210 Lease agreement--St. Louis Public Schools Gateway Institute of Technology (Special)
64211 Stop sign--two-way Franklin and Garrison (Special)
64212 Stop sign--two-way Goodfellow and Greer (Special)
64213 Street vacation--north/south alley in city block 581 and 583-W (Special)
64214 Street closing--temporary Highland/Kingshighway (Special)
64215 Prohibits issuance of package or drink license for one year in Tenth Ward (Repealed by 64439)
64216 Grant--department of health to fund program for sanitation inspection for child care facilities (Special)
64217 Airport--public work and improvement (Special)
64218 Airport--parking and roadway improvement (Special)
64219 Airport--terminal airfield improvement (Special)
64220 Airport--real and personal property rights acquisition (Special)
64221 Airport--passenger facility charge (Special)
64222 Airport--Bookmark Inc. concession (Special)
64223 Authorizes reconstruction of Delmar bridge, Delmar metrolink enhancement phase II, North Riverfront bike trail phase II and landsowne bridge (Special)
64224 Redevelopment area designation--4548 West Pine (Special)
64225 Redevelopment area TIF--4548 West Pine (Special)
64226 Redevelopment area agreement--4548 West Pine (Special)
64227 Redevelopment of blighted area--Fox Scattered Sites (Special)
64228 Redevelopment of blighted area--St. Louis Scattered Sites (Special)
64229 Redevelopment of blighted area--705 Olive Building (Special)
64230 Redevelopment of blighted area--5500 S. Broadway (Special)
64231 Redevelopment of blighted area--2715-19 Missouri (Special)
64232 Redevelopment of blighted area--2-90 South Fourth Street (Special)
64233 Redevelopment of blighted area--1019 Shenandoah (Special)
64234 Redevelopment of blighted area--South Broadway/Lemp/Osceola (Special)
64235 Repeals and replaces 10.04.170, adoption of stray animals (Repealed by 65206)
64236 Sale of real estate--property in city blocks 775, 776 and 777 to Garrett A. Balke, Inc. (Special)
64237 Airport--appropriation from airport contingency fund to annual budget (Special)
64238 Airport--approves capital improvements (Special)
64239 Airport--approves capital improvements (Special)
64240 Expands boundaries of central west end south business district (Special)
64241 Central west end south business district tax proposal (Special)
64242 Cash match alley improvement program (20.18.170, 20.18.180, 20.18.190)
64243 Sale of real estate--property at 4375 West Belle to Loistine Stewart (Special)
64244 Redevelopment of blighted area--4974 Lotus and 5165 Lexington (Special)
64245 Redevelopment of blighted area--3500 and 3521 Herbert Street (Special)
64246 Redevelopment of blighted area--North Grand/Penrose as blighted by Ordinance 63005 (Spe-cial)
64247 Redevelopment of blighted area--10th Street/11th Street/Lami Street Scattered Sites (Special)
64248 Stop sign--two-way Boyle at Maryland (Special)
64249 Redevelopment of blighted area--North Spring/Dodier (Special)
64250 Redevelopment of blighted area--3235 Regal Place (Special)
64251 Parking prohibited, except for US marshal vehicles on Tucker from Walnut to Market (Spe-cial)
64252 Stop sign--two-way Boyle at Norfolk (Special)
64253 Funds transfer (Special)
64254 Prohibits issuance of certain liquor licenses in Ward 21 for one year (Special)
64255 Redevelopment of blighted area--O'Fallon Scattered Sites (Special)
64256 Contract--Health Department with State for immunization action plan (Special)
64257 Contract--Circuit Attorney with State for victim services expansion (Special)
64258 Tax increment revenue for West Pine development (Special)
64259 Passenger restraint system; repeals Ordinances 59123 and 60668 (17.82, 17.84)
64260 Redevelopment of blighted area--1820-24 Arsenal Street (Special)
64261 Redevelopment of blighted area--4409 South Spring (Special)
64262 Redevelopment of blighted area--4110 and 4114 Virginia (Special)
64263 Redevelopment of blighted area--6700 South Broadway (Special)
64264 Redevelopment of blighted area--2006 Allen (Special)
64265 Redevelopment of blighted area--2713 Winnebago (Special)
64266 Redevelopment of blighted area--5423, 5425 and 5427 Arsenal (Special)
64267 Redevelopment of blighted area--5606 South Magnolia (Special)
64268 Redevelopment of blighted area--5514 Columbia (Special)
64269 Redevelopment of blighted area--4116 Castleman (Special)
64270 Redevelopment of blighted area--5429 Algernon (Special)
64271 Stop sign--two-way Skinker at Washington (Special)
64272 Street closing--permanently for various city streets (Special)
64273 Removal of items from sidewalks (Repealed by 66376)
64274 Sale of real estate--Homer G. Phillips School of Nursing (city block 3676) to Annie Malone Children and Family Center, Inc. (Special)
64275 Sale of real estate--3963 West Belle to Community Women Against Hardship (Special)
64276 Issuance of pension obligation bonds by St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation (Special)
64277 Stop sign--three-way Bates/Eichelberger (Special)
64278 Airport--Fiber optic network backbone project contract (Special)
64279 Airport--W-1W expansion program (Special)
64280 Contract--public pay phone service with SW Bell (Special)
64281 Airport--Boeing contract (Special)
64282 Airport--Airport Terminal Services contract (Special)
64283 Designates housing conservation district--12th and 13th Wards (Repealed by 67914)
64284 Redevelopment of blighted area--4067-69 Hartford Street (Special)
64285 Redevelopment of blighted area--3801 and 3962 Fairview (Special)
64286 Redevelopment of blighted area--3112 Oak Hill and 4062-68 Arsenal (Special)
64287 Redevelopment of blighted area--3160 Alfred (Special)
64288 Street and alley vacation--city blocks 1931, 1217 and 1219 (Repealed by 64383)
64289 Street closing--permanently Bremen at Blair (Special)
64290 Street closing--temporarily 5th Ward (Special)
64291 Redevelopment of blighted area--1927 Compton (Special)
64292 Redevelopment of blighted area--4462 Gibson (Special)
64293 Redevelopment of blighted area--1939 Senate (Special)
64294 Redevelopment of blighted area--4220 Norfolk (Special)
64295 Redevelopment of blighted area--2616 South 12th (Special)
64296 Handicapped parking (17.76.020, 17.76.025)
64297 Alcohol and drug-related traffic offenses--reimbursement (17.40.030)
64298 Charter proposal submission to increase fines to one thousand dollars (Not codified)
64299 Billiard and pool room licensing (8.26.050)
64300 Prostitution and public solicitation (11.56.680)
64301 Sale of real estate--property in city blocks 4906a, 4904 and 4909 to Trustees of Portland Place (Special)
64302 Sale of real estate--Warner Jenkinson Co., 2825 North Market (Special)
64303 Contract--Multimodal Station (Special)
64304 Improvements--Aloe Plaza (Special)
64305 Contract--entrance ramps and unisex accessible toilet construction with Commissioner of Dis-abled and CDA (Special)
64306 Medical Examiner's office payplan (4.54)
64307 Circuit Attorney's office payplan (4.48.010, 4.48.020, 4.48.030, 4.48.040, 4.48.050, 4.48.070)
64308 Recorder of Deed's office payplan (4.34)
64309 License Collector's office payplan (4.28)
64310 Collector of Revenue's office payplan (4.44)
64311 Secondhand dealers (8.82.050)
64312 Supplemental budget appropriation (Special)
64313 Soulard Special Business District amendment (Special)
64314 Soulard Special Business District--proposed tax levy increase (Special)
64315 Redevelopment of blighted area--210 North Tucker (Special)
64316 Redevelopment of blighted area--4439 and 4915-25 West Pine Boulevard (Special)
64317 Redevelopment of blighted area--4501-07 Manchester (Special)
64318 Redevelopment of blighted area--4167 and 4226 Connecticut Avenue (Special)
64319 Laclede's Landing development plan addendum (Special)
64320 Redevelopment of blighted area--4912R Neosho (Special)
64321 Redevelopment of blighted area--3005 Hawthorne (Special)
64322 Redevelopment of blighted area--4415 Morganford (Special)
64323 Redevelopment of blighted area--4324 and 4472 Delor (Special)
64324 Redevelopment of blighted area--Lafayette Square Scattered Sites (Special)
64325 Redevelopment of blighted area--4457 Pershing and 4537 Westminster (Special)
64326 Redevelopment of blighted area--4412 Pennsylvania (Special)
64327 Peddlers and hawkers in 3rd and 4th Wards (Repealed by 64569)
64328 Name change--Ruth C. Porter Mall to Porter Park (Special)
64329 Easement with AmerenUE for water division property (Special)
64330 Street vacation--Lucas Avenue from Jefferson to 23rd Street (Special)
64331 Redevelopment of blighted area--2747-49 and 2752 Armand (Special)
64332 Redevelopment of blighted area--2337-41 South Seventh (Special)
64333 Redevelopment of blighted area--2357 South 10th Street (Special)
64334 Redevelopment of blighted area--2415-17 McNair (Special)
64335 Redevelopment of blighted area--4201-03 Castleman and 4125 Shaw (Special)
64336 Redevelopment of blighted area--4438 Arco (Special)
64337 Redevelopment of blighted area--3902-06 Lindell and 229-33 North Vandeventer (Special)
64338 Redevelopment of blighted area--4257, 4658 and 4709 Virginia and 3234-41 Itaska (Special)
64339 Redevelopment of blighted area--2849 Wyoming (Special)
64340 Redevelopment of blighted area--4236 Papin (Special)
64341 Redevelopment of blighted area--3947-59 Page (Special)
64342 Redevelopment of blighted area--4953 Fountain (Special)
64343 Redevelopment of blighted area--4568 Evans (Special)
64344 Redevelopment of blighted area--Number 8 Lewis Place (Special)
64345 Redevelopment of blighted area--4342 Washington (Special)
64346 Parking for excise division employees (17.75)
64347 Redevelopment of blighted area--4939-41 and 4983 Lindenwood (Special)
64348 Redevelopment of blighted area--Oregon/McNair/Allen/Victor (Special)
64349 Street vacation--east/west alley in city block 3967 (Special)
64350 Parking revenue bonds (Special)
64351 Appropriation--Forest Park improvement (Special)
64352 Liquor licenses for Fourth Ward (Special)
64353 Sheriff's Office compensation (4.36.010, 4.36.020, 4.36.030, 4.36.040, 4.36.050, 4.36.060, 4.36.065, 4.36.066)
64354 Airport--Ferguson land acquisition (Special)
64355 Airport--Kinloch land acquisition (Special)
64356 Airport--Washington Park cemetery fund (Special)
64357 Grant--lead-based paint hazard control (Special)
64358 Airport--noise management system easement (Special)
64359 Street closing--permanently Whittier/Maryland and McPherson (Special)
64360 Stop sign--two-way Page and Clarendon (Special)
64361 Street closing--permanently Sullivan at Vandeventer (Special)
64362 Stop sign--two-way Sarah at McPherson (Special)
64363 Rezone--city blocks 1163, 1164, 1165, 1166, 1174, 1175, 1179, 1187, 1188, 1238 and 2408 to B (Special)
64364 Grant--Soulard Market (Special)
64365 Rezone--city block 5349 and 5350 to A (Special)
64366 Rezone--city block 4752W to F (Special)
64367 Rezone--city block 3913B to F (Special)
64368 Rezone--city block 3545 to F (Special)
64369 Redevelopment of blighted area--Utah/McDonald (Special)
64370 Street vacation--Koeln and Upton (Special)
64371 Street vacation--north/south alley and east/west alley in CB 4821A (Special)
64372 Street vacation--north/south alley in CB 633 (Special)
64373 1998-99 budget (Special)
64374 50/50 sidewalk program (Special)
64375 Street vacation--Alaskan Court between Koeln and Schirmer (Special)
64376 Borrowing of funds for deposits in general revenue (Special)
64377 Airport--second supplemental appropriation to master plan (Special)
64378 Treasurer's office compensation; repeals Ord. 63816 (4.26)
64379 Parking division compensation; repeals Ord. 63817 (4.30)
64380 Classified service compensation; repeals Ord. 63705 (4.10)
64381 Street vacation--east/west alley in city block 3971 (Special)
64382 Street vacation--city block 3886 (Special)
64383 Street vacation--Farrar from Broadway west; Bremen from Broadway to Ninth; Broadway from Bremen south abutting city blocks 1931 and 1217; east/west alley in city block 1931 (Special)
64384 Payment from local use tax to Missouri Department of Revenue (Special)
64385 Airport--contract with Director Graphics, LLC (Special)
64386 Airport--grant agreement for project 3-29-0085-15 (Special)
64387 Redevelopment of blighted area--3720 Utah (Special)
64388 Redevelopment of blighted area--3868 and 3875 Federer Place (Special)
64389 Redevelopment of blighted area--1317 to 1319 Withnell (Special)
64390 Redevelopment of blighted area--3939 to 3941 Michigan (Special)
64391 Redevelopment of blighted area--Chippewa Scattered Sites (Special)
64392 Redevelopment of blighted area--West End urban renewal area (Special)
64393 Fairgrounds redevelopment corporation's land in city block 2394 (Special)
64394 Redevelopment of blighted area--Mullanphy Place II (Special)
64395 Redevelopment of blighted area--3229 Shenandoah (Special)
64396 Redevelopment of blighted area--6221 Northwood (Special)
64397 Redevelopment of blighted area--2911 Lemp (Special)
64398 Redevelopment of blighted area--4301 Natural Bridge (Special)
64399 Parking division assets for operating expenses for fiscal year (Special)
64400 Designates housing conservation district (Repealed by 67914)
64401 Registration of domestic partnerships (8.37)
64402 Redevelopment of blighted area--817 and 819 Allen (Special)
64403 Redevelopment of blighted area--4300 West Belle (Special)
64404 Redevelopment of blighted area--4513 to 4515 and 4529 to 4535 Newberry Terrace (Special)
64405 Redevelopment of blighted area--5303 to 5319 Ruskin (Special)
64406 Airport--policies for ground transportation operators (Special)
64407 Street vacation--Channing from Olive Boulevard southwardly (Special)
64408 Redevelopment of blighted area--1909 and 1919 Utah (Special)
64409 Redevelopment of blighted area--5901 Kennerly (Special)
64410 Redevelopment of blighted area--3958 Juniata (Special)
64411 Redevelopment of blighted area--3437 Connecticut and 3251 Minnesota (Special)
64412 Redevelopment of blighted area--3256 to 3258 S. Compton (Special)
64413 Redevelopment of blighted area--3817 Shaw (Special)
64414 Redevelopment of blighted area--Shaw Boulevard Scattered Sites (Special)
64415 Redevelopment of blighted area--Edna St. Scattered Sites (Special)
64416 Street vacation--Amanda at Hampton, City Block 1693 (Special)
64417 Property maintenance code; repeals Ord. 63695 (25.32)
64418 Prohibition of branding and body piercing and tattooing; repeals Ord. 51842 (15.124)
64419 Voter submission to incur debt of sixty million dollars (Special)
64420 Redevelopment of blighted area--2228 to 2230 and 2243 to 2245 Jules (Special)
64421 Redevelopment of blighted area--3306 S. 18th (Special)
64422 Redevelopment of blighted area--4229 to 4233 Maryland (Special)
64423 Redevelopment of blighted area--4121 to 4129 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. (Special)
64424 Appropriation--nineteen million eight hundred two thousand four hundred twenty six dollars from transportation trust fund to bi-state (Special)
64425 Transportation sales tax (Special)
64426 Redevelopment of blighted area--5233 Raymond (Special)
64427 Redevelopment of blighted area--5202 Vernon (Special)
64428 Redevelopment of blighted area--6553, 6560 and 6613 Odell (Special)
64429 Redevelopment of blighted area--3432 Pestalozzi (Special)
64430 Redevelopment of blighted area--3322 Illinois (Special)
64431 Redevelopment of blighted area--7219 Michigan (Special)
64432 Redevelopment of blighted area--1210 Allen (Special)
64433 Redevelopment of blighted area--1913, 1925 and 2601 Belle Glade (Special)
64434 Exchange agreement with SFP Landscaping and St. Louis University (Special)
64435 Airport--multiyear public work improvement for thirty-five million dollars (Special)
64436 Cable television franchise extension (Special)
64437 Forest Park fund to receive funds from park revenue (Special)
64438 Liquor licenses Ninth Ward (Special)
64439 Liquor licenses Tenth Ward (Special)
64440 Real property--sale to Marquette St. Louis Association property in city block 99 (Special)
64441 Airport--indenture lease with Ninety-Fourth of St. Louis (Special)
64442 Street closing--temporary, Cote Brilliante at Sarah (Special)
64443 Warrants issued by municipal judges (3.08.095)
64444 Ward capital improvement (Special)
64445 Loan guarantee program (Special)
64446 Condemnation for jail (Special)
64447 Airport--construction for east terminal (Special)
64448 Airport--Washington Park payment (Special)
64449 Airport--agreement with Southwest Airlines (Special)
64450 Airport--construction of east terminal (Special)
64451 Easement to Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (Special)
64452 Street closing--temporary, Lucille at Goodfellow (Special)
64453 Stop sign--three-way Taylor and Children's Place (Special)
64454 Real estate sale to state to benefit YMCA property in city blocks 4736 and 4741 known as the city sanitarium (Special)
64455 Employment retirement system--cooperative agreements with certain other retirement plans (4.16.403)
64456 Housing conservation district--Clifton Heights Neighborhood in 24th Ward (Repealed by 67914)
64457 City depositories; repeals Ords. 28285, 48493, 57500 and 57332 (5.12)
64458 Redevelopment of blighted area--4411 S. Grand and 4140 Nebraska (Special)
64459 Prohibition of certain signs on public buildings (26.68.055)
64460 Appropriation--area site and convention hotel site development projects (Special)
64461 Parking--neighborhood stabilization officers (17.79)
64462 Forest Park--agreement with Missouri Development Finance Board and Forest Park Forever to accept contributions and issue tax credits (Special)
64463 Prohibition of tobacco signs (Not codified) Note: Ordinance 64463 was ruled unconstitutional in Missouri Retailers Association v. City of St. Louis, 4:98VC01514
64464 Rezone--G zone in city blocks 5868 and 5869 (Special)
64465 Grant--Soulard Market design plans (Special)
64466 Grant--Soulard Market marketing and promotional programs (Special)
64467 Redevelopment of blighted area--20 N. Vandeventer (Special)
64468 Redevelopment of blighted area--3826 Delmar (Special)
64469 Redevelopment of blighted area--5827 Harney and 5517 to 5523 Oriole (Special)
64470 Redevelopment of blighted area--Baden Neighborhood Scattered Sites (Special)
64471 Redevelopment of blighted area--5339 West Avenue (Special)
64472 Blighting--Penrose Scattered Sites (Special)
64473 Redevelopment of blighted area--affirming Ordinance 63707 for Shaw Scattered Sites (Spe-cial)
64474 Port--agreement with Gasconade Enterprises, LLC (Special)
64475 Real estate--release of reversionary interest for Housing Authority of St. Louis County (Spe-cial)
64476 Allows street performers in West End; repeals 1 and 2 of Ord. 59454 (Not codified)
64477 Airport--third supplemental appropriation into Ferguson land acquisition (Special)
64478 Airport--grant for deicing (Special)
64479 Airport--development fund for public works (Special)
64480 Grant--1999 annual plan for the 1999 CDBG program year (Special)
64481 Opens Hickory at 18th; repeals Ord. 57384 (Special)
64482 Redevelopment of blighted area--5640-56 Gravois (Special)
64483 Redevelopment of blighted area--3817 Morganford (Special)
64484 Temporary street closure--Westminster at Vandeventer (Special)
64485 Redevelopment of blighted area--5845 Nottingham (Special)
64486 Street vacation--east/west alley in city block 2169 (Special)
64487 Street vacation--north/south alley in city block 3664 (Special)
64488 Street vacation--Bulwer north of Carrie (Special)
64489 Dedication--city block 1175 (Special)
64490 Redevelopment of blighted area--Gilmore Avenue (Special)
64491 Redevelopment of blighted area--North Newstead (Special)
64492 Redevelopment of blighted area--Marquette Building (Special)
64493 Redevelopment of blighted area--Lalite/Theodore area (Special)
64494 Redevelopment of blighted area--4935 Fountain (Special)
64495 Redevelopment of blighted area--2800-08 Salena (Special)
64496 Redevelopment of blighted area--3420-26 Virginia (Special)
64497 Redevelopment of blighted area--Ashland/Lexington/West Sacramento (Special)
64498 Rezone--to A parcels in city block 2119 (Special)
64499 Redevelopment of blighted area--346-60 North Boyle (Special)
64500 Grant--airport for noise mitigation (Special)
64501 Grant--airport noise mitigation-Berkeley School (Special)
64502 Grant--airport for reimbursement of W1-W runway expansion (Special)
64503 Airport--multiyear public work and improvement program (Special)
64504 Permanent street closing-- Parkview/Euclid/Taylor (Special)
64505 Easement--Laclede Gas Company in city block 6451 (Special)
64506 Easement--Ameren UE in city block 3892 (Special)
64507 License agreement--port/terminal railroad for accent lighting (Special)
64508 Airport--revenue refinancing bonds (Special)
64509 Redevelopment of blighted area--5700 Oakland area (Special)
64510 Water--revenue refinancing bonds (Special)
64511 Redevelopment of blighted area--Argyle Apartments (Special)
64512 Grant--natural gas vehicle demonstration project (Special)
64513 Street name change--part of Channing and Delmar to Josephine Baker Boulevard (Special)
64514 Rezone--to J in city blocks 1900, 1901 and 2366 (Special)
64515 Port--mooring site for Admiral Riverboat (Special)
64516 Argyle/York garage redevelopment project (Special)
64517 Argyle/York redevelopment project (Special)
64518 Argyle/York garage redevelopment project, treasurer (Special)
64519 Temporary street closing--Darby/Damon (Special)
64520 Vacation--Scott from Euclid eastwardly (Special)
64521 Airport--contracts for car rentals (Special)
64522 Chouteau Compton redevelopment area (Special)
64523 Redevelopment of blighted area--3442 Indiana (Special)
64524 Redevelopment plan--Marquette building; repeals Ord. 59295 (Special)
64525 Redevelopment of blighted area--2601 Whittier (Special)
64526 Redevelopment of blighted area--4754-60 South Grand and 3553-77 Delor (Special)
64527 Redevelopment of blighted area--212 West Steins (Special)
64528 Redevelopment of blighted area--6747-49 Garner (Special)
64529 Redevelopment of blighted area--3826 Arsenal (Special)
64530 Redevelopment of blighted area--Cleveland/Castleman area (Special)
64531 Redevelopment of blighted area--3977-79 Hartford (Special)
64532 Port--mooring lease for Robert E. Lee; repeals Ords. 57316, 62028 and 62635 (Special)
64533 Stop sign--Holly Hills and Alabama (Special)
64534 Real estate--sale of 6216 Clemens to St. Louis Antique Lighting (Special)
64535 Redevelopment of blighted area--Grand Oak Hill Village (Special)
64536 Redevelopment of blighted area--Lindenwood Scattered Sites Area (Special)
64537 Real estate--sale to Harris Stowe State College in city block 2243 (Special)
64538 Electric signal--installation at Kingshighway and B.C. Hospital (Special)
64539 Parking revenue bonds--issuance of twelve million dollars (Special)
64540 Real estate--to MOROC in city blocks 1704, 1705, 1707E and 1718E (Special)
64541 Temporary street closing--Elvira Alley and Tucker (Special)
64542 Street closing--Oregon at Miami (Special)
64543 Housing conservation district--Hyde Park (Repealed by 67914)
64544 Housing conservation district--Fairground Neighborhood and Fairground Park (Repealed by 67914)
64545 Redevelopment of blighted area--2621-23 Lemp (Special)
64546 Cathedral Square special business district--extension to collect tax; repeals and replaces para-graph (c) of Section 2 of Ord. 63777 (Special)
64547 Cathedral Square special business district--continuance of tax (Special)
64548 CWE south business district--imposition of tax (Special)
64549 CWE south business district--new boundaries; repeals Ord. 63080 (Special)
64550 CWE southeast business district--time period for tax collection; repeals 5 and paragraph (f) of 2 of Ord. 63780 (Special)
64551 CWE southeast business district--proposal for ten-year tax levy (Special)
64552 Condemnation for criminal justice center parking garage (Special)
64553 Improvements at Chain of Rocks and Howard Bend water treatment plants (Special)
64554 Improvement for the municipal water works system (Special)
64555 Installation and improvements of supervisory control and data acquisition systems (Special)
64556 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 5903 (Special)
64557 Temporary street closure--San Francisco/Kingshighway (Special)
64558 Grant--local law enforcement block grant (Special)
64559 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 4068-E (Special)
64560 Rezone--to E in city blocks 3825 and 3826 (Special)
64561 Repeals and replaces 2 of Ord. 58593, Superintendent of Soldier's Memorial (3.56)
64562 Repeals and replaces 3 of Ord. 60588, City Emergency Management Agency (3.40.020)
64563 Street vacation--north/south alley in city block 2874 (Special)
64564 Parking commission--issuance of bonds (Special)
64565 Real estate--lease to W.A.T Dignity Corporation for property at Whittier and Kennerly (Spe-cial)
64566 Industrial noise regulations (15.51.010-- 15.51.090)
64567 Stop sign--Cass at 16th Street (Special)
64568 Vacation--Michigan from Geyer to terminus in the city (Special)
64569 Vendor regulations; repeals Ords. 34889, 52030 29-104, 53070, 54719, 55785, 56640, 57583, 58086, 58514, 59090, 59454, 59533, 59923, 64166 2, 64327 and Ch. 8.48 (8.108A)
64570 Rezone--to H zone in city blocks 5673, 5674 and 3894 (Special)
64571 Redevelopment of blighted area--Dutchtown South (Special)
64572 Designates certain property as Marie Fowler Park (22.44.340)
64573 Redevelopment of blighted area--Hill Scattered Sites III Area (Special)
64574 Redevelopment of blighted area--5131 Shaw (Special)
64575 Cable--renovation of building, expansion of parking lot and acquisition of vehicle (Special)
64576 Real property--sale to Joan May property in city block 149 (Special)
64577 Redevelopment of blighted area--5319 Shreve (Special)
64578 Redevelopment of blighted area--5020 Thekla, 5066-72 Ruskin and 5018-20 West Florissant (Special)
64579 Redevelopment of blighted area--6912 and 6916 Bruno (Special)
64580 Redevelopment of blighted area--5343 Wilson (Special)
64581 Rezone--certain property in I zone (Special)
64582 Vacation--L-shaped alley in city block 2323 (Special)
64583 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 946 (Special)
64584 Stop sign--two-way stop at Chippewa at Ohio (Special)
64585 Real property--sale to Mueller Optical property in city block 511 (Special)
64586 Amends 5.22.090, nontaxable income (5.22.090)
64587 Cooperative agreement with St. Louis Housing Authority amendment and amending Ordi-nance 57817 (Special)
64588 Supplemental appropriation for local use tax (Special)
64589 Redevelopment of blighted area--St. Louis Place Park (Special)
64590 Redevelopment of blighted area--5781 Thekla (Special)
64591 Redevelopment of blighted area--3208-22 Arsenal (Special)
64592 Redevelopment of blighted area--Gravois/South Grand/Meramec (Special)
64593 Redevelopment of blighted area--6304-06 Juniata (Special)
64594 Redevelopment of blighted area--Hamilton Heights (Special)
64595 Redevelopment project--Convention Hotel (Special)
64596 Airport--noise management system (Special)
64597 Airport--land acquisition for Berkeley Campus (Special)
64598 Airport--amendment of master plan expansion program (Special)
64599 Airport--amending master plan implementation program (Special)
64600 Liquor licenses--20th Ward (Special)
64601 Redevelopment of blighted area--Dr. Martin Luther King/Pendleton/Evans Area (Special)
64602 Redevelopment agreement-- Chouteau/Compton Area (Special)
64603 Tax increment revenue notes-- Chouteau/Compton Area (Special)
64604 Liquor licenses--27th Ward (Special)
64605 Vacation--Rutger from Carr Lane to Ranken and Theresa from Hickory to Rutger (Special)
64606 Redevelopment of blighted area--2600 Tennessee Avenue (Special)
64607 Redevelopment of blighted area--2564-66 Natural Bridge (Special)
64608 Redevelopment of blighted area--300 North Tucker (Special)
64609 Redevelopment--Edison Brothers Warehouse (Special)
64610 Redevelopment of blighted area--911-19 Switzer (Special)
64611 Redevelopment of blighted area-- Riverview/Lillian/Wren/Bircher Area (Special)
64612 Redevelopment of blighted area--5800 Goodfellow/6219 West Florissant (Special)
64613 Redevelopment--St. Louis central riverfront improved wharf (Special)
64614 Redevelopment--St. Louis central riverfront mooring sites (Special)
64615 Redevelopment--St. Louis riverfront mooring sites (Special)
64616 Tax increment revenue notes--St. Louis riverfront mooring sites (Special)
64617 Redevelopment of blighted area--2232 Nebraska (Special)
64618 Redevelopment of blighted area--4460 Gibson (Special)
64619 Redevelopment of blighted area--4240-42 McPherson (Special)
64620 Vacation--alley in city block 674 (Special)
64621 Vacation--alley in city block 5234 (Special)
64622 Vacation--Euclid Avenue adjoining city blocks 3886 and 3890 (Special)
64623 Vacation--air rights above Euclid adjoining city blocks 3886 and 3890 (Special)
64624 Vacation--subsurface rights under Euclid adjoining city blocks 3886 and 3890 (Special)
64625 Liquor licenses--1st Ward (Special)
64626 Vacation--Chambers St. from Ninth to alley (Special)
64627 Vacation--Laclede from Compton to Garrison (Special)
64628 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 2095 (Special)
64629 Permanent street closing--Lotus near Kingshighway; repeals Ord. 64173 (Special)
64630 Permanent street closing--Palm at Kingshighway; repeals Ord. 64176 (Special)
64631 Tax increment revenue notes for Edison Brothers Warehouse (Special)
64632 Liquor licenses--27th Ward (Special)
64633 Redevelopment of blighted area--3706 North Kingshighway and 4985 Natural Bridge (Spe-cial)
64634 Redevelopment of blighted area--4101-31 and 4135-51 Evans Avenue (Special)
64635 Redevelopment of blighted area--826 East Prairie (Special)
64636 Redevelopment of blighted area--400 South Fourteenth (Special)
64637 Redevelopment of blighted area--Southtown Area (Special)
64638 Washington University Medical Center redevelopment amendment (Special)
64639 Redevelopment of blighted area--2108 Lafayette Avenue (Special)
64640 Vacation--Berthold Avenue in city block 3996 (Special)
64641 Public safety general obligation bonds (Special)
64642 Maryland Plaza redevelopment plan amendment (Special)
64643 Liquor licenses--nonuse for one year (14.03.052)
64644 Redevelopment of blighted area--Shaw Scattered Sites (Special)
64645 Temporary street closing--Lalite and Mimika (Special)
64646 Vacation--22nd Street from M.L. King to Carr and Cole from 20th to 23rd Street (Special)
64647 1999-2000 budget (Special)
64648 Airport--public work and improvement program (Special)
64649 Airport--supplemental appropriation (Special)
64650 Airport--public work and improvements (Special)
64651 Airport--capital improvement project (Special)
64652 City justice center--bonds (Special)
64653 Borrowing of funds (Special)
64654 Repeals and replaces 26.84.040, board of adjustment--increase in appeal fee (26.84.040)
64655 Repeals and replaces 121.5 of Ord. 63307 [63703], board of building appeals fee (Ch. 25.01)
64656 Real property--sale of 4610 Varrelmann (Repealed by 65025)
64657 1999 St. Louis works and 50/50 sidewalk program (Special)
64658 Temporary street closure--Winnebago at Marine (Special)
64659 Health and hospitals--contract with state for cancer control (Special)
64660 Health and hospitals--contract with state for AIDS program (Special)
64661 Health and hospitals--contract with state for influenza/pneumococcal (Special)
64662 Mayor--contract with state for FY 1998 Title V juvenile justice and delinquency and youth violence prevention (Special)
64663 Real property--dedication West Cabanne Court and Catalpa Street in city blocks 4122, 4539, 4911 and 4912 (Special)
64664 Parks--designates city block 5036 as Father Maurice Nutt Park (22.44.340)
64665 Parks--designates city block 1060 as Leon Strauss Park (22.44.350)
64666 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 274 (Special)
64667 Laser beam--prohibition (11.78.010-- 11.78.040)
64668 Unpaid parking tickets--booting (17.63.010--17.63.030)
64669 Grant--airport for design and construct new parallel runway (Special)
64670 Grant--airport for functional replacement of Berkeley High School (Special)
64671 Supplemental appropriation for current expenses (Special)
64672 Parking commission--appropriation for operating expenses of treasurer's office (Special)
64673 Redevelopment of blighted area--4501 and 4511 Minnesota (Special)
64674 Redevelopment of blighted area--6632 and 6701 Michigan (Special)
64675 Redevelopment of blighted area--4103 Wyoming (Special)
64676 Redevelopment of blighted area--Arsenal, Morganford and Fyler area (Special)
64677 Repeals and replaces 11 of Ord. 62887, certificate of inspection--increase in fees (25.56.070)
64678 Registration fees for vacant buildings (Ch. 25.01)
64679 Notice of condemned buildings (25.01.030)
64680 Repeals and replaces 121.1 of 3 of Ord. 63703, board of building appeals--increase in al-ternates (Ch. 25.01)
64681 Board of building appeals--appointment of hearing officers (Ch. 25.01)
64682 Redevelopment of blighted area--3905 Kingsland Court (Special)
64683 Redevelopment of blighted area--4531-4537 Page (Special)
64684 Redevelopment of blighted area--4225 South Kingshighway (Special)
64685 Real estate--sale of city block 5036 (Father Maurice Nutt Park) to St. Louis University (Spe-cial)
64686 Contract/lease--ConnectCare (Special)
64687 Establishes planning and urban design agency; repeals and replaces 4.16.250; repeals Ord. 56708 (3.48.010--3.48.190, 4.16.250)
64688 Establishes community development administration (3.47.010--3.47.090)
64689 Establishes preservation board; repeals Ords. 57986 (except 24.16.010--24.16.090 and 24.16.110), 59368 and 60390 (Ord. 61366 and 24.16.010--24.16.090, 24.16.110 are re-pealed effective 1/1/2000) (Title 24)
64690 Lead poisoning provisions; repeals Ord. 57791 (11.22.030, 11.22.120, 11.22.140, 11.22.150, 11.22.170, 11.22.190)
64691 Redevelopment agreement--Dowtown Convention Hotel (Special)
64692 Real estate--property in city block 5975 to Pageant Building (Special)
64693 Public nuisance provisions; repeals Ords. 62765 and 63836 (15.42.010--15.42.140)
64694 Amends Ord. 63843, Trigen-Saint Louis Energy Corp. (Special)
64695 Street closure--Highland at North Kingshighway (Special)
64696 Transportation sales tax--funds to Bi-state (Special)
64697 Transportation trust fund--funds to Bi-state (Special)
64698 Grant--1999 juvenile accountability incentive block grant (Special)
64699 Building permit fees--increase by two dollars (Special)
64700 Vacation--alley in city block 3994 (Special)
64701 Lead abatement account (Special)
64702 Street name change--Murphy Park Drive (Special)
64703 Street vacation--Quincy Street at city block 3014 (Special)
64704 Stop sign--two-way stop at St. Louis Avenue and Taylor (Special)
64705 Trailer parking provisions; amends 1 of Ord. 57831 (17.02.265, 17.24.080)
64706 Temporary street closure--north/south alley in city block 4951 (Special)
64707 Contract--resurfacing of streets (Special)
64708 Stop sign--two-way stop at Morganford and Oleatha (Special)
64709 Alley vacation--north/south alley in city block 206 (Special)
64710 Adds 17.52.080; repeals paragraph (e) of 4 of Ord. 32926, prohibition of counterfeiting official tags (17.52.080)
64711 Prohibition of counterfeiting proof of responsibility (17.53.065)
64712 Repeals and replaces 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 18, 30, 31 and 34 of Ord. 64569, regulation of ven-dors (8.108A.010, 8.108A.040, 8.108A.090, 8.108A.120, 8.108A.130, 8.108A.170, 8.108A.290, 8.108A.300, 8.108A.330)
64713 Contracts for demolition of abandoned buildings (Special)
64714 Purchase of equipment for fire department (Special)
64715 Purchase of equipment for police department (Special)
64716 Rezone--to A single-family in city blocks 4858 and 4816 (Special)
64717 Rezone--to A single-family in city blocks 3758 and 4582 (Special)
64718 Real property--sale of Illinois Terminal Rail Line (Special)
64719 Airport--concession agreement with Transportation Media, Inc. (Special)
64720 Rezone--to A single-family in city blocks 2896, 2907 and 2910 (Special)
64721 Amends 2 of Ord. 59363, water line repairs--increase in surcharge (23.04.075)
64722 Utility agreement with state for facilities near Union and I-70 (Special)
64723 Real property--sale to MOROC property in city blocks 1704, 1705 and 1707E (Special)
