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Article XII
City Courts

Section 1 Judges.

There shall be two city court judges, who shall have been for at least five years licensed attorneys, one to be known as judge of city court one, and the other as judge of city court two, each of whom shall receive a salary of three thousand dollars per annum.

City Counselor Ops.: 7814, 8920, 10304

Section 2 Powers of board of aldermen; substitute judges; places of holding court.

The board of aldermen may by ordinance adopted by the vote of two-thirds of all the members increase the number of city courts and judges. It may, by ordinance, divide the city into judicial districts and regulate the jurisdiction thereof, and may from time to time alter same. Whenever any such judge is absent or unable to hold court, the mayor shall appoint an eligible person to act during such absence or inability, who shall receive such compensation as may be provided by ordinance. Such courts shall be held in places provided for by ordinance, and, in the absence of such ordinance provision, in such places as the mayor may direct.

City Counselor Ops.: 10304, 10373


An action for violation of a city ordinance is civil in nature and the city has the same right to appeal as any other party to a civil action. City of St. Louis v. Mikes, 372 S.W. 2d 508 (1963).

Section 3 Jurisdiction.

The city courts shall have jurisdiction of all cases arising under this charter or any ordinance, subject to appeal by the city or the defendant to the St. Louis court of criminal correction in like manner as provided by law for appeals from justices of the peace in criminal cases to their appellate courts; may punish contempts of court by fine not exceeding fifty dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding ten days, or both; enforce its orders and judgments as a court of record may, and render final judgment on any forfeited bond or recognizance returnable to such court, subject to an appeal, as in other cases.


37.01 et seq. Missouri rules of practice and procedure in municipal courts.

City Counselor Ops.: 10152


The city courts are expressly given jurisdiction over all cases arising from any violation of any ordinance of the city. State v. Mathews, 162 S.W. 2d 352 (1942). City of St. Louis v. Bouckaert, 185 S.W. 2d 886 (1945).

The city may appeal from a judgment for the defendant in a proceeding for violation of a city ordinance. City of St. Louis v. Penrod, 332 S.W. 2d 34 (1960).

A proceeding for violation of a city ordinance is a civil action. City of St. Louis v. Penrod, 332 S.W. 2d 34 (1960).


27.01-27.04 The Court and Its Jurisdiction

Section 4 Clerk.

There shall be one clerk for all the city courts, who shall receive a salary of twenty-four hundred dollars per annum, and appoint such deputies and employees as may be provided by ordinance.

City Counselor Ops.: 8753, 10178, 10219, 10304.

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