BULLET St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Rules 13-14
2013-2014 SESSION

The Rules of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen has been converted to electronic format by the staff of the St. Louis Public Library. This electronic version has been done for the interest and convenience of the user. These are unofficial versions and should be used as unofficial copies.

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Rule 13 - Regular Order of Business

The Order of Business and Procedure shall be as follows:

1. Roll Call.

2. Suggested Prayer.

``Almighty God, source of all authority, we humbly ask guidance in our deliberations and wisdom in our conclusions. Amen.''

3. Announcement of any Special Order of the Day.

4. Introduction of Honored Guests.

5. Approval of minutes of previous meetings.

6. Report of City Officials.

7. Petitions and Communications.

8. Board Bills for Perfection-Informal Calendar

9. Board Bills for Third Reading-Informal Calendar.

10. Resolutions-Informal Calendar.

11. First Reading of Board Bills.

12. Reference to Committees.

13. Second Reading of Board Bills and Reports of Standing Committee.

14. Reports of Special Committees.

15. Board Bills for Perfection.

``Board Bill # _____, now stands for perfection.''


Adoption of amendments, if any.

``All in favor say `aye', opposed `no'.'' ``The Bill stands perfected'' or is otherwise disposed of according to the majority vote of those  present.

16. Third Reading, report of Engrossment Committee and final passage of Board Bills.

``Board Bill # _____, is now under consideration for passage.''


``All in favor say `aye', opposed no'. The Clerk will call the roll.''

``The Bill, having received fifteen aye votes passes.''

Vice Versa.

17. Report of the Enrollment Committee.

After the report is read, the President makes the following statement:

``All other business being suspended, the President will in open session, affix his signature hereto to the end that these may become law.''

18. First Reading of Resolutions and Reference to Committees.

19. Second Reading of Resolutions, Committee Reports and Adoption.

20. Courtesy Resolutions

21. Miscellaneous and Unfinished Business.

22. Announcements.

23. Excused Aldermen.

24. Adjournment.

Rule 14 - Exceptions and Unfinished Business

1. The President at each meeting shall state the business in the order provided by Rule 13 and shall announce the Special Order of the Day, if any, when same is to be taken up other than in the appropriate order of business. No business shall be taken up or considered until the class to which it belongs shall be declared to be in order, but communications may be taken up at any time the affirmative vote of the majority of the members present. Any bill, Resolution or motion may be made a special order of business.

2. Any unfinished business in which the Board was engaged at the last preceding adjournment shall take precedence in the order of the day.

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