64724 Community improvement district--Downtown St. Louis Partnership, LTD. (Special)
64725 Easement to MSD in city block 206S (Special)
64726 Gross receipts for restaurants and itinerant restaurants (11.42.267)
64727 Per ward expenditures from ward capital improvement account (Special)
64728 Redevelopment of blighted area--Washington/Vanddventer/Enright/ Pendleton area (Special)
64729 Redevelopment of blighted area--4441 Pennsylvania (Special)
64730 Redevelopment of blighted area--4915 and 4925 Fountain (Special)
64731 Redevelopment of blighted area--4346 Washington (Special)
64732 Redevelopment of blighted area--112 Sidney (Special)
64733 Redevelopment of blighted area--2220 Stephen Avenue (Special)
64734 Redevelopment of blighted area--4210-4212 and 4252 Linton (Special)
64735 St. Louis business district--revising legal description of area (Special)
64736 Downtown parks business district--reducing the rate (Special)
64737 Alley vacation--north/south alley in city block 1219 (Special)
64738 Redevelopment of blighted area--Bett's Walk area (Special)
64739 Redevelopment of blighted area--5077 Washington Place (Special)
64740 Redevelopment of blighted area--1417 Herbert Street (Special)
64741 Redevelopment of blighted area--5734 DeGiverville Avenue (Special)
64742 Redevelopment of blighted area--Grand Oak Village III (Special)
64743 Redevelopment of blighted area--Hamilton St. Louis Avenue area (Special)
64744 Redevelopment of blighted area--3618 and 3638-3642 Cook and 3660-3666 Finney (Special)
64745 Redevelopment of blighted area--3626-3628 Hartford Street (Special)
64746 Redevelopment of blighted area--3010 Wisconsin (Special)
64747 Redevelopment of blighted area--1408 Herbert (Special)
64748 Excise--one-year moratorium of liquor in 10th Ward (Special)
64749 Air pollution regulations; repeals Ords. 50163, 55100, 55923, 58040, 59270, 60023 and 60629 (Repealed by Ord. 65645)
64750 Taxing district revenue (Special)
64751 Walkway vacation--walkway known as Waterman Way to Pershing in city block 5508 (Spe-cial)
64752 Stop sign--Biddle and 18th (Special)
64753 Redevelopment of blighted area--4525 Nebraska and 4526 Pennsylvania (Special)
64754 Redevelopment of blighted area--3540 Itaska and 4610 Alaska (Special)
64755 Redevelopment of blighted area--Gravois/Chippewa/Grace area (Special)
64756 Redevelopment of blighted area--4227 Prairie (Special)
64757 Redevelopment of blighted area--3654 Shaw Boulevard (Special)
64758 Redevelopment of blighted area--3414-3416 Salena (Special)
64759 Airport--agreement with Mercantile Bank for banking concession (Special)
64760 Airport--grant agreement for replacement of Berkeley High School Complex (Special)
64761 Establishes Westminster Place residential parking district (Special)
64762 Streets--removal of barricades on Mullanphy at Helen (Special)
64763 Public safety--agreement for medical response system (Special)
64764 Appropriation for gateway mall parking development agreement (Special)
64765 Contract authorization for bike path (Special)
64766 Footpath vacation--in city block 1652 (Special)
64767 2000 annual plan to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Special)
64768 Dedication--West Outer Road in city block 2896 (Special)
64769 Stop sign--two-way at Newstead and Evans (Special)
64770 Extension of cable television franchise (Special)
64771 Building code; repeals Ords. 52132, 63703, 63908, 64178, 64655, 64678, 64680 and 64681 (25.01.010--25.01.840)
64772 Fire prevention code; repeals Ord. 63805 (25.06.010--25.06.180)
64773 Amends 8.29.020, 8.29.060 and 8.29.160, cable television franchise (8.29.020, 8.29.060, 8.29.160)
64774 Appropriation (Special)
64775 Airport--grant agreement amendment (Special)
64776 Airport--grant agreement amendment (Special)
64777 Airport--appropriation for Washington Park Cemetery (Special)
64778 Airport--appropriation for master plan implementation (Special)
64779 Temporary street closing--Bartmer at Clara (Special)
64780 Vacation--Edwards from Shaw to alley (Special)
64781 Temporary street closing--Baily at Grand (Special)
64782 Vacation--Second Street at Bremen (Special)
64783 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 539 (Special)
64784 Easement acquisition of alley owned by Security Building LLC (Special)
64785 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 5265 (Special)
64786 Bonds--for single family residences in city (Special)
64787 Easement--to KJD Incorporated (Special)
64788 Grant--1997 lead-based paint (Special)
64789 Grant--syphilis elimination program (Special)
64790 Grant--ClearCorps/AmeriCorps Project (Special)
64791 Grant--Neighborhood Expansion Work System for TANF Recipients Today Program (Spe-cial)
64792 Appropriation (Special)
64793 Blighting--5535 S. Grand (Special)
64794 Blighting--408 Olive and 400 Washington (Special)
64795 Blighting--affirmation of Bates/Thirty Eighth/Walsh Area (Special)
64796 Blighting--affirmation of Kosciusko Area (Special)
64797 Blighting--Natural Bridge/N. Grand Blvd. (Special)
64798 Blighting--1933 Edwards (Special)
64799 Blighting--2216-18 Wyoming (Special)
64800 Blighting--300-26 Walsh and 5101-21 Minnesota (Special)
64801 Airport--representation of airport commission (18.08.030)
64802 Stop site--two way Spring at Hickory (Special)
64803 Port authority--Admiral lease (Special)
64804 Removal of dead trees (22.48.185)
64805 Airport--reimbursement of cost for land acquired in fee for runway 6/24 RPZ (Special)
64806 Retirement system (Repealed by 64833)
64807 Legal description change in city block 1059 (Special)
64808 Vacation--Taft from Ray to railroad right-of-way (Special)
64809 Vacation--north/south walkway in city blocks 5774 and 6290 (Special)
64810 Airport--barrel revenue bonds (Special)
64811 City Justice Center bonds (Special)
64812 Blighting--925 Bates area (Special)
64813 Blighting--2922 S. Compton (Special)
64814 Blighting--3963 Shenandoah and 4051 Shaw (Special)
64815 Blighting--5022-24 W. Florissant (Special)
64816 Blighting--5000-08 Thekla and 5093-99 Kingshighway (Special)
64817 Blighting--2402 and 2406 S. 10th St. area (Special)
64818 Blighting--2438 McNair (Special)
64819 Blighting--4504-06 Pennsylvania (Special)
64820 Blighting--4182 Walsh and 5019 Ulena St (Special)
64821 Blighting--3717 and 3861 Utah Place (Special)
64822 Blighting--2215 Cherokee St. (Special)
64823 Blighting--3016 Wisconsin (Special)
64824 Blighting--2709 S. 11th St. (Special)
64825 Blighting--6409-11 Arthur, 6562-66, 6564 and 6566 McCune and 6641 Fyler (Special)
64826 Blighting--5868-78 W. Florissant and 5572-80 Riverview (Special)
64827 Blighting--St. Louis Ave. and N. Spring Ave. area (Special)
64828 Blighting--5181 Maple (Special)
64829 Blighting--4218-64 Laclede (Special)
64830 Blighting--1941 Congress Street (Special)
64831 Blighting--Near Southside Redevelopment Area (Special)
64832 Preservation review districts (Special)
64833 Employee retirement system; repeals Ords. 49933, 53738, 55041, 56132, 56719, 57354, 57368, 57971, 58419, 58670, 58694, 59046, 59279, 59441, 59486, 59708, 58487, 59709, 59714, 59823, 60877, 61249, 61976, 62719, 62792, 63157, 63347, 64076 and 64048 (4.16)
64834 Blighting--1311-13 Monroe St. (Special)
64835 Blighting--2401 N. Jefferson (Special)
64836 Check-cashing establishments; amends Ord. 62588, zoning (26.08.101)
64837 Short Term Loan Establishments and Financial Institution; amends Ord. 62588, zoning (26.08.162, 26.08.584)
64838 2000 St. Louis Works and 50/50 sidewalk programs (Special)
64839 Tax increment blighting analysis for Center of Emerging Technology redevelopment area (Special)
64840 Tobacco products; repeals 2 of Ord. 62423 (11.32.110)
64841 Blighting--4059-4117 Forest Park Ave (Special)
64842 Housing conservation district--Mark Twain/I-70 Industrial and Wells/Goodfellow (Repealed by 67914)
64843 Vacation--Carroll St. (Special)
64844 Vacation--Garrison from Magazine to alley (Special)
64845 Airport--construction (Special)
64846 Airport--construction (Special)
64847 Airport--automated teller machines (Special)
64848 Blighting--20th St./Washington (Special)
64849 Redevelopment Plan--4391-99 West Pine (Special)
64850 Establishes the 4391-99 West Pine Special Allocation Fund (Special)
64851 Execution of Redevelopment Plan 4391-99 West Pine (Special)
64852 Authorizing the issuance of tax increment revenue note for 4391-99 West Pine (Special)
64853 Zoning-change to "E" multiple family dwelling land in city block 3916 (Special)
64854 Zoning-change to "F" neighborhood commercial in city block 1808 (Special)
64855 Blighting--3508-12 Missouri and 3726-28 Ohio (Special)
64856 Blighting--4608 McPherson (Special)
64857 Blighting--2100-04 Withnell (Special)
64858 Blighting--2002 Victor (Special)
64859 Blighting--4105 California (Special)
64860 Blighting--3125 Miami and 3501 California (Special)
64861 Blighting--2251 S. Jefferson (Special)
64862 Blighting--4247 Botanical (Special)
64863 Blighting--2101-25 Hadley, 1115-1227 Chambers and 1100-98 Madison (Special)
64864 Hepatitis A virus immunization (11.42.203)
64865 Sale of real property--Housing solutions property in city block 4393A and 5466 and known as 5424 N. Euclid and 5431 N. Euclid (Special)
64866 Sale of real property--Portfolio Gallery and Educational Center City property in city block 3753 known as 3934 Enright (Special)
64867 Sale of real property Cardinal Ritter College Prep property in city block known as 3870 Del-mar (Not codified)
64868 Conversion of town houses; repeals and replaces 26.08.105, 26.20.020, 26.20.090, 26.24.020 and 26.24.080 (26.08.105, 26.20.020, 26.20.090, 26.24.020, 26.24.080)
64869 Tax increment financing--Cupples Station (Special)
64870 Stop sign--two way Magnolia at Klemm (Special)
64871 Stop sign--two way Arsenal at Michigan (Special)
64872 Funeral procession regulations; repeals and replaces 8.27.020 of Ord. 57831 (17.16.020)
64873 Street closing--permanent--East Adelaide between West Florissand and Grant (Special)
64874 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 1960 (Special)
64875 Airport--8th amended lease with Midcoast Aviation (Special)
64876 Airport--improvement program appropriation (Special)
64877 Appropriation--Letter of Intent Double Barrel Revenue Bonds, Series 2000 (Special)
64878 Pawnbroker regulations; repeals and replaces 5 of Ord. 10355 (8.72.090)
64879 Vacation--Second Street from Branch to dock Streets (Special)
64880 Designation of property as "Joseph R. Leisure Park" (Special)
64881 Amends Ords. 57831 and 58681, parking (17.24.080, 17.30.020)
64882 Approves staff report (Special)
64883 Blighting--Ruskin Ave. Scattered sites (Special)
64884 Planned unit development for Near Southside redevelopment area (Special)
64885 Rescinds Board of Public Service Permit #51912 for St. Louis Housing Authority Low-Rent Housing Project in city blocks 410 and 475 (Special)
64886 Rezone--to "E" in city blocks 410 and 475 (Special)
64887 Blighting--920 Olive Street (Special)
64888 Blighting--Olive/Ewing/Laclede Area (Special)
64889 Blighting--Palm Street Scattered Sites (Special)
64890 Blighting--1625 Olive Street (Special)
64891 Blighting--6247 Rosebury (Special)
64892 Health Department grant--Health Alert Network (Special)
64893 Blighting--6496 Dale, 6323 West Park and 7016 Horner (Special)
64894 Blighting--King Estates (Special)
64895 Blighting--2622 Indiana (Special)
64896 Blighting--2336-38 Louisiana (Special)
64897 Blighting--2610 Tennessee (Special)
64898 Blighting--1432-36 Sullivan (Special)
64899 Blighting--4521 Nebraska (Special)
64900 Blighting--Page Blvd. Scattered Area (Special)
64901 Blighting--2326 S. 11th Street (Special)
64902 Easement to Southwestern Bell at Stacey Park (Special)
64903 Easement to Southwestern Bell at Creve Coeur Mill Road (Special)
64904 Construction of seismic improvements to Stacy Park (Special)
64905 Amends Ord. 64833, employee retirement system (4.16.145)
64906 Excise--one year moratorium in 20th and 21st Wards (Repealed by 65157)
64907 Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program (Special)
64908 Vacation--St. Charles between 9th and 10th (Special)
64909 Vacation--9th between St. Charles and Washington (Special)
64910 Leases to Federal National Mortgage Association (Special)
64911 Cable television franchise (Special)
64912 Reappropriation of certain funds (Special)
64913 Lease for Homer G. Hospital (Special)
64914 Hartford Street Residential Parking District (17.91)
64915 Vacation--Lafayette west of Tucker (Special)
64916 Vacation--west alley in city block 2249 (Special)
64917 Vacation--Garrison, Howard, Madison, alley in city block 1849, alley in city block 1850 (Special)
64918 Vacation--Cole from 19th to 20th (Special)
64919 Stop sign--Kingshighway and Cabanne (Special)
64920 Stop sign--Union at Cabanne (Special)
64921 Electric signal construction--Kingshighway and Vernon and Lindell and Whittier (Special)
64922 Blighting--3706 N. Kingshighway and 4985 Natural Bridge (Special)
64923 Repeals and replaces 7, Ord. 63591, firemen's retirement systems (4.18.386)
64924 Stop sign--removal at River Des Peres and Parkway Lane and establishing a two way stop at River Des Peres and Loughborough Ave. (Special)
64925 Amends Ord. 64689, preservation and planning boards (3.48.060, 3.48.070, 24.04.010, 24.20.110, 24.20.120, 24.28.010, 24.40.050, 24.40.060)
64926 Zoning--"K" Unrestricted for parcels in city blocks 2235, 2248, 2249 and 2253 (Special)
64927 Zoning--"B" Two-Family Dwelling District in city block 2698 (Special)
64928 St. Louis convention Headquarters Hotel financing (Special)
64929 St. Louis Convention Headquarters Hotel redevelopment agreement (Special)
64930 St. Louis Convention Headquarters Hotel lease purchase and bonds (Special)
64931 St. Louis Convention Headquarter Hotel redevelopment plan and TIF (Special)
64932 Acquisition and lease of city blocks 276 and 190 to St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation (Special)
64933 City budget (Special)
64934 Borrowing of funds (Special)
64935 Central West End North Special Business District--increase in tax (Special)
64936 Central West End North Special Business District--submitting proposal for tax increase (Spe-cial)
64937 Airport--concession with GEM Transportation (Special)
64938 Airport--operating agreement for public parking with APCOA-SRP (Special)
64939 Airport--employee shuttle contract with Huntleigh Transportation (Special)
64940 Airport--use agreement with Chautauqua Airline d/b/a Trans World Express (Special)
64941 Circuit attorney's office pay plan (4.48.010--4.48.050, 4.48.070)
64942 Repeals and replaces 2 of Ord. 64833, employees' retirement system--deferred retirement option plan (4.16.010--4.16.115, 4.16.570--4.16.600)
64943 Repeals and replaces 4.34.010, recorder of deeds office pay plan (4.34.010--4.34.090)
64944 Sheriff's office pay plan; repeals Ord. 64353 (4.36.010--4.36.068, 4.36.080--4.36.110)
64945 Collector of revenue office pay plan; repeals Ord. 64310 (Repealed by Ord. 65520)
64946 License collectors office pay plan (4.28.010--4.28.100)
64947 Parking division employee pay plan; repeals Ord. 64379 (4.30.010--4.30.024)
64948 Grant--health department for abstinence-only education (Special)
64949 Grant--FY 1999 local law enforcement (Special)
64950 Treasurer's office pay plan; repeals Ord. 64378 (4.26.015--4.26.023, 4.26.040-- 4.26.060)
64951 Voter submission on Section 8 of Article VIII of Charter (Charter Art. VIII 8)
64952 Adds 17.02.081; repeals and replaces 17.16.040, sidewalks and bicycle/pedestrian rights-of-way (17.02.081, 17.16.040)
64953 Medical examiner's office pay plan; repeals Ord. 64306 (4.54.010--4.54.220)
64954 Compensation plan for classified service employees; repeals Ords. 59487, 64380 and para-graph 11 of Section 2 and paragraph 1 of Section 4 of Ord. 64833 (4.10.010--4.10.270, 4.16.070, 4.16.170)
64955 Temporary street closure--Ashland Place at Labadie (Special)
64956 Stop sign--two-way at Dr. Martin Luther King and Annie Malone (Special)
64957 Parking commission--appropriation for Kiel Parking and Marquette Building (Special)
64958 Repeals Ord. 25536 as codified in 17.52.010 and 17.52.030 (Repealer)
64959 Redevelopment of blighted area--Kosciusko/Marion Street (Special)
64960 Redevelopment of blighted area--Shaw Scattered Sites VI (Special)
64961 Redevelopment of blighted area--2335 Park Avenue (Special)
64962 Redevelopment of blighted area--2301 Locust Avenue (Special)
64963 Redevelopment of blighted area--6151 McPherson (Special)
64964 Redevelopment of blighted area--3610 Iowa (Special)
64965 Redevelopment of blighted areas--6535 Fyler, 6050 Arthur, 6933 Lindenwood, 6608 McCune and 6938 Hancock (Special)
64966 Redevelopment of blighted area--1923 South 9th Street (Special)
64967 Redevelopment of blighted area--JVL Renaissance I Area (Special)
64968 Redevelopment of blighted area--3717 and 3725 Cote Brilliante (Special)
64969 Redevelopment of blighted area--2624 Prairie (Special)
64970 Redevelopment of blighted area--1247 Baden and 8116 Church Road (Special)
64971 Redevelopment of blighted area--4334 through 4336 Maryland (Special)
64972 Affirmation of blighted area--2860 Kingshighway and 4956-60 St. Louis (Special)
64973 Redevelopment of blighted area--North Kingshighway/North Euclid Scattered Sites (Special)
64974 Redevelopment of blighted area--Forest Park Scattered Sites (Special)
64975 Hepatitis A virus immunization; repeals Ord. 64864 (11.42.203)
64976 Grant--department of health MMR/TD adult immunization (Special)
64977 Vacation--Henrietta Street (Special)
64978 Vacation--north/south alley city block 129 (Special)
64979 Vacation--Castleman from Lawrence eastwardly (Special)
64980 Real property--sale to board of education property in city blocks 1854 and 1856 (Special)
64981 Real property--Forest Park lease to St. Louis Center subdistrict of Met Zoo and Park Museum (Special)
64982 Sheriff's office pay plan; repeals Ord. 64864 (4.36.010--4.36.068, 4.36.080--4.36.110)
64983 Amends Ord. 64944, excise--prohibition drink licenses in First Ward (14.03.220)
64984 Stop sign--two-way at Shreve and Rosalie (Special)
64985 Stop sign--two-way at Dr. Martin Luther King at 20th Street (Special)
64986 Temporary street closure--Chamberlin at Belt (Special)
64987 Temporary street closure--Kennerly at Clara (Special)
64988 Stop sign--St. Louis at 22nd Street (Special)
64989 Excise--prohibition of package or drink licenses in Tenth Ward; repeals Ord. 64748 (Special)
64990 Stop sign--Switzer at Drury Lane; Frederick at Baden; Hornsby at Partridge (Special)
64991 Stop sign--three-way at Mitchell at Louisville (Special)
64992 Cable television franchise--extension of proposal deadline (Special)
64993 Ward capital improvements account (Special)
64994 Voter proposal--Metropolitan Park and Recreation District (Special)
64995 Appropriation from transportation trust fund to bi-state (Special)
64996 Creates city public transit sales tax fund through transportation sales tax (Special)
64997 Redevelopment of blighted area--3456 through 3458 South Jefferson (Special)
64998 Redevelopment of blighted area--4163 Russell (Special)
64999 Redevelopment of blighted area--4701 South Kingshighway and 4900 Nottingham (Special)
65000 Redevelopment of blighted area--Utah/McDonald Scattered Sites (Special)
65001 Redevelopment of blighted area--2926 through 2928 South Compton (Special)
65002 Redevelopment of blighted area--2025 through 2029 Withnell (Special)
65003 Redevelopment of blighted area--Grand Rock (Special)
65004 Rezone (Special)
65005 Redevelopment of blighted areas--1415-25, 1529 and 1901-13 Bremen; 1419-1435 North Park Place; 1411, 1414, 1417-1419 and 1425 Farrar Street and 3724 and 3824 Blair (Special)
65006 Redevelopment of blighted area--7137 Mardel (Special)
65007 Redevelopment of blighted area--5805 through 5807 Thekla (Special)
65008 Redevelopment of blighted area--3821, 3827, 3863, 3867 Ashland and 3833 Greer (Special)
65009 Redevelopment of blighted area--2408 through 2410 R. Menard (Special)
65010 Airport--1st amendment to FAA grant agreement No. 38 (Special)
65011 Operation of bicycles by police (17.16.450)
65012 Airport--fifth supplemental appropriation from airport passenger facility charge fund into master plan implementation contract Ordinance 63873 (Special)
65013 Airport--first supplemental appropriation from airport passenger facility charge fund into pilot noise mitigation program Ordinance 63873 (Special)
65014 Airport--massage therapy concession agreement with "A BackRub Company" (Special)
65015 Airport--business service center concession with "Laptop Lane Limited" (Special)
65016 Rezone (Special)
65017 Rezone (Special)
65018 Rezone (Special)
65019 Excise--prohibition for package and drink licenses in the 9th ward for one year (Special)
65020 Electrical Code; repeals Ord. 63620 (25.02.010--25.02.050)
65021 Mechanical Code; repeals Ord. 63806 (25.03.010--25.03.730)
65022 Amends International Fuel Gas Code 2000 (25.07.010--25.07.560)
65023 Property Maintenance Code; repeals Ord. 64417 (25.32.010--25.32.370)
65024 Airport--transfer from passenger facility charge fund to Kinloch land acquisition fund (Spe-cial)
65025 Real property--sale of 4610 Varrelmann (Special)
65026 Real property--sale of 14845 Olive (Special)
65027 Real property--sale of 7501-7503 Alabama (Special)
65028 Temporary street closure--Maffitt at North Kingshighway (Special)
65029 Cable television deadline extended (Special)
65030 Voter proposition--use tax for public health care services (Special)
65031 Repeals and replaces Section P-23.3 of 3 of Ord. 60826, Plumbing Code--membership of board of examiners (25.04.040)
65032 Redevelopment of blighted area--4352 through 4358 Maryland (Special)
65033 Redevelopment of blighted area--6759 Chippewa (Special)
65034 Vacation--Lafayette triangle, west of Tucker (Special)
65035 Redevelopment plan--Vandeventer Spring Redevelopment (Special)
65036 Redevelopment of blighted area--Hamilton Heights Scattered Sites (Special)
65037 Vacation--alley in city block 3711-A (Special)
65038 Amends 3 of Ord. 56141, recorder of deeds--deeds of trust signatures (15.152.030)
65039 Hedge for interest rates of Convention Headquarters Hotel (Special)
65040 Vacation--increase in processing fee to two hundred dollars; repeals Ord. 58525 (20.14.090)
65041 Permit fees--permits to use public streets and sidewalks; repeals Ord. 61767 (20.46.010, 20.46.030)
65042 Hedge for interest rates for Darst-Webb Hope VI Revitalization Plan (Special)
65043 Vacation--air space over Market Street between Beaumont and Ewing (Special)
65044 Lease agreement with Forest Park for golf courses (Special)
65045 Living wage for contractors (Repealed by Ord. 65597)
65046 Cable television--extends time for response to RFP to October 30, 2000 (Special)
65047 Redevelopment of blighted area--6437 and 6580 Scanlon and 6608-6610 Marmaduke Avenue (Special)
65048 Redevelopment of blighted area--3437 Crittenden (Special)
65049 Real property--sale to J. Mess Plumbing 4252 and 4256 Oletha (Special)
65050 Airport--grant with letter of intent ACE 98-01 (Special)
65051 Redevelopment of blighted area--1017 Childress (Special)
65052 Redevelopment of blighted area--2185 Hampton (Special)
65053 Redevelopment of blighted area--21453 Hickory (Special)
65054 Redevelopment of blighted area--2614 through 2616 Prairie, 3721 through 3731 and 3726 through 3740 Lincoln and 2604 through 2614 North Spring (Special)
65055 Redevelopment of blighted area--6050 Kingsbury (Special)
65056 Redevelopment of blighted area--3814 through 3816 California (Special)
65057 Circuit attorney--contract for funding for drug prosecution (Special)
65058 Redevelopment of blighted area--4342 through 4352 Page (Special)
65059 Redevelopment of blighted area--710 Allen (Special)
65060 Redevelopment of blighted area--1844 through 1846 South 10th Street (Special)
65061 Regulation of vendors; repeals Ords. 64569 and 64712 (8.108A.010--8.108A.370)
65062 Temporary street closure--east/west alley in city block 5363 (Special)
65063 Vacation--Holly Hills at Michigan (Special)
65064 Stop sign--two-way on Marcus at Leduc (Special)
65065 Board of trustees of the employees retirement system--compensation for consultants (4.16.547)
65066 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 3942 (Special)
65067 Vacation--north/south in city block 3874-W (Special)
65068 Stop sign--two-way on Clayton at Berthold (Special)
65069 Excise-prohibiting new package licenses for three years in Twenty-fourth Ward (Special)
65070 Amends Ord. 64455, employees' retirement system (4.16.403)
65071 Blighting--716 Geyer (Special)
65072 Blighting--211--212 East Harris, 2007--2011 East Fair and 2031, 2037--2039 and 2140--2142 Adelaide (Special)
65073 Blighting--6001 West Florissant (Special)
65074 Blighting--6002--6004 Garesche and 5642 Pamplin (Special)
65075 Blighting--Olive 7th/Pine (Special)
65076 Blighting--4065--4069 Shaw and 1816--1818 Thurman (Special)
65077 Blighting--4640 Shenandoah (Special)
65078 Blighting--3864--3868 Shenandoah (Special)
65079 Blighting--3674--3826 Shaw (Special)
65080 Blighting--2708--2710 Lemp (Special)
65081 Blighting--5607--5635 Riverview, 5900--5916 West Florissant, 5911 Shulte and 5616--5628 Vivian (Special)
65082 Blighting--3501 Missouri (Special)
65083 Blighting--Palm Street scattered sites (Special)
65084 Amends Ord. 62751, funds for domestic violence shelters (3.08.385)
65085 Appropriation--shelters for domestic violence (Special)
65086 2001 federal community development block grant (Special)
65087 Airport revenue bonds (Special)
65088 Cable television proposal extension (Special)
65089 Blighting--5541 South Grand (Special)
65090 Blighting--Cass/North 17th/Madison/I-70/ North 9th area (Special)
65091 Blighting--2734 Sheridan (Special)
65092 Water department--assignment of easement to Howard Bend Levee District (Special)
65093 Cable television proposal extension (Special)
65094 Earnings tax--stock option exemption (5.22.090)
65095 Real property--sale of property in 600 Block of Dickson to Michael W. and Carol J. Berra (Special)
65096 Real property--sale of 1804 Benton Street to LRA (Special)
65097 Amends Ord. 65035 (Special)
65098 Real property--termination of warranty deed covenant and restrictions by BJC to 4455 Dun-can (Special)
65099 Approval for contracts for various construction projects (Special)
65100 Blighting--1050--1054 Oakview (Special)
65101 Stop sign--two-way at Partridge and Hornsby (Special)
65102 Vacation--alleys in city block 5045 (Special)
65103 Street closure--temporary Judith Court at Gasconade (Special)
65104 Street excavation program revenue (5.78.010)
65105 Marriage license fee for domestic violence (5.66.010--5.66.030)
65106 Civil case filing surcharge for domestic violence (5.53.010--5.53.030)
65107 Grant--health department for REACH program (Special)
65108 Air pollution--restrictions of emissions of visible air contaminants (Repealed by Ord. 65645)
65109 Professional service contracts for contingency contracts (3.97.020)
65110 Vacation--Third Street from Miller to Rutger (Special)
65111 Blighting--333 Washington (Special)
65112 Vacation--Scott from Jefferson (Special)
65113 Vacation--University adjoining city block 5413 (Special)
65114 TIF for Center for Emerging Technologies Redevelopment Area (Special)
65115 Authorization of bonds for Center for Emerging Technologies Redevelopment area (Special)
65116 Blighting--2838--2840 McNair (Special)
65117 Redevelopment plan--Chouteau/Compton (Special)
65118 Authorization of bonds for Chouteau/Compton redevelopment area (Special)
65119 Blighting--Papin/Kentucky/Talmage Avenue area (Special)
65120 Blighting--Tower Grove East scattered sites (Special)
65121 Voter proposition--use tax for housing and health care (Special)
65122 Parks--lease of Lucas Park (Special)
65123 Blighting--3015--3017 Magnolia (Special)
65124 Blighting--5500 West Florissant/5555 Davison area (Special)
65125 Blighting--5277 Robin/5748 Thekla (Special)
65126 Blighting--2701 Russell, 2812 and 2816 Accomac (Special)
65127 Blighting--2110 South 9th (Special)
65128 Blighting--4371 Maryland (Special)
65129 School stop sign--Delor at Newport (Special)
65130 Vacation--alleys in city blocks 2314 and 2319 (Special)
65131 Vacation--alleys in city block 3433 (Special)
65132 Use tax for affordable housing, establishment of affordable housing commission (3.59.010--3.59.040)
65133 Locust Street business district amendment to boundaries (Special)
65134 Locust Street business district tax imposition (Special)
65135 Blighting--Terry Avenue scattered sites (Special)
65136 Blighting--5201-5203 Palm and 5101-5109 Lexington (Special)
65137 Vacation--east/west alley in city blocks 3963 N&S (Special)
65138 Motorized scooter regulations (17.37.010-- 17.37.080)
65139 Airport--release of interest in land to bi-state development agency (Special)
65140 Airport--amendatory agreements (Special)
65141 Street-name change of Millbrook (Special)
65142 Parking for disabled (17.76.020, 17.76.080--17.76.100, 17.77.010)
65143 Transfer of funds into equitable relief from utility tax fund for payment of gas bills (Special)
65144 Funding for gas bills for low income families (Special)
65145 Grant for multi-jurisdictional task force (Special)
65146 Airport--building capital improvement project (Special)
65147 Airport--grant agreement ratification for federal obligation for noise mitigation at airport (Special)
65148 Airport--grant agreement ratification for federal obligation for replacement of Berkeley High School (Not codified)
65149 Airport--second amendment to master plan expansion (Special)
65150 Airport--airport revenue bonds, series 2001 (Special)
65151 Excise--prohibition of package or drink in 22nd Ward (Special)
65152 Zoning--community unit plan for Washington University Campus (Special)
65153 Parks--lease for South St. Louis Square Park (Special)
65154 Streets--temporary closing of East Gano at Blair (Special)
65155 Parks--lease of Adams Park (Special)
65156 FY 2000 local law enforcement (Special)
65157 Excise--prohibition of package or drink license in 20th and 21st Wards; repeals Ord. 64906 (Special)
65158 Grant--department of human services for multi-dimensional assistance for homeless families (Special)
65159 Excise--prohibition of package and drink licenses in 8th Ward (Special)
65160 Grant--monitoring prevalence of STD and TB infection (Special)
65161 Second supplemental appropriation (Special)
65162 Airport--public work and improvement program (Special)
65163 Airport--public work and improvement (Special)
65164 Blighting--Hyde Park scattered sites III area (Special)
65165 Blighting--Patton Avenue area (Special)
65166 Blighting--3915, 3919 and 3929 Page Blvd. redevelopment area (Special)
65167 Blighting--4743 Washington Blvd. area (Special)
65168 Blighting--Penrose/Greater Ville/O'Fallon area (Special)
65169 Blighting--919 South Skinker Blvd. area (Special)
65170 Blighting--4266 and 4272 Flad Avenue area (Special)
65171 Blighting--1536 Mississippi Avenue area (Special)
65172 Blighting--3140 Lafayette Avenue area (Special)
65173 Blighting--4708 South Broadway Street area (Special)
65174 Blighting--Manchester/McCausland/Forest area (Special)
65175 Blighting--Manchester/Ecoff/McCausland area (Special)
65176 Blighting--5401--5439 Southwest Avenue, 6645 Mitchell Avenue and 6709 Garner Avenue area (Special)
65177 Blighting--Gravois/Morganford area (Special)
65178 Blighting--4324 and 4472 Delor Street (Special)
65179 Blighting--5944 Pershing Avenue area (Special)
65180 Blighting--6186 McPherson Avenue area (Special)
65181 Blighting--4244 St. Louis Avenue area (Special)
65182 Blighting--Vaughn Apartment Annex I area (Special)
65183 Blighting--1403--1407 East Grand Blvd. and 1400 East Obear Avenue area (Special)
65184 Release of easement--book 8498, page 415 (Special)
65185 Release of easement--book 8498, page 411 (Special)
65186 Cable television--extension of expiration date (Special)
65187 Zoning--"B" two-family dwelling district in city blocks 2653, 2682, 2699, 2698, 2652, 2651, 2684, 2697 and 2727 (Special)
65188 Zoning--"A" single-family dwelling in city block 3913.01 and 3913.02 and "B" two-family in city block 3910.05 (Special)
65189 Zoning--"F" neighborhood commercial district in city block 4082 (Special)
65190 Zoning--"F" neighborhood commercial district in city block 4170.03 and "G" local commer-cial and office districts in city block 4170.03 (Special)
65191 Zoning--"F" neighborhood commercial district in city block 5415 (Special)
65192 Airport--supplemental appropriation for airport contingency fund (Special)
65193 Airport--second supplemental appropriation for airport passenger facility charge fund (Spe-cial)
65194 Certificate of value to contain street address of place of residence of grantees (5.70.020)
65195 Blighting--Chouteau/Donovan Place (Special)
65196 Use agreement with Metricom for Richochet (Special)
65197 Redevelopment plan for Tucker/Olive/Pine area (Special)
65198 Budget (Special)
65199 Street closing--temporary closing Gano at 20th (Special)
65200 Airport--Agreement between Airport and APCOA-SRP Parking V. (Special)
65201 Street closing--temporary east/west alley in city block 2114 (Special)
65202 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 504 (Special)
65203 Borrowing of funds (Special)
65204 Repeals and replaces 25.01.030, building code 112.2.13, 112.2.14, 112.3.1, 113.5, 113.5.1 (25.01)
65205 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 2314--repeals Ord. 65130 (Special)
65206 Repeals and replaces Ch. 10.04, regulation of dogs and cats (10.04)
65207 Blighting--affirming Ord. 62870 declaring Southtown area as blighted (Special)
65208 Blighting--affirming redevelopment of Southtown area as approved by Ord. 64637 (Special)
65209 Streets--temporary closing north/south alley in city block 1564 (Special)
65210 Cable television (Special)
65211 Adds Ch. 17.95, Maryland Avenue residential parking (17.95)
65212 Streets--temporary closing of Ferry at Randall Place (Special)
65213 Parking Commission--making appropriation and debt service expenses (Special)
65214 Airport--First Amendment to Washington Park Cemetery--amends Ord. 63825 (Special)
65215 Airport--shoeshine concession (Special)
65216 Airport--telecommunications and public pay telephone service concession agreement amend-ment (Special)
65217 Airport--Pilot noise mitigation (Special)
65218 50/50 Sidewalk Program (Special)
65219 South St. Louis Square Park lease (Special)
65220 Excise--package and drink licenses prohibited in 25 Ward (Special)
65221 Stop site--two-way stop at 20th and Can Street (Special)
65222 Streets--reopening of Arco at Manchester (Special)
65223 Streets--temporary closing of Clarence at Sacramento (Special)
65224 Excise--package and drink license prohibited in 1st Ward (Special)
65225 Redevelopment Plan--7114 Lindenwood (Special)
65226 Blighting--Olive/7th/Pine area (Special)
65227 Blighting--3506-3238-40 Bailey (Special)
65228 Blighting--3821-3852 and 3867 Ashland and 3834 Sullivan and 3833 Greer (Special)
65229 Blighting--3206 and 3741 Palm Street (Special)
65230 Blighting--2006 Salisbury (Special)
65231 Redevelopment Plan--130l-09 Newstead (Special)
65232 Redevelopment Plan--6619-21 Alabama (Special)
65233 Designation of honorary street names process (Special)
65234 Redevelopment Plan--6329-35 Alaska (Special)
65235 Excise--prohibition of package or drink licenses in 2nd Ward (Special)
65236 Excise--prohibition of package or drink licenses in 20th, 21st and 3rd Wards (Special)
65237 Amends 8.29.290, cable television franchise renewal (Repealed by 65431)
65238 Airport--multi-year public work and improvement program (Special)
65239 Airport--grant agreement for noise mitigation (Special)
65240 Airport--land acquisition for noise mitigation (Special)
65241 Airport--rehabilitate runway 12L/30R (Special)
65242 Airport--rehabilitate airfield lighting/electrical vault (Special)
65243 Airport--sale between city and McDonnell Douglas (Special)
65244 Airport--lease with Boeing Company (Special)
65245 Airport--lease with McDonnell Douglas (Special)
65246 Streets--Deed of vacation to Sigma Chemical (Special)
65247 Bi-State Transportation Fund Trust Fund appropriation (Special)
65248 City Public Transit Sales Trust Fund (Special)
65249 Blighting--N. Grand/Kossuth/Bailey (Special)
65250 Redevelopment plan--3539-41 Hartford (Special)
