BULLET St. Louis City Charter Schedule

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(Transitional Provisions)

Section 1 Preservation of status quo.

All ordinances or parts thereof in force when this charter takes effect and not inconsistent therewith shall continue in force until amended or repealed; and all rights, actions, prosecutions and contracts of the city, or for its benefit, all recognizances, bonds, obligations and instruments entered into or executed to the city, all fines, taxes, penalties and forfeitures due or owing to the city, and all writs, prosecutions, actions and causes of action shall be valid and continue unaffected by this charter taking effect.

Section 2 Ordinances and proceedings as to public works validated.

All ordinances authorizing or contemplating the appropriation or damaging of private property for public use or authorizing public work or improvements in force when this charter takes effect, and all things done thereunder, shall remain valid, and subsequent proceedings thereunder, including those in pending condemnation proceedings, shall be conducted as nearly as practicable in accordance with the provisions of this charter.

Section 3 Assessment for taxation preserved.

Any assessment for taxation commenced before this charter takes effect shall be availed of and completed by the assessor and his deputies under this charter, and the same and any taxes based thereon shall be valid notwithstanding any change effected by this charter.

Section 4 New titles to be read for former titles.

Ordinances, or parts thereof, not inconsistent with this charter, referring to any present body, board, officer or employe, shall be construed to refer to the body, board, officer or employee having the same or similar powers or duties under this this charter or ordinances consistent therewith.

Section 5 Ordinances imposing fines validated.

Ordinances authorizing a fine or punishment greater than is permitted by this charter shall continue valid so far as to authorize a fine or punishment not exceeding the limitations of this charter.

Section 6 Legality of action by former boards and officers preserved.

Whenever any approval, order or action by any board or officer, discontinued by this charter, is required by any law or present ordinance as a condition precedent to any payment, commitment to any institution, or other action by any city officer, it shall be sufficient to obtain such approval, order or action from the body, board or officer having the same or similar power in the premises under this charter, and if there be no such board or officer, such approval, order or action may be secured from the mayor until otherwise provided by ordinance.

Section 7 Disposition of records, etc., of former boards and commissions.

It shall be the duty of all boards, commissions and officers whose powers or duties are vested in others by this charter to turn over all books, records, property and funds to such others, and if any board, commission or office be abolished without the duties thereof being vested in others, the incumbents thereof shall turn over all books, records, property and funds to the comptroller.

Section 8 Municipal assembly continued.

The present municipal assembly, with its present officers or such as the respective houses may lawfully choose under the present charter, shall continue until the first Monday in April, 1915, with all the powers and duties given to the board of aldermen by this charter, and subject to its provisions; and until said date the provisions of the present charter with regard to the filling of vacancies in the office of mayor or the temporary performance of the duties of the mayor shall remain in force.

Section 9 Terms of office not saved to be abolished.

All terms of office of present officers and employes, except those terms expressly saved or continued by this charter, are abolished.

Section 10 Officers continued in new offices.

The present city officers mentioned in this section shall hold office under this charter and subject to its provisions, as follows: The present mayor, comptroller and city counselor shall hold the like offices; the present police justices and district assessors shall hold office as city court judges and deputy assessors, respectively; the present street, sewer, water, park, health and hospital commissioners, commissioner of supplies, and commissioner of public buildings, and chief of fire department shall hold office, respectively, as heads of the appropriate divisions created by this charter; the present president of the board of assessors, president of the board of public improvements, and inspector of weights and measures, shall hold office as assessor, president of the board of public service, and commissioner of weights and measures, respectively; and all other present incumbents of elective officers made appointive shall hold such appointive offices. Each such present city officer shall continue in the office above provided for him to hold until the end of the term for which he was elected or appointed and until his successor qualifies, with all the powers and duties given by this charter to such office.

Section 11 Officers continued in office.

The present jailer and all superintendents of institutions and the superintendent of fire and police telegraph shall continue in office subordinate to the head of the appropriate division and subject to the provisions of this charter.

Section 12 Continuance of terms of city surveyors.

The present city surveyors shall continue in office until the end of the terms for which they were respectively appointed.

Section 13 Office of auditor abolished.

The office of city auditor, as it at present exists, is abolished, but the present city auditor shall continue in office until the end of the term for which he was elected. In the meantime he and the deputies and clerks under him shall be part of the comptroller's office and under the control of the comptroller.

Section 14 Temporary law department.

The city attorneys' offices as such are abolished, but until the law department is organized in accordance with this charter the city counselor's office and the city attorney's offices shall constitute the law department and be under the control of the city counselor.

Section 15 Status of offices created by ordinance.

All persons now occupying positions which are created solely by ordinance not inconsistent with this charter and which are not exempted from the efficiency provisions of this charter, including those mentioned in section 9 of article XVIII, and all persons occupying positions which are so created and which are exempted from said efficiency provisions by subdivisions (d) and (f) of section 3 of article XVIII, shall continue in such positions, each in the appropriate branch of the city government and subordinate to the proper head officer. Where transfers of duties are effected by this charter the mayor may transfer any of said officers and employees to conform thereto. Tenure of office or employment under this section shall be subject to this charter and the ordinances of the city.

Editor's note: Article XVIII of this charter has been amended since the passage of this section.

Section 16 Boards, commissions and officers abolished; exceptions.

All present boards, commissions and officers created by charter or ordinance and not provided for or authorized or expressly continued by this charter, are hereby abolished, save only the city plan commission, board of engineers and board of examiners of plumbers, which said commission and boards until abolished by ordinance shall hereafter be appointed by and under the control of the board of public service.

Section 17 Renewal and substitution of bonds.

The mayor may, and on the written advice of the city counselor shall, require any renewal or substitution of the official bond or security of any present officer or employee as a condition precedent to such officer or employee continuing in office; and any officer or employee failing to comply with any such requirement within fifteen days after being notified thereof shall thereby forfeit his office. It shall be the duty of the city counselor forthwith on this charter being adopted to examine all official bonds and securities and advise the mayor whether on account of any changes effected by this charter it will be necessary to require such bond or security to be renewed or substituted.

Section 18 Oath of office required of officers continued in office.

Every present city officer or employee who, if appointed or elected, would be required by this charter to take an official oath, shall take, subscribe and file such oath as provided in this charter.

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