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The law making body of the City of St. Louis is the Board of Aldermen. There are twenty-eight aldermen, one from each ward in the City and a President. The Board of Aldermen meet every Friday except during summer recess and on holidays. At these sessions, the Aldermen present the First Readings of a resolution or new board bill and discuss issues raised in these pending bills. After a bill is adopted by the Board of Aldermen and signed by the mayor it becomes a City Ordinance. Each ordinance has its own number. The Board of Aldermen's publication (revised 1998) gives more details about the process.

The Revised Code of the City of St. Louis (current through June 2008) is a compilation of ordinances which are generally enforceable throughout the city. Ordinances which are compiled in the Code are organized according to topic (i.e. Personnel, Administration, Health and Hospitals, etc). Ordinances related to neighborhood redevelopment projects, traffic regulations and street closings do not appear in the Code. Although ordinances are adopted throughout the year, the Code is only updated twice a year. Recent amendments to the code can only be determined by a search of the ordinances adopted during the six months prior to your search.

The Charter of the City of St. Louis was adopted by the vote of the citizens on June 30, 1914. The Charter can only be changed by a vote of the people. Since 1914 various parts of the Charter have been changed. The Charter is the constitution of the City of St. Louis and the plan for the government of the city.

Other City of St. Louis government links are included in the St. Louis Public Library's Community/St. Louis Premier Internet Resources and CIN's Board of Aldermen's webpage.

Missouri State law information can be found at the Missouri Code of State Regulations and Missouri Revised Statutes.

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