65251 Redevelopment plan--S. Grand/Juniata/ Hartford/Arkansas (Special)
65252 Redevelopment plan--3655 Shenandoah and 4154 Russell (Special)
65253 Redevelopment plan--3446 Pestaslozzi (Special)
65254 Redevelopment plan--3500 Utah (Special)
65255 Redevelopment plan--Arsenal/Hartford /Wyoming/Indiana (Special)
65256 Redevelopment plan--6430 Wise (Special)
65257 Redevelopment plan-- 1709- 1711 Lafayette (Special)
65258 Redevelopment plan--2044 Hanis (Special)
65259 Blighting--1960 E. Adelaide (Special)
65260 Redevelopment plan--2927 Hampton (Special)
65261 Redevelopment plan--2931 and 2933 Harper (Special)
65262 Redevelopment plan--1943-45 Lynch (Special)
65263 Redevelopment plan--2701 S. 10th (Special)
65264 Redevelopment plan-- 3244 Minnesota (Special)
65265 Redevelopment plan affirmed (Ord. 65173) --4708 Broadway (Special)
65266 Redevelopment plan--4227-31 California (Special)
65267 Redevelopment plan--4529 Nebraska (Special)
65268 Redevelopment plan--2344, 2346, and 2350 Rutger (Special)
65269 Redevelopment plan--1112 Olive (Special)
65270 Redevelopment plan--2112-16 Victor (Special)
65271 Redevelopment plan--330 N. Newstead (Special)
65272 Redevelopment plan--4353 McPherson (Special)
65273 Vacation--alleys in city blocks 3750 and 3751 (Special)
65274 South Grand Community Improvement District (Special)
65275 Ward Capital Improvement Account (Special)
65276 Vacation--Indiana south of Miami (Special)
65277 Vacation--Benton from Glasgow to Elliott (Special)
65278 Grand Square Special Business District rate reduction (Special)
65279 TIF Redevelopment Area--3800 Park (Special)
65280 TIF Special Allocation Fund--3800 Park (Special)
65281 TIF Redevelopment Agreement--3800 Park (Special)
65282 Cable television (Special)
65283 Extension of cable television franchise (Special)
65284 Excise--Prohibition of package or drink licenses in 27th Ward (Special)
65285 Redevelopment plan--6220 Rosebury (Special)
65286 Grant agreement--Public safety for bulletproof vests (Special)
65287 Amends 15.42.130, nuisances--special assessments and liens to recover costs (15.42)
65288 Real property sale of Dutchtown South 3539 Wisconsin (Special)
65289 Redevelopment plan--4543 East of 4555 Page and 4601-13 Newberry Terrace (Special)
65290 Redevelopment plan--5770 Waterman (Special)
65291 Ellenwood Subdivision Improvement District (Special)
65292 Redevelopment plan--Adams Park school and area (Special)
65293 Excise--prohibition of package or drink licenses in 1st and 20th wards (Special)
65294 Redevelopment plan--3639 College (Special)
65295 Redevelopment plan--366 N. Grand (Special)
65296 Redevelopment plan--2101-33 East Prairie and 3811 West Florissant (Special)
65297 Redevelopment plan--3827 Ashland (Special)
65298 Redevelopment plan--1448 Adelaide (Special)
65299 Adds 17.72.030, reserve parking for police vehicles on Bingham Street (17.72)
65300 Vacation--Wright Street at North Broadway (Special)
65301 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 271 (Special)
65302 Vacation--18th Street at Madison (Special)
65303 Vacation--air rights above Walnut between 11th and Tucker (Special)
65304 Vacation--First Street at Biddle (Special)
65305 Amends 17.16.300, blood alcohol content reduction (17.16)
65306 Adds Ch. 17.97, parking around Mel Carnahan Courthouse (17.97)
65307 Blighting--1911-23 East College (Special)
65308 St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation down payment assistance (Special)
65309 Amends 20.26.240, sidewalks--repair of damage caused by trees (20.26)
65310 Waterworks systems installation and repairs (Special)
65311 Airport--Grant agreement for project 3-29-0085-47 (Special)
65312 License agreement for Torch Relay Services for Olympics (Special)
65313 Easement--with AmerenUE in city block 480 (Special)
65314 Cable Television renewal response deadline (Special)
65315 2002 Block Grant (Special)
65316 Redevelopment Plan-- 3129 Ohio (Special)
65317 Redevelopment Plan--2921 and 2925 Michigan (Special)
65318 Redevelopment Plan-- 1918-24 Cherokee (Special)
65319 Redevelopment Plan--3457 Arsenal (Special)
65320 Redevelopment Plan--2911 S. Compton (Special)
65321 Redevelopment Plan--California/lowa/ Oregon/Halliday/Humphrey Area (Special)
65322 Redevelopment Plan--2648 Russell (Special)
65323 Redevelopment Plan--1110 Allen (Special)
65324 Landmark designation--Feasting Fox/Al Smith's Restaurant (Special)
65325 Redevelopment plan--400 S. 14th St. (Special)
65326 Redevelopment Plan--1100 Locust/1101 Olive (Special)
65327 Redevelopment Plan--1939 Arsenal (Special)
65328 Redevelopment Plan--2018 Cherokee (Special)
65329 Redevelopment Plan--2836 Missouri (Special)
65330 Redevelopment Plan--312 N. 8th (Special)
65331 Redevelopment Plan--2404, 2404 Rear and 2406 Menard (Special)
65332 Redevelopment Plan--1213 Allen Market Lane (Special)
65333 Redevelopment Plan--4203 Shenandoah (Special)
65334 Redevelopment Plan--900 Allen (Special)
65335 Real estate--sale to Jones Company Custom Homes Inc.--14845 Olive (Special)
65336 Grant--Department of Justice (Special)
65337 Grant--Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (Special)
65338 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 2320 (Special)
65339 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 2313 (Special)
65340 Vacation--Gratiot from 21st Street (Special)
65341 Vacation--Tennessee south of Schirmer to alley (Special)
65342 Vacation--Schirmer west of Tennessee (Special)
65343 Vacation--alley at Primm to I-55 (Special)
65344 Vacation--Grand Boulevard at Schirmer to alley in city block 3106 (Special)
65345 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 3106 (Special)
65346 Vacation--Oleatha at Morganford and railroad (Special)
65347 Street vending prohibition in 4th Ward (Special)
65348 Streets--two-way stop at Compton and Juniata (Special)
65349 Street closing--Missouri at Broadaway (Special)
65350 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 274 (Special)
65351 Adds 17.40.040, construction zone moving violations (17.40)
65352 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 3404 (Special)
65353 Vacation--north/south alley and east/west alley in city block 2311 (Special)
65354 Amends 18.08.0303, representation on city airport commission (18.08)
65355 Airport--grant for land acquisition (Special)
65356 Airport--grant for redevelopment of surplus airport (Special)
65357 Airport--grant for preparation or development of a terminal area plan (Special)
65358 Airport--grant for environmental analysis of midfield terminal and runway extension (Spe-cial)
65359 Airport--MII Projects Amendment (Special)
65360 Streets--loan for lights (Special)
65361 Redevelopment plan--Gravois Plaza Redevelopment Area (Special)
65362 Redevelopment plan--affirming adoption of Plan for Gravois Plaza (Special)
65363 Streets--closing of Lucille at Mimika (Special)
65364 Redevelopment plan--7801 South Broadway (Special)
65365 Redevelopment plan--4461 Enright (Special)
65366 Redevelopment plan--3939 Shenandoah Avenue (Special)
65367 Redevelopment plan--Tower Grove/Swan Avenue (Special)
65368 Redevelopment plan--5955 and 5744-50 Pershing, 6031 Westminster and 6012 Washington (Special)
65369 Redevelopment plan--W. Florissant/Moraine/ Carrie/Red Bud (Special)
65370 Redevelopment plan--4950 Columbia (Special)
65371 Redevelopment plan--2331-41 Menard (Special)
65372 Redevelopment plan--2519 S. 12th Street (Special)
65373 Redevelopment plan--N. 7th St./Convention Plaza/N. 6th St./Locust (Special)
65374 Redevelopment plan--4310-16 North Florissant (Special)
65375 Redevelopment plan--5145 Shaw/1822 Marconi (Special)
65376 Preservation Review Districts--added Review District Twenty-One (Special)
65377 Amends Ch. 2.12, establishes new ward boundaries (2. 12)
65378 Redevelopment area--4100 Forest Park Redevelopment Area (Special)
65379 Redevelopment area--tax increment revenue notes Forest Park Development (Special)
65380 Redevelopment plan--Lafayette Square Historic District (Special)
65381 Redevelopment plan--6977-85 Chippewa (Special)
65382 Streets--reopening Randall at Ferry (Special)
65383 Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement--Ellenwood Subdivision Neighborhood Improve-ment District (Special)
65384 Airport--supplemental appropriation (Special)
65385 Grant agreement--Health Department STD Surveillance (Special)
65386 Grant agreement--Human Services MORE Services (Special)
65387 Real property--sale to Lite of Jericho 5419 and 5433 St. Louis Ave. (Special)
65388 Redevelopment plan--N. Florissant/N. Market/Hadley/ Warren (Special)
65389 Vacation--Hall Street from Angelica to Breman and north/south alley in city block 1224 (Special)
65390 Redevelopment plan--3325-27 Magnolia (Special)
65391 Redevelopment plan--1412 Hebert Street (Special)
65392 Vacation--Prescott, Morin, Campbell, north/south alley in city block 3495, and north/south alley in city block 3480 (Special)
65393 Redevelopment plan--3505 Shenandoah and 2327 Tennessee (Special)
65394 Vacation--Dekalb, north/south alley in city block 1779 (Special)
65395 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 1783 and north/south alley in city block 1788 (Spe-cial)
65396 Vacation--Dekalb, Zepp and north/south alley in city block 1789-E-W (Special)
65397 Vacation--Zepp and north/south alley in city block 1781 and north/south alley in city block 1790 (Special)
65398 Vacation--Elmbank, Greer, Darby (Special)
65399 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 5679 (Special)
65400 Vacation--Spring south of Washington (Special)
65401 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 3928 (Special)
65402 Cable television (Special)
65403 Treasurer--issuance of Parking Revenue Bonds (Special)
65404 Vacation--alleys in city block 3946 (Special)
65405 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 5782 (Special)
65406 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 3965 (Special)
65407 Parks--grant for Gamble Recreation Center (Special)
65408 Transfer of funds for 555 Washington (Special)
65409 Parks--Cooperation Agreement for hatcheries (Special)
65410 Airport--agreement with Huntleigh Transportation (Special)
65411 Airport--noise management appropriation (Special)
65412 Redevelopment plan--3824 Juniata Street (Special)
65413 Blighting--S. Broadway/Lemp/Osceola (Special)
65414 Blighting--3427 Pennsylvania Ave. (Special)
65415 Compensation for military duty (Special)
65416 Redevelopment plan--3701 Lindell, 3718 and 3730 Westminster (Special)
65417 Amends Art. XVIII, 1, of City Charter, proposition to voters--changes definition of "ex-cepted position" (Charter, Art. XVIII)
65418 Amends Art. XVIII, 6, of City Charter, proposition to voters--salary of civil service com-missioners (Charter, Art. XVIII)
65419 Redevelopment plan--3832 Blair and 1436 Bremen (Special)
65420 Repeals and replaces Ch. 26.74, floodplain area (26.74)
65421 Redevelopment plan--Manchester/Mitchell (Special)
65422 Redevelopment plan--Gravois Plaza (Special)
65423 TIF--Gravois Plaza (Special)
65424 Redevelopment plan--Tech Electronics Manchester/Dale (Special)
65425 Redevelopment agreement--Tech Electronics (Special)
65426 TIF--Tech Electronics (Special)
65427 Appropriation--Affordable Housing Commission (Special)
65428 Vacation--Ninth between St. Charles and Washington (Special)
65429 Vacation--alley in city blocks 3138--3107 and 3106 (Special)
65430 Repeals and replaces Ch. 8.29A, cable TV consumer practices and relations (8.29A)
65431 Repeals and replaces Ch. 8.29, granting of cable TV franchises (8.29)
65432 Settlement agreement with St. Louis Tele-Communications, Inc. (Special)
65433 Adds new Ch. 8.29B, cable TV franchise renewal to St. Louis Tele-Communications, Inc. (8.29B)
65434 Adds new Ch. 8.29C, broadband internet access (8.29C)
65435 Animal Protection Facility and Restoration Fund (Special)
65436 Amends Art. XVIII, 3, of City Charter, proposition--Charter amendment for Article XVIII (Charter, Art. XVIII)
65437 Appropriation--$100,000.00 from Health Care Trust Fund (Special)
65438 Adds 3.08.390--3.08.400, court cost increase of $5.00 for courthouse improvements (3.08)
65439 Real property lease to Luepkers in city block 1552 (Special)
65440 Appropriation--$150,000.00 from Healthcare Trust Fund for victims of domestic violence (Special)
65441 Blighting--Samuel McRee and Midtown Medical Center (Special)
65442 Adds Ch. 11.35, asbestos inspectors permit (Repealed by Ord. 65646)
65443 Redevelopment plan--MLK Plaza (Special)
65444 Redevelopment plan--MLK Plaza developers (Special)
65445 Redevelopment plan--Syndicate Trust/ Century (Special)
65446 Carnahan Courthouse renovations bonds (Special)
65447 Ballpark funding (Special)
65448 Repeals and replaces 11.24.250, air pollution fees (Repealed by Ord. 65645)
65449 Real property--quitclaim deed to LCRA for Bohemian Hill (Special)
65450 Real property--quitclaim deed to LCRA for 1720-22 S. 14th St. and 1726-30 S. 14th St. (Spe-cial)
65451 Real property--quitclaim deed to Soulard Housing Corp. for 2312 S. 18th St. (Special)
65452 Redevelopment plan--4539 and 4555 Wichita (Special)
65453 Redevelopment plan--2113 E. Adelaide (Special)
65454 Redevelopment plan--116-120 E. Poepping (Special)
65455 Redevelopment plan--4300-14, 4322-30, 4346-48, 4313-17, 4321-35, 4339, 4347-53 Prairie Ave. (Special)
65456 Redevelopment plan--5350-5428 Delmar Blvd. (Special)
65457 Redevelopment plan--4440-48 Olive St. (Special)
65458 Redevelopment plan--1925-33 Arsenal and 3022 Salena St. (Special)
65459 Redevelopment plan--6651 Dale Ave. (Special)
65460 Redevelopment plan--1900-04 Arsenal St. and 3101-05 Lemp Ave. (Special)
65461 Redevelopment plan--2720, 2733, 2822 and 2826 Wyoming St. and 2650 Arsenal St. and Wyoming Street and 2650 Arsenal St. and 3100 Ohio Ave. (Special)
65462 Redevelopment plan--3905 Utah St. and 3801 Wyoming St. (Special)
65463 Redevelopment plan--3318-24 Roger Place (Special)
65464 Redevelopment plan--2030 Victor Street (Special)
65465 Redevelopment plan--1915 S. 12th St. (Special)
65466 Redevelopment plan--1831 Sidney St. (Special)
65467 Redevelopment plan--Lexington/Carter/Fair (Special)
65468 Redevelopment plan--2711 Tennessee Ave. (Special)
65469 Redevelopment plan--2709-21 Locust St. and 2701 Washington Blvd. (Special)
65470 Redevelopment plan--3815 Wilmington Ave. (Special)
65471 Redevelopment plan--6421 Lloyd Ave. (Special)
65472 Redevelopment plan--514 and 601-617 Holly Hills (Special)
65473 Streets--closing Cadet at Kingshighway and Wichita (Special)
65474 Vacation--alley in city block 5592 (Special)
65475 Vacation--Parkview Place from Euclid (Special)
65476 Vacation--East College in city block 3399 (Special)
65477 Vacation--Tara Lane beginning at Goodfellow (Special)
65478 Vacation--street located in city block 3884, being a part of Buckingham Court (Special)
65479 Director of Public Safety--Agreements for the purpose of providing ride-along services as clinical experience (Special)
65480 Forest Park Improvements projects (Special)
65481 Amends 25.01.030, Building Code Section 119.1 (notice of condemnation for manufacture or storage of methamphetamine) (25.01)
65482 Adds 11.60.230--11.60.260, premises unlawfully used for controlled substances (11.60)
65483 Adds Ch. 15.135, projectile weapons (15.135)
65484 Grant for the FY 2001 "Drug Free Communities Support Program" (Special)
65485 Redevelopment plan for Salisbury St., N. Florissant Ave., Palm St., 23rd St. and 25th (Spe-cial)
65486 Tax Increment Revenue Notes (MLK Plaza Redevelopment Project) (Special)
65487 Redevelopment plan--1206 Allen Avenue (Special)
65488 Health Commissioner--Immunize the general public against certain diseases (Special)
65489 Loop East Community Improvement District (Special)
65490 Fire Department--mutual emergency and fire protection services in the State of Illinois (Spe-cial)
65491 Streets--closing on Dodier at the east curb line of Spring Ave. (Special)
65492 Agreement with St. Louis ConnectCare (Special)
65493 Street construction--N. Kingshighway and Bircher (Special)
65494 Speed regulation--Kingshighway between Lillian and West Florissant (Special)
65495 Redevelopment plan--1234-36 S. Vandeventer (Special)
65496 Redevelopment plan--4360 Olive (Special)
65497 Redevelopment plan--4924 Odell (Special)
65498 Redevelopment plan--Southside Improvement Corporation (Special)
65499 Housing Conservation District--portion of Hyde Park in 3rd Ward (Repealed by 67914)
65500 Budget (Special)
65501 Airport--Third Amendment of Master Plan Expansion (Special)
65502 Vacation--Kingsbury Square East (Special)
65503 Vacation--east/west alley in City Block 182, Olive, 7th, Pine, and 8th (Special)
65504 ConnectCare appropriation (Special)
65505 Lambert Airport--multi-year public work program (Special)
65506 Vacation--east/west alley in City Block 206S, Walnut, 11th Clark and Tucker (Special)
65507 Unimproved Public Wharf--lease to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Special)
65508 Establishment of Gardenside Subdivision Business District (Special)
65509 Submitting tax for Gardenside Special District (Special)
65510 Borrowing of funds for fiscal year (Special)
65511 Real property--sale to USA (Special)
65512 Health department grant--March of Dimes Access Prevention for Women at Risk (Special)
65513 Tax Increment Revenue for Cupples Station Redevelopment Project (Special)
65514 Health department grant--MINACT/St. Louis Job Corp. (Special)
65515 Real property--sale by Treasurer to Forest Park Garage, L.L.C. (Special)
65516 Appropriation to Grand Center, Inc. (Special)
65517 Repeals and replaces 4.34.010, recorder of deeds pay plan (4.34.010--4.34.090)
65518 Parking division pay plan (4.30.010--4.30.024)
65519 Treasurers office pay plan (4.26.015--4.26.023, 4.26.040--4.26.060)
65520 Collector of revenue's office pay plan; repeals Ord. 64945 (4.44.010--4.44.060)
65521 Classified service pay plan; repeals and replaces Ord. 64954 Sections 1, 2, 9, and 16 (4.10.010--4.10.160)
65522 License collector's office pay plan (4.28.010--4.28.100)
65523 Circuit attorney's office pay plan (4.48.010--4.48.050, 4.48.070)
65524 Medical examiner's office pay plan (4.10.010--4.10.270)
65525 Sheriff's office pay plan (4.36.010--4.36.068, 4.36.080--4.36.110)
65526 Redevelopment plan--1914-26 Salisbury and 1915-21 Mallinckrodt (Special)
65527 Redevelopment plan--4200 Laclede (Special)
65528 Redevelopment agreement--4200 Laclede (Special)
65529 Revenue notes--4200 Laclede (Special)
65530 Ellenwood Subdivision--special assessment (Special)
65531 Redevelopment plan--Mullanphy Place III (Special)
65532 Vacation--Rutger for north/south alley (Special)
65533 Redevelopment plan--3022 Cherokee Street (Special)
65534 Redevelopment plan--1000 Locust/315 N. 10th/1001-05 Olive (Special)
65535 Redevelopment plan--6427 Chippewa (Special)
65536 St. Louis Works/50/50 Sidewalk Program (Special)
65537 Health Care Trust Fund--appropriation (Special)
65538 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 1599 and Gravois, and Grace for Walgreens (Special)
65539 Redevelopment plan--4158 and 4414 West Pine (Special)
65540 Redevelopment plan--4531-65 Forest Park Ave. (Special)
65541 Repeals and replaces 2, Ord. 64923, firefighter's retirement system (4.18.386)
65542 Designates--Janet B. Wood Park (22.44.375)
65543 Redevelopment plan--3701 Texas (Special)
65544 Agreement--Downtown St. Louis Partnership Community Improvement District for down-town court (Special)
65545 Redevelopment plan--3946 Papin (Special)
65546 Redevelopment plan--1929 Bremen, 3901-11 and 3914-24 N. 20th Street (Special)
65547 Redevelopment plan--1400 Burd (Special)
65548 Designates--William L. Clay, Sr. Sculpture Park (22.44.376)
65549 Designates--Loretta Lee Hall Park (22.44.377)
65550 Redevelopment plan--4141 West Pine (Special)
65551 Redevelopment plan--3641-43 and 3906 Shenandoah, 4222 Russell Blvd. (Special)
65552 Redevelopment plan--3743-45 California (Special)
65553 Redevelopment plan--1621-27 S. 9th Street (Special)
65554 Redevelopment plan--2304-06 Russell (Special)
65555 Redevelopment plan--3972 Hartford/3150 Roger Place (Special)
65556 Redevelopment plan--3618 McDonald (Special)
65557 Petition for Grand Center Community Improvement District (Special)
65558 Redevelopment plan--4901 Washington/615 N. Euclid (Special)
65559 Blighting--Patton Ave. Area, see ordinance 65156 (Special)
65560 Grant--Fire Chief for firefighting equipment (Special)
65561 Operation Impact--former employees (Special)
65562 Parking Commission--abolition of right to levy parking fee on certain streets new Barnes-Jewish Hospital (Special)
65563 Central West End Historic District--extension of boundaries (Special)
65564 BPS--supplemental agreements with MODOT (Special)
65565 Parking Commission--appropriation for payment of operating expense (Special)
65566 Vacation--sidewalk at Vandeventer/Kentucky, Talmage and Manchester (Special)
65567 Adds Ch. 11.79, swimming pool regulations (11.79)
65568 Vacation--Laclede from Compton to Grand (Special)
65569 Vacation--City block 1038 as bounded by Delmar, Compton, Sam Shepard, and Leonard (Special)
65570 Vacation--City block 2091--Shenandoah, Ohio, Victor, and California (FOX Park) (Special)
65571 Vacation--City block 442--Papin, 13th, Chouteau and 14th (Special)
65572 Alley--opening in city block 5313-S, and condemnation (Special)
65573 BPS--construction of Lindell Blvd. Lighting (Special)
65574 Streets--closing of alley in City Block 1654 at curbline of Broadway (Special)
65575 Development plan--500-30, 538-64 DeBalivere and 5685-61 Kingsbury (Special)
65576 Voter proposition--vacancies in civil service, Charter Art. XVIII (Failed)
65577 Real property--sale to Gilded Age Renovation 2050R Lafayette (Special)
65578 Voter proposition--qualifications of Director of Health and Hospitals (Charter Art. XIII)
65579 Voter proposition--increase in fines, Charter Art. IV Section 24 (Failed)
65580 Redevelopment area--Old Post Office (Special)
65581 Redevelopment plan--1806-10 Crittenden (Special)
65582 Redevelopment plan--3144 and 3148-56 Shenandoah and 2302-06 S. Compton (Special)
65583 Redevelopment area--20th St. and Washington Ave. (Special)
65584 Redevelopment plan--2401 S. 12th St. (Special)
65585 Redevelopment plan--1009 Olive St. (Special)
65586 Redevelopment plan--1919 Ann Ave. (Special)
65587 Redevelopment plan--3265-67 Roger Place (Special)
65588 Redevelopment plan--4066 Botanical Ave. (Special)
65589 Redevelopment plan--1432 Francis Street (Special)
65590 Redevelopment plan--2025 Arsenal Street (Special)
65591 Vacation--city block 5415 (Special)
65592 Redevelopment plan--3153 Portis Ave. (Special)
65593 Appropriation--$108,333 (Special)
65594 Redevelopment plan--3960 Duncan Ave. (Special)
65595 Appropriation--from Transportation Trust Fund to Bi-State (Special)
65596 Vacation Gasconade from Broadway to Ohio (Special)
65597 Repeals and replaces Ord. 65045, living wage (3.99)
65598 Vacation--City Block west line of alley in City blocks 3049 and 3086; and Reilly (Special)
65599 Adds new Ch. 17.98, parking of medical examiners' vehicles (17.98)
65600 Redevelopment plan--Gravois/Loughborough/Quincy Redevelopment (Special)
65601 Vacate City Block 3966-N (Special)
65602 Vacate alley in City Block 4781 (Special)
65603 Vacate Cadet beginning at Kingshighway (Special)
65604 Transportation Sales Tax--deposit funds received pursuant to said sales tax into the City Pub-lic Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund (Special)
65605 Redevelopment area--1505 Mo. TIF Redevelopment plan (Special)
65606 Redevelopment Agreement with Gilded Age Renovation, LLC, known as the 1505 Mo. TIF Redevelopment Plan (Special)
65607 Tax Increment Revenue Notes (1505 Missouri TIF Redevelopment Project) (Special)
65608 Garrison/Brantner/Webster Park--a lease (Special)
65609 Repeals and replaces Ord. 65132, Section 1, city use tax (3.59.010)
65610 Agreement for solid waste disposal services (Special)
65611 Seventh Street as "Jack Buck Way" (Special)
65612 Ward Capital Improvements (Special)
65613 Appropriation of the quarter-cent sales tax levied for public mass transportation purposes (Special)
65614 Forest Park lease to Forest Park Forever, Inc. (Special)
65615 Airport grant agreement--Federal Aviation Administration of the Dept. of Transportation (Special)
65616 Airport--Lambert International Concession Agreement for the Ground Transportation Con-cession--GEM Transportation (Special)
65617 Airport--City Air Cargo Services, Temporary and Non-Exclusive Easement Agreement (Special)
65618 Airport Revenue Bonds (Special)
65619 Airport grant agreement for Project Number 3-29-0085-68-2002 (Special)
65620 Airport grant for Project Number 3-29-0085-70-2002 (Special)
65621 Airport grant for Project Number 3-29-0085-71-2002 (Special)
65622 Airport grant for Project Number 3-29-0085-72-2002 (Special)
65623 Airport Concession Agreement--Central Carts (Special)
65624 Airport Lease--Gate Gourmet, Inc. (Special)
65625 Airport Building Project Public Works (Special)
65626 Airport Airfield Projects Public Works (Special)
65627 Airport--Appropriation from the sub-account of the Series 2002 Airport Construction Account in the Construction fund (Special)
65628 Redevelopment plan--1849 Cass (Special)
65629 Redevelopment plan--2754 Meramec (Special)
65630 Redevelopment plan--3124 Lemp (Special)
65631 Redevelopment plan--3840 Humphrey (Special)
65632 Redevelopment plan--3750 Washington (Special)
65633 Redevelopment plan--1800-08 Kennett Place and 1801-03 Lafayette (Special)
65634 Redevelopment plan--5426-52 and 5461-71 Robin (Special)
65635 Redevelopment plan--3839 Fairview (Special)
65636 Redevelopment plan--3010 Salena (Special)
65637 Redevelopment plan--3534 Halliday (Special)
65638 Redevelopment plan--3668 Shaw (Special)
65639 Redevelopment plan--2707-11 S. 12th Street (Special)
65640 Conservation district--2nd Ward designation (Repealed by 67914)
65641 Redevelopment plan--6238-48 Sunshine Drive (Special)
65642 Blighting--1933 Edwards (Special)
65643 Redevelopment plan--2101 S. Jefferson (Special)
65644 Streets--honorarily name Clara Ave. as Congressman William L. Clay, Sr. Drive (Special)
65645 Repeals and replaces Ords. 64749, 65108, and 65448, air pollution regulations (11.34.010--11.34.290)
65646 Repeals and replaces Ord. 65442, asbestos inspectors (11.35)
65647 Grant--to fund Regional Public Health Emergency Planning and Preparedness (Special)
65648 Vacation--Wyoming from Broadway to Ninth (Special)
65649 Vacation--Seventh from Arsenal to Wyoming (Special)
65650 Vacation--Dorcas from Broadway to Busch (Special)
65651 Vacation--Second Street from Dorcas to Lynch (Special)
65652 Vacation--Ninth from Lynch southwardly (Special)
65653 Vacation--Busch from Arsenal to Lynch (Special)
65654 Vacation--City block 998, Stoddard, Leffingwell, Cole, Martin Luther King Dr. and Glasgow (Special)
65655 Grant--lead-based paint hazard control (Special)
65656 Revising legal description in Ordinance 65392 (Special)
65657 Revising legal description in Ordinance 65389 (Special)
65658 Vacation--Evans from Dr. Martin Luther King to Spring and alley in City Block 1862 (Spe-cial)
65659 Real estate--sale to Thayer Aerospace 1254R Vandeventer city block 5006 (Special)
65660 Grant--Records Management for Board of Election Commissioner (Special)
65661 Grant--Records Management for Register's Office (Special)
65662 Vacation--city block 6260 alleys (Special)
65663 Airport--grant for rehabilitation of runway/airfield lighting (Special)
65664 Airport--preferential use space for Continental Airlines (Special)
65665 Treasurer--lease with Park East L.L.C. city block 3884 (Special)
65666 Employees Retirement System--medical coverage (Special)
65667 Vacation--Ashland to Semplem (Special)
65668 Redevelopment plan--South Downtown (Special)
65669 Amends 8.08.010, entertainment license tax (8.08.010)
65670 Vacation--Kimberly from Ashland to Greer (Special)
65671 Jack Buck statue--landmark (Special)
65672 Streets--temporarily closing on 23rd at Mallinckrodt (Special)
65673 Repeals and replaces 3.59.030(F), affordable housing commission (3.59.030 F)
65674 Redevelopment plan--Destrehan St., Blair, Buchanan St. 14th Street (Special)
65675 Forest Park--Lease for ferris wheel (Repealed by 66253)
65676 Federal Block Grant funding (Special)
65677 Zoning--change to "K" parcels in blocks 6507 and 6508 and Cutlot 102 (Special)
65678 Blighting--3915, 3919, and 3929 Page--affirmed Ordinance 65166 (Special)
65679 Redevelopment plan--5301 Pennsylvania (Special)
65680 Redevelopment plan--3182 Alfred (Special)
65681 Redevelopment plan--3101 Cherokee (Special)
65682 Redevelopment plan--3314 California (Special)
65683 Redevelopment plan--6186 Kinsbury (Special)
65684 Redevelopment plan--5833 Pershing (Special)
65685 Redevelopment plan--4939 Reber and 4921 Columbia (Special)
65686 Redevelopment plan--3129 Lackland (Special)
65687 Redevelopment plan--2026 Sidney (Special)
65688 Redevelopment plan--1909 Lynch (Special)
65689 Redevelopment plan--2701 Wyoming, 2728 Texas and 3128 Ohio (Special)
65690 Redevelopment plan--6501 Nashville and 6759 Garner (Special)
65691 Redevelopment plan--2020 S. 11th and 1015 Allen (Special)
65692 Redevelopment plan--909-11 Victor (Special)
65693 Redevelopment plan--3849 McDonald (Special)
65694 Redevelopment plan--6145 Colorado (Special)
65695 Redevelopment plan--6501 Nashville and 6759 Garner (Special)
65696 Vacation--Newstead in city block 3613 (Special)
65697 Legal description change--north-south alley in city block 5313 (Special)
65698 Streets--names of streets in O'Fallon Park (Special)
65699 Streets--rename Ridgewood to Aboussie Place (Special)
65700 Amends 15.50.030, noise--Laclede's Landing (15.50.030)
65701 Regulation of Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators (Special)
65702 Grant--Public Safety and Bureau of Justice Assistance for bulletproof vests (Special)
65703 Redevelopment plan--Grand Center (Special)
65704 Airport--multi-year public work program (Special)
65705 Various public work projects--traffic signal optimization, Riverview, Jefferson, Delor, Dr. Martin Luther King, Tower Grove (Special)
65706 Airport--grant (Special)
65707 Airport--grant (Special)
65708 Amends 3.02.070, city contracts--certification of taxes (3.02.070)
65709 Adds Ch. 6.17, city contracts--certification of non-debarment (6.17)
65710 Adds Ch. 4.05, travel reports required for elected officials (4.05)
65711 Voter proposition--increase of purchases from $500.00 to $5,000.00 (Charter Art. XV 29)
65712 Adds 25.56.090(D)(1) and (2), certificate of inspections required for condemned property in housing conservation districts (25.56.090)
65713 Voter proposition--East Loop Parkview Gardens Special Business District (Special)
65714 Voter proposition--East Loop Parkview Gardens Special Business District (Special)
65715 Tax Increment Revenue Notes (114101151 South Seventh) (Special)
65716 Affordable Housing Commission--appropriation (Special)
65717 Redevelopment plan--Project Area Number 1 (Special)
65718 Redevelopment plan--Paul Brown/Arcade (Special)
65719 Redevelopment plan agreement--Paul Brown (Special)
65720 TIF Revenue Notes--Paul Brown (Special)
65721 Redevelopment plan--Delmar/Lake Redevelopment (Special)
65722 Redevelopment plan--4052 and 4171-75 Castleman, 3911 and 4130 Shenandoah, 4203 Rus-sell (Special)
65723 Redevelopment plan--JVL Renaissance (Special)
65724 Redevelopment plan--1141-1151 South Seventh (Special)
65725 Real estate--sale of 1526 Mallinckrodt to Otis D. and Deborah C. Woodard (Special)
65726 Real estate--sale of 5277 Robin to Riverview--West Florissant Housing Development Corp. (Special)
65727 Ellenwood Subdivision Neighborhood Improvement District--plans and specifications (Spe-cial)
65728 Redevelopment plan--3900-4736 and 4101-4739 Natural Bridge (Special)
65729 Redevelopment plan--4406 Arsenal (Special)
65730 East Loop Parkview Gardens Business District--changing boundaries (Special)
65731 Tax increment financing--Walter Knoll Florist Redevelopment (Special)
65732 Voter submission--bond issue for airport (Special)
65733 Real estate--exchange of Columbia Bottoms with Conservation Commission (Special)
65734 DROP Program--interest rate (Special)
65735 Scottish Rite Cathedral Preservation property (Special)
65736 Redevelopment plan--Walter Knoll Florist TIF (Special)
65737 Redevelopment plan--Walter Knoll Florist (Special)
65738 Redevelopment plan--7001-17 Pennsylvania and 210 Quincy (Special)
65739 Blighting--408 Olive and 400 Washington (Special)
65740 Redevelopment plan--North Broadway St., Angelica St., N. 9th and Salisbury (Special)
65741 Redevelopment plan--Chippewa St./Clifton Ave/Bancroft/Hampton (Special)
65742 Redevelopment plan--3713-25 N. 20th Street (Special)
65743 Fourth Ward Housing Conservation District (Repealed by 67914)
65744 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--$2,444,400 (Special)
65745 Redevelopment plan--Louderman, LLC. (Special)
65746 Redevelopment plan--Louderman Building (Special)
65747 Tax Increment Notes--920 Olive/1000 Locust (Special)
65748 Redevelopment plan--920 Olive/1000 Locust (Special)
65749 Redevelopment plan (Special)
65750 Redevelopment plan--2654 Pestalozzi (Special)
65751 Redevelopment plan--1033 and 1037 Baden, 1049 R Bittner and 8548 Trafford Lane (Special)
65752 Redevelopment plan--5038 Miami (Special)
65753 Redevelopment plan--5422 Reber (Special)
65754 Redevelopment plan--2737 Potomac (Special)
65755 Redevelopment plan--4227 Cleveland and 4211 Russell (Special)
65756 Redevelopment plan--2714 Russell, 2738 and 2742-44 Armand and 3530 Juniata (Special)
65757 Redevelopment plan--2911 Nebraska and 3500 Halliday (Special)
65758 Redevelopment plan--4419 S. Grand (Special)
65759 Redevelopment plan--3309 Magnolia (Special)
65760 Redevelopment plan--2150 Lafayette (Special)
65761 Redevelopment plan--3424 Spring/3847 N. Utah (Special)
65762 Blighting--3109 Rauschenbach (Special)
65763 Repeals and replaces 26.84.010, board of adjustment--qualifications of members (26.84.010)
65764 Leasehold Revenue Refunding Bonds (Special)
65765 Comptroller--funding for educational purposes (Special)
65766 Vacation--alley in city block 151 (Special)
65767 Parking--Carnahan Courthouse (Special)
65768 McPherson Avenue Residential Parking District (Special)
65769 Vacation--Scott from Euclid (Special)
65770 Vacation--alleys in city block 3990 (Special)
65771 Airport--Revenue Refunding Bonds (Special)
65772 Soulard Special Business District--tax levy (Special)
65773 Soulard Special Business District--tax levy (Special)
65774 Amends Ch. 4.07, conflict of interest requirements (4.07)
65775 Redevelopment plan--4360-72 Lindell (Special)
65776 Redevelopment plan--2-32 N. Boyle (Special)
65777 Grant--Fire Department for fire prevention program (Special)
65778 Vacation--Harper from Grand eastwardly (Special)
65779 Adds 3.08.392, court costs--additional twenty dollars (3.08.392)
65780 Streets--honorarily designate 5400 Elizabeth to Hall of Fame Place (Special)
65781 Real estate--exchange with Port, LRA and Terminal Railroad (Special)
65782 Appropriation from Equitable Relief From Utility Tax Fund (Special)
65783 Adds 20.26.291, interest from special revolving fund account (20.26.291)
65784 Grant--Fire Commissioner to fund fire safety program (Special)
65785 FY2002-2004 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (Special)
65786 Use tax appropriations (Special)
65787 Euclid/Laclede Community Improvement District petition approved (Special)
65788 Ellenwood Subdivision Neighborhood contract approval (Special)
65789 Streets--temporarily close Hartford at Louisiana (Special)
65790 Repeals and replaces 26.68.180, prohibition of posting signs (26.68.180)
65791 Vacation--Euclid and Children's Place (Special)
65792 Vacation--air rights Euclid along Children's Place (Special)
65793 Streets--designation of a portion of 23rd Street as Cassell Williams Court (Special)
65794 Vacation--Dodier from North Grand to Spring (Special)
65795 Vacation--Aubert Avenue from Page to Martin Luther King and east/west alley and north south alley in city block 3786 (Special)
65796 2003 St. Louis Works and 50/50 Sidewalk Program (Special)
65797 Stop site--four way stop at Page and Bayard (Special)
65798 Adds Ch. 3.43, information technology services agency (3.43)
65799 Amends 11.18.060, litter--requirement of drive-in restaurants (11.18.060)
65800 Violation of Neighborhood Order of Protection (Special)
