BULLET St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Rules 3-4
2013-2014 SESSION

The Rules of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen has been converted to electronic format by the staff of the St. Louis Public Library. This electronic version has been done for the interest and convenience of the user. These are unofficial versions and should be used as unofficial copies.

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All legal research pertaining to the City Charter or Revised Code should be conducted with source documents, not the text of these Rules which may have been edited for the purposes of this publication.


Rule 3 - Annual Session

One session of the Board of Aldermen shall be held annually, beginning on the third Tuesday of April. (City Charter, Art. IV, Sec. 9)

Rule 4 - Special Sessions

The Mayor may, by proclamation, call special sessions of the Board of Aldermen, giving three days notice thereof, and shall specifically state by a message in writing to the Board of Aldermen when assembled, by such proclamation, the object for which the special session has been called, and the action of the Board of Aldermen during the special session

shall be confined to such object. The notice shall be given in a newspaper of general circulation published in the city. Upon the issuance of the proclamation, the Clerk of the Board of Aldermen shall send written notice thereof to the members of the Board. (See City Charter, Art. IV, Sec. 9; Rev. Code, Sec.3.06.030)

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