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Article X
Law Department

Section 1 Composition.

The law department shall consist of a city counselor, five associate and two assistant city counselors, and such other associates, assistants and employees as may be provided by ordinance.

City Counselor Ops.: 7701, 10286


12.52-12.52c Law Department

Section 2 Powers and duties of city counselor; compensation.

The city counselor shall be the head of the law department; appoint all associates, assistants and employees in his department; shall, through said department, direct the management of all the litigation in which the city is a party, including service in the city courts; represent the city in all legal matters and proceedings in which the city is a party or interested, or in which any of its officers are officially interested; advise the board of aldermen or any committee or member thereof and the mayor and the heads of all departments and through the mayor and heads of departments all other officers of the city as to all legal questions affecting the city's interest; and approve as to form all contracts, deeds, bonds and other documents to be signed in the name of or made to or with the city. He shall render the police department all legal advice and services required by it. He shall receive a salary of eight thousand dollars per annum.


86.047 City counselor to be legal advisor to police retirement system

87.160 Legal advisor-medical board

City Counselor Ops.: 7704, 8048, 8711, 8924, 9741, 9961


The city counselor is not required to defend policemen sued for willful and malicious wrongdoing. Roberts v. City of St. Louis, 242 S.W. 2d 293 (1951).

Section 3 Qualifications of city counselor and appointees.

The city counselor and associate and assistant city counselors shall be attorneys-at-law entitled to practice in all the courts in the state for at least three years previous to their appointment.

City Counselor Ops.: 7710

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