65801 Repeals 11.62.010, 11.62.090, and 11.62.150, disposition permits of dead bodies (11.62)
65802 Adds new Ch. 11.75, Ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine (11.75)
65803 Redevelopment plan--amendment of Pierce Arrow Redevelopment Corporation (Special)
65804 Zoning--change to "F" in city block 5233 (Special)
65805 Appropriation from Airport Contingency Fund (Special)
65806 Grants--Parks, Recreation and Forestry with National Park Service for Chambers Park Reha-bilitation (Special)
65807 Real property--Quit-claim deed with Bi-State (Special)
65808 Real property--Quit-claim deed with Bi-State (Special)
65809 Vacation--air rights above St. Charles between 10th and 11th (Special)
65810 Zoning--change to "J" in city block 461 (Special)
65811 Agreement--with American Red Cross for disaster relief (Special)
65812 Repeals and replaces 11.04.110, public nuisances--collection of costs for abatement (11.04.110)
65813 Contract--remediation of storage tanks at Chain of Rocks and Howard Bend (Special)
65814 Contract--extension and improvement of Water Works (Special)
65815 Amends 23.04.075, increase in surcharge on water bills (23.04.075)
65816 Easement--MSD (Special)
65817 Easement--MSD (Special)
65818 Repeals and replaces 15.34.010, 15.34.020, 15.34.030, prostitution prohibition (15.34.010, 15.34.020, 15.34.030)
65819 Airport--issuance of Airport Revenue Bonds, Series 2003B (Special)
65820 Adds 22.44.095, American Legion Memorial Park (22.44.095)
65821 Redevelopment plan--4138-5-, 4439, 4445 and 4455-59 West Florissant (Special)
65822 Redevelopment plan--2648 Armand Place (Special)
65823 Blighting--Gilmore Sites (Special)
65824 Adds Ch. 15.82, fireworks (15.82)
65825 Redevelopment plan--3301-09 S. Kingshighway (Special)
65826 Redevelopment plan--3611 Utah (Special)
65827 Redevelopment plan--4720 S. Broadway (Special)
65828 Redevelopment plan--2707 Indiana Avenue (Special)
65829 Redevelopment plan--4627-35 Ridgewood (Special)
65830 Redevelopment plan--3659 Cleveland (Special)
65831 Redevelopment plan--2204-08 S. Jefferson (Special)
65832 Redevelopment plan--1613 Dolman (Special)
65833 Redevelopment plan--2320 Louisiana (Special)
65834 Redevelopment plan--2330 Hickory Street (Special)
65835 Redevelopment plan--1838-50 S. 9th Street (Special)
65836 Redevelopment plan--2113 Sidney (Special)
65837 Redevelopment plan--3917 Flad (Special)
65838 Redevelopment plan--6050 McPherson (Special)
65839 Redevelopment plan--4900 Manchesterf (Special)
65840 Redevelopment plan--2017 Rutger (Special)
65841 Blighting--Salisbury, N. Florissant, Palm Street, 23rd Street and 25th Street, affirming Ordi-nance 65485 (Special)
65842 Redevelopment plan--3510 Itaska (Special)
65843 Redevelopment plan--Euclid/Laclede Area (Special)
65844 Blighting--Palm Street, affirming Ordinance 64889 (Special)
65845 Redevelopment plan--N. Florissant, Branch, N. 13th, Sullivan Area (Special)
65846 Redevelopment plan--St. Louis Place Park II (Special)
65847 Planned Unit Development District--North Market Planned Unit Development District (Spe-cial)
65848 Redevelopment plan--1527-29 Vail Place (Special)
65849 Blighting--Twentieth and Washington Area, affirming Ordinance 65583 (Special)
65850 Redevelopment plan--Bell Avenue/School Street, N. Compton/N. Theresa (Special)
65851 Redevelopment plan--JVL Renaissance II, affirming Ordinance 65723 (Special)
65852 Development Agreement--Drury Development Corporation (Special)
65853 Vacation--Bancroft and Sutherland (Special)
65854 Redevelopment area--Grace Lofts (Special)
65855 Redevelopment Agreement--McGowan Brothers Development Corp. (Special)
65856 Bonds--issuance of tax increment revenue notes Series 2003 (Special)
65857 TIF--Grand Center (Special)
65858 Tax Increment Revenue Notes (Special)
65859 Easement agreement (Special)
65860 Redevelopment plan--King Estates (Special)
65861 Right-of-way vacations (Special)
65862 Authorizes grant agreement (Special)
65863 Appropriations (Special)
65864 Repeals Ord. 65157 (Special)
65865 Street closure (Special)
65866 Issuance of package liquor license (Special)
65867 Adds Ch. 11.80, satellite dish antennas, satellite antennas or other similar devices (11.80)
65868 Amendment to easement agreement (Special)
65869 Easement agreements (Special)
65870 Easement agreements (Special)
65871 Budget (Special)
65872 Leasehold Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2003 (Special)
65873 Easement agreements (Special)
65874 Amends Ord. 64954, compensation for military personnel (4.10.190)
65875 Mental Health Board of Trustees inclusion in Employees Retirement System (Not codified)
65876 Real estate sale (Special)
65877 Borrowing of funds (Special)
65878 Sale/leaseback (Special)
65879 Authorizes Commissioner of Health to provide tuberculosis testing for general public (Spe-cial)
65880 Airport--concession agreement between city and The Bookmark, Inc. (Special)
65881 Airport--concession agreement between city and American Airlines Federal Credit Union (Special)
65882 Airport--concession agreement between city and Central Parking System of St. Louis, Inc. (Special)
65883 Grant--Health and Hospitals for St. Louis Healthy Hearts (Special)
65884 Adds 5.58.015, supply purchase procedures (5.58)
65885 Redevelopment--3281 Jasper Park and 7174 Wellington (Special)
65886 Redevelopment plan--3611 Ohio (Special)
65887 Redevelopment plan--4423 Virginia (Special)
65888 Redevelopment plan--2941 Michigan (Special)
65889 Redevelopment plan--2146 S. Grand (Special)
65890 Redevelopment plan--2340 Park Ave. (Special)
65891 Redevelopment plan--2915 Allen Ave. (Special)
65892 Redevelopment plan--7016-18 and 7123 Michigan (Special)
65893 Redevelopment plan--3014 Indiana Ave. (Special)
65894 Redevelopment plan--2311 Arsenal St. (Special)
65895 Redevelopment plan--2509 and 2629-31 S. Kingshighway (Special)
65896 Redevelopment plan--4064 Castleman Ave. and 4211 Cleveland Ave. (Special)
65897 Redevelopment plan--701-707 Barton St. (Special)
65898 Redevelopment plan--1725 Mississippi Ave. (Special)
65899 Redevelopment plan--2000-2010 S. 39th St. (Special)
65900 Redevelopment plan--6590 Scanlan Ave. (Special)
65901 Redevelopment plan--4031-99 Laclede Ave. (Special)
65902 Redevelopment plan--2333 Tennessee and 2626 Louisiana Ave. (Special)
65903 Redevelopment plan--1026 Geyer Ave. (Special)
65904 Redevelopment plan--2929 Michigan Ave. (Special)
65905 Redevelopment plan--3003 Minnesota Ave. (Special)
65906 Redevelopment plan--North Broadway/St. Charles/N. Fourth/Locust (Special)
65907 Redevelopment plan--Terra Cotta Annex and Parking Garage (Special)
65908 Redevelopment plan--1501 Locust (Special)
65909 Tax increment revenue notes for Terra Cotta Annex and Parking Garage (Special)
65910 Redevelopment plan--1312 Washington Ave. (Special)
65911 Redevelopment plan--1312 Washington Ave. (Special)
65912 Tax increment revenue notes for 1312 Washington Ave. (Special)
65913 Redevelopment plan--1208 Mackay Place (Special)
65914 Redevelopment plan--6930 and 6942 Hancock Ave. (Special)
65915 Redevelopment plan--4200-02 Cook Ave. (Special)
65916 Redevelopment plan--300 S. Jefferson Ave. (Special)
65917 Redevelopment plan--2632 Virginia Ave. (Special)
65918 Redevelopment plan--2342 Hickory St. (Special)
65919 Redevelopment plan--514 Holly Hills Ave. and 6336-40 S. Grand Blvd. (Special)
65920 Redevelopment plan--2919 Michigan Ave. and 2919-21 S. Compton (Special)
65921 Transportation trust fund--appropriation to Bi-State (Special)
65922 Vacation--Salisbury from Hall to wharf (Special)
65923 Vacation--Lasalle at Mackay and east/west alley in city block 2277-W (Special)
65924 Vacation--Salisbury from Broadway and north/south alley in city block 1213 (Special)
65925 Amends 25.01.030, building code (25.01)
65926 Amends 25.03.020, mechanical code (25.03)
65927 Adds Ch. 25.20, existing building code (25.20)
65928 Stop site--two-way at Morganford and Osceola (Special)
65929 Amends 25.32.360, property maintenance code (25.32)
65930 Grant--Emergency Management for responder equipment (Special)
65931 Parking Commission--purchase agreements and debt service (Special)
65932 Amends 25.04.040, plumbing code (25.04)
65933 Real property--sale to Chouteau Point Realty city block 860 (Special)
65934 Streets--closing of 17th at Papin (Special)
65935 Real property--sale to Terri Lovett and Lee Johnson 4296 Washington (Special)
65936 Bond interest for police department (Special)
65937 Redevelopment area--Southtown (Special)
65938 Redevelopment--DDR Southtown (Special)
65939 Transportation sales tax--appropriation to Bi-State (Special)
65940 Airport--agreement with Directory Graphics (Special)
65941 Airport--assignment of Lease Midcoast and Signature Flight Support (Special)
65942 Airport--amendment to ground transportation policy ordinance (Special)
65943 Treasurer--sale of city block 99 (Marquette Garage) to Federal Reserve Bank (Special)
65944 Adds Ch. 25.36, smoke houses (25.36)
65945 Amends 11.34.160, air pollution (11.34)
65946 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 216 (Special)
65947 Streets--closing Ninth Street in city blocks 462S and 467E (Special)
65948 Redevelopment--4901 Washington/615 N. Euclid (Special)
65949 Gate District--Housing Conservation District (Repealed by 67914)
65950 Redevelopment--4206 West Belle (Special)
65951 Redevelopment plan--4505 Olive Street (Special)
65952 Redevelopment plan--3128 Lemp Ave. and 3414 Missouri Ave. (Special)
65953 Redevelopment plan--2901 S. 18th Street (Special)
65954 Redevelopment plan--2923 and 2931 S. 18th St. and 1815-17 Crittenden Street (Special)
65955 Redevelopment plan--3922-68, 3919-29 and 3939-67 Lincoln Ave. (Special)
65956 Redevelopment plan--934 Rutger Street (Special)
65957 Redevelopment plan--209 N. 4th Street (Special)
65958 Redevelopment plan--1826 Lami St. (Special)
65959 Blighted--amended Twentieth St. and Washington Ave. (Special)
65960 Redevelopment plan--3323 Cherokee St. (Special)
65961 Redevelopment plan--1927 Marconi St. (Special)
65962 Redevelopment plan--Adams Park School and Adams Park Area (Special)
65963 Redevelopment plan--4246 Dewey Ave. (Special)
65964 Redevelopment plan--3126 Portis Ave. (Special)
65965 Redevelopment plan--Washington Ave. Loft Area (Special)
65966 Development plan--Washington Ave. Loft Area (Special)
65967 Redevelopment plan--2017 Cherokee St. (Special)
65968 Redevelopment plan--462 N. Taylor Ave. (Special)
65969 Redevelopment plan--4340 Cook Ave. (Special)
65970 Redevelopment plan--1205 N. Seventh St. (Special)
65971 Real property--sale by Treasurer to Drury Development private alley in city block 99 (Spe-cial)
65972 Tax increment revenue notes for Southtown Redevelopment Project (Special)
65973 Redevelopment plan--2500 S. 18th St. (Special)
65974 Redevelopment plan--Restoration St. Louis (Special)
65975 Redevelopment plan--Soulard Market Apartments (Special)
65976 Redevelopment plan--Soulard Apartments, L.P. (Special)
65977 Redevelopment plan--City Hospital Redevelopment (Special)
65978 Redevelopment plan--City Hospital Development, L.L.C. (Special)
65979 Redevelopment area--Printer's Lofts Redevelopment (Special)
65980 Redevelopment area--Fashion Square Redevelopment (Special)
65981 Redevelopment plan--Fashion Square, L.L.C. (Special)
65982 Redevelopment area--1601 Washington (Special)
65983 Redevelopment plan--1601 Washington Ave., L.L.C. (Special)
65984 Redevelopment plan--3321 Bendick Ave. (Special)
65985 Redevelopment plan--4206 Arsenal Street/3652-58 Fairview Ave./4160 Wyoming (Special)
65986 Redevelopment plan--2331 S. 12th Street/2016-18 Menard Street/2348 S. 9th (Special)
65987 Redevelopment plan--2236 and 2240 Nebraska Ave. (Special)
65988 Designates--Greg Freeman Park at Four Corners (22.44.380)
65989 Adds Ch. 17.99, parking commission finance corporation (17.99)
65990 Redevelopment plan--Printer's Lofts L.L.C. (Special)
65991 Adds 11.32.070--11.32.105; repeals 3--6 of Ord. 62523, smoking (11.32)
65992 Establishes bed and breakfast in city block 3129 (Special)
65993 Repeals and replaces 4.18.131, firemen's retirement system (4.18)
65994 Appropriation--city's Communications Division (Special)
65995 Streets--temporary closing of Enright at Taylor (Special)
65996 Adds 17.10.041, speed regulations (17.10)
65997 Stop site--two-way Newstead at Cook (Special)
65998 Stop site--two-way Newstead at Belle Place (Special)
65999 Euclid/Laclede Community Improvement District--rate of assessment (Special)
66000 Housing Conservation District--removing city blocks 1159 and 1741S (Special)
66001 Blighting--Natural Bridge and North Grand Area (Special)
66002 Vacation--Leffingwell, Montgomery, north/south alley in city block 2366 and east/west alley in city block 2367 (Special)
66003 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 3761 (Special)
66004 Redevelopment plan--Northview Village Area (Special)
66005 Real property sale to LRA 4205-09 Cote Brilliante (Special)
66006 Tax increment financing--Soulard Market (Special)
66007 Tax increment financing--City Hospital (Special)
66008 Tax increment financing--Printer's Lofts (Special)
66009 Tax increment financing--Fashion Square (Repealed by 67712)
66010 Tax increment financing--1601 Washington Square (Special)
66011 Airport--intergovernmental agreement with Berkeley, Kinlock, County and Ferguson (Spe-cial)
66012 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 939 and Lucas between 20th and 21st (Special)
66013 Real property--sale to McGowan Brothers 1300-30 Convention Plaza (Special)
66014 Vacation--north/south alley and westernmost east/west alley in city block 1463 (Special)
66015 Streets--permanent closing of Judith Court at Gasconade (Special)
66016 Lease agreement for Lindell Pavilion to Forest Park Forever, Inc. (Special)
66017 Tax increment financing--2500 South 18th Street (Special)
66018 Dogtown Walk Townhouse PUD (Special)
66019 Grant--weapons of mass destruction exercise (Special)
66020 Grant--community emergency response team (Special)
66021 Grant--citizens corps group (Special)
66022 Grant--homeland security program (Special)
66023 Grant--purchase of emergency responder equipment (Special)
66024 Streets--excavation restoration program (Special)
66025 Streets--temporarily close College at West Florissant (Special)
66026 Streets--loan agreement with DNR for energy efficiency (Special)
66027 Streets--temporarily close 19th Street at Farragut (Special)
66028 Streets--agreement with Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission for maintenance of certain city streets (Special)
66029 Repeals and replaces 20.30.030, 20.30.040, 20.30.100, 20.30.110 and 20.30.120, excava-tions (20.30)
66030 Grant--Health and Hospitals for Bio Watch (Special)
66031 Vacation--air rights above St. Charles Street east of 11th (Special)
66032 Vacation--air rights over Children's Place and Euclid (Special)
66033 Vacation--Hamilton Avenue south of Delmar (Special)
66034 Vacation--St. Charles between 4th and Broadway, Locust between 4th and Broadway, Broadway at St. Charles and St. Charles (Special)
66035 Vacation--"L" shaped alley in city block 3962 (Special)
66036 Vacation--alley in city block 4783 (Special)
66037 Vacation--Belmont Street and alley between Belmont and Spruce in city block 220 (Special)
66038 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 1639 (Special)
66039 Grant--Health and Hospitals with EPA for lead poisoning prevention and indoor air education (Special)
66040 Airport--amend budget fund 1511 (Special)
66041 Grant--airport for project 3-29-0085-79-2003 (Special)
66042 Grant--airport for project 3-29-0085-2003 (Special)
66043 Grant--airport for project 3-29-0085-73-2002--taxiways (Special)
66044 Grant--airport for project 3-29-0085-76-2003--security (Special)
66045 Grant--airport for project 3-29-0085-77-2003--airfield lighting (Special)
66046 Airport--concession agreement with Dynamic Vending (Special)
66047 Excise--prohibition of new licenses in twenty-fourth ward (Special)
66048 Grant--parks for a recreation community youth leadership project (Special)
66049 Redevelopment plan--3317 Oregon, 3642 Michigan and 3919 Pennsylvania (Special)
66050 Redevelopment plan--5800-48 Kennerly Ave. and 5843-45, 5859, 5871-77, 5883 and 5872-98 Maffit Ave. (Special)
66051 Redevelopment plan--5206 S. 38th St. (Special)
66052 Redevelopment plan--Annie Malone Dr./N. Market St./Whittier St./Garfield Ave. (Special)
66053 Redevelopment plan--2244 S. Kingshighway Blvd. (Special)
66054 Redevelopment plan--4621 Enright Ave. (Special)
66055 Redevelopment plan--4975 Wabada Ave. (Special)
66056 Redevelopment plan--2137-39 Sidney St. (Special)
66057 Redevelopment plan--2233 McNair Ave. (Special)
66058 Redevelopment plan--6911-15 Garner Ave. and 2027-29 Forest Ave. (Special)
66059 Redevelopment plan--3511 Missouri Ave. (Special)
66060 Redevelopment plan--1027 S. Taylor Ave. (Special)
66061 Redevelopment plan--3217 Geyer Ave. (Special)
66062 Redevelopment plan--3009-11 Sidney St. (Special)
66063 Redevelopment plan--2625 Nebraska Ave. (Special)
66064 Redevelopment plan--Salisbury St., N. Florissant Ave., Palm St., 23rd St. and 25th St. (Spe-cial)
66065 Redevelopment plan--5124 Maple Ave. (Special)
66066 Redevelopment plan--7310 Michigan Ave. (Special)
66067 Redevelopment plan--1408-10 Wright St. (Special)
66068 Redevelopment plan--4180 Shenandoah Ave./2306 Klemm St. (Special)
66069 Redevelopment plan--5117 Cabanne Ave. (Special)
66070 Redevelopment plan--4533 Westminster (Special)
66071 Redevelopment plan--4001 Wyoming (Special)
66072 Grant--airport for project number 3-29-0085-78-2003 (Special)
66073 Grant--airport for project number 3-29-0085-60-2001 (Special)
66074 Airport--passenger vehicle rental concessions (Special)
66075 2004 block grant, CDBG, HOME, ESG and HOPWA funds (Special)
66076 Repeals and replaces 23.06.130, 23.16.020, 23.16.025, 23.16.040, 23.18.070 and 23.20.020--23.20.040; repeals 23.16.050, 23.16.070 and 23.16.080, water rates (23.06, 23.16, 23.18, 23.20)
66077 Zoning--seven parcels to "B" in city blocks 4185, 4186, 2095 and 2096 (Special)
66078 Zoning--three parcels to "G" in city block 4189 (Special)
66079 Zoning--one parcel to "F" in city block 1333 (Special)
66080 Zoning--one parcel to "G" in city block 380 (Special)
66081 Zoning--two parcels in city blocks 3643 and 3644.2 (Special)
66082 Zoning--three parcels to "C" in city blocks 4583 and 3910.05 (Special)
66083 Adopts code of rules and regulations for taxicabs; suspends enforcement of Ch. 8.98, taxicabs and service cars (8.98)
66084 Amends (4)(B) and (D), (7)(1) and (2), (20)(D) of Ord. 65431 and 8.29.030, 8.29.060 and 8.29.180, cable television (8.29)
66085 Grant--Board of Election Commissioners for records management and preservation (Special)
66086 Grant--Register-records management and preservation project (Special)
66087 Grant--BPS-records management (Special)
66088 Repeals and replaces Ch. 3.44; repeals Ord. 62710, Civil Rights Enforcement Agency (3.44)
66089 Real property--sale of Gaslight Square Developers 4275 and 4279 Olive (Special)
66090 Streets--two-way stop at Goodfellow and Northcrest (Special)
66091 Real property--sale to Roberts Village Redevelopment 1528 N. Kingshighway (Special)
66092 TIF revenues--Edison Brothers Warehouse (Special)
66093 Vacation--Euclid from Parkview Place to Children's Place (Special)
66094 Amends 2 of Ord. 64954 and 4.10.020, classified service plan (4.10)
66095 Excise--prohibition of new package and drink licenses in Eighteenth Ward (Special)
66096 Real property--sale to LRA 1407 and 1461 North Market Street (Special)
66097 Excise--prohibition of new package and drink licenses in Second Ward (Special)
66098 Establishes Fox Park Historic District (Special)
66099 Redevelopment plan--4054 Nebraska (Special)
66100 Redevelopment plan--3466 Nebraska (Special)
66101 Redevelopment plan--2708-14 Wyoming (Special)
66102 Redevelopment plan--4944 Washington and 5236 Washington (Special)
66103 Redevelopment plan--4214-16 Dewey (Special)
66104 Redevelopment plan--3655 Cleveland (Special)
66105 Redevelopment plan--4006-08 Russell (Special)
66106 Redevelopment plan--4296 Washington (Special)
66107 Redevelopment plan--1513-23 S. Compton and 3201-27 St. Vincent (Special)
66108 Redevelopment plan--7140 Wellington (Special)
66109 Redevelopment plan--6919-29 Waldemar (Special)
66110 Redevelopment plan--1528 Prather (Special)
66111 Redevelopment plan--1603 McCausland (Special)
66112 Redevelopment plan--2318 Russell (Special)
66113 Redevelopment plan--2013-17 James Street (Special)
66114 Redevelopment plan--2904 Missouri (Special)
66115 Redevelopment plan--3018 S. Jefferson (Special)
66116 Redevelopment plan--1220 Sidney (Special)
66117 Redevelopment plan--1343 Montclair (Special)
66118 Redevelopment plan--1725 Dick Gregory Place (Special)
66119 Redevelopment plan--Wyoming/Whithnell/S. 9th (Special)
66120 Redevelopment plan--3800-08 Laclede (Special)
66121 Redevelopment plan--5232 Lansdowne (Special)
66122 Redevelopment plan--N. Grand and St. Louis Avenue (Special)
66123 Redevelopment plan--5206 Natural Bridge (Special)
66124 Redevelopment plan--4329 Juniata (Special)
66125 Redevelopment plan--7100 Michigan and 7415 Tennessee (Special)
66126 Redevelopment plan--7411-15 S. Broadway (Special)
66127 Redevelopment plan--8614-24 S. Broadway (Special)
66128 Redevelopment plan--5601-03 S. Broadway (Special)
66129 Redevelopment plan--Salisbury St./N. 11th St./N. Florissant (Special)
66130 Amends 2 of Ord. 65730, East Loop Parkview Gardens Business District (Special)
66131 Grant--lead hazard reduction demonstration program (Special)
66132 Redevelopment plan--5907, 5920, 5955 and 5966 Sherry (Special)
66133 Redevelopment plan--5500 West Park (Special)
66134 Agreement with Bi-State for Lansdowne Bridge (Special)
66135 Streets--four-way stop at 20th and East Madison (Special)
66136 Amends 2 of Ord. 65061 and 8.108A.100, vendors (8.108A)
66137 Streets--temporarily close Thornby Place at Bartmer Avenue (Special)
66138 Vacation--21st Street between Washington and Lucas (Special)
66139 Zoning--various parcels to "D" in city blocks 4961, 4962, 4963, 4964 and 5433 (Special)
66140 Zoning--one parcel to "D" in city block 787 (Special)
66141 Vacation--9th Street at Carroll northwardly (Special)
66142 Vacation--Monroe Street from 9th to 10th (Special)
66143 Streets--temporarily close Destrehen at Blair (Special)
66144 Vacation--Stadium Plaza (Special)
66145 Real property--sale to Affordable City Homes 3114 Hickory (Special)
66146 Vacation--Lucas Avenue from Jefferson to 23rd Street (Special)
66147 Streets--temporarily close Amherst Terrace at east-west alley to city block 3836 (Special)
66148 Lease agreement--Continental Cement Company (Special)
66149 Streets--removal of barricades at Cleveland and Tower Grove and to barricade east of Tower Grove (Special)
66150 Real property--sale to Metropolitan Park and Recreation District 10800 and 10800R River-view Drive (Special)
66151 Vacation--public walk in city block 4583 (Special)
66152 Real property--sale in city block 5098 to Swaine and Rios (Special)
66153 Grant--Health and Hospital with Missouri for Immunization (Special)
66154 Grant--Fire Department with Missouri for cardiovascular/diabetes/follow-up and chronic dis-ease program (Special)
66155 Excise--prohibition of new package and drink licenses in Fourth Ward (Special)
66156 Grant--Health and Hospital with Drug Court for screening for infectious diseases (Special)
66157 Grant--Health and Hospitals with Mental Health Board for outreach service (Special)
66158 Redevelopment plan--1014-16 Allen (Special)
66159 Redevelopment plan 2348 S. 13th Street (Special)
66160 Redevelopment plan--420 N. Skinker (Special)
66161 Redevelopment plan--S. Kingshighway/Fairview Ave./Potomac (Special)
66162 Redevelopment plan--6732-34 Garner Ave. (Special)
66163 Redevelopment plan--3710 Humphrey (Special)
66164 Redevelopment plan--4211 Flora Place (Special)
66165 Redevelopment plan--3416-18 Wisconsin and 3317-21 Indiana (Special)
66166 Redevelopment plan--2117 Utah (Special)
66167 Redevelopment plan--5442 Delor (Special)
66168 Redevelopment plan--3726 Arsenal (Special)
66169 Redevelopment plan--4125 Flora Place (Special)
66170 Redevelopment plan--2639 Cherokee (Special)
66171 Redevelopment plan--2115-17 Withnell (Special)
66172 Redevelopment plan--4254 and 4258-60 Manchester (Special)
66173 Redevelopment plan--Manchester/McCausland/Forest Park (Special)
66174 Redevelopment plan--Bremen/N. 20th/Angelica/N. 11th (Special)
66175 Redevelopment plan--8650 Riverview Blvd. (Special)
66176 Redevelopment plan--3620 French (Special)
66177 Redevelopment plan--7918-20 Minnesota (Special)
66178 Redevelopment plan--4407 Tennessee (Special)
66179 Redevelopment plan--5700 Columbia and 2607 January (Special)
66180 Public works project--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive (Special)
66181 Repeals and replaces Ch. 15.42, public nuisances (15.42)
66182 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 4636.13, 5473 and 1690 to "H" (Special)
66183 Amends 2 of Ord. 61186 and 17.24.070, parking (17.24)
66184 Excise--prohibition of new package or drink licenses in First Ward (Special)
66185 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 4501.05 and 4500.01 to "F" (Special)
66186 Adds Ch. 15.131, concealed weapons (15.131)
66187 Zoning--parcels in city block 4584 to "A" (Special)
66188 Vacation--Second Street between East Desoto and East Prairie (Special)
66189 Redevelopment plan--2803-23 Russell (Special)
66190 Redevelopment plan--Central Industrial Corridor East Area (Special)
66191 Airport--concession agreement with Airport Shoeshine Corp. (Special)
66192 Voter proposition--date of general municipal election (Charter Art. II)
66193 Amends 34 and 35 of Ord. 42880 and 2.08.330, election rules and procedures (2.08)
66194 Redevelopment plan--1619 Washington (Special)
66195 Redevelopment plan agreement--1619 Washington (Special)
66196 TIF notes--1619 Washington (Special)
66197 Redevelopment plan--Security Building Redevelopment Area (Special)
66198 Redevelopment plan agreement--Security Building agreement (Special)
66199 TIF notes--Security Building redevelopment (Repealed by 67702)
66200 Exempts Missouri Development Finance Board property from taxes, assessments and gross receipts taxes (Special)
66201 Authorizes 2004 St. Louis Works and 50/50 Sidewalk Programs (Special)
66202 Redevelopment plan--N. 9th St./Madison St./N. 10th/Monroe (Special)
66203 Redevelopment plan--Amended Northview Village (Special)
66204 Redevelopment plan--Page/Walton/Newberry Terrace/Vernon (Special)
66205 Redevelopment plan--6134 Virginia (Special)
66206 Redevelopment plan--3828 Fairview Ave. (Special)
66207 Redevelopment plan--4632-42 West Florissant Ave. (Special)
66208 Redevelopment plan--Clay/Lee/Lexington/San Francisco/N. Taylor Area (Special)
66209 Redevelopment plan--2337 S. Grand Blvd., 3616-8, 3622-24 and 3626-28 Botanical Ave. (Special)
66210 Redevelopment plan--3015-19 Ohio Ave. (Special)
66211 Redevelopment plan--3448 Missouri Ave. (Special)
66212 Redevelopment plan--3918 Missouri Ave. (Special)
66213 Redevelopment plan--3705-07 Bates St. (Special)
66214 Redevelopment plan--6105 Westminster Place (Special)
66215 Redevelopment plan--4450 Maffitt Ave. (Special)
66216 Establishes and creates Catlin Townhouse Planned Unit Development District in city block 3915 (Special)
66217 Redevelopment plan--1919 Arsenal Street and 2832 Missouri Ave. (Special)
66218 Redevelopment plan--4460-62 Lexington Ave. (Special)
66219 Redevelopment plan--3905-17, 3935-37, 3943-51 and 3957-3969 Cottage Ave. (Special)
66220 Redevelopment plan--2610 California Ave. (Special)
66221 Designates Hampton Inn and Suites at the Highlands at Forest Park Redevelopment Area (Special)
66222 Authorizes redevelopment agreement with Highlands Hotel, LLC (Special)
66223 Tax increment and transportation development revenue notes series 2004 A and B for High-lands Hotel at Forest Park redevelopment project (Special)
66224 Establishes Gaslight Square Community Improvement District (Special)
66225 Agreement for Torch Relay Services with the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games Athens 2004 (Special)
66226 Adds Ch. 25.62, repair permit issuance (25.62)
66227 Adds 14.03.230; amends 14.01.110, definitions and general regulations (14.01, 14.03)
66228 Redevelopment plan--I-70 and Goodfellow (Special)
66229 Zoning--parcels in city block 6458 to "G" (Special)
66230 Repeals and replaces 4.16.480, city employee retirement system (4.16)
66231 Redevelopment plan--4435-39 Enright (Special)
66232 Airport--revenue commercial paper notes (Special)
66233 Redevelopment plan--Hampton/Wilson (Special)
66234 TIF notes--MLK Plaza redevelopment (Special)
66235 TIF notes--Cupples Station redevelopment (Special)
66236 Designates Catlin Townhomes Redevelopment Area (Special)
66237 Redevelopment plan--agreement with Rothschild Winzerling LLC (Special)
66238 TIF notes--Catlin Townhomes redevelopment (Special)
66239 Redevelopment plan--Shenandoah Place Redevelopment Area (Special)
66240 Redevelopment plan--agreement with Minnesota Development Partners (Special)
66241 TIF note--Shenandoah Place redevelopment (Special)
66242 Affordable Housing Commission appropriation (Special)
66243 Approves City of St. Louis report to the Gaming Commission (Special)
66244 Adds 11.02.101; amends (12)(b) of Ord. 59121 and 11.02.355, solid waste disposal (11.02)
66245 Airport--supplemental appropriation (Special)
66246 Streets--temporary closing of East 14th at O'Fallon (Special)
66247 Real property--sale of 1910 and 1922 Park Avenue to Near Southside Improvement Corpora-tion (Special)
66248 Real property--sale of 3517 N. 22nd and 3525 N. 23rd to Better Living Communities (Spe-cial)
66249 Streets--temporary closing of Etzel at Blackstone (Special)
66250 Real property--sale of property in St. Louis County to Bellefontaine Neighbors (Special)
66251 Amends 2 of Ord. 62608 and 20.30.140, excavations (20.30)
66252 Real property--sale of 5700 Arsenal to 5700 Property LLC (Special)
66253 Amends 22.42.040; repeals Ord. 65675, park, square or plaza land use (22.42)
66254 Vacation--alleys in city block 4699-N (Special)
66255 Repeals and replaces 4, 5 and 7 of Ord. 62473 and 11.03.040, 11.03.050 and 11.03.070, solid waste management district (11.03)
66256 Vacation--alley in city block 4018 (Special)
66257 Adds 22.44.097, designation of parks and other recreational facilities (22.44)
66258 Redevelopment plan--6100 Waterman (Special)
66259 Amends 2 of Ord. 60419 and 5.35.050, capital fund (5.35)
66260 Vacation--alley in city block 1059 (Special)
66261 Vacation--alleys in city block 5473 (Special)
66262 Vacation--Charless from Jefferson to alley in city block 1401-S (Special)
66263 Vacation--Indiana from Potomac to alley and alley in city block 1562 (Special)
66264 Repeals and replaces Ch. 8.13; repeals Ord. 63305, alarm businesses (8.13)
66265 Vacation--St. Charles from 4th to Broadway, Locust from 4th to Broadway and Broadway to St. Charles (Special)
66266 Budget (Special)
66267 Real estate--sale to Altes, LLC property in city block 6277 (Special)
66268 Appropriation for lead remediation (Special)
66269 Airport--lease with McDonnell Douglas for Northern Tract (Special)
66270 Borrowing of funds (Special)
66271 Amends 2 of Ord. 66227 and 14.03.230, general regulations (14.03.230)
66272 Amends Ch. 4.10, classified service plan (4.10)
66273 Transportation sales tax appropriation (Special)
66274 Transportation Trust Fund appropriation to Bi-State (Special)
66275 Repeals and replaces Ord. 61755 and 21.08.080, leasing unimproved wharves (21.08.080)
66276 Voter proposition--increase fines, amends Charter Art. IV Section 24 (Failed)
66277 Excise--prohibition of new package or drink in Twenty-second Ward (Special)
66278 Appropriation for Parking Commission (Special)
66279 Repeals and replaces Ords. 64950 and 65519 treasury division employees (4.26.015--4.26.023, 4.26.040--4.26.060)
66280 Voter proposition--non-binding preferential vote of management of Police Department (Spe-cial)
66281 HIPAA procedures (Special)
66282 Vacation--Singleton Street from 17th (Special)
66283 Redevelopment plan--Annie Malone Dr./ N. Market Street/Whittier St./Garfield Ave., affirm-ing Ord. 66052 (Special)
66284 Redevelopment plan--2621-23 Oregon (Special)
66285 Redevelopment plan--2920-22 Pennsylvania Ave. (Special)
66286 Redevelopment plan--1501-05 Vail Place (Special)
66287 Zoning--two parcels in city blocks 919 and 2012 to "I" (Special)
66288 Zoning--one parcel in city block 2925 to "C" (Special)
66289 Amended redevelopment plan--South Grand Area affirming Ordinance 61498 (Special)
66290 Redevelopment plan--6622 Michigan Ave. (Special)
66291 Redevelopment plan--2701-47 Coleman Ave. and 2700-48 Bacon St. (Special)
66292 Redevelopment plan--2214 January Ave. (Special)
66293 Redevelopment plan--1944 Berra Court (Special)
66294 Redevelopment plan--4217 and 4243-45 Swan Ave. (Special)
66295 Redevelopment plan--5702 Saloma Ave. (Special)
66296 Redevelopment plan--5401 Robin Ave. (Special)
66297 Redevelopment plan--Sullivan Ave./Dodier St./N. 23rd St./N. 25th St. (Special)
66298 Redevelopment plan--5018 and 5055-59 Raymond Ave. (Special)
66299 Redevelopment plan--3526-28 Papin St. (Special)
66300 Redevelopment plan--4012 Juniata St. (Special)
66301 Redevelopment plan--4200-66 and 4201-89 Olive St. and 501 N. Whittier St. (Special)
66302 Redevelopment plan--2116-18 Cherokee St. (Special)
66303 Redevelopment plan--2216 Sidney St. (Special)
66304 Redevelopment plan--4127-29 Flad Ave. (Special)
66305 Redevelopment plan--2741 Accomac St. (Special)
66306 Redevelopment plan--1856 Menard St. (Special)
66307 Redevelopment plan--3821 Virginia Ave. (Special)
66308 Redevelopment plan--5342 Magnolia Ave. (Special)
66309 Redevelopment plan--3835 Flora Place (Special)
66310 Redevelopment plan--2161 and 4576 E. Fair Ave. (Special)
66311 Zoning--one parcel in city block 993 to "H" (Special)
66312 Zoning--parcels in city block 528 to "I" (Special)
66313 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 4791 and 4803 to "F" (Special)
66314 Waterman/Lake Special Business District--continue levy proposition (Special)
66315 Washington Place Special Business District--continue levy proposition (Special)
66316 Westminster/Lake Special Business District--continue levy proposition (Special)
66317 Washington Place Special Business District--continue levy proposition (Special)
66318 Waterman/Lake Special Business District--continue business proposition (Special)
66319 Westminster/Lake Special Business District--continue levy proposition (Special)
66320 Zoning--parcels in city block 4387 to "F" (Special)
66321 Zoning--parcels in city block 3077 to "J" (Special)
66322 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 5646 and 5653 to "F" (Special)
66323 Airport--concession with Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. (Special)
66324 Airport--lease with Trans States Airlines (Special)
66325 Airport--fourth supplemental appropriation for W-1W expansion program (Special)
66326 Downtown St. Louis Community Improvement District approval of petition (Special)
66327 Voter proposition--amend Charter Art. XVIII, civil service amendment (Failed)
66328 Voter proposition--restructuring Board of Aldermen (Failed)
66329 Voter proposition--reorganization of city offices, city office reorganization (Failed)
66330 Voter proposition--restructure finance offices, city finance amendment (Failed)
66331 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 2277-E (Special)
66332 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 2141 (Special)
66333 Vacation--Children's Place, west of Taylor (Special)
66334 Vacation--Spring Ave., Bernard to railroad (Special)
66335 Vacation--Second St. between East Prairie and East Gano (Special)
66336 Vacation--Leamington Ave. at Wellington Court (Special)
66337 Grant--improvements along Kingshighway and Chippewa (Special)
66338 Redevelopment plan--Benton/Glasgow Area affirming Ords. 61558 and 62100 (Special)
66339 Vacation--correcting legal description to Ord. 66014 for east/west alley in city block 1463 (Special)
66340 Vacation--Oriole St. between Switzer and railroad (Special)
66341 Redevelopment plan--3221, 3227 and 3248-50 California (Special)
66342 Redevelopment plan--3109 Meramec (Special)
66343 Redevelopment plan--1517 Theresa (Special)
66344 Vacation--Hamburg from Hildesheim to 7430 Hildesheim (Special)
66345 Redevelopment plan--5180 Maple (Special)
66346 Redevelopment plan--1129 Penrose St. (Special)
66347 Redevelopment plan--4712 Olive St. (Special)
66348 Redevelopment plan--4545 Lindell Blvd. (Special)
66349 Redevelopment plan--2934 Milton Blvd. (Special)
66350 Redevelopment plan--5624 Bischoff Ave. (Special)
66351 Redevelopment plan--5323 Elizabeth Ave. (Special)
66352 Redevelopment plan--2618 S. 13th St. (Special)
66353 Redevelopment plan--2868-70 McNair Ave. (Special)
66354 Redevelopment plan--4251 Cleveland Ave. (Special)
66355 Redevelopment plan--amends Ord. 66064 for Salisbury, N. Florissant, Palm, 23rd and 25th St. Area (Special)
66356 Planned unit development--city block 1087.05, 1088 to be known as the "5th Ward Elderly Development Planned Unit Development District (Special)
66357 Redevelopment plan--2408-14 McNair Ave. and 2221 California Ave. (Special)
66358 Redevelopment plan--1014-16 and 1217-19 Barton St., 2200 S. 12th St. and 1107 Sidney St. (Special)
66359 Redevelopment plan--1855-57 Russell Blvd. (Special)
66360 Redevelopment plan 2638 Accomac St., 2634 and 2638 Shenandoah Ave. and 2701-03 Ann Ave. (Special)
66361 Redevelopment plan--3618 Nebraska Ave. 3220 Winnebag St. and 3722 Louisiana Ave. (Special)
66362 Redevelopment plan--2818 Wyoming St. (Special)
66363 Redevelopment plan--3715 Humphrey St. and 3923 and 3937 Hartford St. (Special)
66364 Redevelopment plan--3917 Connecticut St. (Special)
66365 Redevelopment plan--2306-08 Cherokee St. (Special)
66366 Redevelopment plan--3333 Illinois Ave. (Special)
66367 Redevelopment plan--2217 Arsenal St. and 3415 Lemp Ave. (Special)
66368 Redevelopment plan--3510 and 3520 Illinois Ave., 3419-27 Missouri Ave. and 3443 and 3453 Indiana Ave. (Special)
66369 Streets--honorarily designates 4000 block of Sullivan as "Jimmie Irons Place" (Special)
66370 Maintenance agreement with Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission (Special)
66371 Ellenwood Neighborhood Improvement District final costs (Special)
66372 Streets--temporarily closes Dolman at Lafayette and Chouteau (Special)
66373 Streets--opens Chouteau to Lafayette to be named Truman Parkway (Special)
66374 Repeals and replaces 4 of Ord. 63633 and 11.56.190, disease and disease prevention (11.56.190)
66375 Streets--temporarily closes Greer at Vandeventer (Special)
66376 Repeals Ords. 53592 and 64273 [ 20.28.150--20.28.210], obstructions and encroachments (Repealer)
66377 Amends 11.02.140--11.02.190, solid waste disposal (11.02.140--1.02.190)
66378 Amends Ord. 62622 for changing qualifications of Commissioners for Central West End North Special Business District (Special)
66379 Vacation--sidewalk abutting city block 3887 on Parkview Place (Special)
66380 Zoning--certain parcels in city blocks 2006 and 2007 to "I" (Special)
66381 Zoning--certain parcel in city block 2063 to "C" (Special)
66382 Repeals and replaces Ords. 64947 and 65518 [ 4.30.010--4.30.024], parking meter division employees (4.30.010--4.30.024)
66383 Adds Ch. 17.100, O'Fallon Park/West Florissant residential parking district (17.100)
66384 Repeals and replaces Ord. 65206 [Ch. 10.04], dogs and cats (10.04)
66385 Zoning--Certain parcels in city block 3881 to "D" (Special)
66386 Adds Ch. 17.101, Buckingham Court residential parking district (17.101)
66387 Airport--grant for Project 3-29-0085-83-2004 (Special)
66388 Airport--grant for Project 3-29-0085-84-2004 (Special)
66389 Airport--grant for Project 3-29-0085-85-2004 (Special)
66390 Airport--grant for Project 3-29-0085-86-2004 (Special)
66391 Airport--grant for Project 3-29-0085-87-2004 (Special)
66392 Airport--grant for Project 3-29-0085-89-2004 (Special)
66393 Airport--real estate sale to city of Hazelwood (Special)
66394 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 4072-S (Special)
66395 Redevelopment plan--1359 Belt Ave. (Special)
66396 Redevelopment plan--5151 Natural Bridge Ave. (Special)
66397 Repeals and replaces Ords. 64945 and 65520 [Ch. 4.44], collection division employees (4.44)
66398 Repeals and replaces Ords. 64946 and 65522 [Ch. 4.28], license collector employees (4.28)
66399 Repeals and replaces Ords. 64943 and 65517 [Ch. 4.34], recorder of deeds employees (4.34)
66400 Redevelopment plan--525 S. Jefferson Ave. (Special)
66401 Amends Ch. 4.54, medical examiner employees (4.54)
66402 Grant--fire department to fund fire operations and safety program (Special)
66403 Redevelopment plan--South Grand Blvd./ LaSalle St./Carr Lane Ave./Hickory St. (Special)
66404 Excise--prohibition against new package or drink in Tenth Ward (Special)
66405 Redevelopment plan--3733-45 and 3805-21 Lindell Blvd. and 3734-3822 Westminster Pl. (Special)
66406 Grant--fire department to fund public access defibrillation program (Special)
66407 Redevelopment plan--Dr. Martin Luther King Dr./Sheridan Ave./Webster Dr./ Thomas St. (Special)
66408 Redevelopment plan--2923 Lambdin Ave.(Special)
66409 Redevelopment plan--2601-41 Delmar Blvd. (Special)
66410 Planned unit development district for city block 4607.06 known as "Plateau Place Subdivision Planned Unit Development District (Special)
66411 Planned unit development district for city block 4621.04 known as "Forest Place Subdivision Planned Unit Development District (Special)
66412 Redevelopment plan--410 North Jefferson Redevelopment Area pursuant to the real property tax (Special)
66413 Redevelopment plan--authorizes execution of redevelopment agreement between city and 410 N. Jefferson, LLC (Special)
66414 TIF--410 N. Jefferson redevelopment project (Special)
66415 Redevelopment area known as the Barton Street Lofts Redevelopment Area; establishing the Barton Street Lofts (Special)
66416 Redevelopment agreement between city and Tabernacle Lofts (Special)
66417 Repeals and replaces Ord. 62173 [11.60.200], drugs (11.60.200)
66418 TIF--Barton Street Lofts (Special)
66419 Repeals and replaces Ord. 61507 [Ch. 11.61], paraphernalia for use with illegal drugs (11.61)
66420 TIF--Argyle redevelopment (Special)
66421 Redevelopment area known as the 1133 Washington redevelopment area (Special)
66422 Redevelopment plan, redevelopment area, redevelopment project--authorizes execution of redevelopment agreement between city and Washington Ave. (Special)
66423 Tax increment revenue notes--issuance for Washington Redevelopment Project (Special)
66424 Grant--fire department for "Project Safe Escape" (Special)
66425 Redevelopment area known as the Warehouse of Fixtures redevelopment area (Special)
66426 Affirms adoption of redevelopment plan, redevelopment area, redevelopment project; rede-velopment agreement between city and University Village Apartments (Special)
66427 Tax increment revenue notes--Warehouse of Fixtures redevelopment project (Special)
66428 Note purchase agreement--920/1000 Olive, LLC and U.S. Bank (Special)
66429 Real property--sale of property in city blocks 822 and 1250 to LCRA (Special)
66430 Amends Ord. 65703, redevelopment area known as the Grand Center redevelopment area (Special)
66431 Amends Ord. 65857; approves tax increment financing redevelopment agreement for Grand Center redevelopment area (Special)
66432 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 1031 (Special)
66433 Vacation--Hickory from Carr Lane to Grand (Special)
66434 Redevelopment agreement between city and Rothschild Development LTD (Special)
66435 Tax increment revenue notes--Maryland Plaza North (Special)
66436 Redevelopment agreement between city and Maryland Plaza South LLC (Special)
66437 Tax increment revenue notes--Maryland Plaza South (Special)
66438 Adds 5.60.025, sales of surplus and condemned property (5.60.025)
66439 Redevelopment plan--3401-3509 N. 11th, 1100-12 and 1101-11 Destrehan (Special)
66440 Real property--sale to LRA property in city blocks 2157, 2158, 2159 and 2160 (Special)
66441 Airport--concession with Southwestern Bell Telephone (Special)
66442 Real property--sale to Roberts Brothers Properties property in city block 5484 (Special)
66443 Real property--sale to David and Shirley Trang property in city block 5314 (4610 Varrel-mann); repeals Ord. 64656 (Special)
66444 Airport--concession agreement for Airport News and Gift Concession with Paradies-Concession II-Arch, Inc. (Special)
66445 Airport--grant agreement for project number 3-29-0085-75-2002 (Special)
66446 Lease--St. Louis Multimodal Station with Amtrak and Greyhound (Special)
66447 Real property--sale to LRA 1205 Grattan (Special)
66448 Redevelopment plan--4557 Chouteau (Special)
66449 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 1143 (Special)
66450 Redevelopment plan--1819 Allen Ave. (Special)
66451 Redevelopment plan--4542 Page Ave. (Special)
66452 Redevelopment plan--3322 S. 9th St. (Special)
66453 Redevelopment plan--2829 Wisconsin Ave. and 2812 Salena Ave. (Special)
66454 Streets--temporarily closes Enright at Hamilton (Special)
66455 Redevelopment plan--4508 Arsenal St. (Special)
66456 Vacation--Broadway, Stadium Plaza and Walnut abutting city block 6466 (Special)
66457 Vacation--north/south alley of east/west alley in city block 5366 (Special)
66458 Redevelopment plan--3519 Illinois Ave. (Special)
66459 Redevelopment plan--3621 N. Newstead Ave. (Special)
66460 Vacation--Dickson Street from First to Lewis and north/south alley in city block 229 (Special)
66461 Vacation--Martin Luther King between 2nd and 3rd (Special)
66462 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 394 (Special)
66463 Vacation--north/south and east/west pedestrian pathways in city block 3863-E (Special)
66464 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 1316 (Special)
66465 Vacation--First St. south of Angelica to city blocks 1223 and 1224 (Special)
66466 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 3346 and McKissock from E. DeSoto to E. Prairie (Special)
66467 Vacation--Angelica from Hall to Wharf (Special)
66468 Vacation--Sullivan from 23rd St. to 25th St. and east/west alley in city block 1087-N (Special)
66469 Redevelopment plan--5317 Wilson Ave. (Special)
66470 Vacation--north/south alley and east/west alley in city block 2110 (Special)
66471 Redevelopment plan--2836 Accomac St. (Special)
66472 Redevelopment plan--2614, 2616, 2618, 2621, 2628, 2634, 2638, 2650 and 2652 Armand Place (Special)
66473 Redevelopment plan--316 N. Newstead Ave. (Special)
66474 Redevelopment plan--4008 Botanical Ave. (Special)
66475 Redevelopment plan--3257-59 California Ave. (Special)
66476 Redevelopment plan--4036-38 Oregon Ave. (Special)
66477 Redevelopment plan--3437 California Ave. (Special)
66478 Streets--designates 5500 block of Etzel as "Reverend Herbert L. Becton, Sr. Place" (Special)
66479 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 657 (Special)
66480 Grant--public safety for purchase of emergency responder equipment (Special)
66481 Federal Community Development Block Grant 2005, appropriating funds (Special)
66482 Communications division appropriation (Special)
66483 Redevelopment plan--6249-51 Southwood (Special)
66484 Redevelopment plan--2911 and 2915 Magnolia (Special)
66485 BPS--public works project for Dr. Martin Luther King, Fr. (Special)
66486 Redevelopment plan--4722 Olive and 4436 Westminster (Special)
66487 Streets--temporarily closes Randall at Penrose (Special)
66488 Repeals Ord. 66152 (Repealer)
66489 Airport--fourth amendment to master plan expansion (Special)
66490 Airport--concession agreement with U.S. Bank (Special)
66491 Airport--first amendment to lease with Trans States Airlines (Special)
66492 Bonds--sale of Forest Park leasehold refunding bonds (Special)
66493 Redevelopment plan--Adler Lofts redevelopment area (Special)
66494 Redevelopment plan--Adler Lofts, LLC (Special)
66495 Tax increment revenue notes--Adler Lofts (Special)
66496 Tax increment revenue notes--Paul Brown Redevelopment (Special)
66497 Redevelopment plan--2600 Chouteau Ave. (Special)
66498 Redevelopment plan--4140 Lindell Blvd. (Special)
66499 Redevelopment plan--Chouteau Ave./7th St./I-55 (Special)
66500 Redevelopment plan--2352 S 13th St. (Special)
66501 Redevelopment plan--1468-72 Clara Ave. 5561-97 Wells Ave. and 1469-75 Burd Ave. (Spe-cial)
66502 Redevelopment plan--N. Grand Blvd./Dr. M.L. King Dr./Cozens Ave. (Special)
66503 Redevelopment plan--848-916 N. Kingshighway Blvd., 785-99 and 794-910 N. Euclid Ave. (Special)
66504 Redevelopment plan--3510 Dodier St. (Special)
66505 Redevelopment plan--3334 S. Kingshighway Blvd. and 4833 Fairview Ave. (Special)
66506 Redevelopment plan--2618 Pearl Ave. (Special)
66507 Amended redevelopment plan--Stadium South area (Special)
66508 Amended redevelopment plan--Stadium South area (Special)
66509 Voter proposition--procedures for financial assistance to sports facilities (3.91)
66510 Assessments--opt out of 137.115(15) RSMO (Special)
66511 Repeals and replaces Ords. 64833, 64905, 64942, 64954 27, 65065, 65070, 65666, 65734 and 66230 [Ch. 4.16], city employee retirement system (4.16)
66512 Planned unit development--city blocks 4544 and 4545 for People's Health Centers Neighbor-hood Branch Planned Unit Development District (Special)
66513 Zoning--parcel in city block 6328 to "J" (Special)
66514 Zoning--parcels in city block 526 to "I" (Special)
66515 Grant--building commissioner with Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for local lead/sanitation assessments for child care facilities (Special)
66516 Grant--department of public safety with U.S. Department of Justice for local family justice center initiative (Special)
66517 Zoning--parcel in city block 1252 to "H" (Special)
66518 Healthcare trust fund--appropriation to family violence fund for assisting victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse (Special)
66519 Redevelopment plan--3302-04 Lasalle (Special)
66520 Zoning--parcels in city block 340 to "J" (Special)
66521 Grant--fire commissioner with Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for car-diovascular/diabetes follow-up (Special)
66522 Redevelopment plan--2854-58 Michigan Ave. and 2909 S. Compton Ave. (Special)
66523 Redevelopment plan--6521 Wise Ave. (Special)
66524 Redevelopment plan--2012 James St. (Special)
66525 Redevelopment plan--2101-09 Lynch St. (Special)
66526 Redevelopment plan--3516 Illinois Ave. (Special)
66527 Redevelopment plan--5153 Vernon Ave. (Special)
66528 Redevelopment plan--3968 Flad Ave. (Special)
66529 Redevelopment plan--4233 Castleman Ave. (Special)
66530 Redevelopment plan--2201 S. Grand Blvd. (Special)
66531 Redevelopment plan--4531 Washington Ave. (Special)
66532 Redevelopment plan--3830-32 Shenandoah Ave. (Special)
66533 Redevelopment plan--2123-25 Bremen Ave. (Special)
66534 Redevelopment plan--4122 Russell Ave. (Special)
66535 Redevelopment plan--Tower Grove South VI area (Special)
66536 Redevelopment plan--5229 Bischoff Ave. and 5123 Daggett Ave. (Special)
66537 Redevelopment plan--2827 S. 18th St. and 3010 Missouri Ave. (Special)
66538 Zoning--parcels in city block 938 to "I" (Special)
66539 Zoning--parcels in city block 2004 to "I" (Special)
66540 Planned unit development district--portion of city block 2141 to be known as the "Abbey on the Park Planned Unit Development District" (Special)
66541 Planned unit development district--portion of city block 1805 to be known as the "Mississippi Place Planned Unit Development District" (Special)
66542 Redevelopment plan--2704 Louisiana Ave. (Special)
66543 Redevelopment plan--3103-05 Magnolia Ave. (Special)
66544 Redevelopment plan--2643-51 Chouteau Ave. (Special)
66545 Redevelopment plan--3240 Lafayette Ave. (Special)
66546 Redevelopment plan--3883 Humphrey St. (Special)
66547 Redevelopment plan--2840-42 Indiana Ave. (Special)
66548 Redevelopment plan--1931-33 Withnell Ave. (Special)
66549 Redevelopment plan--3014 Lemp Ave. and 3218 Missouri Ave. (Special)
66550 Redevelopment plan--2425 Salena St. (Special)
66551 Redevelopment plan--3416 Humphrey St. (Special)
66552 Redevelopment plan--4300-04, 4307 and 4337-39 John Ave., 3727 Carter Ave. and 3724-28 W. Florissant Ave. (Special)
66553 Redevelopment plan--1300 Convention Plaza (Special)
66554 Redevelopment plan--Marquette Building (Special)
66555 Affirms adoption of redevelopment plan, redevelopment area and redevelopment project; au-thorizes execution of redevelopment agreement between city and TLG Marquette, LLC (Spe-cial)
66556 Designates portion of city as redevelopment area known as "1136 Washington Redevelop-ment Area" (Special)
66557 Affirms adoption of redevelopment plan, redevelopment area, redevelopment project; author-izes execution of redevelopment agreement between city and AD Brown Acquisition Corp., LLC (Special)
66558 Designates portion of city as redevelopment area known as "Washington East Condominiums Redevelopment" (Special)
66559 Affirms adoption of redevelopment plan, redevelopment area, redevelopment project with Convention Plaza Apartments, LLC (Special)
66560 Designates portion of city as redevelopment area known as "Bottle District Redevelopment" (Special)
66561 Designates portion of redevelopment area known as "Mississippi Place Redevelopment Area" (Special)
66562 Affirms adoption of redevelopment plan, redevelopment area, redevelopment project with Gilded Age Renovation, LLC (Special)
66563 Designates portion of redevelopment area known as "Automobile Row Redevelop-ment Area" (Special)
66564 Affirms adoption of redevelopment plan with Integration LLC (Special)
66565 Designates portion of city as redevelopment area known as "Gaslight Square East Redevel-opment Area" (Special)
66566 Affirms adoption of redevelopment plan, redevelopment area, redevelopment project with Gaslight Square Place III, LLC (Special)
66567 Vacation--Belt Ave. at Waterman to alley in city block 3877 (Special)
66568 Planned unit development--city block 5074 for Lehman Properties Dogtown Development (Special)
66569 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 4962 (Special)
66570 Real property--lease to Five Star Ready-Mix Concrete in city blocks 2 and 289 (Special)
66571 Zoning--several parcels in city block 482.03 to "F" (Special)
66572 Zoning--parcel in city block 2261.04 to "F" (Special)
66573 Zoning--several parcels in city block 4580.06 to "A" (Special)
66574 Zoning--several parcels in city blocks 3911 and 4876 to "C" (Special)
66575 Zoning--several parcels in city block 2110 to "H" (Special)
66576 Zoning--several parcels in city block 3786 to "F" (Special)
66577 Tax increment revenue notes--Marquette Building (Repealed by 67707)
66578 Tax increment revenue notes--1136 Washington Redevelopment (Repealed by 67708)
66579 Planned unit development district--city block 6401 for Cascade Planned Development District (Special)
66580 Tax increment revenue notes--1300 Convention Plaza (Special)
66581 Tax increment revenue notes--Mississippi Place Redevelopment (Special)
66582 Vacation--Eads Ave. from Theresa to Louisiana and Theresa from Eads to Henrietta (Special)
66583 Vacation--Ranken from Rutger to Hickory and east/west alley in city block 2164 (Special)
66584 Planned unit development district--city block 4624.02 for "Dogtown Walk II Planned Unit Development District" (Special)
66585 Tax increment revenue notes--Automobile Row RPA 1 Project (Special)
66586 Tax increment revenue notes--Automobile Row RPA 2 Project (Special)
66587 Tax increment revenue notes--Gaslight Square East Redevelopment (Special)
66588 Streets--honorarily designates 4900 block of Theodore as "Henry Townsend Place" (Special)
66589 Streets--stop sites on Wabada and Highland between Kingshighway and Union (Special)
66590 Blighting plan for South Broadway/Spruce/ South Third/Poplar (Special)
66591 Amends 17.76.020, parking for disabled persons (17.76.020)
66592 Redevelopment plan--W. Steins, E. Steins, S. Broadway (Special)
66593 Redevelopment plan--720 Koeln and 7503-05 Alabama (Special)
66594 Grant--with Missouri Foundation of Health for TB nurse (Special)
66595 Repeals and replaces 10.04.220, dogs and cats (10.04.220)
66596 Redevelopment plan--5626-54, 5724-42, 5762 and 5629-5725 Cote Brillante (Special)
66597 Excise--prohibits package or drink licenses in twenty-fourth ward (Special)
66598 Redevelopment plan--I-70 and Goodfellow area (Special)
66599 Streets--temporarily closes Raymond at Union (Special)
66600 Airport--concession agreement with Airport Baggage Cart Rental and Electronic Locker Rental (Special)
66601 Airport--concession agreement with Two Of A Kind, LLC (Special)
66602 Streets--honorarily designates 7th at Dr. Martin Luther King as "Jerry Clinton Drive" (Spe-cial)
66603 Streets--honorarily designates Natural Bridge at Taylor as "Oliver Sain Place" (Special)
66604 Zoning--parcel in city block 5100 to "F" (Special)
66605 Planned unit development district--city block 4058.18 known as "Sublette Fields Subdivision PUD" (Special)
66606 Planned unit development district--city block 4624.01 known as "Glades Corner Subdivision PUD" (Special)
66607 Zoning--parcels in city block 4350 to "H" (Special)
66608 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 1950, 1956 and 2226 to "H" (Special)
66609 Repeals and replaces Exh. A. of Ord. 64832, preservation review districts (Special)
66610 Airport--real estate sale with Joseph J. Jasso (Special)
66611 Airport--second amendment to Airfield Projects Public Works (Special)
66612 Airport--amendment to Building Projects Public Works (Special)
66613 Airport--increases cost for public work and improvement (Special)
66614 Vacation--O'Fallon from Lewis to Wharf (Special)
66615 Repeals and replaces Ords. 60826, 61713, 62610, 62682, 65031 and 69532 [Ch. 25.04], uni-form plumbing code (25.04)
66616 Vacation--Baldwin from Montgomery to city blocks 1897 and 2367 and Montgomery from Baldwin to city block 1897 and alley in city block 1897 (Special)
66617 Vacation--McNulty from 18th to Vail Place (Special)
66618 Vacation--alley from Caroline to alley in city block 1819 (Special)
66619 Grant--with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Columbia Bottoms Well Field Devel-opment (Special)
66620 Real property--sale of property in city block 5098 to Western Continental Investment (Spe-cial)
66621 Streets--temporarily closes O'Fallon at 13th St. and O'Fallon at 14th St. (Special)
66622 Streets--temporarily closes alley in city block 3837 at Hamilton (Special)
66623 Excise--prohibit package or drink license in Third Ward (Special)
66624 50/50 Sidewalk Program (Special)
66625 Real property--lease mooring rights between Lesperance and Lafayette to Eagle Marine In-dustries (Special)
66626 Real property--lease two parcels to Trailnet (Special)
66627 Vacation--North Market from Hadley to 11th St. (Special)
66628 Redevelopment plan--2207 Marconi (Special)
66629 Redevelopment plan--1917-19 Congress (Special)
66630 Redevelopment plan--2038-42, 2732 Geyer and 2115 Victor (Special)
66631 Redevelopment plan--4627, 4629, 4631 and 4637 Evans (Special)
66632 Redevelopment plan--Malone Manor (Special)
66633 Redevelopment plan--4300-48 Forest Park, 201-35 Boyle and 4301-15 Duncan (Special)
66634 Redevelopment plan--5061 Washington (Special)
66635 Residence Inn Downtown St. Louis Community District (Special)
66636 Redevelopment plan--3553 S. Spring (Special)
66637 Redevelopment plan--5123 Waterman (Special)
66638 Redevelopment plan--4337 Bates (Special)
66639 Redevelopment plan--1113-21 Locust (Special)
66640 Redevelopment plan--2809-13 Shenandoah (Special)
66641 Zoning parcels in city blocks 3026 and 3030 to "H" (Special)
66642 Redevelopment plan--2605 Nebraska (Special)
66643 Redevelopment plan--2223 Locust and 2226 Washington (Special)
66644 Redevelopment plan--Bell/School/N. Compton/Delmar/N. Theresa (Special)
66645 Redevelopment plan--5918 Garesche (Special)
66646 Redevelopment plan--Murphy Blair III Area (Special)
66647 Redevelopment plan--Lafayette Town Family and Elderly Apartments (Special)
66648 Bond financing--Cervantes Convention Center (Special)
66649 Redevelopment plan--JVL 16 Apartments (Special)
66650 Redevelopment plan--3519 Palm (Special)
66651 Grant--lead hazard reduction demonstration (Special)
66652 Redevelopment plan and agreement--Dogtown Walk II, LLC (Special)
66653 Vacation--north/south alley city block 453 (Special)
66654 Streets--temporarily closes Rutger at California and South Compton and Hickory at South Compton (Special)
66655 Adds 8.108A.235; amends 2 of Ord. 65061 [8.108A.010], vendors (8.108A.010, 8.108A.235)
66656 Redevelopment area--Dogtown Walk II Redevelopment (Special)
66657 Redevelopment area--East Bank Lofts TIF Redevelopment (Special)
66658 Redevelopment plan, area and project agreement--CHD Design Development (Special)
66659 Redevelopment area--5700 Arsenal (Special)
66660 Note purchase--with city, 1501 Locust Partners and U.S. Bank; amends Ord. 65909 (Special)
66661 Vacation--north/south alley and east/west alley in city block 565 (Special)
66662 Redevelopment plan--3960 Lindell (Special)
66663 Development agreement and transportation development district--with Dominion Hospitality-Jefferson LLC (Special)
66664 Redevelopment area--I-55/Loughborough (Special)
66665 Zoning--parcel in city block 944 to "I" (Special)
66666 Tax increment revenue notes--Washington East Condominiums (Special)
66667 Redevelopment plan--4901-09 Delmar/ 701-35 N. Euclid/4900-20 Enright (Special)
66668 Redevelopment plan, agreement and project--5700 Property (Special)
66669 Tax increment revenue notes--5700 Arsenal (Repealed by 67674)
66670 Redevelopment plan, agreement and project--Loughborough Commons (Special)
66671 Redevelopment plan--3906, 3958-60, 4018 and 4034-40 Detonty, 3900 Shaw and 1818 Law-rence (Special)
66672 Lafayette Square Townhouses Community Improvement District (Special)
66673 Tax increment revenue notes--I-55/Loughborough Redevelopment (Special)
66674 Tax increment revenue notes--Bottle District Redevelopment (Special)
66675 Redevelopment plan, agreement and project--1001 Washington, LLC and 1007/1015 Wash-ington, LLC (Special)
66676 Tax increment revenue notes--Dogtown Walk II Redevelopment (Special)
66677 Tax increment revenue notes--East Bank Lofts Redevelopment (Special)
66678 Redevelopment plan--Tiffany Apartments (Special)
66679 Redevelopment plan, agreement and project--BDP, LLC (Special)
66680 Real property--sale to Nestle Purina in city block 420 (Special)
66681 Planned unit development district--Clifton Heights Townhomes, city block 4794 (Special)
66682 Redevelopment plan--1287-93 Amherst, 1264-92 Hodiamont and 5975-89 Julian (Special)
66683 Vacation--east/west alley and north/south alley in city block 482-E (Special)
66684 Redevelopment area--pet building redevelopment area (Special)
66685 Budget (Special)
66686 Public Safety General Obligation Refunding Bonds Series 2005 (Special)
66687 Grant--fire department for homeland security (Special)
66688 Grant--public safety for emergency responder equipment (Special)
66689 Grant--health department for lead safe program (Special)
66690 Excise--prohibition of new licenses in Twentieth Ward (Special)
66691 Conflicts of interest (4.07)
66692 Motorcycles and motorized bicycles (17.02.300, 17.02.315, 17.18)
66693 Neighborhood Orders of Protection (15.13)
66694 Airport--Fifth Supplemental Appropriation (Special)
66695 Parking Commission--operating expenses of Parking Division (Special)
66696 Streets--closing of Raymond at Hodiamont--amends 66599 (Special)
66697 Streets--closing Etzel at Blackstone--repeals 66249 (Special)
66698 Streets--various closings in Third Ward (Special)
66699 Unattended child in vehicles (15.129)
66700 Airport--Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2005 (Special)
66701 Borrowing of funds (Special)
66702 Airport--concessions for automatic teller machines (Special)
66703 Headlights on motor vehicles (17.32.070)
66704 Housing conservation--Ward 7 include additional property (Repealed by 67914)
66705 Zoning--parcel in city block 1862 to "G" Local Commercial and Office District (Special)
66706 Zoning--parcel in city block 3904 to "J" Industrial District (Special)
66707 Zoning--parcels in city block 3919.03 to "G" Local Commercial and Office District (Special)
66708 Zoning--parcel in city block 4016 to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District (Special)
66709 Zoning--parcel in city block 918 to "I" Central Business District (Special)
66710 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 930 and 931 to "I" Central Business District (Special)
66711 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 918, 2009 and 2012 to "I" Central Business District (Special)
66712 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 935 and 2010 to "I" Central Business District (Special)
66713 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 3922 and 5035 to "H" Area Commercial District (Special)
66714 Zoning--parcel in city block 524 to "I" Central Business District (Special)
66715 Zoning--parcel in city block 3852.06 to "G" Local Commercial and Office District (Special)
66716 Streets--two-way stop at Morganford and Juniata (Special)
66717 Streets--restoring the name "Kings Estates" repealed Ordinance 65860 (Special)
66718 Redevelopment plan--2902 Wisconsin and 3235 Indiana (Special)
66719 Redevelopment plan--900-902 Utah Street and 3306 & 3312 S. 9th St. (Special)
66720 Redevelopment plan--2000-2010 S. 8th St. (Special)
66721 Redevelopment plan--3133 Shenandoah Ave. (Special)
66722 Redevelopment plan--2703 Russell Blvd. (Special)
66723 Redevelopment plan--2642 Ann Ave., 2256 Missouri Ave. & 2330 Menard St. (Special)
66724 Redevelopment Plan for 2637 & 2706 Allen Ave. (Special)
66725 Redevelopment Plan--2244 S. Jefferson Ave. (Special)
66726 Redevelopment Plan--3801 Connecticut St. and 3844 Humphrey St. (Special)
66727 Redevelopment Plan--3700 Potomac St. (Special)
66728 Redevelopment Plan--3510-12 Utah St. (Special)
66729 Redevelopment Plan--2626, 2632 & 2634 Wyoming St. (Special)
66730 Redevelopment Plan--2746 Wyoming St., 2740 Miami St. & 2918 Cherokee St. (Special)
66731 Redevelopment Plan--2706 Wyoming St. (Special)
66732 Redevelopment Plan--2301-45 and 2304-6 Hebert St. (Special)
66733 Redevelopment Plan--1735 Delmar Blvd. (Special)
66734 Redevelopment Plan--700 Carr St./Cochran Gardens Area (Special)
66735 Redevelopment Plan--615 S. Vandeventer Ave. (Special)
66736 Redevelopment Plan--6600-12 & 6615 Minnesota Ave. and 6601-09 Pennsylvania (Special)
66737 Redevelopment Plan--4048 Shaw Blvd., 3636 Botanical Ave. & 3636-38 Shenandoah Ave. (Special)
66738 Redevelopment Plan--5358 Southwest Ave. & 2712 January Ave. (Special)
66739 Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement by and between the City and WRT Highlands Ho-tel, LLC (Special)
66740 Amended redevelopment plan--300 N. Tucker Blvd. blighted by Ordinance 64608 (Special)
66741 Pay plan--Circuit Attorney (4.48)
66742 Pay plan--Sheriff (4.36)
66743 Zoning--parcels in city block 5136 to "D" Multiple Dwelling District (Special)
66744 Redevelopment plan--3134-36 Shenandoah (Special)
66745 Clinic leases (Special)
66746 Redevelopment plan--3429 Hartford St. (Special)
66747 Redevelopment plan--3317 Magnolia Ave. (Special)
66748 Redevelopment plan--2009-23 Chouteau Ave. (Special)
66749 Redevelopment plan--1556 & 1560 Kraft St. & 1565 Fairmont Ave. (Special)
66750 Redevelopment plan--1423-43 Hodiamont Ave. & 6113 Ridge Ave. (Special)
66751 Planned Unit Development Plan--city block 1256 "Carroll Street Condominiums"
66752 Redevelopment Agreement by and between the City and Adler Lofts, LLC (Special)
66753 Redevelopment Area known as the 2300 Locust Street Redevelopment (Special)
66754 Redevelopment Agreement between the City and NSI Ventures, LLC (Special)
66755 Tax increment revenue notes--2300 Locust Street Redevelopment
66756 Leasehold Revenue Bonds--Kiel center facilities (Special)
66757 Airport--grant for aircraft rescue and fire fighting equipment (Special)
66758 Airport--grant for noise mitigation (Special)
66759 Airport--grant for noise mitigation (Special)
66760 City Public Transit Sales Tax Fund (Special)
66761 Transportation Trust Fund appropriation to Bi-State (Special)
66762 Downtown Parks Business District--dissolution (Special)
66763 Excise--prohibition of package and drink licenses in Second Ward (Special)
66764 Excise--prohibition of package and drink licenses in Twenty-Seventh Ward (Special)
66765 Redevelopment plan--2336-38 Menard (Special)
66766 Voter proposition--Locust Central Business District tax-voter approval 11-8-05 (Special)
66767 Locust Central Business District--tax assessment
66768 Forest Park--Second Amendment to Lease to Forest Park Forever (Special)
66769 Grant--removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks (Special)
66770 Parks--Agreement with Downtown St. Louis Improvement District (Special)
66771 Bonds--for City Justice Center Leasehold (Special)
66772 Entertainment tax--boxing matches (8.08.015)
66773 Excise--prohibition of package and drink licenses for Twenty-Fourth Ward (Special)
66774 Gaslight Square Community Improvement District--special assessments (Special)
66775 Pinnacle Development Site--access road (Special)
66776 Bond issue--radio systems--voter approval 11-8-05 (Special)
66777 Groundwater--prohibition of wells (11.81)
66778 Real property--easement to utilities in city block 4241 (Special)
66779 Streets--closing of Agnes at 20th Street (Special)
66780 Streets--two way stop at 20th and Madison Street (Special)
66781 Laclede Place Residential Parking District (Special)
66782 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 3896, 4577 and 5208 (Special)
66783 Unified Certification Program authorization (Special)
66784 Vista Avenue Residential Parking District (Special)
66785 Streets--closing various streets in Ninth, Twentieth and Fifteen Wards (Special)
66786 International Energy Conservation Code (25.13)
66787 International Property Maintenance Code (25.32)
66788 International Existing Building Code (25.20)
66789 International Residential Code (25.11)
66790 International Building Code (25.01)
66791 Redevelopment Plan for 2701 S. Jefferson Ave. (Special)
66792 Redevelopment Plan for 3501 Lemp Ave. (Special)
66793 Redevelopment Plan for Chouteau's Landing (Special)
66794 Redevelopment Plan for 3892 Connecticut St. and 4147 Juaniata St. (Special)
66795 Redevelopment Plan for the Vandeventer/Finney/Washington/Taylor Area (Special)
66796 Redevelopment Plan for 5070 Waterman Blvd. (Special)
66797 Bi-State Development Agency--First Amendment to Memorandum (Special)
66798 Redevelopment Plan for 1845-49 Russell Blvd. (Special)
66799 Streets--designation of Leonard Street to "Kim's Kids Way" (Special)
66800 Redevelopment Plan for 3612 Nebraska Ave. (Special)
66801 Laclede's Landing Community District establishment (Special)
66802 Redevelopment Plan for 6903 Mitchell Ave. & 6900R & 6904R Plateau Ave. (Special)
66803 Redevelopment Plan for 6838-54 Glades Ave./2000-2008 Forest Ave. (Special)
66804 Redevelopment Plan for 1557, 1558, 1561 Fairmount Ave., 1600, 1606, 1612, 1616 Prather Ave. & 6279 Famous Ave. (Special)
66805 Vacation--Third Street from Martin Luther King to Carr Street (Special)
66806 Streets--revises legal description of Martin Luther King, amends 66461 (Special)
66807 Redevelopment Plan for 2914, 2916-18 and 3008-10 S. Compton Ave. area (Special)
66808 Redevelopment Plan for 2808 & 2864 McNair Ave., 3303 S. 18th St. & 3335 Illinois Ave. (Special)
66809 Vacation--alleys in city blocks 1251 and 1250 (Special)
66810 Vacation--Sublette and Reber (Special)
66811 Vacation--Berthold, East Road, Brother Thornton Way, Wise, alleys in city blocks 3966, 5592, and 3996 (Special)
66812 Redevelopment Plan for I-70 and Goodfellow Area, 4800-50 Goodfellow Blvd. (Special)
66813 Redevelopment Plan for Moon Bros. Carriage Lofts Redevelopment area. (Special)
66814 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 2609 (Special)
66815 2017 Chouteau Community Improvement District--approval of petition (Special)
66816 Affirming that the area blighted by Ordinance 62800 known as the Blair/Clinton is a blighted area (Special)
66817 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 1143 (Special)
66818 Redevelopment Plan for 7000-42 Mardel Ave., 7001-41 Lindenwood Ave., & 3815 McCausland Ave. (Special)
66819 Redevelopment Plan for 3130-32 Nebraska Ave. (Special)
66820 Redevelopment Plan for 2017 Arsenal St. (Special)
66821 Scullin Redevelopment Area--approving amendment to Tax Increment Blighting analysis (Special)
66822 Redevelopment Plan for Switzer Building Redevelopment Area (Special)
66823 Redevelopment Plan authorizing the execution of a Redevelopment Agreement between the City and Clarinet LLC (Special)
66824 Switzer Building Redevelopment--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Special)
66825 Redevelopment Plan authorizing the execution of a Redevelopment Agreement between the City and Moon Brothers, LLC (Special)
66826 Moon Bros. Carriage Loft--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Special)
66827 Redevelopment Area known as 1635 Washington (Special)
66828 Redevelopment Plan, Redevelopment Agreement between the City and 1641 Washington, LLC
66829 1635 Washington Redevelopment--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Special)
66830 Redevelopment Plan for 3949 Lindell (Special)
66831 Redevelopment Plan, Redevelopment Agreement between the City and HSAD 3949 Lindell, LTD
66832 3949 Lindell Redevelopment--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Special)
66833 Redevelopment Area known as the Ely Walker Lofts (Special)
66834 Redevelopment Plan, Redevelopment Agreement between the City and Orchard Development Group III, LLC (Special)
66835 Ely Walker Lofts Redevelopment--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Special)
66836 Redevelopment Area known as the West Town Lofts (Special)
66837 Redevelopment Plan, Redevelopment Agreement between the City and KN&C, LLC (Spe-cial)
66838 West Town Lofts Redevelopment--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Special)
66839 Redevelopment Area known as the Southside National Bank Building (Special)
66840 Redevelopment Plan, Redevelopment Agreement between the City and Southside National LLC (Special)
66841 Southside National Bank Redevelopment--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Special)
66842 Redevelopment Area known as the Packard Lofts (Special)
66843 Redevelopment Plan, Redevelopment Agreement between the City and Packard Lofts LLC (Special)
66844 Packard Lofts Redevelopment--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Special)
66845 Streets--honorarily designate 7th Street as "Dick Weber Lane" (Special)
66846 Redevelopment Agreement by and between the City and Ad Brown Acquisition LLC (Spe-cial)
66847 Blighted City Blocks 3904, 3917, 3918W, 3919W, 3953, 3959, 3960, 3961, 3962, 3963, 3966 (N and S), 3967 (N and S), 3968 (N and S), 3971 (N and S), 4586 and 4589 (Special)
66848 Redevelopment Plan, Redevelopment Agreement between the City and Balke Brown Associ-ates, Inc. (Special)
66849 Redevelopment Plan, Redevelopment Agreement between the City and BHAT Development LLC (Special)
66850 Redevelopment Area known as the Bee Hat Redevelopment Area (Special)
66851 1021 Washington Plan--issuance of tax increment revenue notes (Repealed by 67704)
66852 Airport--grant for rehabilitation of taxiway (Special)
66853 Airport--grant for rehabilitation of Taxiway N.NW (Special)
66854 Airport--grant for aircraft rescue and fire fighting (Special)
66855 Airport--ground transportation fees (Special)
66856 Fire Department--grant for operations and safety program (Special)
66857 Building violations--administrative fines (25.33)
66858 Zoning--parcels in city block 935 to "I" Central Business District (Special)
66859 Building Code--securing of buildings without occupancy permit (SECTION FOUR of 66790)
66860 Downtown Vending District (8.108A)
66861 Public Works--South Seventh Streetscape (Special)
66862 Block Grant (Special)
66863 Tax Increment Revenue--Cupples Station (Special)
66864 Redevelopment plan--721 Olive (Special)
66865 Redevelopment plan--7001-27, 7024 Pennsylvania, 210 Quincy and 210 Blow (Special)
66866 Redevelopment plan--1601 Olive (Special)
66867 Redevelopment plan--600 N. Kingshighway/4953-71 Washington (Special)
66868 Automatic Traffic Control Systems (17.07)
66869 Zoning--parcels in city block to "G" Local Commercial (Special)
66870 Airport--multi-year public works and improvement program (Special)
66871 Intergovernmental agreement--Pinnacle (Special)
66872 Redevelopment plan--2629-31 and 2641-43 Wyoming (Special)
66873 Redevelopment plan--3311-13 S. 18th and 2920 Salena (Special)
66874 Redevelopment plan--3013015 Salena (Special)
66875 Redevelopment plan--3152 Texas (Special)
66876 Redevelopment plan--3449-51 Indiana and 3509 Missouri (Special)
66877 Redevelopment plan--3329 S. 18th Street (Special)
66878 Redevelopment plan--3407 Cherokee (Special)
66879 Redevelopment plan--2624 Accomac (Special)
66880 Redevelopment plan--2005-07 Victor (Special)
66881 Redevelopment plan--2207 Menard and 2410 S. 11th Street (Special)
66882 Redevelopment plan--3955 Botanical (Special)
66883 Redevelopment plan--5223 Vernon (Special)
66884 Redevelopment plan--2143 Geyer (Special)
66885 Redevelopment plan--2219-25 Menard (Special)
66886 Redevelopment plan--2238 Jules (Special)
66887 Redevelopment plan--1323 Lami (Special)
66888 Redevelopment plan--2856 Russell (Special)
66889 Redevelopment plan--3405-07 S. Spring (Special)
66890 Redevelopment plan--3633-39 Tennessee (Special)
66891 Redevelopment plan--3710 Utah (Special)
66892 Redevelopment plan--3927 Hartford (Special)
66893 Redevelopment plan--3432 Texas (Special)
66894 Redevelopment plan--3322 Lemp (Special)
66895 Redevelopment plan--2717-19 McNair (Special)
66896 Redevelopment plan--2503 Minnesota (Special)
66897 Redevelopment plan--2650-54 Locust (Special)
66898 Redevelopment plan--3406 Osage (Special)
66899 Redevelopment plan--4759 Michigan (Special)
66900 Redevelopment plan--5941 Southwest (Special)
66901 Redevelopment plan--5119 Pattison (Special)
66902 Redevelopment plan--4629-33 Westminister (Special)
66903 Redevelopment plan--4231 Castleman (Special)
66904 Redevelopment plan--3800-16 Shenandoah (Special)
66905 Redevelopment plan--6400-16 Wise (Special)
66906 Blighting--affirming Blair/Clinton Area (Special)
66907 Redevelopment plan--2839 Olive and 2826 Locust (Special)
66908 Redevelopment plan--3301-11 Chouteau (Special)
66909 Redevelopment plan--2865 Arlington (Special)
66910 Redevelopment plan--3667 and 3671 McRee (Special)
66911 Voter proposition--filling vacancies within Civil Service (Charter Art. XVIII 3(e))
66912 Voter proposition--certification of eligible candidates (Charter Art. XVIII 3(d), (g))
66913 Voter proposition--"excepted positions" (Charter Art. XVIII 1(h))
66914 Streets--closing East 14th by Cass (Special)
66915 Streets--closing Olive at Whittier (Special)
66916 Streets--closing of Agnes at 21st--see Ordinance 66779 (Special)
66917 Real property--easement with MSD--city blocks 2832, 2889 and 2919 (Special)
66918 Real property--subterranean easement with MSD--city block 2832 (Special)
66919 Southtown Transportation Development District--redevelopment agreement amendment (Spe-cial)
66920 Real property--easement with MSD--city blocks 4119, 4651 and 4784E (Special)
66921 Parking--loading zones, amends Ordinance 61186 (17.24.070)
66922 Streets--closing of McCausland, Chippewa, Plainview and Jamieson (Special)
66923 Redevelopment plan--4012, 4015, 4016, 4018, 4019, 4022, 4025, 4030, 4036, 4044, 4050 and 4054 Lincoln (Special)
66924 Vacation--Blow from Grand to railroad right-of-way (Special)
66925 Restated development agreement--Dominion Hospitality-Jefferson, L.L.C. (Special)
66926 Airport--lease for any airline operator (Special)
66927 Airport--lease with Lambert Field Fueling Facilities Corporation (Special)
66928 Blighting--land in block 3882 (Special)
66929 Redevelopment plan--Kingsdell Redevelopment Area (Special)
66930 Vacation--north/south alley and east/west alley in city block 944 (Special)
66931 Vacation--north side of Maryland Plaza in city block 3881 (Special)
66932 Real property--sale to Thomas A. Fortenberry 3623 Blaine in city block 2124 (Special)
66933 Zoning--parcel in city block 3801.03 to "F" Neighborhood Commercial (Special)
66934 Graffiti prohibition (15.77)
66935 Port--lease with Material Sales (Special)
66936 Zoning--parcel in city block 4074 to "F" Neighborhood Commercial (Special)
66937 Zoning--parcel in city block 5616 to "F" Neighborhood Commercial (Special)
66938 Zoning--parcel in city block 3094 to "F" Neighborhood Commercial (Special)
66939 Zoning--parcels in downtown area to "I" Central Business District (Special)
66940 Voter proposition--increase fines Article IV, Section 24 Charter
66941 Special use districts--regulations (26.73)
66942 Community Improvement District--Shenandoah Place Community Improvement (Special)
66943 Planned Unit Development District--city block 4614 "Dogtown View Planned Unit Develop-ment District" (Special)
66944 Redevelopment Plan--110 E. Grand Blvd. (Special)
66945 Redevelopment Plan--4202 Folsom (Special)
66946 Redevelopment Plan--2555-57, 2707 and 2711 N. Grand (Special)
66947 Redevelopment plan--4910 Manchester (Special)
66948 Redevelopment plan--205 E. Davis (Special)
66949 Redevelopment plan--2803-33 Chouteau and 2832 Papin (Special)
66950 Redevelopment plan--2905 Victor (Special)
66951 Redevelopment plan--5531 Louisiana (Special)
66952 Redevelopment plan--3833 and 4252 Shenandoah (Special)
66953 Redevelopment plan-- 2924 Salena (Special)
66954 Redevelopment plan--2800 hundred block Texas (Special)
66955 Redevelopment plan--4310 Oregon (Special)66955 Redevelopment plan--4310 Oregon (Special)
66956 Lindell Blvd.--repeals Ordinances 35199 and 38911--setbacks (Special)
66957 Redevelopment plan--3238 Portis (Special)
66958 Redevelopment plan--5216 Elizabeth (Special)
66959 Redevelopment plan--5561 Elizabeth (Special)
66960 Redevelopment plan--4412-26 W. Florissant (Special)
66961 Redevelopment plan--2647-49 Wyoming and 1927 Lynch (Special)
66962 Redevelopment plan--1916 Provenchere Place (Special)
66963 Redevelopment plan--4357 College (Special)
66964 Redevelopment plan--amendment for Mansion House Center blighted by Ordinance 61441 (Special)
66965 Treasurer--lease/purchase with ACLU in city block 3892 (Special)
66966 Redevelopment plan--5108-5200 S. Broadway (Special)
66967 Redevelopment area designation--Lindell Condominiums (Special)
66968 Redevelopment Area--5819 Delmar Redevelopment Area (Special)
66969 Redevelopment Area--Delmar East Loop (Special)
66970 Redevelopment Area--6175-81 Delmar (Special)
66971 Redevelopment Area--Delmar Loop Center (Special)
66972 Redevelopment Agreement--Gilded Age Renovation (Special)
66973 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--1501 Missouri TIF Redevelopment Project (Special)
66974 Change in recall procedures--Section 9 of Article III (voter rejection April 4, 2006--Special)
66975 Redevelopment Area--Syndicate Trust (Special)
66976 Voter proposition--increase graduated business license tax (Voter rejection April 4, 2006)
66977 Housing Conservation District--First Ward (Repealed by 67914)
66978 Redevelopment plan--North Florissant/ Destrehan/N.20th/Bremen (Special)
66979 Redevelopment plan--620 Market (Special)
66980 Redevelopment plan--Hampton/ Wilson--repealed Ord. 66233 (Special)
66981 Redevelopment plan--700 Market (Special)
66982 Planned Unit Development District--Mississippi Bluffs (Special)
66983 Planned Unit Development District--Park East Lofts (Special)
66984 Planned Unit Development District--Magnolia Square (Special)
66985 Redevelopment Area--CORTEX (Special)
66986 Excavation and Construction Noise (15.50.080)
66987 Zoning--parcel in city block 387.05 to "F" (Special)
66988 Buder Park--curfew (22.18.026)
66989 Public Works--Delmar Median Streetscape (Special)
66990 Public works--Spring Avenue Bridge (Special)
66991 Emergency vehicles--right-of-way (17.14.050)
66992 Streets--two way stop at Maple Avenue and Maple Place (Special)
66993 Real estate signs (15.157)
66994 Redevelopment plan--2201-11 S. Jefferson (Special)
66995 Redevelopment plan--2117 Allen and 1224-28 & 2141 Geyer (Special)
66996 Redevelopment plan--Rutger/Miller/ Broadway/2nd (Special)
66997 Redevelopment plan--3962 Juniata (Special)
66998 Redevelopment plan--4217 Russell (Special)
66999 Redevelopment plan--4378-92 Olive (Special)
67000 Redevelopment plan--2618-42 & 2652-54 Lafayette (Special)
67001 Vacation--north/south alley in City block 1605 (Special)
67002 Noise (15.50.030)
67003 50/50 Sidewalk Program (Special)
67004 Streets--temporarily close Henner at Bircher (Special)
67005 Fire Department--grant for thermal imaging (Special)
67006 Public Safety--grant for Homeland Security Response Team (Special)
67007 Redevelopment plan--3345 Pennsylvania (Special)
67008 Redevelopment plan--2831 Cherokee Street (Special)
67009 Redevelopment plan--4941-71, 4958-64 Davison & 4952-58 Beacon (Special)
67010 Redevelopment plan--6321 Arthur (Special)
67011 Preservation District--District 20, amends 66609 (Special)
67012 Streets--temporary closing of McClausland at Chippewa, repeals 66922 (Special)
67013 Redevelopment plan--Vandeventer/Finney/ Taylor/Washington blighted by Ordinance 66795 (Special)
67014 Redevelopment plan--6000 Natural Bridge (Special)
67015 Redevelopment plan--N. Magnolia/Pearl/ S. Magnolia, January (Special)
67016 Redevelopment plan--3449 Arsenal (Special)
67017 Redevelopment plan--1220 Mackay Place (Special)
67018 Redevelopment plan--2639 Nebraska (Special)
67019 Redevelopment plan--3004 Virginia (Special)
67020 Redevelopment plan--1701 Macklind (Special)
67021 TIF--Warehouse of Fixtures--repealed Ordinance 66427 (Special)
67022 Redevelopment Agreement--UVA Development Company for Warehouse of Fixtures (Special)
67023 Redevelopment plan--3877 Humphrey and 3832 Juniata (Special)
67024 Redevelopment plan--2912 Salena, 2125 Utah, 2801 Indiana, and 2310 Lynch (Special)
67025 Redevelopment plan--4138 Shaw (Special)
67026 Redevelopment plan--5828 Westminister (Special)
67027 Redevelopment plan--North 19th/ Herder/Blair/Buchanan (Special)
67028 Redevelopment plan--Fox Park/ McKinley Heights (Special)
67029 Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board--establishment (3.81)
67030 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 2089 (Special)
67031 Redevelopment plan--3957 Shaw (Special)
67032 Redevelopment plan--3844-50 Park (Special)
67033 Redevelopment plan--4448 Gibson (Special)
67034 Redevelopment plan--Forest Park Southeast II (Special)
67035 Redevelopment plan--5500-02, 5526-28 Robin (Special)
67036 Redevelopment plan--2928 Victor (Special)
67037 Redevelopment plan--4317-19 Maryland (Special)
67038 Vacation--Bay Street from Keokuk (Special)
67039 Martin Luther King Drive legal description--amends Ordinance 66461 (Special)
67040 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 3904 (Special)
67041 Zoning--parcels in city block 5485 to "C" Multiple-Family (Special)
67042 Redevelopment plan--2633 S. Kingshighway (Special)
67043 Housing conservation District--27th ward amends 63175 (Repealed by 67914)
67044 Planned Unit Development District--Block 4052 Highland Walk PUD (Special)
67045 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 4148, 4150, 4159, 41645 and 5059.06 (Special)
67046 Zoning--parcels in city block 2781.06 (Special)
67047 Grant--Childhood Lead Poisoning--Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (Special)
67048 Zoning--parcels in city blocks 2172, 2173, 2174 and 2175 to "J" Industrial (Special)
67049 Planned Unit Development District--city block 4580.06, Trinity Condominiums Planned Unit Development District (Special)
67050 Planned Unit Development District--city block 3899, Parkhurst Condominiums Planned Unit Development District (Special)
67051 Redevelopment Area--Union Club Redevelopment Area (Special)
67052 Redevelopment Plan--Gilded Age L.L.C. (Special)
67053 Tax Revenue Notes--Union Club Redevelopment (Special)
67054 Redevelopment plan--Loop Hotels (Special)
67055 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--6175-81 Delmar (Special)
67056 Redevelopment plan--5819 Delmar (Special)
67057 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--5819 Delmar (Special)
67058 Redevelopment Area--Grand Center amends 65703 and 66430 (Special)
67059 Redevelopment Area--Grand Center TIF amends 65857 and 66431 (Special)
67060 Redevelopment Area--Grand Center amends 65858 (Special)
67061 Redevelopment Area Plan--Euclid/ Buckingham (Special)
67062 Redevelopment Area--Euclid/ Buckingham (Special)
67063 Redevelopment Area/Plan--Loop Center North LLC. (Special)
67064 Tax Increment Notes--Loop Center North (Special)
67065 Redevelopment Area--Ludwig Lofts (Special)
67066 Redevelopment Plan--Ludwig Partners, L.L.C. (Special)
67067 Tax Increment Notes--Ludwig Lofts (Special)
67068 Redevelopment Plan--LOOP TIF, Inc. (Special)
67069 Tax Increment Notes--Delmar East Loop Redevelopment (Special)
67070 Redevelopment Plan--Syndicate Condominiums (Special)
67071 Tax Increment Notes--Syndicate Trust Redevelopment Project (Special)
67072 Airport--space permit with Trans State Airlines (Special)
67073 Wireless telephone use in motor vehicles (17.83)
67074 Facsimile or counterfeit plate or tag (17.52.080)
67075 Public urination and defecation (15.39)
67076 Fire Department--grant for Meeting Neighbors and Saving Lives (Special)
67077 Sidewalks--repairs (20.26.240--20.26.280)
67078 Airport--space permit with GoJet Airlines (Special)
67079 House numbering (20.16.060)
67080 Planned Unit Development--Lindell Condominiums (Special)
67081 Vacation--Clemens from Rosedale to Skinker and Rosedale from Enright to Skinker (Special)
67082 Vacation--alleys in city block 194 (Special)
67083 Vacation--East Road at Wise (Special)
67084 Vacation--Ellendale from St. James Square (Special)
67085 Supply--surplus property donation (5.60.027)
67086 Vacation--2nd Street from Martin Luther King Dr. to Carr (Special)
67087 Vacation--unnamed street from Hall to Riverview Dr. (Special)
67088 Loughborough Commons Community Improvement District--establishment (Special)
67089 Port--lease with Slay Bulk Terminals, Inc. (Special)
67090 Budget (Special)
67091 Voter proposition--increase in graduated business license tax (8.07.010)
67092 Excise--licenses in First Ward (Repealed by 67701)
67093 Excise--licenses in Twenty-first Ward (Special)
67094 City Justice Center--sale of bonds (refunding) (Special)
67095 Borrowing of funds (Special)
67096 Carnahan Courthouse--sale of bonds (refunding) (Special)
67097 Downtown Economic Stimulus Authority (Special)
67098 Planned Unit Development--4218 West Pine (Special)
67099 Excise--licenses in Twenty-fourth Ward (Special)
67100 Airport--Airport Engineering Assistance Program (Special)
67101 Airport--capital improvement projects (Special)
67102 Vacation--Hill Street from Broadway to Missouri Pacific Railroad (Special)
67103 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 74 (Special)
67104 Streets--seasonal closing of North 20th at Ferry (Special)
67105 Airport--Operating Lease with American Airlines (Special)
67106 Planned Unit Development-city block 4613A, Dogtown Terrace Townhouses (Special)
67107 Streets--closing of 17th at Chouteau (Special)
67108 Planned Unit Development--city block 6401, Boulevard Heights (Special)
67109 Enright/Arlington Community Improvement District (Special)
67110 Zoning--parcels in city block 4065 to "C" Multiple-Family (Special)
67111 Zoning--parcels in city block 4629 to "J" Industrial (Special)
67112 Zoning--parcels in city block 3922 to "H" Area Commercial (Special)
67113 Excise--repealed Ordinance 66155 and enacted prohibition in Fourth Ward (Special)
67114 Airport--Airfield Projects Public Works, amends Ordinance 65162, 65626 and 66611 (Special)
67115 Airport--Building Projects Public Works, amends Ordinance 65163, 65625 and 66612 (Special)
67116 Airport--lease with Southwest Airlines (Special)
67117 Airport--lease with Delta Airlines (Special)
67118 Sidewalks--repair in A thru G districts (20.26.240)
67119 Civil Rights Enforcement Agency (3.44)
67120 Parking Commission--issuance of parking revenue bonds (Special)
67121 Parking Commission--appropriations of Parking Division (budget) (Special)
67122 Leasehold Revenue Bonds--Series 2005 appropriations (Special)
67123 Redevelopment plan--4242-44 Virginia (Special)
67124 Redevelopment plan--6048 North Pointe (Special)
67125 Redevelopment plan--1917 Dodier (Special)
67126 Redevelopment plan--Bacon/St. Louis/N. Garrison (Special)
67127 Redevelopment plan--3917 Shaw (Special)
67128 Redevelopment plan--4245 Forest Park (Special)
67129 Redevelopment plan--Forest Park Southeast Scattered Sites (Special)
67130 Redevelopment plan--5435-75 Cabanne (Special)
67131 Redevelopment plan--1520 S. Grand (Special)
67132 Redevelopment plan--2621 Ann and 2629 & 2647 Shenandoah (Special)
67133 Redevelopment plan--2923-25 Shenandoah (Special)
67134 Redevelopment plan--2711 Ann (Special)
67135 Redevelopment plan--3910 Cleveland (Special)
67136 Redevelopment plan--3656 & 4131 Russell Blvd. Area (Special)
67137 Redevelopment plan--2300-04 Cherokee (Special)
67138 Redevelopment plan--459-61 Laurel Place, 5733 Waterman, and 5744 DeGiverille (Special)
67139 Redevelopment plan--1537 Fairmount & 1553 Kraft (Special)
67140 Redevelopment plan--7209 Lindenwood (Special)
67141 Redevelopment plan--4171 Connecticut (Special)
67142 Redevelopment plan--3905 Utah & 3801 Wyoming (Special)
67143 Real estate purchase--1520 Market Street (Special)
67144 Redevelopment plan--4501-03 Mary Ave (Special)
67145 Tax Increment Financing District--4100 Forest Park Redevelopment Area repealed Ordinance 65379 (Special)
67146 Redevelopment Area--4100 Forest Park (Special)
67147 Airport--grant agreement for reimbursement of land acquired (Special)
67148 Airport--agreement with Lambert Airport Eastern Perimeter Joint Development Commission (Special)
67149 Airport--sale of with City of Kinloch (Special)
67150 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 938 (Special)
67151 Vacation--portion of Buckingham Court (Special)
67152 Vacation--18th Street at Chouteau and east/west alley in city block 482-WA (Special)
67153 Streets--honorarily designate Sullivan as "Noble Drew Ali Place" (Special)
67154 Community Improvement District--620 Market and STL Market (Special)
67155 Excise--Twenty-Second Ward Liquor Control District (Special)
67156 Katrina Relief--reimbursement of funds (Special)
67157 Real property--sale by Treasurer to OPUS NWR parcels in city blocks 3884 (Special)
67158 Zoning--parcels from A to F in city block 4608 (Special)
67159 Zoning--parcels from A to J in city blocks 4612 and 4613.33 (Special)
67160 Grant--removal and replacement of sidewalk on Gravois (Special)
67161 Grant--truck entrance at Broadway and St. Louis Avenues (Special)
67162 Zoning--parcels from J to F in city block 3094 (Special)
67163 Zoning--parcels from B to C in city block 4147 (Special)
67164 Zoning--parcels from A to F in city block 5690 (Special)
67165 Vacation--Lucas from 19th to 20th (Special)
67166 Vacation--Lucas from Jefferson to 23rd (Special)
67167 Community Improvement District--Broadway Hotel CID (Special)
67168 Vacation--"L" shaped alley in city block 3545 (Special)
67169 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 1863 (Special)
67170 Vacation--Poplar and 7th (Special)
67171 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 1253 (Special)
67172 Excise--removal of moratorium in Twenty-fourth Ward, repeals Ordinance 67099 and 66597 (Special)
67173 Non-binding vote--residency for civilian employees of police department (Not codified) Passed
67174 Ville Historic District--designation (Special)
67175 Benton Park Neighborhood Historic District--designation (Special)
67176 General Obligation Bond--issuance for radios and street improvement (Special)
67177 Real property--sale to Mark Twain Community Alliance property in city block 5143 (Special)
67178 Park East Lofts PUD--expanded District (Special)
67179 TIF--Southtown Redevelopment Area (Special)
67180 Gardenside Subdivision Special Business District--continue tax levy (Special)
67181 Gardenside Subdivision Special Business District--change in boundaries (Special)
67182 Lafayette Park--lease of Police Sub Station (Special)
67183 Real property--sale of property in city block 678 to Jameson Development (Special)
67184 Redevelopment plan--4046 Russell (Special)
67185 Redevelopment plan--4002 Castleman (Special)
67186 Grant-Human Services for nonviolent offenders (Special)
67187 Redevelopment plan--4421 Ridgewood (Special)
67188 Redevelopment plan--3837-43 Russell (Special)
67189 Court cost--increase (3.08.410)
67190 Zoning--parcels in city block 141,144,145, 556.04, 557, 581 and 583.04 to "I" Central Business District (Special)
67191 Real property--sale of parcels in city blocks 3956 and 3958 to Bissingers, Inc. (Special)
67192 Excise--restriction of licenses in Third Ward Liquor Control District (Special)
67193 Graduated license fee increase uses (8.07.015)
67194 Graduated license fee increases--Not applicable because voters approved tax increase of Ordinance 67193 (Not codified)
67195 Ballot--authorized sales tax of one-eighth for local parks--submitted November 7, 2006 Passed (22.12.070)
67196 Fire Department--Intergovernmental Agreement with St. Clair County, Ill (Special)
67197 Fire Department--agreement with police, board of education and community college (Special)
67198 Streets--closing of 22nd and Newhouse (Special)
67199 Redevelopment plan--3963-83 Gratiot (Special)
67200 Redevelopment plan--3830 and 3838 Park (Special)
67201 Redevelopment plan--1916-20 Geyer (Special)
67202 Redevelopment plan--3327-29 Indiana (Special)
67203 Redevelopment plan--3219 Iowa (Special)
67204 Redevelopment plan--3243 Texas (Special)
67205 Redevelopment plan--7317-29 S. Broadway (Special)
67206 Real property--sale of parcels in city blocks 123 and 1124 to Fourteenth Street Mall Associates (Special)
67207 Redevelopment plan--10th Street/11th Street/Lami Scattered Sites (Special)
67208 Transportation Trust Fund--appropriation to Bi-State (Special)
67209 Transportation Sales Tax--appropriation (Special)
67210 Redevelopment plan--1906-12 and 1921 S. 9th and 830 Geyer (Special)
67211 Redevelopment plan--1835 S. 9th Street (Special)
67212 Redevelopment plan--3339-43 Washington (Special)
67213 Redevelopment plan--2100-02 Wyoming (Special)
67214 Redevelopment plan--3631 Ohio (Special)
67215 Redevelopment plan--3163 Portis (Special)
67216 Redevelopment plan-- 2745 Locust (Special)
67217 Redevelopment plan--5025 Raymond (Special)
67218 Redevelopment plan--4215-19 and 4236-4306 W. Labadie and 3001-15 Lambdin (Special)
67219 Redevelopment plan--5180 Cates (Special)
67220 Planned Unit Development--Bottle District (Special)
67221 1201 Washington Community Improvement District--establishment (Special)
67222 South Grand Community Improvement District--petition approval (Special)
67223 Redevelopment plan--Mansion House Center (Special)
67224 Redevelopment plan--Charles Russell Area (Special)
67225 Redevelopment plan--Manchester/Mitchell Area (Special)
67226 Redevelopment plan--2927 Michigan (Special)
67227 Community Improvement District--Bottle District (Special)
67228 Redevelopment plan--Benton Park (Special)
67229 Redevelopment plan--1511-19 Angelrodt (Special)
67230 Vacation--Compton north of Walsh (Special)
67231 Vacation--north/south alley in city block 1740, Mallinckrodt from West Florissant, Destrehan from 23rd to 22nd, Destrehan from N. Florissant to alley in city block 1741 and Destrehan from 22nd east to alley in city block 1741 (Special)
67232 Vacation--Wilson from Esther to Sulphur (Special)
67233 Noise--organized events (15.50.030)
67234 Vacation--River Bluff Place between Broadway and Mississippi River (Special)
67235 Redevelopment Area--Park Pacific Redevelopment Area (Special)
67236 Redevelopment Area--2200 Gravois (Special)
67237 Redevelopment Area--600 Washington (Special)
67238 Redevelopment Area--Jefferson Arms (Special)
67239 Redevelopment Agreement--410 N. Jefferson, LLC (Special)
67240 Redevelopment Agreement--amended Ordinance 66434, Rothschild Development (Special)
67241 Redevelopment Agreement--amended Ordinance 66559, Convention Plaza Apartments (Special)
67242 Redevelopment Agreement--amended Ordinance 65978, City Hospital Development (Special)
67243 Vacation--Clark between Stadium Plaza and Broadway (Special)
67244 Redevelopment plan--4220, 4228-34 and 4229-33 Maryland (Special)
67245 Public work--Soulard Bike Path Extension Project (Special)
67246 Public work--Loughborough Bridge over Union Pacific Railroad (Special)
67247 Airport--lease with American Airlines (Special)
67248 Airport--grant for Master Plan Update, Phase 1 (Special)
67249 Public work--airport reconstruction of Taxiway D (Special)
67250 Real property--sale to Ameren UE property in city block 453 (Special)
67251 Streets--closing of Labadie at Vandeventer (Special)
67252 Streets--Ordinance 64075 two-way stop Oakland at Lawn Place repealed, enacted two-way stop at Oakland and Kingshighway (Special)
67253 Vacation--18th at Chouteau, Papin at 18th and Papin at 17th (Special)
67254 Real property--sale to Brannon Avenue Warehouse property in city blocks 4739 and 4740 (Special)
67255 Treasurer--Parking Revenue Bonds (Special)
67256 Supplemental appropriation (Special)
67257 Vacation--east/west alley in city block 3922 (Special)
67258 Parking District--Olive/Pine Residential Parking District (Special)
67259 Firefighters' retirement system investments (4.18.225)
67260 Streets--honorarily name Oregon as "Father Joe Roelke Place" (Special)
67261 Redevelopment plan--Page/Dr.M.L.King/Compton/School/ Cook (Special)
67262 Fire Department--grant for "Meeting Neighbors and Saving Lives" (Special)
67263 Block Grant Funds (Special)
67264 Redevelopment plan--3670 Castleman Avenue (Special)
67265 Redevelopment plan--4141 Botanical Avenue (Special)
67266 Redevelopment plan--4106 Shenandoah (Special)
67267 Redevelopment plan--2333 S. Grand (Special)
67268 Redevelopment plan--3023 Allen/1920 Longfellow (Special)
67269 Redevelopment plan--2521 Minnesota (Special)
67270 Redevelopment plan--1923 Compton (Special)
67271 Redevelopment plan--2109-11 Olive Street (Special)
67272 Redevelopment plan--4300 Duncan and 405 Boyle (Special)
67273 Redevelopment plan--5601-03 Botanical (Special)
67274 Redevelopment plan--2306 N. Broadway and 119-21 Monroe (Special)
67275 Redevelopment plan--Salisbury, N. 23rd, N. 25th Vest Area (Special)
67276 Redevelopment plan--4265 Russell (Special)
67277 Redevelopment plan--6504 Prescott (Special)
67278 Redevelopment plan--6814-16 Pennsylvania (Special)
67279 Redevelopment plan--7100 Pennsylvania (Special)
67280 Transportation Project Agreement--620 Market Transportation Development District and 620 Market Building (Special)
67281 Redevelopment plan--3143-45, 3450 Arsenal (Special)
67282 Redevelopment plan--2347 Rutger (Special)
67283 Redevelopment plan--2624 Nebraska (Special)
67284 Redevelopment plan--3910, 3956 DeTonty, 3861, 3867 Shaw, 1819 Lawrence (Special)
67285 Redevelopment plan--2806 Accomac (Special)
67286 Redevelopment plan--2210 Ann (Special)
67287 Redevelopment plan--3415-17 Indiana (Special)
67288 Redevelopment plan--4056-58 Minnesota (Special)
67289 Redevelopment plan--2805 Shenandoah (Special)
67290 Redevelopment plan--Hall Street Industrial Area (Special)
67291 Redevelopment plan--1926 Withnell (Special)
67292 Redevelopment plan--1827-29 Allen (Special)
67293 Redevelopment plan--2308-10 S. 11th (Special)
67294 Redevelopment plan--2817 Wyoming (Special)
67295 Redevelopment plan--4239 Botanical (Special)
67296 Zoning--parcel in city block 4647 to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District (Special)
67297 Zoning--parcel in city block 5473 to "H" Area Commercial District (Special)
67298 Port Real Property--lease with Fred Weber (Special)
67299 Port Real Property--lease with Alberici Constructors (Special)
67300 Port Real Estate--lease with S.I. Warehousing, Co., Inc. d/b/a Archway Fleeting & Harbor (Special)
67301 Redevelopment Area--1859 Grand Avenue/Cozens/Evans (Special)
67302 Portable storage units (20.53)
67303 Central West End Historic District--extension of boundaries (Special)
67304 Redevelopment Plan, Area-Page Partners, II (Special)
67305 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--Grand Avenue/Cozens, Evans Area (Special)
67306 Controlled substances near parks, schools, church or daycare (11.60.270)
67307 Vacation--Biddle, Carr, Sixth, O'Fallon, and north/south alley in city block 557 (Special)
67308 Streets--stop site on Northland at Kingshighway and Union (Special)
67309 Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Agreement Amendment--Argyle (Special)
67310 Qualifications for probationary fire privates (Not codified)
67311 Tax Increment Financing and Redevelopment Plan--Cupples Station (Special)
67312 Redevelopment Area--Ballpark Lofts (Special)
67313 Redevelopment plan and Agreement--4100 Forest Park Development Inc. (Special)
67314 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--4100 Forest Park (Special)
67315 Airport--federal obligation grant (Special)
67316 Airport--lease with American Airlines (Special)
67317 Airport--Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2006 (Special)
67318 Redevelopment Area--GEW Lofts (Special)
67319 Redevelopment Area--Tudor Building/1818 Washington (Special)
67320 Development Area--designation under Missouri Downtown and Rural Economic Stimulus Act (Special)
67321 Implementing Missouri Downtown and Rural Economic Stimulus Act by establishing Community Development Corporation Revolving Fund (Special)
67322 Zoning--change zoning from 'K' Unrestricted District to the 'D' Multiple-Family Dwelling District in City Blocks 4392 and 5887 (Special)
67323 Zoning--change to the "H" Area Commercial District parcels of land in City Block 1859 (Special)
67324 Traffic Code repealing portions of Ordinance 65351 and Ordinance 57831 and enacting/replacing with new sections 17.02.230, 17.14.010, 17.14.050 and 17.40.040 of the Revised Code related to traffic regulations, construction zones, and emergency vehicles (17.02.230, 17.14.010, 17.14.050, 17.40.040)
67325 Building Code--amending Section 118.1 of Section Three of Ordinance 66790 (25.01.030)
67326 Authorizing a Grant Agreement with the Office of Justice Programs' Bureau of Justice Assistance to fund a project Bulletproof Vest Partnership Agreement (Special)
67327 Prohibiting the issuance of any package or drink liquor licenses for any premises within the boundaries of the Twenty-Fourth Ward Liquor Control District, as established herein, for a period of three years (Special)
67328 Collector of Revenue--repealed Ordinance 66397 and adopted ten (10) new sections regarding the appointment of and the salaries of certain employees in the Collector of Revenue's office pursuant to Section 82.610, RSMo. (4.44)
67329 Office of the Recorder of Deed--repealed Ordinances 66399 and adopted new provision relating to the employees and salaries of the Office of the Recorder of Deeds (4.43)
67330 Treasurer's Office--repealed Ordinance 66279 and adopted provisions relating to the number and salaries of the Treasurer's Office (4.26.015--4.26.023, 4.26.040--4.26.060)
67331 Parking Meter Division--repealed Ordinance 66382 and adopted ordinance relating to the position classification and salaries of the Parking Division employees (4.30.010--4.30.025)
67332 Sheriff's Office--repealed Ordinance 66742 and established salaries of employees in Sheriff's Office (4.36)
67333 Classified Employee Service Plan--repeals Ordinance 66272 and enacts plan pertaining to classification and pay scale (4.10)
67334 License Collector--repealed Ordinance 66398 and adopted ordinance pertaining to list of classes and rates of compensation of certain employees of the License Collector (4.28)
67335 Medical Examiner--repeals Ordinance 66401 and enacts classification and pay rates Medical Examiner's Office (4.54)
67336 Redevelopment plan--S. Jefferson/Gravois/Potomac Area (Special)
67337 Redevelopment plan--N. 13th/Warren/Wright/Blair Ave. Area (Special)
67338 Redevelopment plan--3301-05, 3401-05, 3419, 3439, 3503-05 Park Ave. Area (Special)
67339 Redevelopment plan--2633 Armand Pl. & 2749 Accomac Street Area (Special)
67340 Redevelopment plan--2007 Ann Avenue & 2840 Accomac Street (Special)
67341 Redevelopment plan--3309 Salena St & 2620 Missouri Ave (Special)
67342 Redevelopment plan--3853 Flad Avenue (Special)
67343 Redevelopment plan--3526-28 Pestallozi Street (Special)
67344 Redevelopment plan--3246 Michigan & 3522-26 Calif. Etc. (Special)
67345 Redevelopment plan--2600 Minnesota Ave. (Special)
67346 Redevelopment plan--2622-24 Louisiana (Special)
67347 Redevelopment plan--3445 Shenandoah Ave. (Special)
67348 Redevelopment plan--1916 Nebraska Ave. (Special)
67349 Community Improvement District--1235 Washington (Special)
67350 Enhanced Enterprise Zone--an ordinance requiring that the City takes the steps to apply to the State of Missouri for designation of Enhanced Enterprise Zone (Special)
67351 Redevelopment Plan--Terry Park Area (Special)
67352 Redevelopment Plan--4454 Chouteau Ave. (Special)
67353 Redevelopment Plan--Union/Page/Academy/Maple Area (Repealed by 67793)
67354 Redevelopment Plan--60 Plaza Square & 1709 Pine Street (Special)
67355 Airport Grant Agreement--grant agreement for Project No. 3-29-0085-101-2006 (Special)
67356 Airport Public Works--authorizing a Fourth Amendment to Building Projects Public Works Ordinance (Special)
67357 Airport Indenture of Lease--establishing a multi-year public work program for terminal complexes, etc. (Special)
67358 Airport Indenture of Lease--executing a seventh amendment to the Indenture of Lease (Special)
67359 Liquor--Twenty-Second Ward--Repealing Ordinance 66277 (Special)
67360 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--600 Washington, One City Centre (Special)
67361 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Pyramid Construction, Inc. (Special)
67362 Circuit Attorney Office--allocating positions Section 56.540 RSMo to classes with grades and schedule setting minimum and maximum salaries (4.48)
67363 Community Improvement District--Olive Condominiums, 60 Plaza Square (Special)
67364 Transportation Project Agreement--Broadway Hotel TDD and HDH, LLC. (Special)
67365 Parking--disabled persons definition and inclusion of blindness (17.76.020)
67366 Traffic--stop site Riverview Blvd. and Newby (Special)
67367 Traffic--directs Director of Streets to close, barricade traffic on Chambers/16th (Special)
67368 Traffic--stop site on Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd./Belt (Special)
67369 Streets--Repeals Ordinance 55918 which directs Director to remove stop sign on Bancroft Ave. (Special)
67370 Vacation--city block 1463 bounded by Hartford/Arkansas/Juniata/Grand (Special)
67371 Vacation--alley in city block 1859 (Special)
67372 Streets--Cochran Plaza Subdivision, street names, city block 578 & 586 (Special)
67373 Street--Designate Clark Street as "Brett Hull Way" (Special)
67374 Vacation--alley in City Block 940 as bounded by Martin Luther King, 20th, Delmar and 21st (Special)
67375 Vacation--Wise Ave. at Tamm (Special)
67376 Vacation--French Market Court from Hickory northward (Special)
67377 Vacation--City Block 438W bounded by Hickory/Dolman/Park/18th (Special)
67378 Vacation--City Block 528 to Linden St., from 14th St. to alley (Special)
67379 Vacation--Geyer Ave. from Serbian to city block 1341 (Special)
67380 Vacation--alley in city block 1335 (Special)
67381 Vacation--alley in city block 931 (Special)
67382 Vacation--alleys in city block 1007 (Special)
67383 Public Works--Salisbury Enhancement Project (Special)
67384 Public Works--Goodfellow Blvd. Improvement Project (Special)
67385 Public Works--Halls Ferry Circle Reconstruction Project (Special)
67386 Public Works--Market Street Interconnect Project between Compton Ave. and Tucker Blvd. (Special)
67387 Authorization to enter into agreement with St. Louis University, Utilities, Bi-State Development Agency, and other Governmental Agencies for Grand Ave. Streetscape, Vicinity Research Bldg., Grand Ave. Streetscape Chouteau I-44 Phase I (Special)
67388 Vacation--portion of Arsenal from McCausland to the River Des Peres (Special)
67389 Solicitations--permitting, regulating, defining, and penalty clause; repealing Ordinance 52194 and Ordinance 40234 (8.84)
67390 Special Use District--North Broadway Vicinity Commercial Areas (Special)
67391 Charter Amendment--submission to the voters for a proposed amendment to the Charter to repeal Section 24, Article IV and enact a new Section 24 of Article IV, relating to fines-provides for an election (Charter Art. IV 24)
67392 Brick Dealers--repeals Ordinance 59429, requirements for city business license and permit, penalty clause (8.28A)
67393 Zoning--zoning change in city block 3911 to "G" Local Commercial and Office District (Special)
67394 Zoning--zoning change from "B" and "H" to "D" and "H" in city block 1463 (Special)
67395 Central West End Certified Local Historic District--extension of boundaries under provisions of Title 24 (Special)
67396 Flood Regulation--repealing Ordinance 65420 and transferring from Zoning Code to Building Code (25.01.760)
67397 Plan Unit Development District--Clifton Heights Townhomes Subdivision, repeals Ordinance 66681 (Special)
67398 2007 St. Louis Works and the 50/50 Sidewalk Programs City Wide (Special)
67399 Airport Planning Project--First Amendment to Sec. One of the Airport Planning Project Ordinance 66870, appropriation from Airport Development Fund into Airport Planning Project (Special)
67400 Airport Commission--authorizing and establishing Environmental Planning Programming, and Remediation Implementation Program (Special)
67401 Zoning Code--repealing Section 26.88.020 of Section 23 of Ordinance 59973 and enacted new provision pertaining to duties and authority of Zoning Administrator (26.88.020)
67402 Port Authority Commission--lease agreement with Consolidated Grain and Barge (Special)
67403 Port Authority Commission--lease agreement with Great Rivers Greenway District (Special)
67404 Real Property Sale--3011 Lambdin Avenue by City to Reutilization Authority (Special)
67405 Agreement to Purchase--Anheuser-Busch to purchase property in city blocks 2801 & 2804 (Special)
67406 Real Property Sale--2405 Cass Avenue to True Grace Baptist Church (Special)
67407 Easement--Union Electric d/b/a Ameren U.E. (Special)
67408 Development Area--Designation of Ballpark Village Development Area under Missouri Downtown & Rural Economic Stimulus Act (Special)
67409 Development Plan, Project, Area--Development Agreement with Ballpark Village Holding Co. (Special)
67410 Bonds--Authorization to assign new state revenues, Modesa Local Revenues, Dedicated Municipal Revenues to pay bonds issued by Ballpark Development Area (Special)
67411 Community Improvement District Designation--Ballpark Village Community Improvement District and Ballpark Holding Co., LLC (Special)
67412 Transportation Project Agreement--Ballpark Village Transportation Development District (Special)
67413 Wi-Fi Access with SBC Internet Services d/b/a AT&T Internet Services Agreement (Special)
67414 LEED Green Building rating system for all newly constructed and renovated city-owned facilities (Special)
67415 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Caitlin Townhomes Redevelopment Plan (Special)
67416 Animal Shelter--Arsenal-Ellendale Park (Special)
67417 Redevelopment Agreement--McGowan Bros. for Grace Loft TIF (Special)
67418 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Grace Lofts TIF Redevelopment Project, Repeals Ordinance 65856 (Special)
67419 Redevelopment Agreement--Moon Bros. (Special)
67420 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Moon Bros. Carriage Lofts TIF Redevelopment Project, Repeals Ordinance 66826 (Special)
67421 Lease--Cabanne House to St. Louis Ambassadors, Inc. (Special)
67422 Lease--Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis, Inc. (Special)
67423 Displaced Building Service Workers Protection Ordinance (15.160)
67424 Scrap Metal--licensing requirements, rules, and regulations (15.159)
67425 Traffic--stop sign for Jamison Ave. (Special)
67426 Authorizes President of Board of Public Service to apply and receive grant funds for construction of two recreation centers (Special)
67427 Redevelopment Plan--3338-40 Texas Ave. Area (Special)
67428 Redevelopment Plan--2861-2863 Texas Ave. Area (Special)
67429 Redevelopment Plan--3943 Juniata Street Area (Special)
67430 Dog Park--City Block 1510, 3300-3304 Nebraska Ave. (Special)
67431 Redevelopment Plan--6100-08 Colorado Ave. (Special)
67432 Redevelopment Plan--1451-55 Gregg Ave. (Special)
67433 Redevelopment Plan--2922 & 2924 Sidney St. (Special)
67434 Redevelopment Plan--4235 Norfolk Ave. (Special)
67435 Community Improvement District--Cozens/MLK/Grand Community Improvement District (Special)
67436 Redevelopment Plan--310042 Franklin Ave./3121-37 Delmar Blvd. (Special)
67437 Redevelopment Plan--4030-46, 4005-25, 4031-33 Cook Ave. (Special)
67438 Redevelopment Plan--5186 Cabanne Ave. (Special)
67439 Redevelopment Plan--3942 Burgen Ave. (Special)
67440 Redevelopment Plan--5412 Botanical Ave. (Special)
67441 Redevelopment Plan--4517 & #51 Lewis Pl. (Special)
67442 Transportation Project Agreement with city block 5421/5975, TDD and Loop Hotel TDD (Special)
67443 Redevelopment Plan--Salisbury St., West Florissant Ave., Palm St., 23rd St., and 25th St.--adopted in Ordinance 65841 (Special)
67444 Reversionary Interest--Release and Termination of Reversionary Interest in 4350 Duncan Ave. and authorizing execution of Quit Claim Deed (Special)
67445 Redevelopment Plan--4052-60 Chouteau Ave. (Special)
67446 Redevelopment Plan--4104-54 Detonty Street (Special)
67447 Redevelopment Plan--4251 Shenandoah Ave. (Special)
67448 Redevelopment Plan--2816 S. Grand Ave., 3556 Magnolia Ave. (known as 2800 S. Grand Blvd) & 3557-59 Halliday Ave. (Special)
67449 Redevelopment Plan--3117 Russell Ave. (Special)
67450 Defines Blighted Area--2622-24 Louisiana Ave. (Special)
67451 Redevelopment Plan--100 N. Euclid Ave. (Special)
67452 Vacation--Lucas from 22nd to 23rd Street (Special)
67453 Community Improvement District--Gentry's Landing (Special)
67454 Transportation Project Agreement--Adler Lofts Transportation Development District and Adler Commercial, LLC (Special)
67455 Redevelopment Area--Grand and Shenandoah (Special)
67456 Redevelopment Area--Ice House #6 (Special)
67457 Redevelopment Plan--GEW TIF, Inc. (Special)
67458 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--GEW Lofts Redevelopment Project (Special)
67459 Redevelopment Plan, Project, and Area--1911 Locust Partners, LLC (Special)
67460 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Foundry Redevelopment Project (Special)
67461 Redevelopment Area--Foundry Redevelopment Area (Special)
67462 Redevelopment Plan, Project, Area, and Agreement--Tudor TIF, Inc. & 1818 TIF, Inc. (Special)
67463 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Tudor Building/1818 Washington Redevelopment Project (Special)
67464 Redevelopment Agreement--Ice House #6 of St. Louis L.L.C. (Special)
67465 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Ice House #6 Redevelopment Project (Special)
67466 Vacation--Botanical to Grand westward (Special)
67467 Vacation--north/south alley city block 2111 (Special)
67468 Redevelopment Agreement--First Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement with Balke Brown Assoc. (Special)
67469 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Pet Building Redevelopment Project (Special)
67470 Redevelopment Area, Project, and Agreement--First Main Properties, LLC (Special)
67471 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--Grand/Shenandoah Redevelopment Project (Special)
67472 Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project, and Agreement--2200 Gravois LLC (Special)
67473 Tax Incremental Finance Revenue Notes--2200 Gravois Redevelopment Project (Special)
67474 Redevelopment Plan--Ballpark Lofts1 TIF Inc., Ballpark Loft 2, Inc., and Ballpark Loft 3 TIF, Inc. (Special)
67475 Redevelopment Agreement--restated and amended with Integration Development, Inc., Automobile Row TIF (Special)
67476 Board of Estimate and Apportionment--authorization directing St. Louis Municipal Finance Corp. to negotiate with Bond Insurer to receive consent to amend documents relating to Forest Park Leasehold (Special)
67477 Lease--Barnes Jewish Hospital (Special)
67478 Zoning--parcels in city block 2022 to "I" Central Business District (Special)
67479 Vacation--First Street (Special)
67480 Tax Incremental Financing--Ballpark Loft Redevelopment Project (Special)
67481 Redevelopment Plan--3907 N. Wharf Street (Special)
67482 Redevelopment Plan--1208 & 1310-16 MacKay Pl. (Special)
67483 Annual Operating Budget Plan for the City of St. Louis for Fiscal Year 2007-2008 (Special)
67484 Agreement between City and Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission Relating to the Construction and Maintenance of the I-64 Improvement and Reconstruction Project (Special)
67485 Vacation at O'Fallon Street from Lewis Street to Wharf (Special)
67486 Vacation at Mason from Hickory southwardly to a point 15' wide east/west alley City Block 152 bounded by Hickory, 6th, I-44 and Mason, Sixth from Hickory southwardly 115' to a point (Special)
67487 Vacation at North/South Alley and the "L" shaped alley in City Block 504 as bounded by Olive, Tucker, Pine and 13th (Special)
67488 Redevelopment Area--Designation of Foundry Redevelopment Area, Adopting TIF within the Area, Establishing the Foundry Special Allocation Fund (Special)
67489 Redevelopment Plan--Adoption of a Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project and Agreement with 1911 Locust Partners, LLC (Special)
67490 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--Issuance and Delivery of TIF notes for Foundry Redevelopment Project (Special)
67491 Redevelopment Area--Designation of Grand and Shenandoah Redevelopment Area known as Grand and Shenandoah, Adopting TIF within the Area, Establishing the Grand and Shenandoah Special Allocation Fund (Special)
67492 Redevelopment Plan--Adoption of a Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project and Authorization to Execute Agreement with Pelican Court Development Corporation Adopting TIF within the Area, Establishing the Foundry Special Allocation Fund (Special)
67493 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--Issuance and Delivery Grand and Shenandoah Redevelopment Project (Special)
67494 Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ)--Establishment of zone and authorizing real estate tax abatement for property in the Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) of the City, and establishing the business cluster focus of the EEZ (Special)
67495 Board of Estimate and Apportionment--Authorizing the St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation to issue and sell Recreation Sales Tax Leasehold Revenue bonds for funding of construction and renovation of recreation centers (Special)
67496 Board of Estimate and Apportionment--Authorizing the St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation to issue and sell Corporation's Abram Building Lease Revenue bonds to pay and reimburse City for costs for purchasing the building at 1520 Market Street, St. Louis, Missouri, 63103 (Special)
67497 Borrowing of funds in anticipation of tax payments levied for the Calendar Year ending December 31, 2007 and remaining uncollected and other revenues remaining to be collected and deposited in the General Revenue Fund for the Fiscal Year Ending June 20, 2008 through the Issuance of Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes and Acquisition of Credit Enhancement, if necessary (Special)
67498 Airline Shops Building Lease Agreement, AL-460, between the City and Northwest Airlines, Inc. (Special)
67499 Airline Service Building Lease Agreement, AL-463, between the City and United Airlines, Inc. (Special)
67500 "Operating Agreement" (Wireless Internet Access System), AL-472, between the City and Concourse Communications St. Louis, LLC (Special)
67501 Supplemental Appropriation of $2,300,000 from the Airport Development
Fund to Annual Budget for current expenses of the government (Special)
67502 Establishing a public works and improvement program ("Building & Environ Projects") at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (Special)
67503 Ratifying and adopting the Passenger Air Service Incentive Program for the Airport as well as authorizing and directing the Director of Airports to implement the program (Special)
67504 Authorizing the transfer of moneys ($12,000,000) from the Airport Development Fund to the Airport Contingency Fund and further authorizing a transfer of funds of up to $12,000,000 from the Airport Contingency Fund to the Airport Revenue Fund (Special)
67505 Authorizing the transfer of moneys ($3,200,000) from the Airport Development Fund to the Airport Contingency Fund and further authorizing the transfer of funds of up to $200,000 from the Airport Contingency Fund to the Airport Revenue Fund (Special)
67506 Authorizing and directing Director of Airports and the Comptroller to execute on behalf of the City the Airport Use and Lease Agreement, AL-689, between the City and Airtran Airways, Inc. (Special)
67507 Authorizing and directing the Director of Airports and the Comptroller to execute on behalf of the City the Space Permit (Shirt Room), AL-018, between the City and Paradies-Concession II-Arch, Inc. (Special)
67508 Establishment of the 1400 Washington Redevelopment Area, approval of a Redevelopment Plan and Redevelopment Project, and adoption of TIF financing within the Redevelopment Area (Special)
67509 Authorizing the execution of a Redevelopment Agreement between the City and WTD Venture, LLC for the 1400 Washington Redevelopment Plan (Special)
67510 Authorizing the issuance and delivery of Tax Increment Revenue Notes (not to exceed $11,500,000) for the 1400 Washington Redevelopment Project (Special)
67511 Streets--Honorary designation of Fourth Street between Market Street and Chestnut Street as "Dred Scott Way" (Special)
67512 Redevelopment Plan--1400 S. Second Street Area (Special)
67513 Parking--establishing an administrative adjudication system for violations (17.62.260)
67514 Redevelopment Plan--8024-8100 Water Street Area (Special)
67515 Redevelopment Plan--7900 Van Buren Street Area (Special)
67516 Redevelopment Plan--St. Louis/Burd/Maffitt/Clara Avenue Area (Special)
67517 Planned Unit Development District--"Cabanne Townhomes Planned Unit Development District" (Special)
67518 Planned Unit Development District--"5849 and 5860 Clemens Planned Unit Development District" (Special)
67519 Redevelopment Plan--5540 W. Park Ave., 1249 & 1319-1325 Macklind Avenue Area (Special)
67520 Redevelopment Plan--1463 S. Vandeventer Area (Special)
67521 Streets--Repeals Ord. 63376 closing Whittier Avenue south of McPherson (Special)
67522 Streets--Closes McRee and Thurman, also intersection of Blaine and Thurman (Special)
67523 Redevelopment Plan--1401 Pine Street Area (Special)
67524 Vacation--In the north/south alley in City Block 1607 as bounded by Winnebago, Arkansas, Chippewa and Grand (Special)
67525 Tax Abatement--for certain properties known as Etzel II, in accordance with Ord. 55268 and the Redevelopment Plan for the West End Urban Renewal Area (Special)
67526 Adoption of Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project, and Authorization to Execute Agreement with Park Pacific TIF, Inc. (Special)
67527 Adoption of a Development Plan, Area, Project and Authorization to Execute Agreement with Park Pacific TIF, Inc. (Special)
67528 Designation of permit parking only within "The Laclede-Forest Park-Newstead Parking District" (17.102)
67529 Designation of permit parking only within "The Kentucky and Talmage Residential Parking District" (17.103)
67530 Designation of permit parking only within "The 4500 Block of Chouteau Avenue Residential Parking District" (17.104)
67531 Zoning change of property in Block 674 to the "G" Local Commercial and Office District (Special)
67532 Closure of street at 20th at Newhouse (Special)
67533 Real Property--Sale of parcels, 8520, 8601, and 8602 Michigan Avenue (Special)
67534 Authorization for Mayor to apply for funding under H.U.D. Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control--Lead Safe Program (Special)
67535 Real Property--Sale of parcels at 5124 and 5431 North Euclid to Union West Florissant Housing Solutions, Inc. (Special)
67536 Redevelopment Plan--2839 Accomac Street Area (Special)
67537 Redevelopment Plan--2234 Jules Street Area (Special)
67538 Redevelopment Plan--2415 Salena Avenue Area (Special)
67539 Redevelopment Plan--2624 Ann Avenue Area (Special)
67540 Redevelopment Plan--2652 Ann Avenue Area (Special)
67541 Redevelopment Plan--1915-17 Lynch Street Area (Special)
67542 Redevelopment Plan--1959-63 Arsenal Street Area (Special)
67543 Redevelopment Plan--2816 & 2838-40 McNair Avenue Area (Special)
67544 Redevelopment Plan--2865 Salena Street Area (Special)
67545 Redevelopment Plan--3249-51 Nebraska Avenue Area (Special)
67546 Redevelopment Plan--2803-05 Wyoming Street Area (Special)
67547 Redevelopment Plan--7019 Minnesota Avenue Area (Special)
67548 Redevelopment Plan--4218 West Pine Boulevard Area (Special)
67549 Redevelopment Plan--Mark Twain Scattered Sites Area (Special)
67550 Redevelopment Plan--5918 DeGiverville Avenue Area (Special)
67551 Redevelopment Plan--Patch Scattered Sites II Area (Special)
67552 Redevelopment Plan--5960 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive Area (Special)
67553 Redevelopment Plan--6601 Michigan Avenue and 6822-30 S. Broadway Street Area (Special)
67554 Redevelopment Plan--4442 S. Spring Avenue Area (Special)
67555 Redevelopment Plan--3229-31 Itaska Street Area (Special)
67556 Redevelopment Plan--3400 Meramec Street Area (Special)
67557 Redevelopment Plan--4133 Virginia Avenue Area (Special)
67558 Redevelopment Plan--4225 S. Kingshighway Boulevard Area (Special)
67559 Redevelopment Plan--5374-80 Magnolia Avenue and 2706-08 Macklind Avenue Area (Special)
67560 Redevelopment Plan--4107 Botanical Avenue Area (Special)
67561 Redevelopment Plan--3319-21 S. 18th Street Area (Special)
67562 Redevelopment Plan--3340 & 3344 Morgan Ford Road Area (Special)
67563 Redevelopment Plan--Forest Park Southeast Scattered Sites IV Area (Special)
67564 Redevelopment Plan--4306 Chouteau Avenue Area (Special)
67565 Redevelopment Plan--1418-20 Sullivan Avenue Area (Special)
67566 Redevelopment Plan--2800 N. 9th Street Area (Special)
67567 Redevelopment Plan--2730-32 Miami St. Area (Special)
67568 Redevelopment Plan--3653 South Compton Avenue Area (Special)
67569 Redevelopment Plan--3863 North Utah Place Area (Special)
67570 Community Improvement District--Park Pacific CID (Special)
67571 Redevelopment Plan--3960-62 Cleveland Avenue Area (Special)
67572 Redevelopment Plan--2223-29 Jefferson Avenue Area (Special)
67573 Redevelopment Plan--2342 S. 11th Street Area (Special)
67574 Redevelopment Plan--2650 Armand Place Area (Special)
67575 Redevelopment Plan--2926 Missouri Avenue Area (Special)
67576 Redevelopment Plan--3307-09 South 18th Street Area (Special)
67577 Redevelopment Plan--3319 Salena Street Area (Special)
67578 Redevelopment Plan--4239 Lindell Boulevard Area (Special)
67579 Redevelopment Plan--1728 Dick Gregory Place Area (Special)
67580 Redevelopment Plan--5067-75 Delmar Boulevard Area (Special)
67581 Redevelopment Plan--1470 S. Vandeventer Avenue Area (Special)
67582 Community Improvement District--1400 Washington CID (Special)
67583 Authorizing and directing the Mayor and Comptroller to enter into a lease agreement between the City and Steel Warehouse Company LLC for certain land on Unimproved Wharf for a period of 10 years (Special)
67584 Authorizing the issuance and delivery of Tax Increment Revenue Notes (not to exceed $21,410,000) for the Park Pacific Redevelopment Project (Special)
67585 Supplemental Appropriation (Special)
67586 Parking Commission--appropriations for payment of operating expenses, capital equipment, and improvement expenses of the Parking Division of Treasurer's Office, Kiel and Argyle Parking Facilities, Chouteau and Williams Paper Parking Facilities & Central Downtown Parking Facility for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2007 (Special)
67587 Real Property Sale--3025-27 Marnice Place to Otis L. Taylor from the City (Special)
67588 Prohibiting issuance of any package liquor license for any non-licensed premises within the boundaries of the Eighteenth Ward Liquor Control District for a period of three years (Special)
67589 Appropriation of funds ($20,545,000) from the "Transportation Trust Fund" to the Bi-State Development Agency for transportation purposes subject to conditions (Special)
67590 Transportation Sales Tax--creating "City Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund" and directing Treasurer to deposit funds received pursuant to said tax into this fund, appropriating $10,550,300 from said
sales tax to the Bi-State Development Agency, providing for payment of funds during the July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008 period, and further providing that the Comptroller may not issue warrants on the Treasurer for amounts greater than the amount of proceeds deposited in the fund (Special)
67591 Cooperation Agreement between the City and Gateway Foundation that provides procedures for the improvement of a two-block portion of the Gateway Mall and for the operation and maintenance of said property after improvements are complete (Special)
67592 Prohibiting the operation of any vehicle by any person whose driver's license or driving privileges have been canceled, suspended, or revoked (17.52.285)
67593 Community Improvement District--Flora Place CID (Special)
67594 Executing and accepting grant agreement by USA through the FAA for reimbursement of the direct costs associated with improving runway safety area 12L-30R (Phase 2) (Special)
67595 "Agreement and Contract of Sale" between St. Louis and Lambert Airport Eastern Perimeter Joint Development Commission (Special)
67596 Settlement Agreement between the City of St. Louis and the City of Bridgeton, Missouri concerning St. Louis' W-1W Expansion Program of the Airport (Special)
67597 Approving a Fair Share Agreement between the City of St. Louis and United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the U.S. & Canada Affiliated with AFL-CIO Local Union No. 562 (Special)
67598 Prohibiting the issuance of any package or drink liquor licenses for any currently non-licensed premises within the boundaries of the Third Ward Liquor Control District for a period of three years (Special)
67599 Real Property Sale--1639 Knapp Street to Connie Parker, Wilma Parker, and Patricia Parker (Special)
67600 Public Nuisance--repealing Ordinance 66181 and enacting new ordinance establishing procedures for abatement of public nuisances (15.42)
67601 Real Property Sale--property in City Block 291 to A and F Realty LLC (Special)
67602 Authorizing and directing the issue and sale of St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation's Taxable Pension Judgment Leasehold Revenue and/or Refunding Bonds, Series 2007 and Taxable Pension Judgment Service Contract Revenue Bonds, Series 2007 (Special)
67603 Zoning change for property in City Block 3097 to "G" Local Commercial and Office District (Special)
67604 Zoning change for property in City Block 4647 from "A" Single-family Dwelling District and "F" Neighborhood Commercial District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District only, so as to include a particular parcel of land in City Block 4752.03 (Special)
67605 Zoning change for property in City Block 1125 to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District (Special)
67606 Zoning change for property in City Blocks 414, 415, 820, 820.04, and 820.05 to the "H" Area Commercial District (Special)
67607 Zoning Code--repealing Chapter 26.48 pertaining to the "H" Area Commercial District of Ordinance 59979 and enacting in lieu thereof a new chapter pertaining to the same Zoning district (26.48)
67608 Establishing a public works and improvement project for the design, removal, and partial construction of the North Tucker Viaduct (Special)
67609 Authorization for Mayor to enter into grant agreement with HUD for Lead Hazard Control Grant funds (Special)
67610 Streets--repealing Ordinance 62459 and authorizing temporary closure of Oakland Avenue 100 feet west of South Newstead (Special)
67611 Food Service Establishments--allowing a customer to be accompanied by a dog in the permitted outdoor dining area of food service establishments located within the City with exceptions and under certain conditions (10.04.345)
67612 Bonds--submission of special bond election to be held February 5, 2008 for the incurring of indebtedness and the issuance of bonds of the City (Special)
67613 Airport--authorizing and directing Director of Airports and Comptroller to enter into and execute an Agreement and Contract of Sale between the City and Hunter Engineering Company (Special)
67614 Airport--First Supplemental Appropriation from the Series A Commercial Paper Construction Account of the Commercial Paper Construction Fund into the Building Projects (Special)
67615 Airport--First Supplemental Appropriation from the Series A Commercial Paper Construction Account of the Commercial Paper Construction Fund into the Taxiway D Project (Special)
67616 Airport--First Supplemental Appropriation from the Series A Commercial Paper Construction Account of the Commercial Paper Construction Fund into the Airport Schedule F CIP Project (Special)
67617 Adopted pursuant to Section 105.483(11), RSMo., reaffirming the provisions of Ord. 62391 and Ord. 66691 establishing a policy for the disclosure of potential conflicts of interests and substantial interests for certain municipal officials (4.07)
67618 St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation to sell and issue its Police Capital Improvement Sales Tax Leasehold Revenue Bonds, Series 2007 (Special)
67619 Redevelopment Plan--2626 Oregon Avenue Area (Special)
67620 Redevelopment Plan--1824-26 Chouteau Avenue Area (Special)
67621 Redevelopment Plan--2810 Clark Street Area (Special)
67622 Redevelopment Plan--2321 Minnesota Ave. and 3445 Pestalozzi St. Area (Special)
67623 Redevelopment Plan--3320-30 N. Kingshighway Blvd. Area (Special)
67624 Redevelopment Plan--2301-27 N. Kingshighway Blvd. Area (Special)
67625 Vacation--Vista Ave. from Carr Lane to Grand (Special)
67626 Vacation--First Street from Branch southwardly 155 feet to a point of First Street previously vacated by Ordinance 45289 (Special)
67627 Vacation--1) Second Street from Palm to Branch. 2) Palm Street 130 feet east of Broadway and continuing eastwardly to a point on Palm previously vacated by Ordinance 45289 (Special)
67628 Redevelopment Plan--Lincoln Ave./Cottage Ave./N. Sarah St. Area (Special)
67629 Streets--temporarily close 4800 block of Carter Ave. at Shreve Ave. (Special)
67630 Redevelopment Plan--4520-30 and 4525 N. Euclid Area (Special)
67631 Redevelopment Plan--5214 Kensington Avenue Area (Special)
67632 Redevelopment Plan--3319-27 Gustine Avenue Area (Special)
67633 Redevelopment Plan--4443 and 4449 Olive Street Area (Special)
67634 Redevelopment Plan--2641 Allen Avenue Area (Special)
67635 Redevelopment Plan--1903-05 Serbian Drive Area (Special)
67636 Redevelopment Plan--3451 Wyoming Avenue Area (Special)
67637 Redevelopment Plan--3836-38 Shenandoah Avenue Area (Special)
67638 Redevelopment Plan--3901-03 Botanical Avenue Area (Special)
67639 Redevelopment Plan--3413 Indiana Avenue Area (Special)
67640 Redevelopment Plan--2207 Lynch Street Area (Special)
67641 Redevelopment Plan--3142 Texas Avenue Area (Special)
67642 Redevelopment Plan--3166 Pennsylvania Avenue Area (Special)
67643 Redevelopment Plan--3701-03 & 3710 Illinois Avenue Area (Special)
67644 Redevelopment Plan--2623-25 Iowa Ave., 2659 California Ave., 2608-10 & 2659 Oregon Avenue Area (Special)
67645 Redevelopment Plan--7529, 7620 Michigan Avenue and 7700-08 Ivory Avenue Area (Special)
67646 Vacation--1) Devolsey from Gravois to Cushing, 2) A portion of Cushing beginning 13.21' west of Devolsey and extending eastwardly 120.00' to a point east of Devolsey (Special)
67647 Vacation--1) Mallinckrodt from 25th Street eastwardly to a point. 2) The southernmost designated portion of the 20 foot wide north/south alley in City Block 1748 as bounded by Salisbury, 23rd, Mallinckrodt and 25th (Special)
67648 Redevelopment Plan--4158 West Pine Blvd. Area (Special)
67649 Redevelopment Plan--4972 Eichelberger Street Area (Special)
67650 Redevelopment Plan--4318 Frieda Avenue Area (Special)
67651 Vacation--15 foot wide alley in City Block 2170 as bounded by LaSalle, Ranken, Hickory and Theresa (Special)
67652 Establishing a public works and improvement project for the design and construction of the Manchester Avenue Enhancement Project between Taylor Ave. and Sarah Ave. (Special)
67653 Vacation--1) The remaining portion of the 15 foot wide alley in City Block 3955 as bounded by Sarpy, Vandeventer, St. Bernard Land and Gratiot, 2) An irregular section of right-of-way adjacent to City Block 3956 which is bounded by Gratiot, Vandeventer and I-64 (Special)
67654 Vacation--remaining 75 foot portion of 15 foot wide alley in City Block 506 as bounded by Olive, 14th, Pine, and 15th (Special)
67655 Vacation--Cole Street from First Street to Commercial St. (Special)
67656 Vacation--Schirmer St. from Idaho Ave. eastwardly to the 15 foot wide alley in City Blocks 3102 and 3136 (formerly 3109) (Special)
67657 Vacation--Mound Street from Broadway to 8th Street and the 12 foot wide alley in City Block 655 as bounded by Brooklyn, Broadway, Mound and 8th (Special)
67658 Vacation--50' portion of 15 foot wide alley in City Block 3904 abutting 4389 Duncan and 4388-98 Forest Park, same being bounded by Forest Park Ave., Boyle Ave., Duncan Ave. and Newstead Ave (vacated) (Special)
67659 Vacation--tract of land being part of Dock Street bounded on the south by City Block 661-E, on the west by Hall Street, on the north by City Block 2541, and on the east by Wharf per Ordinance 5403 (Special)
67660 Vacation--20 foot wide alley in City Block 1219 abutting 3935 N. Broadway and 3930 N. Ninth, same being bounded by Angelica, Broadway, Bremen and Ninth (vacated) (Special)
67661 Acceptance of Grant Award from the United Way Community Investment Committee and to expend those funds appropriately (Special)
67662 Redevelopment Plan--6502 West Park Avenue Area (Special)
67663 Redevelopment Plan--2629 Ann Avenue Area (Special)
67664 Redevelopment Plan--4355 West Pine Blvd. Area (Special)
67665 Establishing a City Health Insurance Committee to recommend programs concerning health/medical insurance coverage offered by the City to its employees in the classified service and others and authorizing the services of a contractual health insurance consultant (4.10.225)
67666 Employee benefits--amending Section Twenty-two of Ordinance 67333 by authorizing the City Health Insurance Committee to recommend programs for health/medical insurance coverage for employees (4.10.220)
67667 Public Records--establishing city policy pursuant to Chapter 610 of Missouri Statutes, including designating custodians of record and establishing closed records (3.100.010--3.100.020)
67668 Community Improvement District--The Chemical Building CID (Special)
67669 Community Improvement District--Grand and Shenandoah CID (Special)
67670 Redevelopment Area, Plan, and Project--Leather Trades Building Redevelopment Area (Special)
67671 Affirming adoption of redevelopment plan, area, and project between City and LTL Building LLC--designating LTL Building, LLC as developer (Special)
67672 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes (not to exceed $2,850,000) for the Leather Trades Building Redevelopment Project (Special)
67673 Amendment of redevelopment agreement between City and 5700 Property, LLC, amending Ordinance 66668 (Special)
67674 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes (not to exceed $1,340,000) for the 5700 Arsenal Redevelopment Project, repealing Ordinance 66669 (Special)
67675 Community Improvement District--amendment to 2017 Chouteau CID Petition approved (Special)
67676 Planning Commission--two new public street names approved in the Blumeyer IV Subdivision in City Block 6493 (Special)
67677 Amendment of City Hospital TIF Redevelopment Plan (Special)
67678 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes (not to exceed $12,200,000) for the City Hospital 3 Redevelopment Project (Special)
67679 Redevelopment Area--Affirming the boundaries of the GEW Lofts Redevelopment Area to correct an error (Special)
67680 Redevelopment Area--Affirming the boundaries of the City Block 1859 Grand/Cozens/Evans Redevelopment Area to correct an error (Special)
67681 Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project Area, Project between City and Gilded Age, L.L.C.-City Hospital RPA 3 Redevelopment Project-Georgian Square (Special)
67682 Redevelopment Plan--518-22 N. Newstead Avenue Area (Special)
67683 Vacation--Portion of a 15' wide alley in City Block 5473 as bounded by Wilson, Sulphur, Elizabeth and Esther beginning south of the 15' wide alley in the same City Block previously vacated by Ordinance 66261 (Special)
67684 Zoning change for property in City Block 4083 from "A" Single-Family Dwelling District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District (Special)
67685 Port Authority Commission--authorizing and directing Mayor and Comptroller to enter into a lease agreement between the City and USA for mooring rights on the Unimproved Public Wharf for a period of 5 years (Special)
67686 Real Property Sale--property in City Block 1114 to Fourteenth Street Mall Associates, L.P. (Special)
67687 Airport--federal grant agreement for reimbursement of direct costs associated with 14 CFR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study, Master Plan Update (Phase II) (Special)
67688 Airport--federal grant agreement for reimbursement of land acquired in fee for W-1W noise mitigation within 70-74 DNL (Phase 4) (Special)
67689 Airport--federal grant agreement for reimbursement of direct costs associated with Noise Mitigation Acoustical Program for residencies within 65-69 DNL (Phase 6) (Special)
67690 Airport--federal grant agreement for reimbursement of direct costs associated with Security Enhancement-Perimeter Fencing (Special)
67691 Airport--federal grant agreement for the reimbursement of direct costs associated with rehabilitating Taxiway Foxtrot, Phase 2 (Special)
67692 Lease--City Block 436 to Cannon Design Powerhouse, LLC for 15 years with 2 additional 5-year options (Special)
67693 Community Improvement District--1401 Pine CID (Special)
67694 Grant Agreement with Missouri Emergency Management Agency to fund the purchase of emergency responder equipment (Special)
67695 Public works and improvement project--The Cherokee Enhancement Project between Nebraska Avenue and Jefferson Avenue (Special)
67696 Public works and improvement project--The Hampton and Nottingham Intersection Improvement Project (Special)
67697 Public works and improvement project--The Salisbury Street Enhancement Project-Phase 2 between North Florissant Ave. and 11th Street (Special)
67698 Regulation of non-residential swimming pools, amending 65567 (11.79.020, 11.79.450)
67699 Streets--designate D'Amato Court between Goodfellow Blvd. to City limits west as "Bishop Willie Ellis Jr. Court" (Special)
67700 Vacation--15' wide alley in City Block 6217 as bounded by Murdoch, Tamm, Nottingham and Childress (Special)
67701 Liquor--First Ward Liquor Control District for three years, repealing Ordinance 67092 (Special)
67702 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the Security Building Redevelopment Project, repealing Ordinance 66199 (Special)
67703 Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement between City and Security Building Partners, LLC, amending Ordinance 66198 (Special)
67704 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the Bee Hat Redevelopment Project, repealing Ord. 66851 (Special)
67705 Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement between City and BHAT TIF Developer, Inc, amending Ordinance 66849 (Special)
67706 2008 Annual Plan to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development as required to apply for funding under the Federal Community Development Block Grant, HOME Investment Partnerships, Emergency Shelter Grant and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (Special)
67707 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the Marquette Building Redevelopment Project, repealing Ordinance No. 66577 (Special)
67708 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the 1136 Washington Redevelopment Project, repealing Ord. No. 66578 (Special)
67709 Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement between City and TLG Marquette, L.L.C., amending Ord. 66555 (Special)
67710 2nd Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement between City and AD Brown Acquisition, LLC, amending Ord. No. 66557 (Special)
67711 Board of Public Service--ratifying the execution of an option to purchase real estate for additional park land between the City and Rothschild Winzerling, LLC (Special)
67712 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the Fashion Square TIF Redevelopment Project, repealing Ord. No. 66009 (Special)
67713 Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement between City and Fashion Square, LLC, amending Ord. No. 65981 (Special)
67714 Community Improvement District--Orpheum Theatre CID-amended petition approved (Special)
67715 Execution of financing agreement for the issuance of Revenue Bonds to refund the Taxable Tax Increment Revenue Notes (Loughborough Commons Redevelopment Project) Series 2006 and CID Sales Tax Revenue Note, Series 2007 and assigning certain TIF Revenues and CID Revenues for the benefit of the Revenue Bonds (Special)
67716 Issuance of Parking Revenue Bonds, Series 2007A and Series 2007B (not to exceed $18,000,000) (Special)
67717 Relating to taxes on telephone companies; amending Section Two of Ord. 42529, by reducing the rate of tax on gross receipts imposed therein from 10 percent to 7.5 percent; clarifying the meaning of the term "telephone company" for purposes of any City tax on telephone companies; and adding certain provisions to determine application of the tax, repealing Sections 23.34.050--23.34.070 and 23.34.090 (23.34.020)
67718 Redevelopment Plan--3501 Juniata St. Area (Special)
67719 Redevelopment Plan--3714 Ohio Avenue Area (Special)
67720 Redevelopment Plan--5753 Page Blvd. Area (Special)
67721 Redevelopment Plan--5582-98 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and 1476-82 Clara Avenue Area (Special)
67722 Redevelopment Plan--2636 Lemp Ave. Area (Special)
67723 Redevelopment Plan--5017 Washington Place Area (Special)
67724 Redevelopment Plan--4222-26 N. Grand Blvd. Area (Special)
67725 Redevelopment Plan--5107 Wabada Ave. Area (Special)
67726 Redevelopment Plan--4544-46 Virginia Ave. Area (Special)
67727 Redevelopment Plan--1955 Utah St. Area (Special)
67728 Redevelopment Plan--1956 Provenchere Pl. Area (Special)
67729 Redevelopment Plan--3330 Missouri Ave. Area (Special)
67730 Redevelopment Plan--4455 Nebraska Ave. Area (Special)
67731 Redevelopment Plan--2209 Missouri Ave. Area (Special)
67732 Redevelopment Plan--2257 South Jefferson Ave. Area (Special)
67733 Redevelopment Plan--3407-11 Utah St. Area (Special)
67734 Redevelopment Plan--1907 Sidney St. Area (Special)
67735 Redevelopment Plan--2108 Ann Ave. Area (Special)
67736 Redevelopment Plan--3846-48 & 3850-52 Shaw Ave. Area (Special)
67737 Redevelopment Plan--4272 Shenandoah Ave. Area (Special)
67738 Redevelopment Plan--2712-14 Potomac St. Area (Special)
67739 Redevelopment Plan--2636 Osage St. Area (Special)
67740 Redevelopment Plan--2211 & 2221 Lynch St. Area (Special)
67741 Redevelopment Plan--4017 Connecticut St. Area (Special)
67742 Redevelopment Plan--3426 Utah St. Area (Special)
67743 Redevelopment Plan--3805 Wyoming St. Area (Special)
67744 Redevelopment Plan--4167 Flad Ave. Area (Special)
67745 Redevelopment Plan--5415 Page Blvd. Area (Special)
67746 Redevelopment Plan--150 N. Tyler St. aka 1901 N. 1st Street Area (Special)
67747 Redevelopment Plan--5792 Waterman Blvd. Area (Special)
67748 Redevelopment Plan--4566-4600 Washington Ave. Area (Special)
67749 Redevelopment Plan--1212 Rev. G.H. Pruitt Pl. Area (Special)
67750 Redevelopment Plan--1918-20 N. Broadway Street Area (Special)
67751 Redevelopment Plan--100 N. Euclid Ave. Area (Special)
67752 Redevelopment Plan--3103-05, 3109 Magnolia Ave. Area (Special)
67753 Redevelopment Plan--2600-22 and 2627 Nebraska Avenue Area (Special)
67754 Redevelopment Plan--5326-34 Daggett Avenue Area (Special)
67755 Redevelopment Plan--815-17 Iron Street Area (Special)
67756 Redevelopment Plan--201 E. Steins Street Area (Special)
67757 Residential Disabled Parking--Repealing Section 17.76.020 and enacting a new Section and adding a Section (17.76.020, 17.76.110)
67758 Zoning--Zoning change to the "A" Single-Family Dwelling District in City Block 475 (Special)
67759 Zoning--Zoning change from "C" Multiple-Family Dwelling District to "G" Local Commercial and Office District in City Block 1397 (Special)
67760 Zoning--Zoning change from "K" Unrestricted District to "D" Multiple-Family Dwelling District and the "F" Neighborhood Commercial District to include City Blocks 792, 793 and 848 (Special)
67761 Zoning--Zoning change from "A" Single-Family Dwelling District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District in City Block 4163 (Special)
67762 Zoning--Zoning change from "A" Single-Family Dwelling District to the "F" Neighborhood Commercial District in City Block 1254 (Special)
67763 Zoning--Zoning change from "J" Industrial District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District in City Block 4807 (Special)
67764 Zoning--Zoning change from "A" Single-Family Dwelling District and "F" Neighborhood Commercial District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District only in City Block 9115 (Special)
67765 Airport--authorization to enter into and execute Use and Lease Agreement AL-477 between City and Great Lakes Aviation, LTD (Special)
67766 Real Property--sale of parcel in city block 4469 to Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church (Special)
67767 Grant--authorization for Department of Health to accept from Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (Special)
67768 Establishing a four-way stop site at intersection of Cherokee Street and Michigan Street (Special)
67769 Streets--close 5300 Block of Savoy Court (Special)
67770 Streets--temporarily close north/south alley in City Block 6120 130 feet south of south curb line at Lillian Avenue (Special)
67771 Authorizing the City to enter into a Second Amendment to Memorandum of Agreement with the Bi-State Development Agency (Special)
67772 Vacation--a 15 foot wide airstrip above 18th Street north of Gratiot Street adjoining City Blocks 452 and 456 (Special)
67773 Real Property Sale--portion of 2899 Hamilton to Hurwitz Holdings, LLC (Special)
67774 Public Safety--one-half of one percent sales tax on retail sales made in the City for the purpose of providing revenues for the operation of public safety departments, submission to the voters to impose a tax, and authorizing tax if majority of voters approve of such tax (5.24.090)
67775 Authorizing acceptance of Grant Award from the Missouri Foundation for Health for funding infrastructure improvements (Special)
67776 Vacation--easternmost 260 feet of alley in City Block 3946 bounded by Papin, Pacific, Chouteau, and Vandeventer (Special)
67777 Streets--honorarily designate 10th Street as "Judge Clyde S. Cahill Jr. Sq." (Special)
67778 Streets--honorarily designate 8th Street as "Stan the Man Musial Drive" (Special)
67779 Vacation--1) Benton from east right-of-way line of Elliot eastwardly to the west right-of-way line of north/south alley in City Block 1901 (vacated) and City Block 2364, 2) Elliot from the north right-of-way line of Benton southwardly to a point in the City (Special)
67780 Zoning--change from "C" Multiple-Family Dwelling District and "G" Local Commercial and Office District to "G" Local Commercial and Office District only in City Block 3628 (Special)
67781 Zoning change from "D" Multiple-Family Dwelling District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District in City Block 1125 (Special)
67782 Zoning change from "C" Multiple-Family Dwelling District to "J" Industrial District in City Block 1219 (Special)
67783 Zoning change from "J" Industrial District to "H" Area Commercial District, in City Block 941 (Special)
67784 Airport-federal grant agreement for the reimbursement of direct costs associated with the rehabilitation of Taxiway D (N to M and L to K) - Phase 1 (Special)
67785 Authorizing eighth amendment to the Indenture of Lease (AL-60) between the City and Lambert Field Fueling Facilities Corporation (Special)
67786 Airport-Cargo City Lease Agreement (AL-456) between the City and American Airlines, Inc. with a lease term ending June 30, 2011 (Special)
67787 Airport-East Terminal Agency Agreement (AL-446) between the City and Airport Terminal Services, Inc. (Special)
67788 Vacation--1) the 15 foot wide alley in City Block 2157-s, 2) the 15 foot wide "T-Shaped" alley in City Block 2159, 3) the 15 foot wide "T-shaped" alley in City Block 2160, 4) the 15 foot wide alley in City block 2161, 5) the 12 foot wide alley in City Block 2163 (Special)
67789 Redevelopment Plan--Euclid Ave./Penrose St./Aubert Ave. Area (Special)
67790 Redevelopment Plan--2726-36 Sublette Avenue Area (Special)
67791 Redevelopment Plan--4105-4117 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. Area (Special)
67792 Redevelopment Plan--Norwood Ct./St. Louis Ave. Area (Special)
67793 Redevelopment Plan repealed as no redeveloper stepped forward; repealing ordinance 67353 (Special)
67794 Public Safety--providing in the event of approval by voters of sales tax by Ordinance 67774 for the use of the proceeds of such tax (Special)
67795 Streets--honorarily designate the southwest corner of Fair and Natural Bridge Streets as "Bishop Arthur L. Kelly Ave." (Special)
67796 Vacation--15 foot wide alley in City Block 509 as bounded by Olive, 18th, Pine, and 17th (Special)
67797 Vacation--20 foot wide alley in City Block 935 as bounded by Delmar, 22nd, Lucas, and 23rd (Special)
67798 Vacation--20 foot wide alley in City Block 636 as bounded by Montgomery, Hadley, Warren, and 13th (Special)
67799 Tethering, confinement and treatment of dogs and cats, amending Ordinance 66384 (10.04.010, 10.04.285)
67800 Prohibiting any person from harassment by means of the Internet or other electronic communications hereinafter referred to as "cyber harassment" (15.165.010--15.165.030)
67801 Real Property Purchase--property in City Block 4878 from Forest West Properties, Inc. (Special)
67802 Planned Unit Development District--portion of City Block 3893 to be known as "City Walk on Euclid Planned Unit Development District" (Special)
67803 Adoption of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction policy for municipal building projects (Special)
67804 Office of the Recorder of Deeds Employees--employees and salaries, repealing Ordinance 67329 (4.34)
67805 Treasurer's Office Employees--number and salaries of employees, amending Ordinance 67330 (4.26)
67806 Parking Division Employees--position classifications and salaries of employees, amending Ordinance 67331 (4.30)
67807 Classified Service Plan--amending 67333 (4.10)
67808 Collector of Revenue Employees--appointment of and the salaries of certain employees, repealing Ord. 66397 (4.44)
67809 Circuit Attorney Office Employees--allocating positions to classes with grades and schedule setting minimum and maximum salaries for such grades, repeals and replaces Ordinance 67362 (4.48)
67810 Lease--approving assignment by American Golf Corporation of its lease of golf facilities in Forest Park to CNL Income EAGL Leasehold Golf LLC and a
sublease to Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited, L.P. (Special)
67811 Medical Examiner's Office Employees--compensation plan, terms and conditions of employment, benefits, leaves of absence, and authorization of Deferred Compensation Plan, repealing Ord. 67335 (4.54)
67812 Sheriff's Office Employees--fixing the annual rate of compensation of command personnel and deputies, repealing Ordinance 67332 (4.36)
67813 License Collector Employees--appointment and rates of compensation of employees, repealing Ordinance 67334 (4.28)
67814 Redevelopment Plan--Natural Bridge Ave./Euclid Ave./Shreve Ave. Sacramento Ave. Area (Special)
67815 Allocation of certain revenues; providing for the allocation of certain revenue to fund actuarially required contributions to the City's Employee Retirement System and debt on service bonds (Special)
67816 Redevelopment Plan--Adoption of a Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project and Agreement with Kwame Building Group, Inc. (Special)
67817 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--Issuance and Delivery of notes for Chouteau Newstead Redevelopment Project (Special)
67818 Redevelopment Area--Designation of 1910 Locust Redevelopment Area, Adopting TIF within the Area, Establishing the 1910 Special Allocation Fund (Special)
67819 Redevelopment Plan--Adoption of Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project and Authorization to Execute Agreement with Paradowski TIF, Inc. (Special)
67820 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--Issuance and Delivery of TIF notes for 1910 Locust Redevelopment Project (Special)
67821 Redevelopment Plan--Amendment to Redevelopment Plan for South Downtown Redevelopment Project (Special)
67822 First Amendment to the Ballpark Village Development Area Plan (Special)
67823 Development Plan--Adoption of a Development Plan, Area, Project, and Authorizing Execution of Amendment to
Agreement with CMC Real Estate Company (Special)
67824 Redevelopment Plan--1928 Wyoming Street Area (Special)
67825 Redevelopment Plan--2000-14 S. 7th Street Area (Special)
67826 Redevelopment Plan--2117 Lilly Avenue Area (Special)
67827 Redevelopment Plan--5337 Daggett Avenue Area (Special)
67828 Redevelopment Plan--2165 Russell Ave. Area (Special)
67829 Redevelopment Plan--908 Lafayette Ave. & 1911-17 S. 9th Street Area (Special)
67830 Redevelopment Plan--2757 Wyoming Street Area (Special)
67831 Redevelopment Plan--3239-41 Indiana Street Area (Special)
67832 Redevelopment Plan--2010-28 Mallinckrodt St. Area (Special)
67833 Redevelopment Plan--4535 Washington Ave. Area (Special)
67834 Redevelopment Plan--5128-30 Wabada Ave. Area (Special)
67835 Redevelopment Plan--2636 Accomac St. Area (Special)
67836 Redevelopment Plan--1836 Gravois Ave. Area (Special)
67837 Redevelopment Plan--2244 Indiana Ave. Area (Special)
67838 Redevelopment Plan--3214 California Ave. Area (Special)
67839 Redevelopment Plan--5801-05 Dr. Martin Luther King & 1507-11 Goodfellow Blvd. Area (Special)
67840 Redevelopment Plan--2200 Locust Street Area (Special)
67841 Redevelopment Plan--707 N. Kingshighway Blvd. Area (Special)
67842 Redevelopment Plan--1959 Lynch Street & 2730 McNair Ave. Area (Special)
67843 Redevelopment Plan--5723 Pennsylvania Avenue Area (Special)
67844 Redevelopment Plan--1016-28 Eichelberger Street, 1017-19 Eiler Street and 5421 Tennessee Ave. Area (Special)
67845 Redevelopment Plan--4012 Itaska St. Area (Special)
67846 Redevelopment Plan--3501 Harper St. Area (Special)
67847 Redevelopment Area--Nadira Place Redevelopment Area--approving plan and project, adopting TIF (Special)
67848 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the Nadira Place Redevelopment Project (Special)
67849 Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement between the City and Loop Center, LLC, amending Ordinance 67063 (Special)
67850 Redevelopment Area--Chouteau Newstead Redevelopment Area--approving plan and project, adopting TIF (Special)
67851 Affirming Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project and authorizing Redevelopment Agreement between the City and Newstead Development, LLC for the Chouteau Newstead Redevelopment Project (Special)
67852 Streets--Close E. Obear Street at south line of Blair at E. Obear (Special)
67853 Streets--Close Obear Street at north line of Emily at Obear (Special)
67854 Streets--Close John Street at south line of Blair at John (Special)
67855 Streets--Close John Street at north line of Emily at John (Special)
67856 City Counselor--Authorizing Grant Agreement with the Office of Secretary of State for a grant to fund a Local Records Preservation Project for the City Counselor's office (Special)
67857 Streets--temporarily close northeast corner of Garfield (Special)
67858 Streets--temporarily close northwest corner on N. Market (Special)
67859 Streets--to temporarily close north Market Street; on Dick Gregory Place; remove, redirect and establish the direction of Aldine Avenue as one way street; remove, redirect and establish direction of Leduc as one way street; remove, redirect and establish direction of Cote Brilliante as one way street (Repealed by 67883)
67860 Zoning change from "J" Industrial District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District in City Block 4807 (4455 Chouteau) (Special)
67861 Zoning change from "C" Multiple-Family Dwelling District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District in City Block 5197 (Special)
67862 Redevelopment Plan--Bremen Ave./N. Florissant Ave./Angelica St./N. 21st Area (Special)
67863 Streets--honorarily designate School Street as "Rev. Steven G. Thompson Drive" (Special)
67864 Redevelopment Plan--2000 Hampton Ave. Area (Special)
67865 Redevelopment Plan--5017-5025 Northrup Avenue Area (Special)
67866 Zoning change from "J" Industrial District to "H" Area Commercial District in City Block 1540 (3411 S. Broadway) (Special)
67867 Public works and improvement project--design and construction of various bridge preventive maintenance procedures associated with "Bridge Maintenance and Management Plan" (Special)
67868 Traffic--two way stop site for all east-west traffic on Lafayette Avenue approaching the intersection of California and Lafayette Avenue (Special)
67869 Redevelopment Plan--3101 Chouteau Avenue Area (Special)
67870 Redevelopment Plan--N. Broadway St./Carrie Ave./Bulwer Ave./Harris Ave. Area (Special)
67871 Approving a Blighting Study and Plan for the McRee Town West Redevelopment Area as Recommended by Planning Commission, Approving acquisition of land by LCRA (Special)
67872 Vacation--1) Papin from Gratiot south (vacated Ord. 46915) and Papin from Grand west, 2) the 15' wide north/south alley and remaining 165' of the 20' wide east/west alley in City Block 2184 as bounded by Papin, Grand, Chouteau and Prospect (Special)
67873 Airport--First Supplemental Appropriation from Airport Development Fund into Airport Engineering Assistance Program (Special)
67874 Community Improvement District--100 N. Euclid Community Improvement District (Special)
67875 Zoning change from "A" Single-Family Dwelling District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District in City Block 6124 (Special)
67876 Zoning change from "C" Multiple-Family Dwelling District and "G" Local Commercial Office District to "G" Local Commercial Office District only in City Block 6493 (Special)
67877 Designating a portion of the Downtown West Neighborhood within the 7th Ward as a Housing Conservation District; being bound by 15th Street, Chestnut, Pine, prolongation of 16th Street and Olive (Special)
67878 Zoning--approving an Amended and Restated Community Unit Plan for area in City comprising portion of Washington University Danforth Campus (Special)
67879 Amendment to Ords. 66494 and 66752 authorizing the execution of a Second Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement with Adler Lofts LLC (Special)
67880 Streets--temporarily closes Oakland at Kingshighway (Special)
67881 Vacation--Amend Section One of Ord. 67779, by revising legal description of 1) Benton from the east right-of-way line of Elliott eastwardly north/south alley in City Block 1901 (vacated) and City Block 2364, 2) Elliott from the north right-of-way line on Benton (Special)
67882 Redevelopment Agreement--Amends Ord. No. 67022 by authorizing the execution of an amendment to Amended and Restated Redevelopment Agreement with UVA Development Company (Special)
67883 Streets--Repealing Ord. 67859; to temporarily close north Market Street at Marcus Avenue and on Dick Gregory Place at north of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive; remove, redirect and establish the direction of Aldine Avenue as a one way street from eastbound to westbound; remove, redirect and establish direction of Leduc as a one way street from eastbound to westbound; remove, redirect and establish the direction of Cote Brilliante as a one way street from westbound to eastbound (Special)
67884 Real Property--Sale of parcel in city block 3946 to Bellon Holding Company (Special)
67885 Building--Amendment to provisions regarding enforcement of code violations relating to buildings, structures and premises in City, repeals Section Two 66857 which is Section 25.33.020 of the Code and enacts new provision on the same subject matter (25.33.020)
67886 Weeds--Ordinance pertaining to weed abatement and adding new section to the definitions, repealing Section Two of Ordinance 59860, which is Section 11.04.020 of the Code and enacts a new provision on the same subject matter (11.04.020)
67887 Littering--Ordinance pertaining to littering and amending Ordinance 56726 by repealing Section 805.010 of the Ordinance, which is 11.18.010 of the Code, and enacting a new ordinance on the same subject matter which relates to the enforcement and penalty of littering violations; also repeals Section 805.220 of Ordinance 56726, which is 11.18.220, and repeals Section 805.250 of Ordinance 56726, which is 11.18.240 of the Code and enacts new sections for repealed sections (11.18.010, 11.18.220, 11.18.240)
67888 Authorizing the 2008 St. Louis Works and the 50/50 Sidewalk Programs (Special)
67889 Real Property--sale of parcel in city block 369 to 1552 South 7th LLC (Special)
67890 Redevelopment Plan--5255 Maple Avenue Area (Special)
67891 Vacation--portion of north/south alley beginning south of Poplar continuing southwardly to a point in City Block 147 as bounded by Poplar, 6th, Cerre and 7th (Special)
67892 Redevelopment Area--Designation of Laclede Power House TIF Redevelopment Area, Adopting TIF within the Area, Establishing Laclede Power House Special Allocation Fund (Special)
67893 Redevelopment Plan--Adoption of a Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project and Agreement with MDLPG, Inc. (Special)
67894 Streets--Repeal Ord. 67854, close John Street at south of Blair at John (Special)
67895 Redevelopment Agreement--Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement with 4200 Laclede Corp. (Special)
67896 Vacation--Belmont Street and portion of 15th Street, both in City Block 220 (Special)
67897 Redevelopment Agreement--amending Ordinance No. 66652, execution of amendment with Dogtown Walk II, LLC (Special)
67898 Redevelopment Plan--Adoption of Redevelopment Plan, Area, Project and Agreement with Laurel TIF, Inc. (Special)
67899 Community Improvement District--establishment of Laurel Community Improvement District (Special)
67900 Transportation Development District--Authorization establishing TDD and project with Laurel Transportation Development District (Special)
67901 Designation of portions of McKinley Heights Neighborhood as a Local Historic District (Special)
67902 Zoning--change from "A" Single-Family Dwelling District to "C" Multiple-Family Dwelling District in City Block 4065 (Special)
67903 Zoning--zoning change from "A" Single-Family Dwelling District to "F" Neighborhood Commercial District, in City Block 5940 (Special)
67904 Lease and Concession Agreement within Gateway Transportation Center at 430 South 15th Street (Special)
67905 Airport--Authorization of a Second Supplemental Appropriation from Airport Development Fund (Special)
67906 Airport--Authorization of Second Supplemental Appropriation from Series A Commercial paper Construction Account, and b) from Airport Development Fund, into the Airport Schedule F CIP Project Ord. 67357 (Special)
67907 Airport--authorizing Director of Airports and Comptroller to enter into and execute a concession agreement with Xpress Spa (Special)
67908 Airport--authorizing Director of Airports and Comptroller to enter into and execute on behalf of City a First Amendment to its Airport Use and Lease Agreement (Special)
67909 Business License--Relating to the issuance of business licenses to
individuals required by law to register as sex offender for offenses involving a minor, who seek to operate a business that concerns child-based activities; Repealing Section 8.02.150 of the Code and enacting new section (8.02.150)
67910 Tax Increment Revenue Notes--Issuance and Delivery of TIF notes for Laclede Power House Redevelopment Project (Special)
67911 TIF Revenue Notes--Issuance and Delivery of TIF notes for 600 Washington Redevelopment Project 2 (Special)
67912 Streets--honorarily designate Margaretta Avenue as "Officer Norvelle T. Brown Avenue" (Special)
67913 Vacation--portion of Kentucky beginning north of Chouteau (Special)
67914 City Housing Conservation Program--repealing earlier adopted ordinances establishing housing conservation districts and regulations (repealing 60632, 60677, 60733, 60734, 60798, 60853, 60929, 61178, 61180, 61293, 61545, 61845, 62195, 62335, 62404, 62449, 62561, 62780, 62876, 62879, 62887, 62925, 62927, 63003, 63113, 63121, 63175, 63401, 63657, 64283, 64400, 64456, 64543, 64544, 64677, 64842, 65499, 65640, 65712, 65743, 65949, 66704, 66977 and 67043) and enacting new ordinance on same subject matter (25.56)
67915 Redevelopment Plan--Amended Redevelopment Plan for Natural Bridge Ave./Euclid Ave./Shreve Ave./Sacramento Ave. (Special)
67916 Redevelopment Plan--Amendment to Redevelopment Plan approved under Ordinance 66979 for the 620 Market Street Area (Special)
67917 Liquor--Prohibiting issuance of any package or drink liquor for any non-licensed premises within boundaries of the Tenth Ward Liquor Control District for three years (Special)
67918 Panhandling--Regarding panhandling--repealing Ord. 62974 and enacting a new ordinance on the same subject matter; defining, prohibiting, regulating, and punishing the act of panhandling (15.44)
67919 Water rates; Repealing all prior ordinances and enacting new provisions on the same subject matter finding, determining and declaring an increase in certain water rates is necessary for certain purposes (23.04.220, 23.06.130, 23.16.020, 23.16.025, 23.16.040, 23.18.070, 23.20.020, 23.20.030, 23.20.040)
67920 Supplemental Appropriation to the Annual Budget Ord. 67483, for programs of the Affordable Housing Commission and Department of Human Services for fiscal year which began July 1, 2007 and ends June 30, 2008 (Special)
67921 Real Property--sale of parcel in city block 599 to Crown Mart 7 Inc. (Special)
67922 Regulate employer and employee working relationships between City and all employees under classified service, including compensation plan, terms and conditions of employment, benefits, leaves of absence, and authorization for a Deferred Compensation Plan, repealing Ord. 67333 and Ord. 67807; allocating certain other employees to a grade with rate (4.10)
67923 Corrections--establishing an enrollment fee for the alternative community service program managed by Parole and Probation Staff of City of St. Louis (3.36.320)
67924 Special Use District--Grove Commercial Area Special Use District (Special)
67925 Prohibiting the issuance of any package or drink liquor licenses for any currently non-licensed premises within the boundaries of the Fourth Ward Liquor Control District for a period of three years; repealing Ord. 67113 (Special)
67926 Director of Public Safety--authorizing Grant Agreement with the Office of Justice Programs' Bureau of Justice Assistance to fund a Bulletproof Vest Partnership Agreement (Special)
67927 Prohibiting the issuance of any package or drink liquor licenses for any currently non-licensed premises within the boundaries of the Second Ward Liquor Control District for a period of three years (Special)
67928 Zoning change from "A" Single Family Dwelling District to "H" Area
Commercial District in City Blocks 822, 1250 and 1251 (Special)
67929 Redevelopment Plan--Cora Ave./Dr. Martin Luther King Dr./Hills Terrace Area (Special)
67930 Redevelopment Plan--5021 Fyler Avenue Area (Special)
67931 Redevelopment Plan--7109 S. Broadway Street Area (Special)
67932 Redevelopment Plan--4239 Cleveland Ave. Area (Special)
67933 Redevelopment Plan--1544-1552 Fairmount Ave. Area (Special)
67934 Redevelopment Plan--3129 Oregon Ave. Area (Special)
67935 Second Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement in connection with the Phased-Redevelopment of Chouteau/Compton Redevelopment Area (Special)
67936 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes (not to exceed $3,600,000) for the Chouteau/Compton Redevelopment Area, amending Ordinance 65118 (Special)
67937 Redevelopment Plan--2622 A. 11th St. Area (Special)
67938 Redevelopment Plan--2733 Ann Ave. Area (Special)
67939 Community Unit Plan--approval of CUP for portion of Washington University Medical Center (Special)
67940 Redevelopment Plan--4038-40 Arsenal St. Area (Special)
67941 Redevelopment Plan--1204-08, 1205 and 1219 Hebert Street Area (Special)
67942 Redevelopment Plan--2101-11 Palm Street Area (Special)
67943 Redevelopment Plan--4958 Miami Street Area (Special)
67944 Redevelopment Plan--2238-40 Shenandoah Ave. Area (Special)
67945 Redevelopment Plan--4237 Cleveland Ave. Area (Special)
67946 Redevelopment Plan--3011 Salena St. Area (Special)
67947 Redevelopment Plan--2626 S. 11th St. Area (Special)
67948 Redevelopment Plan--1617 Burd Ave. Area (Special)
67949 Redevelopment Plan--5960 Cote Brilliante Ave. Area (Special)
67950 Redevelopment Plan--3970-72 Fairview Area (Special)
67951 Redevelopment Plan--3463 Potomac Street Area (Special)
67952 Redevelopment Plan--5016 and 5077 Ridge Area (Special)
67953 Redevelopment Plan--5751 DeGiverville Area (Special)
67954 Redevelopment Plan--6168 Washington Ave. Area (Special)
67955 Redevelopment Plan--5147 Ridge Area (Special)
67956 Redevelopment Plan--4107 Shenandoah Area (Special)
67957 Redevelopment Plan--2801 Locust aka 531 N. Leffingwell Area (Special)
67958 Redevelopment Plan--5224 Daggett Area (Special)
67959 Redevelopment Plan--5528-32 Southwest Ave. Area (Special)
67960 Redevelopment Plan--211 S. Jefferson Area (Special)
67961 Redevelopment Plan--4011-15 Shaw Area (Special)
67962 Georgian Square Community Improvement District--establishment of a CID (Special)
67963 Employee Retirement System--Repealing Sections of Ordinance 66511, establishing provisions that meet the IRS requirements of a qualified retirement system (4.16)
67964 Soda Fountain Square Community Improvement District--establishment of a CID (Special)
67965 Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement by and between the City and 1511 Washington, TIF, Inc., amending Ordinance 66658 (Special)
67966 Authorizing the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the East Bank Lofts TIF Redevelopment Project, repealing Ordinance 66677 (Special)
67967 Vacation--1) 25 foot wide alley in City Block 1740, 2) Destrehan from 23rd to 22nd, 3) Destrehan from N. Florissant west to alley in City Block 1741, and 4) Destrehan from 22nd east to alley in City Block 1741 (Special)
67968 Development Agreement for Olive and N. 9th Street grocery store in first floor of public parking garage between the City and SMI-NSG, LLC (Special)
67969 Board of Estimate and Apportionment--Authorizing St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation to issue and sell Corporation's Taxable Pension Leasehold Revenue Bonds, Series 2008 or Taxable Pension Service Contract Revenue Bonds, Series 2008, or any combination thereof (not to exceed $37,000,000) for certain actuarially required contributions (Special)
67970 Zoning--from "C" Multiple-Family Dwelling District to "G" Local Commercial and Office District in City Block 3725 (Special)
67971 Redevelopment Area--Magnolia-Thurman Redevelopment Area--approving plan and project, adopting TIF (Special)

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